Biggest Challenges of Picking a Major in College

Selecting the appropriate college major can be a significant hurdle for students. College represents a new chapter in life, offering fresh experiences and obstacles. According to a recent study, around 88% of students choose a major based on its potential for future employment, while a smaller percentage follow their interests and passions.

What Roles College Major Plays for Students?

Here’s a table demonstrating how most of the students would pick a major in high school.

What Do Students Think of Their Major?

% of Students

Based on a good employment opportunities


Thinking of a job in the major they like


Happy with their picked majors


Based on the types of jobs they wanted


Based on the cost of education


What Influences a Student’s Decision of Selecting a College Major?

Most of the students would opt for a major in college that could be rewarding in the form of employment as soon as they have the degrees. Also, most of the students are happy with their choice and are likely to look for a job in a field they have picked. Some of those factors affecting students’ decisions are as follows:



Personal Interest

Strong interest in the topic, pleasure in participating in associated activities or classes.

Career Opportunities

Perceived job prospects, potential salary, demand in the job market

Skills and Strengths

Alignment with personal strengths, aptitude for related tasks

Parental Influence

Encouragement or guidance from family members or guardians

What is a Major in High School?

A major is like choosing a subject to study deeply. Picking up a major means that students have to pick something that they enjoy learning or want to become something in that field.

For example, if one students choose science as a major, he’ll learn more about that field and will pursue that in college along with getting a job in that field. Engineering, accounting, and mathematics are a few common types of majors in high school.

Who Should Know This?

This article serves as a helpful guide for students in the process of choosing a college major, a critical decision that can significantly impact their future. Researchers may also find value in the data provided on students selecting majors. Furthermore, parents worried about their children’s choice of major can also benefit from this resource.

Basically, the author’s own experience of choosing a major in college played a big role here. ‘Like any regular student, I was super confused about what to pick. I had a big interest in robotics at first, but thought it might be too risky in terms of job opportunities.

Financial circumstances weren’t in my favor so I had to keep that in mind. So, I ended up choosing finance because it seemed like a solid choice with good job prospects, and it turned out to be a great decision in the end.’

5 Big Challenges and Solutions of Choosing a Major in College

Students need to carefully choose majors in high school so that they can specialize in what they want and pick a field they want to opt for in the future.


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Due to the large number of majors available at colleges, students become confused and struggle with choosing the best for them. Let’s take a detailed look at the challenges that students face while picking a major in college and how to overcome them.

Lack of Proper Guidance

  • Many students face the challenge of lacking the proper guidance when they want to choose from list of college majors.

  • It’s a big decision and a lack of guidance is very much needed.

  • Students may not be sure what they should choose because they lack experience. That’s why guidance by the elders, parents, and college abroad is necessary.

  • Students also need to be encouraged to choose what they want.

Solution: Getting the Right Guidance

  • Get Advice from your Parents and peers.

  • Go for a session of counseling and career guidance

  • Speak to someone with experience for advice.

  • Research online to gather information about the major.

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Financial Instability

  • Students might be unable to choose their desired major because they are financially unstable.

  • Students might be not able to handle the college expenses, defeating them even at the start of college.

  • The family support might not be available and that’s why students fail at choosing a Major in college of their choice.

Solution: Handling Finances

  • Search for the funded scholarships that your college is offering to get financial help and fee concessions.

  • Look for affordable student loans.

  • Get a part-time job in order to support your dream major.

Picking the Wrong Major

  • Students might opt for one from a list of college majors that their friends are choosing or what their parents are recommending, and that often leads to the wrong choice of major.

  • The student might not find relevance between their interest and the major they are studying in college. You know what happens later on? It will cause college students mental health problems and they will remain depressed.

  • There is a high chance that students will not be able to concentrate and fail their major they choose just because of the pressure of someone else.

Solution: Learn How to Pick a Major

  • Pick a major you are passionate about.

  • Choose something that will align with your personality and interests.

  • Don’t follow others because it is something important to you personally..

  • Ask yourself about your choice and carefully pick a major.

  • Take the courage to face the challenge and pick what you truly want.

Fear of Failure

  • Students are still young when they pick their Major in college and are more likely to experience fear of failure and self doubt.

  • Since your career success depends on the major you choose, students tend to get anxious and doubt their abilities.

  • Fear of failure will lead them to pick a major only because everyone else is picking it.

  • The limited financial support and resources will also make the student fear choosing the wrong major and even failing at what they choose.

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Solution: Facing the Fear

  • See your fears as challenges and opportunities.

  • Understand that challenges are the steps to success

  • Seek motivation from others in that field of study.

  • Ask for guidance from your parents, seniors, friends, and teachers.

  • Be confident with the choice of major.

  • Believe in yourself.

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Unclear goals

  • Most of the time, students are unaware of what their future goals are when they choose a major.

  • They might opt for a major under the pressure of their family and friends. In this case, there is little chance that a student will be interested in that pressured choice of major.

  • There will be no development and growth without any goals to achieve.

  • Students might not know what they want to achieve and the importance of a major in college in their career.

Solution: Set Goals for Yourself

  • Figure out what you want to achieve in future.

  • Set some milestones for yourself.

  • Pick what interests you and have a vision of the big end goal.

  • Understand what you want to become in life.

  • Align your major with what you are passionate about.

What Major Should I Choose?

What major should I choose? This question revolves around my mind 24/7 since I am getting into college soon. How to pick a major is one of the challenges in college that every student has to face. I want my college life to be fun and exciting, and I don’t want to go for a major that will drain all my energy. I am confused because there are hundreds of majors that a college is offering in 2024. To get a solution to my confusion, I started gathering the answers to my questions.

The first thing I did was to ask myself what I am most passionate about and what major is going to suit me. I want a major that should be easy, fun, and practical so I can relate it to my real life as well. I asked myself what I wanted to study and then picked something I always wanted to go for.

The next step was to go to my parents and seniors, who knew more about that major. Their advice is going to give the best insight into what I am getting myself into in college. Asking others will give you a sense of relief that you have support and backup who will guide you through the process.

The last important thing in this process was to research the scope and career options in that major. The research will also help you understand the different branches of that major and how you can get so many options of subjects to link to it. It’s always better to choose a not too draining major that allows you to make time for co-curricular activities.

I would also like to share my key advice to fellow students as well. You can face another scenario which is getting stuck in the looming deadlines of unwanted assignments. Ultimately you’ll be finding complete guide to assignment writing for each task or will end up getting low grades. So it’s best to choose what you want, as you have only one life to regret or to stay happy. Then you can do your assignments and projects with all your heart.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Major

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Choose the Best College Major Now

Understanding what is a major in high school or college and picking a best suited major in college is a serious challenge and with the emergence of new majors every year, students are confused and struggling to choose the best between so many options. Some of the biggest challenges students face are lack of guidance, financial instability, wrong majors, fear of failure, and unclear academic goals. Students need to seek guidance and be courageous enough to pick a major of their choice.


It's because students think that the major they will be picking will impact their whole life and entire career. The fear of deciding upon an irrelevant and wrong major makes it hard for students to choose one.

Chartered Accountancy remains one of the toughest majors to get a degree in. Astrophysics, quantum Mechanics, and law are also considered challenging and hardest degrees to study.

Self-doubt is one of the biggest personal challenges you might face while choosing a college major. You might not consider yourself fit for a major you always want to pursue, and that fear of failure will lead to choosing the wrong career.

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