Score an A with these Interesting Criminal Justice Essay Topics

Criminal justice is one of the most popular branches of law school that focuses on convicting criminals. The students are often asked to submit interesting criminal justice essay topics and research papers that will elevate their knowledge and understanding of the subject. As the professional essay writing service, we have gathered some of the most intriguing criminal justice topics to attempt. 

Criminal Justice Research Topics For College Essays

If you are looking for interesting samples for your next criminal justice assignment, you can take a detailed look at the criminal justice essay topics we have listed below and divide them into different categories. 
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Primary Criminal Justice Topics For Essay

Criminal justice is a popular branch of law due to its interesting nature. The following topics are highly suitable for the criminal justice domain, whether you are looking for criminal justice project ideas, criminal justice thesis topics, criminal justice research paper topics, or criminal justice term paper topics.

For law students, there are plenty of categories to choose their desired topics from, based on the different types of assignment writing according to their coursework. We’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at the general crime justice essay topics.

  1. Effective communication in the criminal justice system

  2. Networking in the criminal justice setting

  3. The Best criminal justice system in the world. 

  4. Drug policy in criminal Justice

  5. How technology aids in the Criminal Justice System

  6. Globalization and criminal justice policies. 

  7. Information systems in criminal justice

  8. Citizen’s role in criminal Justice

  9. Ethics of Criminal Justice

  10. Global Perspective of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Persuasive Essay Topics

These kinds of essay topics aim to persuade the readers about an idea, thought, or point of view. Such essays follow the standard persuasive essay outline in a more legal jurisdiction setting. 

  1. Potential solutions to digital crime problems

  2. The Crime and race correlation

  3. What criminal law policies should be abolished

  4. Implementing of law by Law enforcement agencies

  5. Prevention of the crime

  6. Social control, deviance, and criminal justice. 

  7. Detailed Essay on Crime causation theories

  8. Controlling organized crime

  9. Why Drug rings and Human Trafficking Mafia prevails

  10. Crime Statistics comparison of two decades

Criminal Justice Argumentative Essay Topics

These types of essays focus more on one argument and then proceed by supporting it or disapproving it with the help of logical evidence. These are the most popular essays in law school. 

  1. A detailed argument on capital punishment 

  2. Discrimination by the criminal justice system

  3. Why should the death penalty be abolished?

  4. Why victim blaming should be a part of criminal justice

  5. Discrimination against women in the criminal justice system

  6. Why does Criminal Justice fail to bring justice to the Rape victims?

  7. Criminal Justice policies that need to be changed

  8. How social disorganization aids in crime

  9. Is the police helpful in reducing crimes?

  10. Why did policies fail to integrate with citizen safety?

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Controversial Criminal Justice Topics

These kinds of essays focus on a controversial topic in the criminal justice system and then back it up with the help of case studies and research articles. It also shares a narrative of the writer about a certain controversy.

  1. Death Penalty: A justified conviction or Inhumane practice

  2. Efficiency and Concerns of Private Prisons. 

  3. Drug Legalization: Effective or not?

  4. Penalty sentence racial discrimination. 

  5. Cyber security Laws and their effectivity

  6. Application of Forensic Psychology

  7. Police body cameras: Useless or effective. 

  8. Capital Punishment: Effect and impact

  9. Causes and Effects of Hate Crimes

  10. Sexual assault: Polices for Victim Support

Crime and Punishment Essay Topics

These kinds of essays are written in a narrative tone of content and it pours light on the already committed crimes and what consequences the criminals face. It also focuses on what improvement ideas and suggestions writers can provide. 

  1. Why should the Death Penalty be enforced?

  2. Death Penalty: Positive and Negative Impacts

  3. Crime prevention programs and Rehabilitation

  4. Crime Theories and Countermeasures

  5. Is poverty and Crime related?

  6. Social and Cultural difference impact crime

  7. The Relation between crime and punishment

  8. The Punishments which could be more effective

  9. Does the punishment lower crime

  10. Effectiveness of community policing programs.


Social Justice Topics to Write About

This section of the criminal justice essay focuses more on society and justice and how these two are related and impact each other. Let’s take a look at some of the popular topics in this category. 

  1. Social control and crime prevention

  2. White collar crimes 

  3. Criminal Justice in a social setting

  4. Social disorders and crime

  5. How Guilt in society leads to crime

  6. Social changes impacting criminal justice

  7. Basic principles of Crime Theory

  8. Does Rehabilitation affect the social behavior

  9. Abortion legality importance. 

  10. Legal Prostitution impacts criminal activities.

Police Essay Topics

These essays focus on police and policing research topics. These kinds of topics might be hard, but you can always figure out how to overcome potential assignment writing challenges and problems. 

  1. The history of police corruption 

  2. The Ethics of Police

  3. Improving policing and social order

  4. Reforming police recruitment policies

  5. Is police funding beneficial?

  6. The Police crisis management

  7. Strengthening police and community relations

  8. Flaws in predictive policing

  9. Police corruption statistics

  10. Detail discussion on police establishment

  11. Police impacting social change

  12. Police brutality in history

  13. Citizens’ views on Police protection

  14. Police need to improve these policies

  15. The degree to which police enforce the law. 

Topics for Criminal Justice Reform Essay

These kinds of essays focus on the improvement and reform of the criminal justice system. Following are some of the most popular topics in this category. 

  1. Needed Prison reforms 

  2. Improving the Criminal Justice System 

  3. Theories that can reform Criminal Law

  4. Reorganizing the penalty sentencing without racial discrimination

  5. Reforming the drug policy and criminal justice rehabilitation.

  6. Outdated policies that need immediate reform

  7. Criminal Justice careers that opens a new path for youngsters

  8. Criminalization of Mental illness

  9. Why should a criminal’s childhood deprivation not be used to justify their crimes?

  10. Reforms in Criminal Justice Administration

School to Prison Pipeline Essay Titles

School to prison pipeline refers to the education and public safety policies that force students into their criminal legal system. Following are some topics that come under this category and relate to the criminal justice system. 

  1. Understanding School to Prison Pipeline 

  2. Factors influencing School to prison pipeline 

  3. School to prison pipeline prevention methods.

  4. School to prison pipeline: Important or Unnecessary 

  5. How students perceive School to prison pipeline 

  6. How societal Pressure worsens the School to prison pipeline 

  7. Why is the School-to-prison pipeline a social issue?

Death Penalty Essay Titles

The death penalty is the last and strongest punishment. It has been the subject of great controversy in the criminal justice system. Following are some popular essay topics regarding the death penalty. 

  1. Death Penalty VS Life Imprisonment

  2. Why the death penalty should be abolished

  3. Why the death penalty needs to be promoted. 

  4. Does the death penalty reduce crime

  5. Impact of the death penalty on the victim

  6. Is the death penalty justified?

  7. How is the death penalty just not justified?

  8. Opposing death penalty 

  9. Death Penalty for Juvenile Offenders

  10. Capital Punishment and Ethics. 

Restorative Justice Essays Titles

Restorative justice refers to an approach that seeks to repair harm by a crime and provide an opportunity for those harmed. 

  1. What is Restorative Justice?

  2. Understanding the relation between Crime and Restorative Justice

  3. Effectiveness of Restorative Justice Approaches

  4. Is Restorative Justice important?

  5. Restorative Justice and Impact on Crime

  6. Criminal Justice or Restorative Justice

  7. Pros and Cons of Restorative Justice

Racism in Criminal Justice System Essay Titles 

Following are some essay topics that discuss racism in the criminal justice system. 

  1. Racism is Criminal Justice System

  2. Why Racism Prevails in the Justice system?

  3. How racism and discrimination failed the society as a whole?

  4. Incidents where the Justice system Was racist. 

  5. What evidence is there that racial bias exists in modern society?

  6. Reason behind Racism in Criminal Justice system

Police Brutality Essay Topics

Let’s take a look into the essay tropics that shed light in police brutality. 

  1. Impact of Police Brutality on Society

  2. Relation between Police brutality and the Crime prevalence

  3. Police Brutality and Racism 

  4. What are the solutions to stop Police Brutality

  5. Police Brutality and Human rights

  6. Racial Profiling and Discrimination

  7. Why police brutality is Prevalent in USA

  8. Factors contributing in Police Brutality

  9. Why Police Brutality is an issue in Law Enforcement

  10. How to Respond and Tackle Police brutality?

Topics Regarding Prison Reform Essay 

Following essay topics focus on prison reforms and improvements.

  1. Improving Prison Life Style

  2. Why Inmates kills each other

  3. Prison Guards safety measures. 

  4. Prison Reforms regarding Health guidelines

  5. Reforming Prison Division System

  6. Does Education Improve inmates’ serving time?

  7. Reforming Prison Culture

  8. Is overcrowding Prisons alarming?

  9. Prison Life analysis and Reform Suggestions

  10. Are Prisons Safe?

Topics for Juvenile Justice Argumentative Essay

Following is the list of argumentative essay topics for Juvenile Delinquency. 

  1. Relationship between Juvenile Delinquency and Parental influence 

  2. Why is Juvenile Delinquency such a big issue?

  3. Social Learning Theories and Juvenile Delinquency. 

  4. Tackling Juvenile Delinquency. 

  5. How Parents can help prevent Juvenile Delinquency?

  6. Mafia and Criminal Gangs Supporting Juvenile Delinquency. 

  7. Criminology Theories of Juvenile Delinquency. 

  8. Major Causes of Juvenile Delinquency. 

  9. Does Poverty Prevails Juvenile Delinquency. 

  10. Relationship between Juvenile Delinquency and Adolescent psychology 

Criminal Law Essay Topics

Following crime topics for essays that aim to highlight the issues in the criminal law system. 

  1. Why Death Penalty is an Ethical Dilemma

  2. Should Police officers be armed

  3. Why do police need to be more efficient?

  4. Does Criminal Law hide Police crimes?

  5. Hate crimes and Discrimination

  6. What is Criminal Liability

  7. The concept of Law enforcement

  8. Illicit Drugs policy and Criminal Justice

  9. Most Needed Criminal law reforms. 

  10. Unfair Privileges to Police Officers.

Interesting Criminal Justice Topics To Help Students 

Following are some criminal justice issue topics that details the major issues and suggests the potential solutions for them. These topics will be helpful for all kinds of assignments in law school. 

Juvenile Delinquency Research Topics

These categories of criminal justice essays focus on Juvenile delinquency. For those who don’t know, Juvenile Delinquency is a term that refers to a young person who has committed a criminal offense. It generally means the habitual committing of a criminal act or offense by a young person who is below the age of crime prosecution. 

Let’s take a look at the potential topics for the juvenile delinquency research category.  

  1. Concept of Juvenile Crime

  2. Factors involved in Juvenile delinquency

  3. Juvenile delinquency prevention methods

  4. Theories of Juvenile Delinquency

  5. Drug influence on Juvenile delinquency

  6. Is poverty a factor contributing to Juvenile delinquency

  7. Juvenile delinquency charges 

  8. Sociology and Psychology of Juvenile Delinquency

  9. How does family instability impact Juvenile delinquency

  10. Juvenile Delinquency and its Long-term Impact on Society

Criminal Justice Presentation Topics 

Following are some potential topics that students can pick for their law class presentations

  1. What is capital Punishment?

  2. Highlighting History of Ethics History

  3. What are major Media Offenses?

  4. Tackling Cybercrime

  5. How to tackle Racial discrimination in the Criminal Justice System?

  6. Domestic Violence and Criminal implications 

  7. Community Policing and Crime Prevention

  8. Why Does Death Penalty Abolishment Increase crime?

Criminal Justice Thesis Topics 

Following are some of the best criminal justice topics for students of law school. 

  1. Police Brutality Cases ignites more violence

  2. Prison System 

  3. Criminal Ethics History

  4. Crime Cases on Campus

  5. Domestic Violence and its impact on society

  6. Should Movies promoting violence be banned?

  7. Why does the Jury Selection Procedure need to be revised?

Criminal Law Topics for Research Paper

Following are the criminal law topics for Research papers assigned by the law school. 

  1. Justifying capital Punishment 

  2. Gender and Crime

  3. Education Impact on Crime

  4. Is CItizenship causing more crime?

  5. Mental Illnesses and Crime rate 

  6. What are Hate crimes?

  7. Why Private prisons need to be hunted down?

Corrections Topics Research Papers

Following are the topics that detail the correction and improvement that could be made in the criminal justice system. 

  1. Understanding the American Panel System

  2. Prison Confinement Reforms. 

  3. Violent Gangs and their effect on Prisoners

  4. Reasons why Prison is the worst experience 

  5. The justification of Prison of Animal Abusers

  6. What is US federal prison system

  7. Prison Safety Reforms

  8. Primary Objectives of Prison Reforms. 

  9. Should homosexual prisoners be allowed to share a cell?

  10. Reforming Prison Safety Precautions

Criminal Justice Research Questions 

Following are some of the most potential research questions regarding criminal justice and jaw that students can utilize in their research papers.

  1. What Are the Major Weaknesses of the Prison System?

  2. Why is Police Brutality Prevalent in the US?

  3. Are anger issues the root of criminal mindset?

  4. Why is there racism in prison?

  5. Will gun control lower crime?

  6. Can we blame parents of the Notorious serial killers?

  7. How to handle violence in crime?

  8. Is the justice system protecting the actual criminals?

  9. Aims and Importance of forensic science

  10. Is it fair for young and underage criminals to get protected by law?

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Law Enforcement Research Topics

  1. Methods of Drug Trafficking

  2. Punishments for judicial authority abuse

  3. Handling Media Offenses

  4. What is crime mapping?

  5. Relationship of Gender and Crime

  6. Improving Eyewitness memory evaluation?

  7. Differentiating between Civil crimes and War crimes. 

  8. Policing Protest and Reforms

  9. Improvement need in Police officer situational analysis

  10. Reforms of Criminal Law

Criminal Justice Paper Topics

We have gathered some of the best criminal justice paper topics below for all law students.

  1. The criminalization homelessness

  2. Effectiveness of sex offenses 

  3. Mental Health disorders

  4. Criminal Responsibility

  5. Influence of media on public perception of crime

  6. White collar crime types and legal responses

  7. Reliability of Eyewitnesses testimony.

Four Elements of Every Criminal Justice Essay

Still Confused?

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Summing Up

This was all about the criminal justice essay topics that will help you score good grades. If your professor hasn’t assigned you a topic by themselves, you can always choose the best of your interest from the lists mentioned in this blog.

What is the criminal justice system? Why is the criminal justice system important in general life? What is the most powerful role in the criminal justice system? What are the three most important components of the criminal justice system? Which country had the best criminal justice system? Why did I choose criminal justice as my major essay? How to improve the criminal justice system essay topics?
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