Literary Analysis Essay a Complete Guide With Examples

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Understanding of Literary Analysis

Most of us wonder to what analysis of literary is specifically in terms of an essay, whose understanding is crucial in writing a good piece of literary work.

So, let us describe all of these details one by one helping you to overcome your wonders:

What is Literary Analysis? It is:

  • The examination of several pieces of the literature specifically speaking, various writings

  • For the purpose of identification of the author’s message behind the whole writing

  • Long story short, evaluation of the specific components used by the author in a writing is an analysis of a piece of literary

Literary Analysis Essay

Just like the stated analysis above which look into any piece of writing for any purpose, literary analysis essay is:

  • Examining any writing piece or work of literature

  • For the purpose of writing an essay on it

Main Purpose

Main purpose of such analysis is to

  • Explain the intentions or hidden purposes as to why the author has used such kind of theme

  • Examine the characteristics of the characters, theme, settings, plot and choices of the author etc.

  • Examine the “why” and “how” of the writing.

Difference between review and analysis

After reading above description, you might be of the view that both review and analysis are the same. The answer is a “NO”. The main difference is:

  • Review is a summary of the book or any writing. while the latter is the in-dept analysis of the piece of literature.

  • Do not confuse them both.

How it will be done?

To do a such analysis, the easiest way is to:

  • Divide the writing into various parts or simply an essay outline.

  • Examine each part in details separately to develop better understanding

  • Have some brainstorming before starting because to get clear idea that what is required out of the whole essay or writing of the author.

  • Focus!

Before moving toward the writing part of your essay, first let us discuss the type of literary essays that we have:

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Type of Literary Analysis Essay

Depending upon the type of analysis i.e., either descriptive literary essay, critical etc. there are different types of such essays. The different types of literary essays are as follows, from which you will get an idea of kind of essay you will write:

Historical Literary Essay

  • This type of essay involves the analysis of a historical event from a published book, stories or any resource etc.

  • This kind of essay explains the event in details from historical point of view or either claim to contradict it.

  • Reader gains good understanding of the writing building familiarity with the historical time frame in which the event actually took place.

  • Close Reading Literary

    • This type involves careful and in-depth reading and analysis.

    • The reason behind is to know the hidden intentions.

    • For this type of analysis, you do not need to have grip on the knowledge but you must have a good focus at least.

  • Theoretical Essay

    • This type involves applying theory of a scholar to the literature.

    • The theories must relate to the topic of interest

    • Example: applying Marxist theory of social stratification or Freud theory of personality to a piece of writing such as poem.

  • Applied Essay

    • This type involves analyzing the issue in the paper, based on practical perspective.

    • For example, if the writing expresses a character with personality disorder involving some thoughts that doesn’t actually exists, the writer might relate it to Schizophrenia.

  • Comparative Essay

    • This type of analysis is based on comparison between two or more alternatives etc.

    • Example comparison between Eleanor & Park and Fangirl

It is up to you now to choose which type. The next part is the writing. So, let’s start writing:

Writing Literary Analysis Essay Examples

Following are the winning steps that will ensure you to write a good essay related to literary and teach you how to write an essay, so let’s pay attention to it:

A Good Introduction

Introduction is that part where most of the judgement about the rest of your essay occur. To make sure you write a good essay introduction, have:

  • Your readers in mind

  • A brief summary on the background of your selected piece of writing

  • Mention name of the author(s) and the title of his/their writing

  • good focus, one thing should automatically connect to the other

  • Grab the attention by adding good collection of words to your introduction as well as quotation etc.

The Body

In body:

  • Give a summary about the story you have selected

  • Give your detailed information in the body paragraphs., your ideas, facts, figures, information, arguments etc.

  • Do not keep it much longer, 2-3 pages would be enough to write the body.

  • You can divide the body of essay into three main paragraphs or classify paragraphs each having a good topic sentence and the introductory paragraph having an attractive thesis statement at its end.

  • You have to give some strong and compelling arguments so to add rigor to your essay.

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The Conclusion

In conclusion

  • Summarize your whole discussion done earlier.

  • Have an enthusiastic conclusion to have an everlasting impact on the audience.

  • Do not start with new ideas here, conclude the discussion instead with your supporting details.

  • Tell about the importance of book and the means used by author to convey his message.

  • In a conclusion, you can also add some quotations as well.

  • So, this is how such Essay works.

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How can you describe literary analysis essay? Where can I find literary analysis essay examples? How is literary analysis defined?
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