50 Outstanding Social Issues Topics For Academic Essays

Social issues topics are the most interesting assignments for college students. They help you think and brainstorm solutions to the problems affecting everyone collectively. If a new student is assigned this task, they must read the essay prompt and choose a topic. 

Don’t worry; our essay writing service will help you nail this easily, even if you have never written a task like this. Before we move to the topic selection, let’s discuss what current social issues you should focus on for your assignment. Let’s start!

What Are Social Issues?

Social issues are problems that affect a vast population or groups of people and need imminent solutions. These social issues’ existence and their outreach negatively impact a society’s harmony and peace. Every country or culture has some pre-existing societal issues today, and finding a real solution is a need of time. 

Educational institutions enlighten their students on topics about social issues so their brainstorming process can be enhanced. This is why understanding a topic about social issues is essential for new students. We will present some of the best social topics here to understand the assignment writing process.

15 Social Issues Topics on Religion

  1. Religious intolerance after the age of 50.

  2. Rise of religious extremism globally.

  3. The cultivation of religion is the culprit of intolerance.

  4. Catholic church’s sanctioned killing of the eastern orthodox church members.

  5. Use of pilgrims to demonstrate religious power. 

  6. Religious majority and its misuse. 

  7. Lack of interest of religious leaders in eliminating poverty.

  8. Religion fuels misogyny. 

  9. Religion is the real culprit of social inequality.

  10. Patriarchy is invented by religion.

  11. Religious hypocrisy fuels negativity in society. 

  12. Religious people are morally corrupt.

  13. Religious discrimination in today’s world. 

  14. The disparity between religious and non-religious groups.

  15. Role of religion in state affairs.

15 Topics For Social Issues on Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is an important social issue topic that needs careful examination and a solution. Have a look at these topics for your assignment.

  1. Miserable lives of drug abusers.

  2. Ineffective ban on alcohol use.

  3. Long-term negative effects of marijuana use in adults.

  4. Drugs lead to the decline of cognition.

  5. Rise in the cases of theft by alcoholics. 

  6. Crystal Meth is the biggest dilemma of the new millennium.

  7. Social stigma and hate drug users endure each day.

  8. Poor legislation is leading to more drug-related crime.

  9. Bureaucratic protection of drug sellers leads to an increase in drug users.

  10. Drug-related domestic violence cases.

  11. Lack of political will to curb drug abuse in society.

  12. Lack of respect towards drug users in society.

  13. Understanding the deeply rooted socio-economic factors leading to drug abuse in teenagers.

  14.  Misuse of opioids by patients.

  15. Easy accessibility of narcotic painkillers to everyone spreading drug abuse.

20 Amazing Topics for Social Issues of Teens

If your assignment concerns teenagers and their social issues, here is an example of social issues affecting youngsters. Check it out.

  1. Social media is destroying the lives of millennials. 

  2. Teenagers’ less interest in education.

  3. Online gaming makes kids prone to violence.

  4. An existential crisis in teens.

  5. Bullying in high school.

  6. Importance of gender diversity in teens.

  7. Drug and alcohol dependence in teenagers.

  8. Teens should discourage online bullying.

  9.  A rapid increase in school shooting incidences.

  10.  Hacking and quick earning shortcuts destroying the lives of teenagers.

  11.  Is Hollywood a bad influence on high school students?

  12.  Should marijuana be legalized for adult students?

  13.  Suicide prevention in teens.

  14.  How to stop slut shaming in teenagers.

  15.  Lack of respect in teenagers towards their parents.

  16.  Students’ lack of interest in learning new things.

  17.  Nepotism in today’s society.

  18.  Joblessness in teens.

  19.  Why are teens unable to reach their full potential in education?

  20. Government cuts in scholarship funds prevent top students from applying to good colleges. 

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500+ Words Social Problem Example Essay for College Students?

We have presented a comprehensive list of social issues affecting a variety of audiences. If you are still unfamiliar with all the steps of writing an essay, here is a mock example for students.

“Every society has social issues that affect its success progress and creates hurdles. In today’s world, social media has created similar troubles for our society and social norms. Most of the population can access 4G and 5G internet connections. This makes the Internet a widely available resource, and its use is unrestricted globally. This unrestricted access to thousands and millions of websites created a dilemma for all countries.

The first problem created by the Internet is “social media”. Anyone with a smartphone, laptop or tablet can use social media. From 6-year-old kids to those above 90 or 100 years old, people can use social network platforms. This itself creates a no-restriction usage and brings a plethora of problems.

You can body sham a person to abuse them verbally with your online comments. This action can stigmatize any person regardless of the social status they hold in their peers. No one is safe from online bullying, even prominent Hollywood celebrities.

Secondly, social media shows a fake world where all users live happy lives, but their real life is the opposite. A user fancies the lifestyle an actor or a famous person shows in their posts, creating an additional risk of disparity.

This act further encourages a social media user to take risks to reach the same level of financial satisfaction. Many failed bank heists robbers confess they plan everything by watching movies etc. 

Thirdly, the post on social media shows a person is living a fun and happy life, whereas an audience member may think the opposite. Seeing a person happy makes any audience member discontent with their life. 

This results in unhappy marital or single life, leaving a person dissatisfied and depressed. Many couples reported divorce, sudden resignation or suicidal thoughts and attempts.

Fourthly, when using social media, the audience or users think they can comment on any aspect of an individual’s lifestyle. An audience member can comment mean things and use vulgar or abusive language. This action initiates a war of words between haters and lovers of a personality, further escalating hatred. We know using social media is an individual’s choice, and no one forces them of wrongdoing. Still, it’s a power used mostly for wrong or ill intentions. 

Lastly, social media is an addiction that gives a false sense of hope and euphoria. An audience member might be a student who might waste countless valuable hours. Any student’s time on social media platforms comes at the cost of education. Since the extensive usage of these social networking applications, students’ GPAs have dropped significantly. This has resulted in numerous flunks and fewer top grades finishings.

In short, social media provides entertainment, but it comes at the cost of valuable time. Every minute and hour you spend can be used positively to learn new things from the Internet. You may ask for assistance on your college work from a reputable research paper writing service. This way, you may ensure your future and top grades in one go without wasting time.”

What are the Steps to Write an Essay on Social Issues Topics

Writing an essay on social issues today requires students to take some steps. We will share all the steps you must follow to create a stellar essay. Let us take you through this process.

Choose a Topic

The first step is to choose a topic about social issues you think is worthy of writing. There are two steps to choosing a topic; you can select a genuine ongoing issue. Secondly, you may forecast a current smaller issue that might pose a bigger threat in the future. 

While choosing a topic, evaluating your expertise is important to determine if you can take the challenge. Always select a debatable topic relevant to your discipline and bring something new for the audience. 

Do Thorough Research

After selecting the topic for your essay, you must start thorough and in-depth research on the topic. A research process takes 2-3 hours or maybe a day or two, depending on the level of investigation required. 

After you have gathered all the research, it’s time to use the funnel methodology. Filter all the irrelevant information from the relevant ones and make a concise document. The more relevant your research is, the more chances you’ll get for winning your arguments. 

Make an Outline 

With good research, you may start writing an outline for your essay. Crafting an essay outline is easy and less time-consuming compared to research. An essay’s outline consists of three important parts in conveying your message to the audience. Here are the parts of an outline mentioned below;

  • Introduction 

  • Body Paragraph 

  • Conclusion

The introduction is the first part of an essay on social issues topics. The introduction captures the audience’s attention with a hook sentence. Background information provides historical information on the subject. The final part of the intro is the thesis statement based on the writer’s research findings.

A body paragraph is the middle part of the outline that contains all the research, evidence and author’s arguments in favor of the thesis. The body paragraph also contains opposing statements on the topic and research. Professional essay writers defends his stance with their arguments with a rebuttal of the opposite statements.

The conclusion is the last part of the outline that ends the discussion on the topic. The writer restates their thesis and summarizes the main points of the discussion. The concluding statement ends the debate and persuades the audience to accept the verdict.

This is how you can outline the social issues topics essay for your college assignments. 

Start Writing Essay

After you complete an outline:

  1. Compose all the ideas into words.

  2. Start by writing the introduction of the essay, followed by the body paragraph and conclusion. You might make composing mistakes, so treat it as a first draft.

  3. Write with all the energy and only stop when the ideas in your mind and outline end.

  4. Keep the first draft in your drawer for a few days, and then start proofreading for edits. 

Proofreading the Essay on Social Issues

Proofreading can be started after a few hours or a few days, depending on the availability of time for each student. Keep an open mind when you start proofreading your content and find any mistakes or words that are not a perfect fit. Highlight the mistakes and make a second draft. Your second draft should be fool-proof and edit-free. 

After you make adjustments to your document, read it aloud in front of a mirror and listen to the tone of the context. If it satisfies you, it will satisfy your professor as well. Submit your essay after you have completed all the steps.

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Writing on social issues topics is very important and provides deeper insights to students on many levels. We have mentioned all the topics that you find relevant and interesting for your assignments. Social issues essay steps and ged essay examples will also help you make your assignment bulletproof. Thoroughly researched content is the key to top grades.


Any social issue topic is good as long as it fulfills the needs of your audience and is based on genuine research. For college assignments, bullying, racial injustice and gender inequality are the best topics.

Some of the top social problems affecting the majority of the world’s population are mentioned below.

  • Corruption

  • Poverty

  • Racism

  • Religious extremism

  • Gender bias

Mental Health and poverty are the most serious social issue in the world.

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