200+ Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For College Students in 2023

We know it’s a headache when your professor asks you to complete a lengthy assignment. Usually, it results in a good outcome, but what if you are asked to submit a compare and contrast essay? Do you think making a contrast essay outline is an easy task? Maybe not. 

But that’s why our professional essay writers are here, to keep you out of trouble. We will share the ins and outs of best contrast essay topics and their selection. So, what are you waiting for? Hold your pens and notebooks and keep writing the critical points. Let’s go.

What is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

Before we move on to choosing a topic, you must know what these essays are and how they are used in colleges and universities. So, students, before you send it, please write my essay request; it’s essential to have a clear idea about them. 

In short, compare and contrast essay topics are academic evaluation tools. They are used extensively by university professors to determine their respective students’ processing and literary capabilities. 

A compare and contrast essay chooses a topic, describes similarities between one specific subject and shows dissimilarities. For example, the Toyota Camry and Ferrari Enzo are similar but have different purposes. Although these cars have a petrol engine and four wheels, one is a pure sports car, and the other is a sedan.

So this way, you can show similarities and differences between a subject. Knowing how to write a compare and contrast essay is essential for all high school students.

How To Choose Compare and Contrast Essay Topic in 2023

As with every year, we will give you important compare and contrast topics to use in 2023. From middle school students to university, ones have no idea of all the pros and cons of an essay assignment. Let’s move to the part where we will provide you with a list of topics for your assignment. 

2023 Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Topics About Medical Science

  1. What’s the difference between MBBS and MD?
  2. Royal College of Physicians (RCP) vs. American College of Physicians (ACP)
  3. Are CoronaVirus and Influenza viruses the same?
  4. Biotechnology vs. Bioinformatics
  5. Difference between Medical Pathology and Medical Diagnostics.
  6. Dentist vs. Maxillofacial doctor
  7. Difference between quinolones and cephalosporins 
  8. Quinolones vs Fluoroquinolones.
  9. Difference between general surgeon and orthopedic surgeon
  10. Are Nephrologists and Urologists the same? What’s the difference?
  11. Who can better treat symptoms of depression? Psychologist or Psychiatrist.
  12. Chronic symptoms vs. acute symptoms
  13. Male nurses vs. female nurses, who’s better at patient care?
  14. Benign tumor vs. malignant tumor
  15. Private hospital vs. public hospital
  16. Random single-blind study vs. random double-blind study
  17. Pharmaceuticals effects vs. therapeutic effects 
  18. Pharmacokinetics vs. Pharmacodynamics 
  19. How to differentiate between a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Doctor of Medicine
  20. Cardiac arrest vs. heart attack
  21. Ischemic Stroke vs. Hemorrhage Stroke
  22. Osteoarthritis vs. Rheumatoid Arthritis 
  23. Difference between blood pressure vs. Hypertension
  24. Chronic Renal Disease vs. Acute Renal injury
  25. Gestational Diabetes vs Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 
  26. Hepatitis B vs Hepatitis C
  27. Liver Cirrhosis vs. Fatty Liver Disease
  28. Gynaecology vs. Obstetrics 
  29. Difference between oral medication and injectables 
  30. Lymphoma vs. Carcinoma 
  31. Traditional Medical Procedures vs Stem Cell Procedures
  32. Medical History vs. Disease Onset History

Fun Compare and Contrast Essay Topics About Politics

  1. Political science vs. civics
  2. Dictatorship vs. democracy
  3. European monarchy vs. Arab monarchy
  4. Social cause vs. political cause
  5. Military dictatorship vs. monarchy
  6. House of Commons vs. House of Lords
  7. Difference between the legislature and executive
  8. Senate vs. Congress, who has more power?
  9. Presidential ruling system vs. parliamentary ruling system
  10. Impeachment vs. vote of confidence 
  11. Government vs. Opposition
  12. Western democracy vs. eastern democracy
  13. Popular voting system vs. electoral voting system
  14. African American diaspora vs. Asian American diaspora
  15. Secretary of State vs. Foreign Minister. Are they both the same?
  16. American states vs. American colonies
  17. Bureaucrats vs Technocrats 
  18. American political system vs. British political system
  19. Powers of the American Federal Senate vs. State Senate 
  20. Veto vs. Pocket Veto

Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics About Computer Technology

  1. Mobile technology vs. computer technology
  2. Intel processors vs. AMD processors
  3. PlayStation gaming console vs. gaming computer. Do they both work in the same way?
  4. Qualcomm Snapdragon vs. Mediatek 
  5. The central processing unit (CPU) vs. Graphics processing unit (GPU)
  6. Heatsink vs. Vapor chamber technology
  7. Security updates of iOS vs. Android 
  8. Data Science vs. Computer Science
  9. Wired keyboard vs. Wireless keyboard
  10. Hard Disk drive (HDD) vs Solid State Drive (SSD)
  11. Mobile phone photography vs. digital single-lens reflex photography
  12. iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. Samsung S22 Ultra
  13. iCloud service vs. Google Drive
  14. Desktop computer vs. supercomputer 
  15. Supercomputers vs. Quantum computers
  16. Internet vs. Intranet
  17. Full high definition (FHD) vs. Ultra high definition (UHD)
  18. Virtual reality (VR) vs. Augmented reality (AR)
  19. Human intelligence (HI) vs. Artificial intelligence (AI)
  20. Bitcoin vs. Blockchain 
  21. Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0
  22. Online payment vs. Cryptocurrency
  23. Bitcoin vs. Ethereum 
  24. Fintech vs. Banks
  25. Fintech vs. traditional financial services 

 Controversial Compare and Contrast Essay Topics About Sports

  1. Cricket vs. Baseball
  2. Hockey vs. Ice Hockey
  3. Volleyball vs. Dodgeball
  4. American football vs. European Rugby
  5. Golf vs. Mini Golf
  6. Formula One racing vs. Indycar racing
  7. Nascar vs. V8 Supercar racing
  8. Tennis vs. Table Tennis
  9. Wimbledon vs. Grand Slam
  10. Esports vs. Traditional sports
  11. MotoGp vs. Superbike Racing
  12. MotoGP vs. Formula One
  13. Snowmobile vs. Snow Bike
  14. Motocross vs Enduro bike racing
  15. Motocross vs. BMX
  16. Skateboarding vs. Snowboarding 
  17. Formula one vs. Le Mans 24-hour racing
  18. Surfing vs. Skiing
  19. Track racing vs. Street racing
  20. Racing in Turbo Charge Engines vs. Naturally Aspirated Engines
  21. Maria Sharapova vs. Serena Williams
  22. Manchester United vs. Liverpool
  23. Red Bull F1 vs Ferrari F1
  24. Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen
  25. NY Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox 
  26. LA Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls
  27. Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James
  28. Rory McIlroy vs. Tiger Woods
  29. Mclaren P1 vs Ferrari LaFerrari
  30. Valentino Rossi vs. Marc Marquez

 2023 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics About Scientific Research

  1. Hubble Telescope vs. James Webb Telescope
  2. Stem Cell Therapy vs. Stem Cell Transplant 
  3. Cloning vs. Genetic Engineering
  4. Ionizing Radiation vs. Non-ionizing Radiation
  5. Nuclear bomb vs. Thermo-nuclear bomb
  6. Uranium vs. Plutonium 
  7. Alpha particles vs. Beta particles
  8. Cellular Immunity vs. Humoral Immunity
  9. Astrology vs. Astrophysics 
  10. Human Cloning vs. Animal Cloning
  11. Global Warming vs. Deforestation 
  12. Global Warming vs. Climate Change 
  13. 4G vs. 5G internet Speed
  14. Human-driven cars vs. Self-driven cars
  15. Virtual Economy vs. Real Economy
  16. Light Bulbs vs. LED Bulbs
  17. Natural Limbs vs. Prosthetic Limbs
  18. Organic Farming vs. Chemical Farming
  19. Bare Metal Stent vs. Drug-Eluting Stent 
  20. Chemical Change Vs. Physical Change
  21. What’s the difference between Chemical and Petrochemical products
  22. Glucose vs. Fructose
  23. Placebo Effects vs. Real Effects 
  24. AC vs. DC
  25. Ballistic Missile vs. Cruise Missile

Psychology Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Panic Attack vs. Panic Disorder
  2. Panic Attack vs. Anxiety Attack
  3. Criminal Psychology vs. Forensic Psychology
  4. Criminal Psychology vs. Criminology
  5. Clinical Psychology vs. Applied Psychology
  6. Aerophobia vs. Acrophobia
  7. Human psychology vs. Animal Psychology
  8. Racism vs. Discrimination
  9. Narcissism vs. Misogyny
  10. Difference between Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 
  11. Fast Food vs. Energy Drinks. Which one your child prefers?
  12. Evening Exercise vs Morning Exercise
  13. Best friend vs Friends with Benefits

2023 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics About Education

  1. Persuasive essay writing vs. Case Study writing. Which one is difficult?
  2. HomeSchool vs. Traditional School
  3. Introvert students vs. Extrovert students 
  4. Middle School vs. High School
  5. Which one has a better quality of education? College or University?
  6. Is homeschooling the same as online classes?
  7. Computer engineering vs. Computer Programming
  8. University students learn more from printed books or academic papers.
  9. Notebook vs. laptop
  10. College education vs. Vocational education
  11. Part-time job vs. Full-time job
  12. Thesis vs. Thesis Statement
  13. What’s the difference between attending full lectures and taking tuition help?
  14. High school dating vs. college dating
  15. Bachelor’s degree vs. Master’s degree
  16. M.Phil vs. P.hD
  17. Which is the best university for PhD students? Harvard or Oxford?
  18. Self Written Application vs. Cover Letter Writing Service?
  19. Life at private school vs. public school
  20. Self-financed education vs. Scholarship-funded education

2023 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics About Geography

  1. American East Coast vs. West Coast
  2. New York State vs. Florida
  3. England vs. Scotland
  4. Wales vs. Ireland
  5. Nevada vs. Arizona
  6. Istanbul to Cappadocia 
  7. K2 vs. Mount Everest 
  8. Rocky Mountains vs. Appalachian Mountains 
  9. Saudi Arabia vs. Jordan
  10. Pyramid of Giza vs. Petra’s Treasury 
  11. Statue of Liberty vs. Eiffel Tower 
  12. Russian Ural Mountains vs. Himalaya Mountains
  13. Pacific Ocean vs. Atlantic Ocean
  14. Alaska vs. Kamchatka 
  15. Gulf of Mexico vs. Persian Gulf
  16. Giza Pyramids Giza vs. Teotihuacan Pyramids
  17. London Eye vs. Ain Dubai 
  18. Disney World Florida vs. Universal Studios 
  19. Brooklyn Bridge vs. Golden Gate Bridge
  20. Glasgow vs. London

2023 Contrast Essay Ideas/ Topics About Hollywood

  1. Avengers vs. Justice League
  2. Top Gun Maverick vs. Top Gun
  3. Lord of the Rings Trilogy vs. Harry Potter Series
  4. Sylvester Stallone vs Arnold Schwarzenegger
  5. Fast and Furious Franchise vs. Drive to Survive
  6. Da Vinci Code vs. Angels and Demons
  7. Horror movies vs. Action movies
  8. Who’s better, Batman or Iron Man
  9. Iron Man vs. Captain America, who can lead Avengers better?
  10. Golden Globe Awards vs. Oscars Awards
  11. Who is the better singer? Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?
  12. Rated R movies vs. Rated 13 movies
  13. Underworld Movies Franchise vs. Twilight Franchise
  14. HBO vs. Netflix. Which streaming service offers more benefits?
  15. Game of Thrones vs. House of Dragons. Is a prequel better than a sequel?
  16. Tru Blood vs. Teen Wolf. Which is more famous?
  17. Avatar vs. Avatar: Way of Water. Which movie is the best?
  18. Inventing Anna vs. The Queen’s Gambit. Is Anya Taylor Joy performing more than Julia Garner?
  19. Thor vs. Loki? Which brother do you like the most?
  20. Tom Cruise vs. Brad Pitt. Which one of them looks younger with weight loss?


So, students, these are some of the best compare and contrast essay topics to choose for a research paper. It all depends on what topic suits your educational needs and writing process well. Still, if you cannot come up with appropriate content, then there’s no harm in using a reliable college essay writing service. Follow the main points and shock your professor with a great topic for an essay type. If you like this blog, leave a comment below.

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