Make essay longer with words: Hacks To Increase Word Count

Searching dead hard for writing a detailed essay but failed to reach that minimum level? Still curious about “how to make your essay longer with words”? even though giving half of your time on the deadline doing search? 

Well, well, well! We knew it, that is why you must check this out to get out of your worries and know the answers to all your questions just with a single blog.

Everyone gets worried about how to write an essay like a pro? Adding every detail, and filling every requirement, but still just before the end, one notice that lagging behind the minimum word count. This is the most desperate state that perfect writers understand. However, with the assistance of an AI essay writer, you can ensure that your essay meets the required word count while maintaining quality and coherence.

Why not playing with the words and making some changes out of the context to fulfill the desired state of requirements? We have got this! Elongate your essay with the following essay writing guide:

How to Make an Essay Longer?

There are many ways to increase the length of an essay. One of the best strategies is using longer words. Here are 7 of the best tips regarding words to use in an essay to make it longer.

Add More Description in the Essay

The simplest way of increasing the length of your essay is to add more description. It is suggested to add more details and descriptions into the content so your essay word count increases. It could be done by giving extra information about anything being discussed in the essay. 

Use lengthier Phrases Instead of Shorter Ones

The length of an essay can vary depending on the topic, requirements, and purpose. However, if you’re aiming to extend the word count without compromising quality, it’s beneficial to substitute shorter phrases with more expansive ones. By opting for descriptive and elaborative language, you can effectively amplify the content without appearing forced or unnatural. This technique aids in elongating the essay while maintaining its essence. Keep on reading as there’s more to come on how to elongate an essay while preserving its essence. Understanding how long is an essay plays a pivotal role in crafting comprehensive and insightful content.

Write Quotations to Add Value and Words

Quotations do add meaning, significance and value to the content. That’s why in essays students write a lot of quotations and also get better grades for this reason. Addition of motivational quotes is a great idea to make your essay lengthier. If you aim to increase the word count without writing unnecessary things, make sure to use the quotations and get your thing done.

Add References to Add Authenticity and More Words

When you add a reference to a text or any other source in your essay while quoting an information, you automatically add authenticity to your work. Similarly doing the same thing in an essay can help increase the word count. More references you add, the more appealing your work would look and hence the essay will look longer without any extra effort.

Do Not Use Abbreviations, But Only Full Forms

Abbreviations, short forms of any word take less space and fewer words to get covered. Instead, writing the full form takes some space and indeed more words. Therefore in writing an essay, skip using the abbreviations and only include the full forms of all the words. It will help increase the word count of the essay for you or you can hire essay writer.

Words To Make Your Essay Longer

Words To Make Your Essay Longer

How to increase the word count of your essay?

Following are the hacks on how to make your essay longer with words:

Fulfill all the requirements

  • We have a lot of tricks, don’t worry, but before moving on to that, make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements that your professor needs out of the essay.

  • Might be the case that you have missed some important discussion on the argument which is resulting in the minimal word count when writing a perfect essay.

  • So, go back to the outline that was pre-made to cross check whether your essay includes all the requirements or left out something.

  • Ask yourself the following questions to make sure the requirements are completed:

    • Have I met all the requirements my professor advised?

    • Am I in the position to defend my argument?

    • Is my introduction, body and conclusion enough to represent adequate information that can make an descriptive essay better?

  • Asking these questions might help you come up with something important which might be added to increase the word count.

Still can’t reach the minimum word count? Don’t worry as you read you will get to know incorporating some words to make essay longer.

Hop up to the transitional phrases

  • If your paper isn’t long enough to reach the limit provided, add the transitional phrases while writing a short essay and give it a professional look.

  • Transitional phrases not only make the essay wordy, but also provide connectivity in hopping from one idea to another.

  • An instructor does search for such phrases as well when marking because this brings a flow to the essay.

  • Examples of some transitional phrases are as follows:

    • On the other hand

    • However

    • Therefore

    • Meanwhile 

    • Indeed

    • In fact

    • In other words, 

    • In particular 

  • And the list goes on.

Learn the art of description

  • You have to learn the art of description if it is desired to increase the length of your essay.

  • Describe every bit of detail that is believed to be relevant if added.

  • For instance, when discussing a thunderstorm, incorporate myths and legends that resonate with your knowledge, perhaps drawing from childhood tales. Understanding how long is a essay becomes an opportunity to enrich the narrative with personal experiences and cultural references, amplifying its depth and resonance.

  • Also add the description of additional facts that are believed to enhance the essay and also increase the length of it.

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Accommodate some quotations

It is one of the easiest ways to add expert quotations into the essay and in return increasing the word count. These quotations not only give the picture of good research and evidence that is done on the topic, but also ensure that the word count meets the minimum word count.

However, while adding quotations consider the following:

  • Make sure that the quote that is added, is relevant to the line or the essay in general when adding.

  • Add a proper quotation mark and citation or reference the quote otherwise that would be included in copying and plagiarism.

  • Try to add quotations that are not too long and are catchy enough to attract the reader or instructor. Long quotes are usually boring and some people skip it even when reading.

For example, when you are writing an essay on the planet earth, add the following quotation:

  • “What I stand for is, what I stand on”

Exemplify everything

  • While doing perfect essay writing, it is one of the weaknesses of being a human that we rely on one or two sources for writing.

  • This should not be the case, if you have used one or two sources, try to spread your search.

  • Add more examples plus statistical facts and figures that will help when you will write an essay hook, whichever you believe is relevant to your essay. such examples would increase the authenticity and the word count that is included in your cause and effect essay.

  • For example: When writing on leadership and management, if one example is added related to democratic leadership, it is also advisable to add examples related to:

    • Autocratic leadership styles such as Adolf Hitler, Queen Elizabeth, Napoleon Bonaparte.

    • Charismatic leadership styles such as that of Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, etc.

    • Transformational leadership styles such as that of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc.

  • Such examples will also make your interest stick to the essay and make it an enjoyable process.

make your essay longer

Hacks to increase the length of an essay

Following are the hacks that will add length to your essay:

Elongate your header and footer

  • One of the tricks to make the essay look longer can be to increase the length of header and footer by elongating it. 

  • Your instructor cannot notice it at first, but even if he/she does, it’s not a big issue because it makes the essay look good, not just increasing the length of it.

For Example:

example of essay

Play with the spaces

  • Use double spacing where necessary. However, you can always exceed the double spacing and can use 2.5 spacing.

  • Play with these spaces to make the essay look longer than it actually is. 

  • This won’t be visible to your instructor for sure because double spacing and 2.5 are almost similar. 

Mess up with your fonts

  • Mess with the font size by increasing the range to increase essay length. 

  • Such as you can opt for a 12.5 font size instead of 12.

  • No one’s going to notice. Don’t worry. 

Play with your margins

  • Increase the margins of your page to flash an image of a longer essay at first glance.

  • This tool is easy to use and will make the essay look long enough to fulfill the minimum requirement of the word count. 

  • For example:


Compare it with normal margins and you will see the difference. 

Temper with your header and footer

  • By tempering the header or footer, we mean that add the title of your essay to the header.

  • It leaves a good impression of the essay as well as increasing the word count.

  • This is going to be a good way of increasing the length of your essay with words. 

Break up paragraphs

  • Breaking up the paragraphs increases the length of the essay without adding to the unreadability.

  • However, it should also be noted that the connectivity of the ideas is not altered when splitting up the paragraphs. 

  • We can best exemplify the power of splitting the paragraph through the following example:

break up paragraph

It’s evident that the second layout appears more extensive than the first, although both maintain an identical word count. This difference arises due to paragraph structuring. The initial layout comprises only three paragraphs, while the second divides paragraphs into smaller segments, contributing to an increased length. Understanding how long should an essay be involves strategic formatting and structural choices to effectively convey ideas while meeting length requirements.


Summing Up: How to Make an Essay Longer By Changing Words

To extend your essay’s length, focus on enriching your content rather than simply replacing words. Add detailed examples, evidence, and counterarguments to bolster your points, providing in-depth explanations and analysis. Utilizing a thesis statement generator can also contribute to the coherence and strength of your main thesis sentence and argument.

Incorporate subheadings for organization and employ smooth transitions between ideas. Elaborate on existing examples and make sure all added content naturally integrates into your essay. Finally, after lengthening, thoroughly proofread to ensure quality and coherence. Remember, enhancing the substance of your essay is key to meeting length requirements effectively.

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