How To Write An Essay Hook To Captivate Your Reader?

Writing an essay hook is the most difficult part of a college assignment that many students fail to master. Hooks can also be termed as essay attention grabbers. Plus they also keep the readers interested. This blog will help in enhancing the student capabilities of writing an essay hook effortlessly. 

What is a Hook?

what is a hook

A hook statement is the very starting sentence of the writing or the paper and is hardly one sentence long. It is the first sentence of the introductory paragraph and by reading this statement, the audience decides whether to keep reading or not.

It is mandatory to note here that a hook in essay should not be confused with an introduction. It doesn’t substitute the introduction, rather it’s a part of your essay introduction. It hooks the audience’s attention and makes them read the entire essay. Although it’s not easy, students can avail of the custom essay writing service for such endeavors.

Writing a hook statement is a very daunting task especially when writing a research paper. However, the following considerations should be made before writing a hook statement:

  • What is the type of essay to write a hook for?

  • Who is my audience?

  • What tone to use? What writing style to use?

  • What could be the best essay writing guide?

Still wondering about what is a hook in an essay? Jump to the expert guide on writing one and you’ll get a good idea about it.

Expert’s Guide on How to Write a Good Hook for an Essay?

experts guide on how to write a good hook for an essay

It’s clear to students what a hook sentence is and what its role is in essay writing. Similarly, It’s also important to know some effective strategies. These will make your hook statement top-notch and make your readers captivated.  Here are some working tactics from the experts on how to write a hook statement. 

  1. Consider the type of literary writing

  2. Know your target audience

  3. Know the purpose of your essay writing

  4. Begin with quotation

  5. Begin with a rhetorical question

  6. Begin with an interesting statement

These tactics can also be termed as different types of hooks for essays. Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

Consider the Type of Literary Writing

The first step of writing an essay hook is considering the type of literary writing a student need for the assignment. Literary writing involves different types, such as; argumentative essays, compare and contrast essays, descriptive essays, narrative essays, expository essays etc. Depending on the type of writing, choose a hook that will best suit such type. Each one is different from another, so these considerations are very important.

Know Your Target Audience

Your target audience makes a lot of difference and knowing them is your cardinal duty. This is because each type of literary work has a different audience. As a result, each one of them has different expectations from the writer and the write-up. So, without knowing the target audience and their needs, the implementation of a hook cannot be as effective as it should be.

Know The Purpose Of Your Essay Writing

The third step is a writer must understand the purpose while writing an essay. They should be clear in their viewpoints, requirements and structure of the essay for a good hook statement.

Without knowing the purpose of the writing, the writer will surely add an ambiguous statement. Hence, it is essential to have a good know-how of your essay and fit the hook according to your tone and writing style.

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Begin With Quotation

A quotation is always attention-grabbing and interesting to read. Hence, a good bunch of quotations helps to make an essay longer with words. Quotation helps things work as a fact because famous personalities are always experienced and their words matter the most.

Begin With A Rhetorical Question

Using a rhetorical question at the very start provokes the audience and makes them want more hence, carrying them reading. So, a good hook can always be started with an open-ended question. It helps the readers go through a thought process and to bind them read the essay till the end.

Begin With An Interesting Statement

Starting with an interesting fact or information always acts as good hooks for essays. The step of writing an outstanding hook sentence is starting with an interesting statement. That might be an unusual phenomenon, thought-provoking statement, contradiction, or comparing the two unlikely things. In other words, when it is desired to make the audience interested, to state a short story in a few sentences or a humorous statement etc.

Impressive Hook Sentence Examples For Essays on Different Subjects

Following are some well-written hook examples:


  • Children who play games are more intelligent than their classmates who don’t.

  • Higher education doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need to do hard work in your professional life.


  • Money spent once with precision is a lifetime investment return.

  • There are no permanent friends or foes in business.


  • Intermittent fasting not only improves physical health but brain function as well.

  • Exercise is the best solution for preventing cardiovascular disease and stress.


  • Over the past 50 years, humans have created more environmental pollution than in the last 5000 years.

  • Burning coal in industry and recreational activities results in excessive CO2 emissions that causes lung disease.

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This blog has enlightened the importance of how to write an essay hook for assignments. Students need to accurately understand the steps mentioned here for composing breathtaking hook statements. By using this expert’s guide, achieving an A+ grade gets the easiest. If however you’re still stuck, reach our cheap writer at perfect essay writing and avail the most student-friendly writing services.


There are five major types of hooks in writing. These hooks are as follows:

  • Question hook

Where we start with a question to capture the attention of the audience. 

  • Quotation hook

Where we state a famous quotation to captivate the readers. 

  • Anecdotal hook

Where we tell a short narrative story to grab the audience 

  • Statistic hook

Stating a statistical fact at the very start of the essay to capture the audience.

  • Statement hook 

Stating strong argument to capture the attention of the audience. 

A good hook is the one that consider the following elements while writing:

  1. The type of essay writing 

  2. The target audience 

  3. The tone and the writing style of the essay 

  4. The text structure to be established while writing 

  5. Purpose of the writing 

  6. Beginning with a quotation 

  7. Starting with a question

  8. Starting off with an interesting statement 

A good hook sentence is the one that makes an assertive claim on the topic under discussion and also refer to the thesis statement of the essay or paper. A good hook sentence does not need to be too long or complex, rather it should be enough to make a complete sense.

An attention grabber is started with an astonishing statement or words that astound the readers and make them want more. Such grabbers are best applied when the type of audience targeted are curious enough to want more. An example of attention grabbers are:

  1. Can you just imagine what a horrible scene I had in the backyard when I visit it in the midnight?

  2. Okay! Now is the time I have to tell you something that I always wanted to but was never ready for.

A good attention getter is the one that leaves the audience in craving for more. Such an attention grabber is usually started with a shocking statement or words that astound the readers and make them want more. It should be best applied to the audience who are always in the search of some adventure and have the curiosity to keep going and explore as much as they can.

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