Power Up Your Parental Involvement in Modern Education 2024

You are a parent, trying to be involved in your child’s education but feel more lost than a squirrel in a maze? Fear not, as we’ll decode the secret language of teachers, laugh at our embarrassing school memories, and discover creative solutions to the wacky challenges of modern education. So grab a seat and get ready to learn, laugh, and hug your inner superhero parent!

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4 Major Challenges of Parental Involvement in Modern Education and Their Solutions

Parents have a direct influence on their children more than their peers or the teachers. Education is a basic necessity for every human being, and with the advancement of technology, it has undergone drastic changes over time. Nowadays, parents are more encouraged to be involved in their children’s education and school activities.

We see seminars where experts advise parents to be present for their children during their academic years because it’s so important for parents to be involved and engaged with what their children do in school. Parents encounter several challenges when they try to be involved with their children’s education.

knowledge restrain

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Let’s get into the discussion of the challenges and solutions of parent involvement in school.

Knowledge Restrain

Modern education is shifting towards digital devices and technological advancement. Every day, a new technology, software, or device is launched to aid students in their academic journey. Parents’ biggest challenge when they try to be involved with their children’s education is not having the proper knowledge and know-how of the new education standards. They are not familiar with technological involvement and new learning techniques.

This pattern can be seen during the global pandemic 2020, when students switched to online education. Parents had difficulty adapting to their children’s online classes, ebooks, assignments, and schedules. After homeschooling their children, they finally understood the struggle teachers put into teaching.

Lack of proper knowledge will create a barrier between children and parents. Parents will convince themselves they are not knowledgeable enough to be involved in their children’s studies. Therefore, most parents leave their children alone on their academic journey when they realize they are left behind on the new education guidelines. This is the most reported issue by parents all around the world.

solution to fill the knowledge gap

Solution to Fill the Knowledge Gap

How to get familiar with the new educational standards? Widely asked question with a simple answer: Learn. You can’t barge into your child’s room and ask them what they are doing. It would help if you slipped into the students’ academic life slowly. It’s understood that you won’t understand some things at first, but who says you can’t learn the new educational standards?

Talk to your children and ask them what they have been learning and working on in school. Engage with the teachers at parent meetings to learn about new educational practices and guides. Take time to search for new techniques commonly used in your children’s schools. We can assure you one thing: after learning the new standard of education, you will be helping your children and enhancing your own knowledge and expertise.

Having No Time

One of the biggest challenges of parental involvement is the lack of time. Parents work most of the day, and when they return home, they are not in the mood to get involved in homework or such activities. Children have no time to interact with their parents, and parents have no time to see what their children have been up to. This widens the gap between the bonding and knowledge of a parent and a child.

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The Solution to Make Time For Your Children’s Education

Many parents argue they can’t get involved with their children because they have a job. Well, it’s great that you have a job, but do you know you can still interact with your children without leaving your job? Mind Blowing, isn’t it?

The very first thing you need to do is to balance your work and life. Your children need your attention more than your job in the early years. Try to make a timetable in your house when you are around your children, listening to their school stories and observing them doing homework. Ask them questions to make them feel observed and wanted. Let them know you are interested in their studies and are willing to know more about what they do. Trust us on this; your children will be happy to have your attention. If you can’t make time daily due to your tough job, make time at the weekend to let your children feel your presence and care.

Say No to Uncooperative School

Another challenge that many parents reported is that schools and teachers are inaccessible. It depends on the institution your child is enrolled in. Some institutions are strict, while others are friendly and open to parental discussion. In some schools, parents may have no direct access to the school’s teachers and staff.

Solution for inaccessible Schools

Change it. That’s being said. Switch schools of your children if you find that the school teachers, principal, and staff aren’t in your access. You are investing your resources in your children’s education, and you have the right to get answers to your queries regarding the education system and practice. You can raise the issues at the parent-teacher meetings and address your concerns. If nothing can be done to improve the situation, simply switch to a school that allows you to be involved with the institution and teachers.

Cultural and Power Gap Between Home and School

Some parents find communication with schools and teachers very difficult. It might be because teachers and parents come from different backgrounds and education levels. Parents might feel embarrassed if they are not fluent in English, so they miss the parent-teacher meetings and stay at a distance from their children’s education. They might feel intimidated and unwelcome at school.

Solution to Lower the Cultural and Power Gap

What can you do as a parent to lower the power gap and become more involved in your children’s education? You can try. The best thing you can do in this scenario is to try and attend the meetings no matter what. The school needs to encourage parents’ involvement by communicating in different ways and arranging different events. Parents can get in touch with their children’s teachers through phone or email. Accessing your children’s reports, homework, assessments, and more on the phone in the modern education system has become very easy.

5 Key Solutions for Successful Parental Involvement in Education




Parent’s involvement in the children’s daily activities at school helps eliminate absenteeism. 

Parent’s uninvolvement

Teachers need to organize different meetings to properly talk with the parents regarding their children’s studies. 

Unfamiliarity with new Education Standards 

Parents might not be well aware of the new standards and techniques of education. Parents can cater to this challenge with constant involvement with the teachers and by staying current with technological trends. 

No Communication 

Parental involvement in education helps improve the communication between parents, teachers, and children. 

Uninterested children

Parents can guide their children in their homework and spare time to sit with them and properly talk about their day. Parental interest and Involvement boost children’s confidence. 

Benefits of Parental Involvement in Education

Parents’ involvement in school is very important and highly recommended. Let’s take a look into what are the major benefits of parental involvement.

  • Reduce absenteeism: Parents’ involvement positively impacts the children’s absenteeism.

  • Improves learning: Parent’s involvement in daily studies improves the learning environment for the children.

  • Encourages better behavior: Students with actively involved parents tend to have a better attitude and disciplined behavior.

  • Enhance accomplishments: Parental guidance will encourage the children to improve their performance and make accomplishments.

  • Thriving Parent-Teacher relationship: Parent’s involvement in their children’s education helps build a friendly and helpful relationship with teachers.

  • Educate the parents: Sitting with children and watching their education helps them learn more about the new education standard.

  • Improves parent-children relationship: It also helps in improving the bonding between the parent and children.

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Summing Up

Parental involvement in education is crucial in children’s growth and development. However, big challenges include knowledge restraint, lack of time, cultural and power gaps, and uncooperative schools. This blog has detailed the solutions for parents’ issues and guides them on how to get effectively involved in the studies to make their children feel motivated and cared for.

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