222 Good Research Paper Topics 2022

For most students reaching college is the easiest step to take. But life doesn’t end there because there are many tasks to do after reaching college. One of these tasks will be writing a research paper. Are you familiar with choosing a good research topic?

Don’t worry, in this blog, we will give you all the topics that you can use. Also, we will share the entire structure of research paper writing. So keep your notebook ready and start reading to have all the information.

Good Research Paper Topics

Here is the list of 222 Good Research Paper Topics for 2022

Medical Research Paper Topics 2022

Medical Research Paper Topics

  1. Umbilical cord stem cells
  2. Multi-vitamin and their benefits
  3. Nutritional deficiencies in African children and their solutions
  4. Human psychology
  5. Use of nuclear science in diagnosing and treating diseases
  6. Medical science achievements so far
  7. Depression and its causes
  8. Heart attack and its causes
  9. Benefits of a healthy diet
  10. Obesity 
  11.  Bodybuilding and adverse effects on the human body
  12.  Regular exercise and its benefits in improving health
  13.  Vegetables and their use in disease prevention
  14.  Fruits and their role in treating different diseases 
  15. Covid-19 and its vaccination
  16. Devastating effects of covid-19
  17. Adverse effects of medicines
  18. Self-medication
  19. Herbal medicines and their benefits 
  20. Physiotherapy and its use in reducing painful conditions
  21. How to maintain good health
  22. High mortality rates in developing countries
  23. Doctors and their malpractice in developing countries
  24. Declining health in developing countries
  25. Chronic Kidney Disease and its complications
  26. Cancer and its Treatment options
  27.  Patient care and the role of nurses
  28. Stem cell therapy and its benefits
  29. Importance of hygiene in hospitals 
  30. Viruses and diseases related to their spread
  31. Hypertension, its causes and Treatment
  32. Diabetes, its prevention, and prevalence in the world
  33. Abortion and how to protect doctors who are performing it
  34. The current healthcare system in the world and its difference in different countries
  35. Neuropathy and its complications
  36. Acute coronary syndrome and its early prevention
  37. Is end-organ protection possible with medication only
  38. Can heart attacks be treated without using bare metal stents 
  39. Stent thrombosis and its reasons for occurrence
  40. Diabetic Neuropathy and its effects on disease management 
  41. Amniotic fluid and its potential in treating diseases 
  42. How stem cell therapy can prove itself beneficial 
  43. Pulmonary fibrosis and its Treatment
  44. Liver cirrhosis and its complications
  45. Retinopathy and its diagnosis
  46. Bacterial infection vs viral infection
  47. Dengue and its management in 2022
  48. Malaria and its treatment
  49. Osteoporosis and how it can be managed
  50. Osteoporosis vs osteomalacia 
  51. Osteoarthritis and its complications
  52. Difference between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis 
  53. Diagnosis of Carcinomas in the body
  54. Spinal cord injury
  55. Stroke and its prevention
  56. Meningitis 
  57. Congestive heart failure 
  58. Spider venom and its use in medical research
  59. Snake venom and its role in different Treatments
  60. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine and its benefits 
  61. Breakthrough in biochemistry
  62. Use of bioinformatics in diagnosis
  63. Forensic science and achievements 
  64. Molecular biology 
  65. Marine biology 

Political Research Paper Topics 2022

Political Research Paper Topics

  1.  Wars in the African continent
  2. Current geo-political situation in the world
  3. Existing crisis in the world
  4. Russia-Ukraine war
  5. Rise of racism in the west
  6. Why global military spending is increasing year after year
  7. Afghanistan war 
  8. World’s financial system and it’s collapsing
  9. Damages of second world war
  10. War on terror
  11. An increasing number of terrorist attacks in European countries 
  12. Rise of China as a superpower
  13. Causes of world war I
  14. 9/11 terrorist attacks
  15. Mass migration of Asians to Europe and America 
  16. Rise of Hinduism in India
  17. Ending food shortage
  18. White Supremacy
  19. Declining minority rights in America
  20. Socio-economic factors for African American community
  21. Political science 

Social Research Paper Topics 2022

Social Research Paper Topics

  1. Role of materialism in today’s world
  2. Social responsibility 
  3. Rape of minors 
  4. Rise of incidence of honor killings in Asia
  5. Importance of family
  6. Theft and killing
  7. Social values of a society
  8. Negative effects of social media
  9. Social media use
  10. Declining moralities in high school students 
  11. Poverty and how it affects a society
  12. Teenage suicides
  13. Life at college
  14. Social isolation and its rising factors
  15. Tolerance in society
  16. Religious rights in a society 
  17. Islamophobia 
  18. Religious harmony
  19. Asian hate in America
  20. Social injustice for minorities 
  21. Sociology and its application in understanding social norms
  22. Social acceptance of convicts 
  23. The social distance between communities 
  24. The social distance between the LGBTQ community 
  25. Society’s role in a person’s life
  26. Racial injustice of a society
  27. Social research process
  28. Social research in social work
  29. Social media’s role in social improvement 
  30. Open relationship vs marriage

Drug Abuse Research Topics 2022

Drug Abuse Research Topics

  1. Opium harvesting 
  2. Use of drugs in teenagers
  3. How medical science is increasing drug abuse
  4. Drug Abuse and domestic violence 
  5. How poverty is influencing drug use
  6. Drug abuse in Hollywood
  7. Drug abuse in the world
  8. Drug abuse and its effects on society
  9. Less governance on substance abuse
  10. Effects on a child in an alcoholic family 
  11. Use of ice/crystal meth.
  12. Magic mushrooms
  13. Psychedelic drugs
  14. Heroine 
  15. Weed and its medical use 

Climate Change Research Paper Topics 2022

Climate Change Research Paper Topics

  1. Ozone layer and factors that are influencing it
  2. Earth’s magnetic field 
  3. Nuclear research in the United States of America 
  4. Melting ice caps on poles
  5. The misuse of nuclear energy 
  6. Fossil fuel and its adverse effects on climate 
  7. Climate change and its dynamics
  8. Forest fires
  9. Flooding and land sliding due to climate change
  10. Coal burning and its effects on nature
  11. Rise of global pollution 
  12. Rise in global sea level
  13. Deforestation 
  14. Excessive fishing
  15. Dumping of fossil fuel in oceans
  16. Sewage water use in agriculture 
  17. GMO seeds use in agriculture 
  18. Climate change causes

Hollywood Research Topics 2022

  1. Life of celebrities
  2. Drug use by celebrities
  3. Luxurious life of celebrities 
  4. Is Hollywood fueling the use of cigarettes and drinking
  5. Technical innovation in Hollywood
  6. Hollywood influence on rising crime rates

Space Research Paper Topics 2022

Space Research Paper Topics

  1. Space X and its revolutionary design
  2. Is space exploration possible on Mars
  3. When humans will be able to build colonies on Mars
  4. Moon landing and hoax against it
  5. Materials used for space shuttle 
  6. Hypersonic cruise missiles 
  7. Space satellite equipped with nuclear weapons
  8. Race to win the space
  9. China’s space mission
  10. Russain advances in space exploration
  11. Indian space research organization and its achievement so far
  12. Space race
  13. The international space station
  14. Astrophysics 
  15. Cosmology

Psychology Research Paper Topics 2022

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Criminal psychology
  2. Animal psychology
  3. Psychological factors influencing human behavior 
  4. How psychology has shaped our society 
  5. Panic attack
  6. Panic disorder 
  7. Generalized anxiety
  8. Psychology practices 
  9. The psychological perspective of the LGBTQ community
  10. A psychological war between nations 
  11. Schizophrenia 
  12. Obsessive-compulsive disorder 
  13. Autism spectrum disorder
  14. Nightmares
  15. Hydrophobia
  16. Violence and bullying 
  17. Dual personality disorder
  18. Excessive eating disorder
  19. Killer genes
  20. Pedophilia 
  21. Serial killers
  22. Dominative personality 
  23. Manipulation
  24. Victim mentality
  25. Stockholm syndrome
  26. Superior Complex
  27. Inferiority complex
  28. Psychological barriers 
  29. Psychology of women 
  30. Psychology facts about human behavior 
  31. Effects of music therapy
  32. Music therapy for depression 
  33. Music therapy for autism

Business Research Paper Topics 2022

Business Research Paper Topics

  1. Free trade agreement
  2. WTO (world trade organization)
  3. Business after coronavirus
  4. Online business techniques
  5. E-commerce 
  6. Integration of new rules into business
  7. Work from home
  8. Leadership qualities for successful business operations 
  9. Startups
  10. Entrepreneurs 
  11. Business process outsourcing 
  12. Corporate culture
  13. Importance of diplomacy in business 
  14. Business success strategy via social media
  15. Conventional business methods and their failures
  16. Energy crisis impact on business 
  17. The political environment of business 
  18. Political factors affecting business 
  19. Business research proposal 
  20. What is a Research Question

Research question is what an investigator put in front of an audience. It is primarily used for any research whether it is qualitative or quantitative. There are six types of research that can unlock consumer or audience insights.

Research Question Example

The best research question example is as follows:

“Why diabetes is causing cardiovascular deaths? Is diabetes a precursor to premature deaths in adults?

Research Paper Format

There are currently three formats that are widely used for research paper composition such as;

  1. APA style 
  2. MLA style 
  3. CMS style

What is a research question

A research question dictates the direction that an investigation should take. And answers the investigational findings by evidence. It provides the basis for the initiation of the entire work.

What are the Research Problem Examples?

There are three types of research problem examples.

  1. Theoretical research problem 
  2. Applied research problem 
  3. Action research problem

How to Write a Research Question?

There is generally one standard in writing any type of research question.

  • Choose a topic
  • Initial and then detail research
  • Target audience (for example medical, engineering, the aviation community, etc)
  • Start composing question in rough format
  • Evaluate which question address the needs appropriately 
  • Select the question and use it for your research

How to Write a Research Report?

  • Generate the report by collecting the final results
  • Analyze the report completely
  • Report the findings in your research paper

How to Write a Research Paper

In order to write a research paper, it should be formulated in a given three-structure formula. This will appeal to the professional requirement of the investigation.

Primary Material: 

This is the first section of the research paper that contains the report title, outline of contents, and results from the summary in a few lines or a short paragraph.

Body of the Report:

The most important part consists of fundamental research and its crux. It comprises an intro, thesis statement, evidence, research method, results, and suggestions if given.


These are sources used for verification and authenticity of the research topic.

Research Paper Structure

Research paper structure on the following points of research basis

  • Summary
  • Introduction of the topic
  • Methods in use
  • Results based on the statistical data or observations
  • Final Statement (conclusion)

Research Paper Definition

A research paper is a thorough study that is observational or analytical. It is a deep examination of a specific phenomenon that is unique and needs to be studied. 

Formulating a Research Question Example

  • Choose the topic that is broad and already has been explored
  • Study what research material was used previously 
  • Identify anything that was not considered before (changing circumstances, new technology)
  • If you can add a new dimension to the research than select the topic otherwise choose a new one.
  • Ask the question “what” has changed now, and “How” your result will answer the unanswered questions.
  • Develop your thesis
  • After completing the above steps formulate your research question

What is Research Writing

Research writing is a thorough study based on research and examination of one particular or many phenomena. It is a must for academic writing and presents an epic challenge for brainstorming. After going through many stages, it is put in front of the audience to persuade them.

Types of Research Questions

There are many types of investigational questions. Some have foundations in qualitative and some in quantitative analyses. Please take a look at each category and its associated question.

Qualitative Research Question

Qualitative research generally has non-statistical results. They are only based on words and opinions, reviews either completed by a sole investigator or a many stakeholder investigators team. If you’re given a qualitative research topic, your probe will have the following questions.

1.Exploratory Question

In doing research, knowing the root cause/s of any phenomenon is essential. Expository question investigates “why” something has happened. It can be about an event, a sudden personality change, good or bad, etc.

2.Predictive Question

Predictive questions are used primarily in surveys and reviews that quickly respond to queries. Many questionnaires are based on this probing technique. A predictive question can be used in a research study in the early designing of the different arms of medical research. 

Using it simplified the entire process, such as if you ask the participants of the study if they are male or female. Also, adding demography in research helps determine the effects of one primary cause on a different type of people around the world or area.

3.Interpretive Question

Qualitative research based on interpretive questions gives many iterations to the query being asked. That is why it is essential to read the question as deeply as possible to understand what it is asking from which perspective.

This is the same reason these types of questions are difficult to answer in research. They require thorough understanding not only from investigators but also from the audience as well.

Quantitative Research Question

Quantitative research is based on statistics and presents a deep and thorough understanding of the investigation. It is comprehensive and focuses on the cause and effects of the topic under the microscope. 

Any investigation based on quantitative questions has three types of queries to answer.

  • Descriptive Question

Descriptive queries are the investigational one that requires data in number. An example of such a question can be explained as “how many people die each day in accidents in New York City.”

These questions are usually focused on one topic and are easy to understand and translate into numbers.

  • Comparative Question

These questions focus on the level of difference between two things and multiple variations in circumstances. For example, water and petrol freeze at different temperatures and boil differently. However, they are both liquids but have vital differences physically and chemically.

  • Relationship Question

Relationship queries emphasized bridging two different ideas into one and answering them accordingly. For example, “due to being costly, apple’s iphone is sold less, on the other hand economical situation is country declining day by day.”

Thus we combine two different statements and make them one bold statement that encompasses the poor buying power of the people.


We have provided you with complete and thorough information about 222 good research topics in 2022. Follow the steps to know what these questions are, their types and how to compose them. Understanding these steps is vital for good grades in your college paper writing

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