100 Inspiring GED Essay Topics And Titles

The GED test is a valuable tool for assessing knowledge and skills. Essays play a crucial role in the test, requiring significant effort and precision to demonstrate readiness for college-level courses.

Around 150,000 individuals in the United States achieve their GED each year, based on information from the GED Testing Service, which is the exclusive source for the official GED exam. Starting with good GED essay topics can help you get started.

Challenges of Finding a Good GED Essay Topic

These are the most common challenges students face while researching ged writing topics.

Limitation of IdeasBrainstorming Sessions
Vague GuidelinesSeek Clarification from Teacher
Uncertainty About ScopeDefine Scope Clearly
Overly Board TopicsNarrow Your Focus
Insufficient KnowledgeConduct Proper Research

I remember the time when I was getting ready for my GED exam. It was a difficult task for me to select a suitable topic. I would often spend hours looking for fresh ideas and staring at a blank page. I aimed to find an engaging topic, but I usually ended up with a list of vague ideas.

Despite the challenges, I persisted in my research and sought assistance from my teachers and peers. Eventually, I was successful in shortlisting good GED essay topics which ultimately led to a successful outcome in my exam.

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What is GED?

GED, or General Educational Development, is a series of four academic subject tests in the United States and high schools in Canada. These tests certify that a student taking the test is capable and skilled enough to be taking a college course. The GED certification is an alternative to the U.S. high school diploma.

A GED test has four parts: writing, reading, math, and science. Each section has its own guidelines to follow. In the writing section, every student has to write an argumentative, persuasive, and informative essay. These essays are very challenging, and even professional essay writers have their hearts in their hands while attempting them.

Useful Resources to Research for GED

These are two useful GED resources for students to find good GED essay topics and do well in the essay.

  1. A scoring tool for the GED and practicing test.
  2. Practice test and GED-ready source texts.

3 Types of GED Essays

Before we go on exploring GED essay topics, these are three types of GED essays that students will be encountering in their tests.

A Persuasive Essay

As the name suggests, these types of essays are more likely to be written to persuade the audience and influence their thoughts, ideas, and concepts with the help of supporting evidence.

An Informative Essay

Informative essays require the students to provide information regarding a particular topic and add more to the knowledge of the readers. This essay is mostly factual based without the need to persuade anyone.

An Argumentative Essay

These types of essays are focused on a main point of discussion that argues regarding a particular essay. There are plenty of transition words for argumentative essays that keep the essay tightly knitted.

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Best GED Writing Prompts

Now, we are going to take a look at the different categories in which we have divided the essay topics. The main purpose of classifying these topics is to ensure that you are picking GED essay topics or GED writing topics that are relevant to your research area.

GED Essay Sample Titles About Relationships And Family

Family and relationships are the most important part of human life. Topics in this area of study are always popular and functional because they could be linked with every other field humans are working in.

In the section below, we will list some of the most popular and trending topics in GED tests regarding relationships and families. They are mainly essay questions that will provide a direction to your essays and determine the essay’s tone, stance, and type.

The essay questions are going to be the best paragraph starters for argumentative essays or other essays as per the need. Let’s take a look at the GED essay topics about relationships.

  1. Pros and cons of larger vs. smaller families.
  2. How do sports affect relationships?
  3. Handling the conflicts and disagreements with your family.
  4. The benefits of staying single
  5. Is being in a relationship compulsory?
  6. How do open relationships destroy the concept of love?
  7. How to tell if you are ready for a committed relationship?
  8. Teen relationships and their dynamics
  9. The role of parents in children depression
  10.  The key secrets to having healthy relationships
  11.  The different between male and female parenting
  12.  How do divorces affect children’s mental health?

Remember to go with engaging topics only. Here are more GED writing prompts for you.

  1.  The relationships in different cultures
  2.  How do men and women perceive relationships?
  3.  How do gender roles impact the relationship?
  4.  Why does the world need to reshape the idea of love?
  5.  How can families stay interconnected?
  6.  How does open communication in families prevent separations?
  7.  How is social media negatively impacting relationships?
  8.  The importance of showing up for children
  9.  How do larger families impact mental health?
  10.  Types of parenting
  11.  Sibling relationship fundamental
  12.  Disadvantages of a long-distance relationship
  13.  What Are Interpersonal Relationships?

GED Essay Examples of Titles About Science And Technology

Science and technology are the two most powerful and most studied fields in the world, and GED essay topics regarding these two fields are going to be informative, persuasive, and sometimes argumentative. These essays get lengthy because the evidence and argument take a lot of content to convince a reader.

Many students make the mistake of repeating the points of discussion in order to meet the word count. It’s very necessary to make your essay longer with words that represent your point in the best way possible instead of phrases that don’t align with your essay thesis statement.

  1.  Renewable energy sources
  2.  The exploration of dark matter in the universe
  3.  Technologies that can make time travel possible
  4.  Why are humans so obsessed with space exploration?
  5.  How much technology has contributed to science
  6.  Treatments that are impossible without technology
  7.  Organisms that need to be studied more
  8.  How technology made the world a global village
  9.  Understanding the workings of cloud computing
  10.  Sustainable agriculture practices
  11.  How Robotics changed the way of life
  12.  What will happen if the internet ever wipes out from planet earth
  13.  How healthcare is impossible without technology
  14.  How much has AI impacted the scientific research
  15.  What is deep learning?
  16.  How was the solar system made?
  17.  How does science evolve overtime?
  18.  If we came from monkeys, why do we consider Adam and Eve as the first humans?
  19.  How laser technology aided in medical treatments
  20.  Are we made of cosmic dust?
  21.  What Are the Nebulas in the Universe?
  22.  Andromeda: Our neighboring Galaxy
  23.  History of the International Space station
  24.  What is the future of Space Exploration
  25.  Natural disasters that impacted the world
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GED Essay Topics About Education

Education is the basic necessity of every human on earth because it helps us learn the ways of the world and teaches us how to be civilized citizens. The following are some of the best GED Essay prompts about schools, the education system, and the standards of education.

  1.  What are the most important things students can learn at school?
  2.  The normalization of standardized tests
  3.  How can technology impact learning?
  4.  Why should teachers be paid more?
  5.  The value of school education in real life
  6.  Why does the education system need to be improvised?
  7.  Power distribution in student councils
  8.  The characteristics of a good teacher
  9.  How does a narcissistic principal ruin the entire school system?
  10.  Is social media good for students?
  11.  Is bullying in college stoppable?
  12.  Improving the education system in the United States
  13.  What are the benefits of home schools?
  14.  Why should schools be late in the morning?
  15.  How do school uniforms improve the learning environment?
  16.  Why are punishments not the way to discipline students?
  17.  Healthy practices to discipline students
  18.  Is homeschooling better?
  19. The pros and cons of homeschooling
  20.  How do parents contribute to their children’s performance at school?
  21.  Passive income sources for students
  22.  Why do bullies need to be dropped immediately?
  23.  Why does the appreciation of students need to be increased?
  24.  Why do annual awards ceremonies need to be held often?
  25.  Why does the school need to organize an appreciation ceremony for teachers?

GED Essay Sample Topics About Social Issues

Social issues are very important to convey because they make or break society as a whole and impact everyone’s life. These essays can be very challenging, so if you are looking for some clarification on some points and assistance in your essay writing process, our AI essay writer is always here to take the lead. Let’s take a look at the GED essay topics or GED essay prompts about social issues.

  1.  Why is social anxiety such a common issue in youngsters?
  2.  Handling Social Anxiety
  3.  How do we end poverty?
  4.  Reducing violence in society
  5.  How can we create a more tolerant society?
  6.  Impact of sexism and gender discrimination
  7.  Low Birth Rate in Japan: The women responding to misogyny
  8.  Implementing Equal opportunities for all
  9.  Understanding the root cause of racism
  10.  Why should refugees be allowed into our country?
  11.  Why are women more subjected to violence?
  12.  Tackling workplace harassment
  13.  Abuse Towards Men in Society
  14.  Do pretty people get away with many things in society?
  15.  The flaws in the criminal justice system
  16.  The most needed reforms in foreign policy
  17.  Most significant political events in history
  18.  Biggest issues with public transportation
  19.  Positive impact of social media
  20.  Impact of War on Society
  21.  How do we handle homelessness?
  22.  Gun control in society
  23.  Rights and opportunities for women
  24.  How do we handle the crime rate?
  25. How does technology impact social issues?

Still Confused?

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Take Away

It’s essential to pick interesting GED essay topics because they are going to be the representation of your thoughts and ideas regarding some of the most important fields in life. This write-up will serve as your all-time guide to choosing the best topics for your GED tests.

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