5 Biggest Challenges and Flaws in Education System

Not everything can be perfect. Just like every organization and system, there are problems in the education system as well that need to be addressed and reformed. Check out this blog by Perfect Essay Writing, which sheds light on the major issues in education system that act as barriers to education accessibility to everyone.

5 Major Issues in Education System

There isn’t any doubt that education is a vital necessity for human beings, but the flaws in education system are making it challenging for students on an everyday basis. An education system that was designed centuries ago is still followed to this day without much progress due to the rigid beliefs and standards of the learning and evaluation system. In this blog, we are going to talk about the critical issues in education system that might produce results in the short term but will face a tragic ending in the long run.

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Same Standard For Everyone

Albert Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Every student who sits in the same class has a gift, a separate talent, a different mindset, and a distinctive set of abilities. However, the education system forces every student to follow a certain path that is not defined by themselves. Educational issues regarding the same standard are one of the biggest challenges in college and universities.

  • It has established a standard of education for every student, and if someone doesn’t perform accordingly, the education system will declare them incompetent and unworthy.

  • Many students have no will to go to school because they have to study something that they don’t want. They are constantly pressured to be robots and have the same routine of eating, sleeping, and studying something that is not aligned with their interests.

  • One of the biggest flaws in education system is that grading evaluates a student’s talent and potential on the basis that mere grades can never measure the uniqueness and true talent of a student in a field they are passionate about.

  • Students are constantly pressured into competing with each other in order to get grades that don’t even represent their true potential. The grading system makes students depressed and doubtful about their potential.

How many students bury their dreams forever because the education system has the same standard of success for every single student?

So, contrary to Einstein’s words, this current education system forces the fish to not only climb the trees but wander around the wilderness with no sense of direction.


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The Ethical Dilemma of Free Will

One of the flaws in education system is that students are packed into the classrooms with no or less free will because they are required to raise their hands before speaking and ask permission to go to the restrooms. Students find themselves in trouble when they are not abiding by the rules that are ethically not right.

  • Many girls and women students shared how their teachers don’t even allow them to use the restroom when they get their menstruation. Students are robbed of their free will, their freedom of speech, and freedom of expression.

  • The absolute inconsideration in the hands of the education system will lead the students to fear raising their voices later in their lives.

  • The education system is taking away the factor of free will and freedom of choice.

Almost every student nowadays goes to school not because they want to learn but because they have no other choice. The education system is not preparing the future leaders but training the students to become mere workers and slaves of the system and capitalists.

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Degrees Are Pointless

The degrees that students achieve after studying for years in the education system are proven to be pointless in their personal lives.

  • Degrees are not equivalent to success, and this statement can be proven in reality because some of the most successful and powerful people in the world are school dropouts.

  • Success doesn’t come from degrees because many dropouts are more wealthy and content in their life than people with Harvard degrees.

  • The system makes students mindless zombies with no individuality and establishes their mindset according to a given educational manual that was set by someone decades ago.

  • School forced students to forget about their dreams, their interests, and their God given talents and forced them to do a degree that was not even aligning with their personality.

History records have always proven that success comes from a strong will and a powerful mindset focused on something they always wanted to achieve. People who focus on their passion and focus on their individuality are successful today, whether it’s Bill Gates, LeBron James, Marie Curie, or Thomas Edison.


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Individuality and Creativity Theft

Schools take away every student’s identity and individuality and give them a manual to live their lives the same as others. That’s one of the most drastic flaws in education system.

  • The education system failed to pull itself out of the cycle of work that focused on preparing graduates to make them better employees for capitalists.

  • The education system has a syllabus that focuses on conditioning the students in a way that they lose their uniqueness and become a carbon copy of each other.

  • The grading system puts students against each other in a competition and labels low-grade achievers as losers without even letting them express themselves.

  • Schools only focus on how to get a job and make money by taking away student’s dear talent of expressing their true feelings and acquiring eternal peace.

Children who were supposed to be talented authors, painters, and musicians will be robbed of their dreams and given a degree that will lock them up in an office cabin for the rest of their lives.


The Inconsideration of Student’s Mental Health

The education system has successfully failed to accommodate college students’ mental health over the centuries. Students used to commit suicide ages ago, and students kill themselves under academic pressure to this day.

  • The education system still hasn’t evolved enough to protect students. Instead, it pressures students even more through the constant academic stress.

  • The education system does not even bat an eye on the alarming increase in students’ suicide rate and mental illness.

  • The primary focus of the education system is to get their assignments and research papers done with no or less accountability for the mental disorders students develop over the course of their academic years.

  • Many students struggle with social anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts.

Extreme bullying in college is such a common thing, but the education system does nothing to protect students from violent bullies. The education sector fails to help students, who are the backbone of the entire system. If proper measures aren’t taken to tackle the flaws in education system, the world will lose some of the best artists, doctors, engineers, musicians, and authors.

Let’s Listen to Students

(The Key Suggestions From the Future Leaders Themselves)

The education system can not afford to be outdated when the world in 2024 has progressed so much in every other aspect of life. Let’s take a look at what students suggest for the improvement in education system.


Students desire innovation in the system because they are always exposed to technology in every other field. It’s hard to teach students using the same standards from centuries ago. Educational institutions need to revise their system and bring out innovation with the inclusivity of technology and creativity in order to tackle the current educational issues.

Freedom of Expression

There is not a single person on earth who despises freedom and wants to be enslaved. Students want to express themselves through their passion and freedom of expressing themselves. Students should be given the freedom to call out their problems and give their suggestions if they don’t feel right about something.

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Mental Health Awareness

Students want the education system to focus on their mental health as well. Everyone can’t have the best day every day; there will be times when students won’t perform well, and schools need to look for those students to save them from developing mental illnesses that can lead to tragic endings.

Student Loans Maintenance

The piling up of student loans is one of the biggest flaws in education system that is the reason why students leave their studies in between and don’t pursue education at all. Students should be educated enough to know how to maintain their loans and pay them back. Education needs to give students some leverage and guide them on how to tackle loans through passive income for college students guidance. The government needs to make education accessible for everyone.

Factors Affecting An Education System (2)

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Summing Up

The flaws in education system are making students depressed and mentally disturbed. Government and policy-making institutions need to come forward to address the students’ issues in education and make the system helpful for everyone, including parents, teachers, institutions, and most importantly, students.

What is the biggest problem in the education system?
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