250+ High Scoring Political Essay Topics

Political science encompasses a wide range of disciplines, making it a complex and varied field of study. A political essay may examine a political scenario, present a specific argument, or reflect on a political outcome.

Political essays can vary in length, with some being short and others long-form. A study revealed that approximately 58% of teachers prefer assigning short essay tasks to their students. The political essay topics here are appropriate for both short and long essays.

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The Challenges of Writing A Political Essay

You might say that finding interesting political essay topics to write about is challenging but that is just one perspective. These are additional factors to consider.

  • Keeping the essay impartial and unbiased can be difficult due to personal biases.
  • Using complex jargon or terminology could make such essays difficult to understand.
  • Relying on unreliable sources can harm the arguments’ validity.
  • The use of emotional influence might compromise the objective of the essay.
  • It’s even challenging to handle a sensitive or controversial topic.
  • Putting too many details in the essay can overwhelm the readers.

I remember when my high school teacher once assigned us a short political science essay. She gave us the option to choose a good topic ourselves. It sounded like a fun activity at first, but as soon as we started researching a good topic, we knew how difficult it was.

The idea was to pick a topic that is current, controversial and would keep the readers interested. For two to three days, I was hunting such ideas in newspapers, and libraries, and even discussing them with my teachers and colleagues.

To be honest, my first list of political essay topics was not up to the mark as my teacher advised me to look for something else. So I started to research more ideas and was finally able to come up with an interesting topic that made me score well in such an assignment.

Useful Research Sources for Writing a Political Science Essay

You can use these online sources for both finding interesting political topics and writing a great essay.

  1. The FOIA Mapper strives to enhance the accessibility of the extensive collection of Freedom of Information Act documents.
  2. The Muckrock website open to the public assists users in submitting Freedom of Information Act requests and subsequently stores the documents that have been requested.
  3. The National Security Archive serves as a multifunctional organization, encompassing roles such as an investigative journalism center and a research institute specializing in international affairs.

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Impressive Yet Unique Political Essay Topics

Before you start exploring these lists below, we would like to tell you how they are different and better than others you could find on the internet. First of all, our essay writers for hire have worked on most of the topics listed below themselves. So they know what potential they have to contribute to the great piece.

Secondly, we have tried to provide topics that are easy to think, research and write on. Let’s now begin with our first list.

50 Unique Political Essay Topics Related to History and Ideology

Here’s the first list of political topics to write about.

  1. Make a comparison between the policies of the two presidents of the United States.
  2. The impact of the Cold War era on American foreign policies.
  3. Shedding light on the most important events of the 19th century.
  4. The impact of the American Revolution on the political landscape.
  5. The most significant events that have led to World War.
  6. What was the way Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power?
  7. French Revolution and its impact on the world.
  8. What are the similarities between the French Revolution and the American Revolution?
  9. Political Measures to Cope Flaws in Education System Well
  10. Factors that have contributed to the Roman Empire’s fall.
  11. The contributions of Ancient Greeks to modernism.
  12. The most important political parties of the 21st century.
  13. The impact of the Industrial Revolution on politics.
  14. The similarities and differences between communism and socialism.
  15. How has the phenomenon of capitalism transformed over time?
  16. The important tenets of Marxism, and what should we know about them?
  17. The way fascism came to power and its impact today.
  18. The attitude of political parties to taxation laws of the country.
  19. How is the government playing a role in capitalist society?
  20. Is there a difference between fascism and socialism?
  21. How are the two concepts of liberalism and conservatism different?
  22. How are nationalism and patriotism different?
  23. The attitude of political parties towards the welfare of people.
  24. How is the government playing a significant role in a socialist society?
  25. How is democracy different from dictatorship and which one is bad for people?

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While reading our list, you can also add your ideas to these political essay topics to make them sound unique.

  1. Is a communist society controlled by a US government?
  2. Education in the eyes of various political parties in the US.
  3. Is climate change and environmentalism the same thing?
  4. How is a government playing a role in safeguarding the environment?
  5. Should political parties stress on strengthening gun control laws?
  6. Is public safety a primary concern of the government?
  7. Healthcare in the eyes of different political parties in the US.
  8. How is colonialism impacting cultures?
  9. How has fascism risen in 20th-century Europe?
  10. How has democracy evolved in ancient Greece?
  11. How important is imperialism in Africa?
  12. How are communism and capitalism clashing these days?
  13. How is propaganda shaping up the political picture?
  14. How are women’s suffrage movements a catalyst for change?
  15. How is religion influencing the political structure?
  16. How does nationalism play a role in unifying ideology?
  17. The global implications of a cold war.
  18. How is the French Revolution a seed for modern democracy?
  19. The Enlightenment’s influence on political thought.
  20. The Influence of Third-Wave Feminism on Political Activism
  21. What do we know about the phenomenon of Totalitarian regimes?
  22. How were Arab movements important for political change?
  23. How is globalization impacting national sovereignty?
  24. The challenges of civil rights movements that we should know.
  25. How is Environmentalism considered a political ideology?

50 Easy Political Essay Topics

  1. The debate of abortion in recent times.
  2. The different political influences we should know about.
  3. How has the human rights movement transformed over time?
  4. How is the government making efforts to negate racism these days?
  5. The Impact of Me Too Movements on Political Parties.
  6. The threats of cybersecurity on the international level.
  7. How effective are ethics for humanitarian movements?
  8. How are China’s Belt and Road initiative impacting the politics of the whole world?
  9. How is globalization impacting the sovereignty of the state?
  10. How is social media impacting the diplomatic relationship?
  11. How is the United Nations ensuring peacekeeping between countries?
  12. How is soft power linked to cultural diplomacy?

Hopefully, you are having a good time going through this list of political topics, keep on reading as more such political essay topics are coming your way.

  1. What should we know about the famous regional integration movements?
  2. The role of geopolitics of energy resources in shaping economies?
  3. How effective is international cooperation in the refugee crisis?
  4. The disparities in global development and how are we coping with them?
  5. The importance of international trade agreements.
  6. The role of non-state actors in international relations.
  7. The possible solutions for the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  8. How is NATO influencing the world today?
  9. How well has global health diplomacy responded to the pandemics?
  10. How is melting ice a big concern these days?
  11. Is global security under threat due to artificial intelligence?
  12. The similarities and differences between intervention and sovereignty.
  13. What should we know about maritime security in the South China Sea?
  14. The impact of the European migrant crisis on politics.
  15. The value of cyber warfare in international politics.
  16. How is global economic governance impacted by the G20’s role?
  17. How is international relations affected by populism?
  18. The importance of resolution of the Kashmir conflict for regional stability.
  19. How is the national image shaped by public diplomacy?
  20. How outer space activities are impacting global governance?
  21. Things we should know about the African Union.
  22. Environmental diplomacy’s role in balancing development and conservation.
  23. How are multinational corporations playing a role in International Relations?
  24. How impactful is the Iran nuclear deal on global politics?
  25. How are human rights policies progressing in global politics?
  26. Things you should know about international relations conflicts.
  27. What should we know about territorial claims of the South China Sea dispute?
  28. The impact of artificial intelligence on global politics.
  29. How effective are diplomatic strategies in addressing global health crises?
  30. How is diplomacy playing a big role in conflict resolution?
  31. Using force in international law.
  32. The difficulties of different refugee resettlement programs.
  33. What are the risks and diplomatic challenges of space militarization?
  34. Things we should know about the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).
  35. Response to terrorism and its impact on global politics.
  36. The international perspective of the Syrian conflict.
  37. How is the digital divide playing a role in global development?
  38. What does the future of international relations look like?

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45 Controversial Topics in Politics

Starting your essay with an intriguing topic can make it more engaging. Consider arguable political essay topics for inspiration. Here are some options to get you started:

  1. The intersection of race and criminal justice reforms.
  2. How is gender inequality playing a role in leadership positions in politics?
  3. Things we should know about socioeconomic disparities.
  4. How is mass incarceration impacting communities worldwide?
  5. The role of politics in affordable housing policies.
  6. Mental health stigma of public policies.
  7. What do disability rights in global politics look like?
  8. Social integration and its impact on immigration policies.
  9. How is social media playing a role in political activism?
  10. How important is youth engagement in politics?
  11. Ways to balance choice and reproductive rights.
  12. How can political parties play a role in gun control policies?
  13. What should we know about the income inequality of the welfare state?
  14. Marginalized communities and environmental justice.
  15. The feasibility of universal healthcare and the role of politics in it.
  16. What should we know about the aging population’s social security reforms?
  17. Things we should know about different public health policies.
  18. What should we know about the K-12 systems and educational inequalities in it?
  19. The term Digital Divide in global politics.
  20. Politics and challenges of human trafficking.
  21. What does civic engagement look like in underrepresented communities?
  22. How does intersectionality look in political movements?
  23. How effective is restorative justice in criminal law?
  24. What should we know about crucial social welfare programs?
  25. How is COVID-19 impacting social policies?

Remember you can also pick trending controversial political essay topics. Let’s continue with reading more such ideas you can count on.

  1. Legislative responses to cyberbullying in the US.
  2. The relationship between policy advocacy and environmental activism.
  3. What does disability discrimination look like in the workplace?
  4. Healthcare access to maternal health patients.
  5. Things we should know about the police reform measures.
  6. The importance of digital privacy rights
  7. How impactful are the agricultural policies on food security?
  8. Aging infrastructure and safety concerns.
  9. What should we know about equal opportunity laws?
  10. How is education combating prejudice these days?
  11. How can we cope with global refugee crises with human rights?
  12. Legal reforms that are linked with the Me Too movement.
  13. Should social media censor our right to freedom of expression?
  14. How is public trust linked to community policing models?
  15. Policy Prevention of the Opioid Epidemic.
  16. Political representation in the media these days.
  17. What does affordable childcare look like?
  18. The effectiveness of disability access in some public places
  19. Effective strategies to prevent bullying in schools.
  20. How impactful is gentrification on global politics?

50 New Political Essay Topics

  1. How are central banks playing a role in economic stability?
  2. The relationship between economic interdependence and global trade.
  3. How impactful is the fiscal policy on economic growth,
  4. How is income inequality impacting social stability?
  5. The advantages of universal basic income.
  6. What should we know about the climate change mitigation economics?
  7. How effective is monetary policy in inflation control?
  8. How is job displacement a concern in technological unemployment?
  9. How fair is the corporate taxation system and how can political parties play a role in it?
  10. The adverse economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  11. The phenomenon of protectionism vs. free trade.
  12. Is cryptocurrency a future of monetary systems?
  13. What are sustainable development goals?
  14. The challenges of the gig economy these days.
  15. How are immigration policies shaping the country’s politics?
  16. What role does infrastructure development play in economic development?
  17. Fiscal responsibility and national debt.
  18. Universal Healthcare vs. Private Systems
  19. Crucial challenges of a digital economy.
  20. How impactful is artificial intelligence on employment?
  21. Difference between tax cuts and tax reforms.
  22. What are the possible solutions to global economic recession?
  23. How are multinational corporations playing a role in the global economy?
  24. The effects of trade wars on global markets.
  25. How are political parties dealing with economic disparities in rural areas?

There could be any recent political developments that you could use as a topic. All you need is to learn how it could be of great interest to people. Here we go with another list of political essay topics.

  1. Political instability and social welfare.
  2. What do investment and returns look like in education economics?
  3. The challenges of e-commerce.
  4. What do public-private partnerships look like in infrastructure development?
  5. What are the economic implications of aging populations?
  6. What do we know about the concept of green economics?
  7. Sovereign debt crises and its causes.
  8. What does the economics of technological progress look like?
  9. Globalization and economic nationalism.
  10. What should we know about financial regulation and system risk?
  11. How impactful are global supply chain disruptions these days?
  12. The possible consequences of natural disasters.
  13. What does the economics of renewable energy transition look like?
  14. The corporate social responsibility of social impact investment.
  15. What do the term government bailouts mean?
  16. Informal economy and its challenges.
  17. Various trade agreements. What should we know?
  18. How is entrepreneurship playing a role in economic development?
  19. What is the economics of sports?
  20. What are the economic challenges of post-conflict reconstruction?
  21. What do collaborative consumption models of the sharing economy look like?
  22. What should we know about different exchange rate policies?
  23. Technological revolutions and their economic impact.
  24. Economic productivity and universal healthcare.
  25. How can global politics influence the Future of Work?

30 Political Essay Topics Related to Elections


Here’s another list of awesome political topics you could consider.

Apart from controversial topics in politics, you can also rely on current political essay topics for readers’ interest. Here’s the list for you.

  1. How is voter suppression impacting the democratic process?
  2. How is the Electoral College an obstacle to democracy?
  3. How is populism influencing election outcomes?
  4. Ways of balancing money and democracy.
  5. How is social media shaping political narratives?
  6. The effect of gerrymandering on electoral representation.
  7. How can we cope with the challenges of voter turnout?
  8. The reliability of electronic voting systems and the role of government.
  9. Impact of third-party candidates on party politic.
  10. How is political debate influencing voters’ decision-making?
  11. Things we should know about traditional and e-voting systems.
  12. How are polls shaping electoral strategies?
  13. How can we address gender disparities in the outcomes of elections?
  14. How impactful is political advertising on voter’s perceptions?
  15. The relationships between early voting and mail-in ballots.
  16. How impactful are scandals on political candidates?
  17. How can electoral reforms play a role in representative democracy? 
  18. How can independent election commissions play a role in election fairness?

Don’t forget that good political essay topics would have ample data available for research. Here’s another list:

  1. Are voter ID laws a safeguard to voting rights?
  2. Foreign interference in elections.
  3. The advantages of term limits.
  4. How are political parties shaping electoral platforms?
  5. How can we assure transparency in election processes?
  6. How impactful are celebrity endorsements on electoral outcomes?
  7. How is political polarization affecting election dynamics?
  8. How can debates play a role in influencing voters?
  9. Ways to address privacy concerns during elections.
  10. How demographic changes are impacting electoral politics?
  11. What should we know about the voting rights of felons?
  12. Things we should know about voter registration processes.

25 Law and Civil Rights Political Essay Topics

You could also say that this list of topics in politics is kind of trendy and easy to discuss.

  1. How are cybersecurity laws Impacting privacy rights?
  2. What are the intellectual property laws in the digital arena?
  3. How crucial are ethics in surveillance technologies?
  4. How is international law addressing global challenges?
  5. Can political parties help in improving gun control policies?
  6. What should we know about machine learning and artificial intelligence?
  7. What do we know about corporate responsibility and environmental regulations?
  8. How are antitrust laws and technology intersecting?
  9. How can political parties legalize cryptocurrencies?
  10. How well have telecommunication laws evolved in the digital regime?

Many of these political essay topics are connected to existing laws and regulations, providing you with a helpful clue on how to develop an original concept.

  1. How are Euthanasia Laws balancing autonomy and medical ethics?
  2. Legal liability in cybersecurity breaches.
  3. What are the legal implications of space Exploration?
  4. How are lobbying regulations playing a role in democratic processes?
  5. Social impacts of the legalization of marijuana.
  6. What do we know about the legal protection of animal rights?
  7. How is digital currency impacting the financial system?
  8. Workplace diversity and employment discrimination laws.
  9. The legal challenges of online disinformation.
  10. How helpful are the human rights laws in refugee treatment?
  11. What should we know about the legality of autonomous vehicles?
  12. Election laws and technology.
  13. How can we balance scientific advancements and individual rights?
  14. The Legal Implications of Bioengineering.
  15. Legal considerations of Immigration Enforcement Policies.

Take Away

Yeah, we know you desperately want to see the end of this article, so you can begin writing your political essay. Of course, you must have shortlisted a topic or two now from our lists of amazing political essay topics to get going with this interesting academic activity.

A good topic can only give you a great start. For a killer piece, you then have to put some extra effort into your research to collect solid facts that you can incorporate into your essay. Have a good time writing!

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