Topic Sentence For Body Paragraph Examples

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Topic sentence is the central focus in any essay’ body paragraph. The paragraph is incomplete without a topic sentence as it represents the whole paragraph following it. Organizing the thoughts for the easy understanding of audience and conveyance of message in a clear manner require use of good topic sentence. Hence, there is a proper guide to writing such sentence. Let’s start then:

What Is A Topic Sentence?

  • This sentence is simply an opening sentence that gives an idea about the paragraph following it.
  • It should be general in sense of the essay but not broad enough to raise ambiguity in writing
  • This sentence work as a guide for the audience by introducing the topic of the paragraph
  • This sentence also relates to the main idea of the entire essay
  • It also reflects the thesis statement
  • It helps provide structure to the paragraph following it and hence the entire essay

Topic Sentence Vs Thesis Statement

  • The latter is the main sentence which represent the entire essay while the former represent only a specific paragraph
  • The former support the latter throughout writing
  • The former is specific while the latter is specific to the essay but broader as compared to former sentence.

How Do You Write Topic Sentences With Examples?

To write such sentence for different paragraphs of an essay, following are some ideas:

Know The Focus Of Your Essay

  • Before starting to write a topic sentence, it is advisable to refer to the topic you are writing the essay on.
  • Keeping in view that topic, develop a clear focus and begin to write the sentence that would skyrocket the essay.

Clarifying Your Topic Sentence

  • To clarify the topic, it is required to add and describe the answer to what and why. Keep in mind that it should also be related to the topic
  • Clarify what is the topic of the sentence and why it is important

For Example:

To answer what: Usage of Quinine in older times became high

To answer why: because it is an effective drug against malarial treatment

Using This Sentence As An Introductory To The Paragraph

  • Use the sentence that you have created as a result of above two steps as an introductory statement to the body paragraph
  • Similarly, make such sentences for the rest of the body paragraphs too.
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List Of Topic Sentences Examples

  • Crime rate become high when inflation occur due to government decisions.
  • Individual starting from a scratch do hard work instead of smart work because of no directions.
  • There are numerous contributory factors for global warming and environmental pollution is one of them
  • To play a leading role in any organization require certain personality traits.

Tips And Tricks For Writing A Good Topic Sentence

For using and creating a good sentence of such sort we would like to give following tips and tricks:

Be Unique

  • Just like we get bored of the same stuff at our plate every time, the audience get bored with information that has no uniqueness
  • It is advisable to give your readers something very astonishing and interesting, raising their curiosity
  • Do not just add facts to the topic sentence, use some clincher statements instead


  • Obvious statement: Chocolates are dangerous for dogs
  • Unique statement: Chocolate can kill dogs as their nervous system and heart rate is affected by the elements used in it.

Complex And Compound Sentences Are Much Better!

  • A compound sentence or a complex sentence can make the sentence even stronger and catchy
  • It is advisable to create a compound sentence with 2 independent clauses that are joined by a conjunction plus a comma.
  • Similarly, make a complex sentence with subordinate clause joined with the help of comma and a conjunction


  • Compound sentence: the captain of the aircraft lost his route, but he found a fuel-efficient route.
  • Complex sentence: When captain of the aircraft lost their route, they follow flight plan that have been given by the flight operations officers to them

Use Transitions

  • Transition words such as moreover, in addition to, as well as, similarly, furthermore etc. help move swiftly throughout and maintain a flow in the paragraphs.
  • It is advisable to use such words in your topic sentence to ensure a flow in the writing.


  • Even though it was autumn, but it rains like monsoon.
  • Using navigation of an aircraft, in addition to the flight plan will never make the pilot lost.

Uses Of Topic Sentences

  • Topic sentences are not just use for formal and informal writing, but also for non-fiction writings
  • Hence, choosing to use it appropriately can help you write it for any kind of writing such as:
    • Essays
    • Blogs
    • Speeches
    • Articles etc.
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Writing Good Topic Sentence

A topic sentence might not just be required in essay writing. It will be a central requirement for many other papers. Learning or using the best essay writing service for writing a good topic helps us to get perfect results. To ensure such greatness in writings through good topic sentences, the following are the steps to be followed:

1st step: Selecting A Thesis

  • Developing a thesis statement helps guide the whole paper
  • Hence, it is always advisable to select a strong thesis statement for the writing and then go for topic sentence(s).
  • Such statement automatically guides toward making sentences as it contains the purpose of whole paper

2nd step: Outlining

  • An outline can always guide way through the essay and its sentences because planning is what makes it flowy
  • Make an outline, draft the sentences, sums up the discussion and make the topic sentences more specific and narrower according to the paragraphs

3rd step: Purify The Topic Sentence

  • Now is the time to narrow down this sentence specifically relating it to the topic of the paragraph it is written for
  • This step is necessary because most of us make this sentence generically while planning an outline, so it should be narrow down for a specific paragraph to match with the content
  • A good sentence is the one that give audience the clear directions of what the paragraph is heading toward
  • A paragraph is strong when there is connection between ideas through this sentence making clear transitions.


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