How to Write a Research Paper As an Expert Research Writer

A research paper is the holy grail of higher education and presents a clear picture of a student’s capabilities. Not knowing how to write a research paper is a sign of failure and incompetence. Today with our step-by-step process every student writes an impressive paper as painlessly as possible.

Research Paper Definition

A research paper’s definition varies from student to student and subject to subject. A thorough investigation of any particular subject, topic or subtopics in a written form is called research papers. It is lengthy and requires weeks, months and, in some cases, years to complete.

These investigative research based papers are used as an assignment in colleges or universities. Students need to read a lot of journals, papers, and books and form their opinion on the topic. To understand how to write a research paper, there are two methods of writing research for your assignment. Let’s have a look at the most commonly used ones;

  1. Qualitative Research Method (Non-Statistical)

  2.  Quantitative Research Method (Statistical)

Qualitative vs quantitative research paper

Qualitative research focuses on behavior, observations and opinions. On the other hand, quantitative work focuses on numerical data and unchanging situations. The former is used for surveys, whereas the latter is used primarily for all types of scientific research.

How to Start a Research Paper?

We are one step behind before actually learning how to write a research paper by understanding the start of it, When you begin a research study by fulfilling requirements, which is a structured and step-by-step approach, there are many steps you need to consider before starting an investigation on a topic. Students have many free tool options available, that they can use for any of the below steps.

College students may start their research study papers in the following format, which is a part of the prewriting process.

Choosing a Perfectly Balanced Topic

Before students start writing their assignment paper from the get-go, it’s important to choose a good subject from research paper topics of your choice. Many parameters should be considered for choosing a topic for your research essay. These variables help you in selecting a well-balanced and debatable topic. Your college assignment topic must have the following qualities;

  • Open to debate

  • Thorough researched historically

  • Need of new narrative with the passage of time

  • Additional information supplement its credibility

  • New information is available that will make previous claims void

  • Opposing claims are also available that can be answered

  • Topic is related to your studies and match your expertise

Following these protocols, you can select a topic that fulfills the first criteria of how to write a research paper. Students, this is how you can select the topic or topics for your research work.

Start the Research After Selecting a Topic

After choosing a topic for your assignment, it’s time to research as hard as you can. Research work is very easy when you have thought-provoking compare and contrast topics in mind to use in research. Students may start reading books and journals written by experts. They might also consult their professors.

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Similarly, one option that only some students are willing to take is to interview industry experts. You can ask for a proper appointment for a one-on-one meeting or interview. This act will not only shorten your research work’s time but provide you with valuable insights.

Forming a Thesis Based on the Research

The next step in learning how to write a research paper is to form your thesis after going through all the research you’ve collected in the process. Your research is the evidence that provides you with a way for open and intellectual debate. Make sure you formulate the thesis after reading and investigating both favor and opposing narratives.

An incomplete or unsubstantiated thesis reflects poor work and judgment of a student’s capabilities. Therefore, college students need to make a thesis only after going through all the requirements of an investigational paper.

Create a Mindmap for Presenting your Arguments in a Precise Way 

After going through topic selection, doing research and forming a thesis, it’s time to create a mind map. A mind map is useful for organizing your entire thought and work process. It’s very simple and offers bundles of creative benefits pivotal for a good research study.

For using a mind map, students may buy a chart paper or their tablets, laptops etc. A topic or central theme can be written in the middle, and its parts or sub-topics can be connected like tree branches. Evidence and statements can be added in chronological order.

This way, structured research work can be formed painlessly in an organized form. If this step proves too difficult, students are encouraged to use the best essay writing service for good work.

Study Opposing Thesis, Research and Narratives

One aspect that makes your write-up a credible work is adding an opposing side narrative in your study paper. You can never learn how to write a research paper before having any grip on opposing points. There’s not a single work that is not opposed or created two or even three narratives. When writing a lengthy debate or research, adding a disputed statement provides credibility and shows ways to tackle them.

Opposing statements offer a wider perspective and different take from the opposing group. This step further flourished creative work as well as investigational procedures adopted by students.

Refine your Research by Comparison

The next course of action is to refine your work and research before writing the first draft begins. Compare your research with relevant and authentic data so there’s less chance of deviation from facts. This comparison plays an integral role when you start writing because it eliminates unauthentic and insignificant research. After this step, you’ll only have relevant evidence and statements on the topic. Perfectly refined or filtered research makes a big impact on your academic paper.

Outline the Best Statements & Parts Before Writing Begins

The last part before the writing phase begins is the outlining of the best and most creative statements and parts of the paper. You must write your statements on the research work as persuasively as possible. For this, you need to divide your entire academic paper into an outline. Intrigue your audience and peers with your outstanding introduction and irrefutable evidence in the body paragraphs. Lastly, provide the audience closure by summarizing your main points and thesis statement in conclusion.

After doing the entire steps, you have completed the prewriting phase of your research paper now you are moving towards the official first step.

How to Write a Research Paper?

How to Write a Research Paper

After completing the work in the pre-writing phase, students can write an academic paper much more quickly and easily. The writing part is divided into six parts, where students need to compose all the findings into words. Here are the parts that will help you write your college paper easily.

Start from the Introduction of the Paper

The first step students need to take is to write an introduction for a research paper. The intro is the paragraph the audience will read at first glance. This paragraph introduces the audience to the topic and its content, impacting their thinking. Making it through this part successfully results in thumbs up from peers and your professor.

To properly learn how to write a research paper we have into passage ready for you. The introductory paragraph has three parts that play a vital role in delivering your message across the board. These parts are mentioned below;

  • Hook sentence

  • Background information

  • Thesis statement

A hook sentence is the first sentence of the paragraph and quickly grabs the audience’s attention. Most students go through how to write an essay hook or pitch lines in paper . As writers use it tactically to evoke curiosity and keep readers hooked to the paper. Background information is the overview of the topic and subject and throws light on the historical context. A thesis statement is the crux of a writer’s research developed after evidence, etc.

Add your Research, Evidence into Body Paragraph 1 & 2

The second step is adding all the evidence and authentic research into the body paragraph. A body paragraph is the heart of the entire paper. Therefore, it should be created with perfection.

While composing a first paragraph, you will always start with a topic sentence in a body paragraph by writing a best one. A topic sentence is the first line of the paragraph that summarizes the entire debate in one line. After that, students may add the most relevant and updated evidence on top and rest accordingly.

Since a research paper is your weeks, or months worth of work, it’s essential to add as much authentic data as possible. The body paragraph shows the author’s command of the subject and takes over 75% of the total word space. Also, if you are writing a scientific, academic paper, you should add further details in body paragraph two.

After making a body paragraph one, students need to add secondary evidence in body paragraph two. This act will further support your arguments on the topic and effectively convince your audience. The primary evidence that is the base of your paper is always in the first paragraph, and the secondary one is in the second paragraph. This is how a body paragraph part is composed for a college paper.

End the Discussion in the Conclusion

The last part of how to write a research paper starts with writing the conclusion of the assignment. After reading your write-up, the audience needs closure on the topic. Your job ends after you provide them with exactly the conclusion they need.

To write a definitive conclusion, you must summarize all the main points and discussion of the paper. Keep in mind that the same words and sentences should not be repeated. Just write the valuable discussion with new words and emphasize them.

Secondly, reinstating the thesis statement is mandatory so your audience is always aware of your findings. When you reestablish your thesis, the audience sees the connectivity and logic throughout the paper. This helps you overcome the audience’s objections and their comprehension in understanding your work.

Treat this as a First Draft and Make the Best Version in the Second Draft

While many students treat their writings as the final ones, they will be filled with mistakes if you go through them after a few hours. That’s why treating your paper as a first draft subject to change is important. Making edits not only make your content more resilient and solid to peer reviews but also helps make it effective.

After reviewing your first draft thoroughly for an hour or more, you can highlight where the changes are needed by keeping publications of working paper in view. Use a highlighter or a pencil and note where and what will be replaced, modified etc. Then start writing your second and refined draft that’ll be the hallmark of your work. It will be the final version you’ll submit to your professor, so make every word count.

Create Bibliography

After making your second or final draft, it’s time to create bibliography of the sources you’ve used in the academic paper. They might be the books you read, websites, blogs, interviews published in newspapers etc.  Also, use citation styles to make your research legitimate, valid and useful for the audience.

There are three typical formatting styles of citation used in academic papers such as;

  • MLA (Modern Language Association)

  •  APA (American Psychological Association)

  • Chicago/Turabian

MLA style is used for citing sources for humanities subjects such as political science, etc. APA format is used for thorough scientific studies and papers. It’s considered the gold standard in medicine, psychology, anthropology etc. Lastly, the Chicago style is used for history and humanities both.

Proofread the Final Draft & Submit

The final part is proofreading the final draft before you submit it. Although the second draft is fool-proof, it still needs to go through revision. You may be able to notice some key mistakes missed in the first revision. Students may ask their classmates or professor for a quick look at the document. Having a second set of eyes for proofreading always helps students have an outsider’s perspective. After going through all the work mentioned above, it’s time to submit your work.

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Research Paper Example

In colleges, many students still don’t know how to write a research paper for their assignments. Even some students get confused by simple statements like “can i use I in a research paper ”? So, here we will present an example of a research paper that will provide insights into making one.

Body shaming has created waves of hate in the new generation, resulting in tremendous loss. Anyone using the internet and social media can toss their comments, which results in degrading others. This act has resulted in countless losses of lives and severe depression in teenage and adults. A big division exists between parents and teachers on the negative effects on a person’s psychological well-being. It’s important to talk about this social issue that is affecting the morality of society altogether.

According to many studies, body shaming results in acute and chronic symptoms such as;

  • Depression

  • Excessive eating

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Obesity

  • Low self-esteem

  • Less attentive on work/ low productivity

  • Feeling harassed

Many of the harassment and body shaming incidence occurs at school and workplaces. Perpetrators usually get away due to the victim’s silence and social pressure. Furthermore, many schools and educational institutions think it’s normal to have fun with your classmates. Due to many popular shows such as “13 Reasons Why” and “Euphoria,” this deeply rooted problem is highlighted at the highest level. Still, many measures should be taken to curb the rising incidences of body shaming.

Additionally, at the government level, legislation should promptly provide strict punishments for these offenses. Furthermore, schools should be equipped with cameras and microphones that record the incident if someone denies doing or saying anything unusual. Capital punishment should also be set high so the offenders know they cannot hide or suppress the voice.”

Hire an Expert Writer for Your Research Paper!

We feature the most amazing and useful steps to help students to know how to write a research paper. Although these steps are thorough and detailed with utmost perfection, students still need help. Those students can hire professional essay writers to do the work. This way, their assignment will be completed on time and awarded top grades.


A research paper is a lengthy and detailed essay that focuses on one topic and provides the writer’s perspective. Making one takes time and commitment, and every student must submit it to asses their capabilities.

A research paper format is in 3 types such as; 

  • MLA

  • APA

  • Chicago/Turabian

A research paper can be as long as 10,000 words or a minimum of 2500-3000 words.

Good research is thorough, valid and has substantial proof of its originality. Adding opposing statements or opponents also makes research more robust and future-proof.

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