What is Citation and What are the Main Types

In more depth, a scholarly work in which abbreviated alphanumeric expressions are present denoting an entry passage in the bibliographic references segment of the piece of writing, which is used to acknowledge the relevance of other’s work at the point of discussion, where referencing appears.

What is Citation

The blend of both the citations, i.e., in-body referencing and the bibliographic section, comprises what is typically considered a citation rather than only bibliographic passages. Nano publications are a type of micro attribution, in which citation is done in machine-readable electronic scientific articles. It is defined as the reference address of the site where it belongs.

Uses of citations

Here are some of the following uses of citations:

To avoid Plagiarism

To disregard plagiarism by maintaining intellectual credibility of the sample papers.


To take credit from the unauthorized writing center and give it to credible sources.

Validity check

It allows the reader to check the validity of the reference provided as proof by the writer.

Proof check

It also paves the path for the reader to check whether the writing in content is with the proof or not. If evidence is provided, then the reader can rely better on the information.

Types of referencing styles are as follows:

APA Style

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  • AMA
  • APA
  • AMS
  • Chicago
  • MLA
  • Turbian
  • Harward
  • IEEE

Uses of APA style

Academic writings such as scholarly articles, books, journals, or research papers follow a composing style and a writing format of APA citation.

Common study areas

Its general use commonly revolves around the study areas of social sciences and behavioral studies.

For Instance

The American Psychological Association (APA) description is given in the citation guide, termed the “Publication manual of the American Psychological Association.” For achieving the goals of precision in communication and choice of words for reducing partiality in language, specific rules were introduced to help understand reading in the study areas of social and behavioral sciences.

7th revision

APA citation style is broadly used, whether with alterations or as original, for several scholarly works such as health journals, medical writings, textbooks, or academic papers. The latest and authentic edition of APA styles after revision is its 7th edition.

Method of author-date

Author-date methodology of in-text citation must be followed when using APA format. It mentions the publication year as the source evidence, and the author’s last name should be in text for instance (Jimmy, 1997), for quoting directly page number can also be displayed such as (jimmy, 1997, p. 19) and its complete general reference should appear after the conclusion of the article.

MLA Style

The rules for acknowledging the sources used in a research article are formed by Modern Language Association (MLA). It is the easiest style for citation.


For referencing sources, a two-part parenthesis style is used for the documentation of writing in MLA style. In the in-text citation, the alphabetical words point out to the reference list displayed at the end of the documentation. With the mutual help of both of these citations, the sources get the required credentials and grant access to the reader to reach the source.


In MLA citation, for quick identification and making the readers able to find the basic information in the Reference list, the writer does the citation for the sources in the article. In these references, we must only share the citation required to identify the type of source. Therefore, the citation in parentheses must be kept to the point to maintain clarity and preciseness. The parenthetical citation should commonly be placed where a general pause may be expected, most probably at the sentence end.

Citation in parenthesis rules

  • The citation in parenthesis must be as close to its source as possible and having the page reference and the author’s last name is enough.
  • Repetition must be avoided in the case of the data provided in parenthesis and the in-text citation. Instead, it must be relatable. If the author’s name is included in a statement, it does not need to be replicated in the parenthesis sentence.
  • The citation in parenthesis must proceed with the punctuation concluding the sentence containing the reference material. Electronic or online citation sources are done as similar to printed sources in the form of parenthesis reference.
  • Suppose there comes an error in online sources citation as omitting page numbers or numbers from parenthetical references. In that case, it must be fixed to the right, and the citation of corresponding numbers should be done.

For instance

In the text Writer’s name, such as Jimmy, has spoken these words (121-45). And Writer’s name in reference as these words have been said (Jimmy 121-45).


Presently in its 16th version, the Chicago Manual of citation style was brought into creation for the assistance of academic scholars for the proper citation of the sources


In Chicago styles for citation, following are some of its types: 1. Notes and Bibliography. 2. Author-Date.

Chicago presents the Notes and the Bibliography style of citation and bears no linkage with the official publication of type.

Formation of a bibliography in Chicago style


A record of all the sources of evidence used in writing is termed the Bibliography. The significant nitty-gritty of the publication of the seeds is also listed down.

Format of Bibliograph

The Bibliography must always be in line with the following format

Single spacing rule

The rule of single spacing is followed in the referencing record or Bibliography.

Alphabetical order

Alphabetical arrangement of the last names of the writers must be made


Margin must be indented in the second line of the source.

For Instance

Within the text, citations, whether full or half, are displayed in the text in the form of short references.


In Chicago style citation, one must give a short citation comprising of the writer’s names and the publication date in the most straightforward arrangement when citing the source of data within the writing text. Such as, there are many reasons for plant immovability (jimmy 2011, 56-76).

Turabian Style:

A referencing and citation system based on the Chicago manual of style and called after Kate Turabian, from the University of Chicago, whose writings also include a manual guide in citation and referencing, assisting the students in research articles writings.

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Types of Turabian style

Here are some of the kinds of Turabian style:

Notes-Bibliography Style:

This style constitutes the Bibliography at the end of the documentation and a subscript or a lower-case number in the text, and a footnote at the page end.


With the placement of writer date referencing such as (jimmy 2002), the Writer indicates the utilization of a source within the body of the documentation. The Bibliography is also included at the end of the writing.

For Instance

In this style, brief citation of sources is done in parentheses in the text, including Writer’s last name and Publication year. In reference list where all of the bibliographic data is included coincides with each of the citations in the text. Such as jimmy, PCR, 34-36.


The practicality of composing writing leads to negation when writing without any past assistance from a book, website, scholarly journal, review article, or literature.

An assembly of all the sources of information utilized for the research article is the Bibliography or references, which is the standing stone for any publication. All the nitty-gritty of the source is displayed in a connection mentioning the title, writer’s name, journal name, year, volume, issue number, and the page number.

After offering a must acknowledgment to the respective Writers, all the citations should be cited in appropriate context for avoiding plagiarism. If detailed documentation is in line to be reviewed by adding the additional references, the writers will also have to amend the list of references to put up the same.

Citation and referencing are most essential in a perfect order to showcase all the significant details of the source. We must have absolute knowledge about the basic citation and referencing to have flawless writing.

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How do you state some of the citation styles examples? What is citation style for grant writing? What are some of the most important citation styles for science?
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