5 Biggest Challenges In College And Their Solutions

According to a survey conducted among 2000 U.S adults, 48% of students admitted that they felt they wouldn’t graduate from college. Why did most students feel so challenged to pass the college?That’s what we are going to find out. Understanding the biggest challenges in college helps finding solutions to tackle them effectively. It helps students to prepare themselves for college life.

Who Needs To Get Ready for College Challenges?

Students preparing for college and waiting to be enrolled are in the urgent need of learning about college challenges. It helps them to learn from the mistakes previous students have made and also discover solutions to how certain problems need to be solved. The education system, college administration, and teachers also need to know the biggest problems in college and seek solutions for improvement.

Why Is It Important To Know These College Challenges?

How does learning about challenges in college help students? It helps in many different ways. It’s essential to have more conversation on this topic because the surveys showed how more students are dropping out of college after failing to face the challenges. The author writing on this topic has gone through the same situation and wanted to share what helps them throughout their journey.

“Once I was a lost freshman at college and faced difficulties I wasn’t prepared for. I was so excited for college life that I forgot to learn about the challenges that come with it. I had a hard time finding the right solutions for my problems. I faced those issues head on and finally passed my college with determination and right planning.”

Following are the reasons why students need to educate themselves about challenges in college.

  1. Helps students plan their college life.
  2. Students would know what to expect.
  3. Prepare students to tackle the biggest problems in college.
  4. Students will be able to manage their college routine.
  5. Improve the overall experience for students, teachers, and college administration.

Last but not least, learning about challenges in college helps students to save themselves from all kinds of mental health issues that come with challenges.

Stats of Mental Health Issues and Reasons in College Students

Let’s take a look at the statistics gathered by a survey conducted by the National Alliance on Mental Health organization. The purpose of the research was to find out major college students mental health issues. They collected answers from the students themselves and evaluated how many students suffer from mental health issues.

% of Students

College Challenges Impact on Mental Health


College students fail to seek help.


Feel overwhelmed by the responsibility as a new college student.


Struggled with Anxiety that impacted their academic performance. 


Difficulty with studies due to poor mental health.


Rated their mental health to be poor and below average.


Parents spoke about the poor mental health of their children. 

Source: College Stats

Now you have understood how important it is to educate yourself for college life challenges after going through statistical analysis of mental health. The reasons are related to other ongoing problems in colleges so let’s start addressing those one by one.

Challenges Faced by Students At College

Every phase of life is designed to test your limits and mold you into a stronger version of yourself. College life is also a stage where you will learn valuable lessons that will develop you as a civil person. Challenges in college life are also a part of the experience and students have to overcome them in order to become responsible adults. Without further delay, let’s dig into the problems college students face and how they can solve them.

Time Management

Students face serious time management problems at colleges when introduced to more challenging college courses. It takes a lot of time for students to get used to the new academic requirements. Most colleges tend to cramp up the syllabus of two years and adjust it into one college year. Many students find it hard to deviate from the high school studying pattern to the challenging college studies. They have to study more hours than they used to.

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Solution: How to Manage Time in College?

The most useful solution to one of the major challenges in college is to take it easy because you will get used to it with time. Don’t push yourself too hard and lock yourself up in your room just to study your courses. Here is what you need to do:

  • Make a timetable and set a limit for your study hours.

  • Have fun with your classmates, hang out with friends, participate in co-curricular activities, and make your college days memorable.

  • Educate yourself on how sports activities change student college life and make yourself an active adult.

  • Healthy activities will ultimately make your mind fresh and promote focused studying.

  • Give time to yourself, and don’t exhaust yourself mentally.

Budgeting and Student Loans

One of the biggest challenges in college life is the piling student loans and expensive tuition costs. Students are stressed about repaying the loans and managing their finances, leaving them very little time to focus on their studies. College life requires you to find a part-time job to help manage your finances. This entire budgeting process leaves students with nothing but mental pressure that will affect their learning ability and academic performance.


Solution: Understanding the Loan Process

The solution to the budgeting problem is to understand the loan process. Most students who suffer years to repay their loans because they haven’t understood the whole process.

Let us walk through the process. Student loans work like any other loan. You have to repay the principal amount with interest after you have completed your degree or course. There are two types of student loans available in the United States: Federal Loans and Private Loans.

Federal Loans: They are issued by the U.S. government and they are less expensive. It comes with a 6 months grace period after completing college. They have lower interest rates than private lenders and the repayment is quite flexible. There is also a chance that some of the interest amount will be forgiven if you choose professions like public service and teaching.

Private Loans: They are issued by banks, credit unions, funding agencies, state loan agencies, and non-bank financial institutions. These loans have fixed interest rates that tend to be higher than federal loans. They don’t require origination fees like federal loans to overcome the challenges in college.


“There’s No Shame in Feeling Homesick. It Means You Come From a Happy Home.”

One of the leading challenges in college is homesickness. First-year students are going to suffer more because it might be their first experience living without their families. They will miss their parents, siblings, and their hometown. Homesickness will lead students to be emotionally disturbed and absent-minded in their studies.

Solution: How to Overcome Homesickness?

Try to have a conversation with your family over the phone or see them often on video calls. Plan to visit home every month or ask your parents to visit you for a day. Call your parents and share your day stories with them. Try to interact with more friends. Visit your hometown once in a while to ease that strain and effects of homesickness.

Transitioning Life Dynamic

College life is a phase where you grow up, meet new people, get into romantic relationships, do a part-time job, and gain new experiences. That’s also a phase where students become depressed, insecure, and develop self-doubt. Also the biggest challenges of picking a college major make students anxious. Their low self-esteem and doubt about their abilities will give them constant anxiety and they will end up comparing themselves to others.

Solution: Adjusting to the New Life

It is hard to adjust in a new place and new situations. It will take time but you will soon learn to go with the flow to handle challenges in college. The best solution to this issue is to be positive about yourself and believe you are no less than no one. You are just as special as everyone else. Stop comparing yourself to other people and what they have and what you don’t.

College life is about learning something new, making some mistakes, and then learning from those mistakes. Love yourself, and don’t change yourself to please other people. Surround yourself with positive people, and if you can’t find anyone, become positive. Be happy with what you have and focus on your goals.

Physical Health Conditions

One of the major challenges in college is how most institutes fail to teach the importance of physical education to their students. Poor self-care can cause serious health conditions and increase the chances of contracting illnesses.

Why does it happen? Students get so busy with studies, part-time jobs, partying, and hanging out that they start missing on a proper sleep schedule, a healthy diet, and a poor balance of work and life. All of this routine will end up in the most expected consequence: sickness.


Solution: Promoting A Healthy lifestyle

Yes, you are in college and have the freedom to party all night, and yes you also have all the time to spend in the library studying. But if you can, it doesn’t mean you should. College life is not all about having fun or studying; it’s about learning to be a responsible adult.

  • Make a proper timetable to have a healthy routine to actively tackle challenges in college.

  • Study at scheduled hours and rest well. If you are tired of your routine, you can get help from online tools. The helping tools are good for getting new ideas and additional help but you need to discover is Chat GPT safe or not? Or whether AI tools are accurate or not.

  • Sleep well at night, eat healthy meals, be more hygienic, stay a mile away from smoking and drinking habits, and don’t ignore any changes you notice in your body.

  • Don’t ignore your body signs and visit clinics for regular checkups in order to avoid serious illnesses.

Important Take Away

  1. Managing your time by making a time table helps in utilizing every minute effectively.
  2. Manage your finances and choose flexible student loans with easy repayment.
  3. Stay in touch with your family to deal with homesickness.
  4. Be open to the new experiences waiting for you at the college.
  5. Take your physical health seriously and invest time in self care.
  6. If you are stuck somewhere, professional essay writer can take the wheel for some of your assignments, and you can make precious memories with your friends.

Learn About Best Top 10 Colleges In The United States

Following is the list of top colleges in the United States that provides the best facilities for their students academically and financially. The satisfaction rate of students passing out from these institutes is high. You can choose a college that supports students throughout challenging situations.



Financial Aid

World Ranking 

Massachusetts institute of Technology 




Harvard University




Stanford University




University of California, Berkeley


Federal Loans, Work- Study loans. 


Princeton University


100% Grant Aid


Yale University


Need Based


Columbia University


Family Income Based


University of Chicago


Need-based, Merit-based


University of Pennsylvania


Grant Based, work study funding.


Georgetown University


Need-based limited aid.


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Summing Up

College life is often perceived as the very first experience of independent life and a phase that is full of life and new experiences. But along with all the fun, it also has plenty of challenges like budgeting, time management, homesickness, new life dynamics, and poor self care. You need to overcome these challenges with proper knowledge, routine, and financial planning.


The key to solving all challenges is patience and persistence. Be patient because every problem will take a few failed takes before finally getting solved. Be persistent because your problem might not be solved with a plan A and require more planning. Most students learn by constantly focusing and figuring out different strategies to do the work.

Deciding a major is considered a big challenge for college students. Many students find themselves confused and struggling when they are required to choose a major that will decide their future and career. The fear that they might choose something that's not worth the effort. The consequences of this decision is what makes students so intimidated by it.

Homesickness is listed in every college student's problems list. College is where students realize that they are their own now. Most students move into the hostel, and that's where homesickness grows. It's one of the greatest challenges of college students, and it can impact on the students' performance and mental health. Students might be unable to adjust to the new place and concentrate on their studies.

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