How To Write An Essay Hook?

Hmm! So you are searching for the best essay writing website for a guide on “How to write an essay hook”? Do you think you are far from writing a good hook for your essay? Is your deadline approaching? Want the best guide on such a topic? Running out of time? Your wait is over then; continue reading this if you want an answer to all of your questions.

So, what reminds you when you hear the word “hook”? It is a shiny lure that a fisherman use to catch a fish and depending on the type of fish he wants to catch, different hooks are used. Now apply this science to academic writing. A hook here is the sentence that catches the reader’s attention and depending on the type of essay, hook is used accordingly. So, let’s not waste a single minute and dive into the essay writing guide that can help you to write an essay like a pro.

What Is A Hook?

A hook statement is the very starting sentence of the writing or the paper and is hardly 1-2 sentences long. It is the first sentence of the introductory paragraph and looking into this statement, the audience decide whether to keep reading or not. 

It is mandatory to note here that a hook should not be confused with an introduction. It do not substitute the introduction rather is just start your introduction and is only a sentence long. After hooking the audience, next is to introduce the topic of the paper and then state a good thesis statement. 

Writing a hook statement is a very daunting task especially when writing a research paper. However, following considerations should be made before writing a hook statement:

  1. What is the type of essay to write a hook for?
  2. Who are my audience?
  3. What tone to use? What writing style to use?
  4. What could be the best essay writing guide?

How To Write A Good Hook For An Essay?

To write a good hook for an essay, it is very important to first know some effective strategies that will make your hook statement a top notch and make your readers captivated. Here are the strategies:

  1. Consider the type of literary writing 
  2. Know your target audience 
  3. Know the purpose of your essay writing 
  4. Begin with quotation 
  5. Begin with a rhetorical question
  6. Begin with an interesting statement 

Let’s describe these in detail now:

Consider The Type Of Literary Writing

Literary writing involve different types, such as; argumentative essay, compare and contrast essay, descriptive essay, narrative essay, expository essay etc. Depending on the type of such writing, choose a hook that will best suite such type. Each of the type is different from another, so these considerations are very important while Writing a Perfect Essay.

Know Your Target Audience

Your target audience makes a lot of difference. After the 1st step, the next is to now your target audience for whom you are going to write. This is because each type of literary work has different audience and each one of them have different expectations from the writer and the write-up. So, without knowing the target audience and their wants, the implementation of a hook cannot be as effective as it should be. 

Know The Purpose Of Your Essay Writing

The writer must understand the purpose while writing a short essay. He should be clear in his view points, requirements and structure of his essay to write a good hook statement. Without knowing the purpose of the writing, the writer will surely add an ambiguous statement for which he himself will not be confident. Hence, it is essential to have a good know-how of your essay and fit the hook according to your tone and the writing style. 

Begin With Quotation

A quotation is always attention grabbing and interesting to read. Hence, a good bunch of quotations helps to make an essay longer with words. Such things works as a fact because the famous personalities are always experienced to define what the actual things are.

Begin With A Rhetorical Question

A rhetorical question at the very start provoke the audience and make them want more hence, carry them reading. So, a good hook can always be started with an open-ended question to make the readers go through a thought process and to bind them read the essay till the end.

Begin With An Interesting Statement

The writer may begin with an interesting statement such as an unusual phenomenon, thought provoking statement, contradiction, or comparing the two unlikely things. Or in other words, when it is desired to make the audience interested, is to state a short story in few sentences or a humorous statement etc. 

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Types Of Hooks Writing

There are five major types of hooks in writing. These hooks are as follows:

  1. Question hook
  2. Quotation hook
  3. Anecdotal hook
  4. Statistic hook
  5. Statement hook 

Now let’s discuss these in a brief detail:

Question Hook

As its name clearly indicate what the question hook is. Posing a question at the start of the writing make a question hook and it capture the attention of the audience immediately plus make them want more and keep them reading. It has to be ensure while writing such a hook that the question posed is an open-ended one and is broader in the context of the topic. Keep it relevant but broader. Similarly, the readers love to explore things out while continuing reading rather than just answering a close ended question at the start to which the answer is only a yes or no. An example of question hook for pollution can be somewhat of this type:

“What if the world goes out of existence before time? Well, many of the people still doesn’t know what pollution is and don’t have the awareness that we will run out of this planet because the humanly created activities causing the mess.

Quotation Hook

A quotation hook is the one that starts with the saying of some well-known scholars or person. When a well-known quotation is used in the starting of the essay that connects with the topic under discussion, then such a statement is going to work as an attention grabber for the essay. 

It also has to be ensured that credibility is given or the quotation is explained so that it has to develop clarity with the topic. It should quotation has to be relevant and rich enough to add to the discussion of the essay rather than just a random and irrelevant quotation. 

For example when writing a cause and effect essay about pollution, it can be started off this way:

 “Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented”. Barry Commoner has rightly stated the fact of pollution and the harm that is cause by it, which can never be cured but we can just try to prevent it in the future. 

Anecdotal Hook

An anecdotal hook is the one in which the writer uses a short story to relate to the topic under discussion and gain the attention of the audience in this way. This short story can be personal story as well where one can use the first form “I”; which is an exception in essay because typically, first person is not used in essay unless a narrative one. 

The word count of such a hook statement is usually more as compare to the others but be sure to complete it according to the given or required word count limit. 

When writing about a good vocational spot, you can discuss your own experience that you had on the trip to Bora Bora at the very start of the essay: 

“When I first arrived to a spot at Bora Bora, I was amazed. The place is a heaven on earth filled with greenery and fresh water having blue and green colors. Everything that seem was crystal clear having no dust or pollution around. I visited many hotels there and the taste of their food and their liveliness was so heart winning”.

Statistic Hook

A statistical hook is the one in which we insert a fact at the very start of the essay to grab the attention of the audience. The fact should be hard and true to gain their attention, striking in the way that make them interested and motivate them to keep on reading the essay. Gaining the trust of your audience at the very start of the essay is going to trigger them and make them go on. 

For example, when writing about the increase in world’s population, one can begin with a powerful statistic as:

“According to the research by the guardian, the world’s most densely populated island is the size of two soccer field.” 

Statement Hook

Representing the essay with a strong and firm declaration of the writer’s own arguments or position is what makes the statement hook. This is one of the smartest way to hook the readers. Even when the readers do not agree with the statement, they will still keep on reading to find out how you support your argument. This is because the readers will either want to make a counter argument to your statement or will agree with you after going through the supporting details. 

When talking about the personality types of a person, one could start with a strong hook like the one as follows:

“A personality has always a very strong influence on the habits of a person and the liking and disliking of course”. 

Done with types of hook statements?

The purpose of a good hook is not just to capture the attention of your readers, but also to lead toward your thesis statement to give the readers the crux of the entire essay that they will be reading. A strong hook statement will make your essay start strong and stand out for the rest. 

Good Hooks For Essays

Following are example of some good hook statements for an essay:


  • Do you know a children admitted in school earlier can have sharper brain than the one admitted late? Yes, scientific research shows the brain gets sharper as the children learn soon in the starting age. 


  • Do you know what could be the possible solution of management problems related to a change? Well, that’s the matter of the fact that how strong the management is. Management with strong interpersonal skills are always going to develop a healthy change and implement that change in an effective way. 
  • Business activities can proof to be harmful in cases where people develop ego problems within the organization.


  • Fasting have proved to be most effective for health related benefits including boosting up the cognitive performance, protection from obesity, decreasing the risk of metabolic diseases, and curing the cancer etc.
  • Research shows that a healthy breakfast in the morning helps drive energy, control your weight, boost the brain power, reduce the risk of illness and develop healthy eating habits. 


  • For many of us, flying makes us our dreams come true. This is the innovation and invention in technology that make our dreams come true. 
  • “With power comes great responsibility”. Such a saying is the best example that suites our modern society as we have destroyed our planet that is a gift and a power to us humans. 

Attention Getters For Essays

  1. Can you imagine what I saw when I visit the museum? 
  2. You know the most important thing I ever had is? 
  3. You know what I would remove from my memories if I had the authority? 
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Hooks For Informative Essays

A good hook for an informative essay can be as follows:

  • Making friends and keeping them forever is really fun, but it requires a lot of efforts. It’s not just a natural process that happens simultaneously, as for many people, but you have to give up something to get something. 
  • “Poverty is the worst form of violence”, as Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said. It is a condition which destroys not just the human as an individual but the entire community and even the state as a whole. 

Hooks For Persuasive Essay

  • What if you put all your belongings in a crate and you find out something is stolen from it every single time? That is why I always recommend lockers as necessary for students. 
  • Physical and flip classes have proved to be the best sources of learning for the children rather than traditional and virtual classes. That is why institutes should use the former method rather than the latter one. 

Hooks For Expository Essays

  • Adolescence is considered as the most challenging phases of life, both for the parents and their children. 
  • Hiccups are very annoying to people because of it happening over and over again. Chronic hiccups is even severe condition than that. 
  • A hectic life is a result of forces, both external and internal. Moving from one thing to other, learning from tasks and doing timely things can make it worse. 

Hooks For Research Papers

  1. The ultimate destiny of the universe, expansion infinitely or huge crunches, can be determined by measuring the brightness, intrinsic luminosities, and redshifts of distant supernovae. 
  2. Surface land temperatures are very essential in the study of a global change, heat balance studies, estimating the radiation budget, and working as a control for the climate model. 

Hook Sentence Starters

  1. To state a fact:
    1. It is surprising for many people to learn that flies have 120,000 species worldwide in which a female fly can lay up to 6000 of eggs during her lifetime. 
    2. Can you just imagine that our nose can detect trillion smells? No right! 
  2. Opinion sentence starters:
    1. I have a strong belief that the towns become gloomy when the winters arrive rather than when the season of fall starts. 
    2. I firmly believe that…
  3. Narrating a story:
  1. It was a very special time when I first started flying. This was the part of my life where I realized that sky is never a limit. 
  2. “The greatest glory in life lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”, I never realized this famous saying of Nelson Mandela was written for me until I experienced and develop the same thing.

Creative Hooks

Some creative hooks are as follows:

  • Would you like to spend a quality time with family or just spend money on them? Well! If you ask me, I will always choose the former option for creating memories that last for the lifetime. 
  • Sitting in front of wooden fire, wearing a comforter, having a good cup of coffee with your beloved one in winters, is the greatest blessing one can ever ask for. 
  • You know what I sing when the spider fell over me? Itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came the rain and wash the spider out. 
  • Peep, peep, peep! You hear that? It’s the sound my car’s horn when the traffic is on its peak during the day time.
  • Hellooooooo? This is how I speak over the phone when I’m angry enough to be disturb by an idiot. 


Essay hooks are a part of everyday academic writing and are very important to be understood. Hence, perfect essay writers hope they have provided you with the best guide on writing an essay hook to make your essay top-notch and sizzling. We at perfect essay writing provide you with the best quality content. However, still, having issues with the writing guide? No worries! Our college essay writing services are always here to help.

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