Ultimate Guide of Persuasive Essay to Get Started

A persuasive essay aims to influence the ideas and thoughts of the readers with the help of solid argument building and providing enough supporting documents. The primary goal of such reports is to convince the reader to believe the words of the persuasive essay writer. Persuasive writing is equally significant for commercial and noncommercial purposes. Writing a compelling essay can be very challenging because it requires a lot of research and analytical skills to get it done.

If you are given a persuasive essay assignment and need help figuring out how to start it, this blog is for you. We have discussed all the essential guidelines of persuasive writing and how you can make your essay stand out.

Persuasive Essay Introduction

Persuasive writing means convincing the reader of your ideas and opinions. Such essays are essential in influencing the reader’s mind and thoughts. Commercially, businesses use persuasive approaches in their content to convince the reader to purchase the products and services they offer. For self-writing, persuasion helps influence the reader into sharing the same opinion with the writer about specific topics and ideologies.

The primary purpose of persuasive essay is to convince the reader about the writer’s point of view, to change the reader’s perspective about something, and to allow readers to get insight of the writer’s point of view about a topic or subject.

Why is Persuasive Writing Important?

Let’s look around us quickly to observe where we see the persuasion approach in life. We see books persuading their readers to relate to the characters and get involved in the story emotionally. On TV, we see people speaking about their experiences and providing guides and procedures for the audience.

In newspapers, we see columnists convincing the readers of their opinions and perspectives on political, ethical, or critical issues. Brochures, pamphlets, and other advertising material persuade readers to buy goods and services. After a quick observation, you will realize that persuasion runs the world.

Persuasive writing is the key to success in business writing and self-writing practices. Persuasion skills always help in daily life when we go out and talk with people. It always helps in practical life or whatever job a person can take.

There are plenty of careers related to persuasive writing for instance, if you want to offer argumentative essay writing service or any other essay writing service like opinion essays on the basis of expertise in persuasive writing, then for sure you can.

Students tend to get agonized when given persuasive assignments back to back. But it’s time to understand how they are essential in building and evaluating students’ research, analytical, problem-solving, and reasoning abilities. Persuasive papers build arguments and gather supporting evidence to convince readers. The stronger your skill of persuasion is, the better communicator you will become.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

The secret of persuasive writing lies in how you write and structure your essay. If you are also confused about how to start writing, follow the below steps on how to write a persuasive essay:

  • Clear Your Stance: Be clear about your primary opinion about the topic or subject. It will help you outline what you will discuss in the essay’s body.

  • Analyze Your Audience: Knowing who will read your content and how they will perceive your words and opinions is imperative. Knowing your audience will help you understand their point of disagreement and approval.

  • Research Of Topic: Choosing a research topic is fundamental, and picking a topic of interest is recommended. Your essay should have a strong argument and topic statement that will estimate your essay’s success.

How to Write a Persuasive Speech?

Persuasive speech takes a lot of time, effort, and argument-building. Following are some steps on how to write a persuasive speech that can win an audience:

  • Select the topic for a persuasive speech

  • Appropriate research

  • Add goals to satisfy the audience’s curiosity

  • Enhance the speech’s appeal by using pathos, ethos, and logos

  • Define who is the audience

  • Start with the introduction

  • Add authentic research valid arguments in body paragraphs.

  • Strong conclusion

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Elements of a Strong Persuasive Essay

Not all persuasive essays succeed in convincing an audience due to their poor argument, confused statements, boring topic, or unformatted style. That’s why you need to make sure that your essay has the following elements that are required for any essay to become perfect.

Clear Statement

You need to be fully clear in your statement before you even try to persuade others of your ideas. The thesis statement and main arguments of your essay should be clear and defined. Don’t sound confused while explaining and discussing your evidence and main statements. Clearer statements help engage the readers throughout your essay.

Strong Introduction

Introduction of your essay is going to define the success of your work. Most readers generally decide whether to read an essay or not, based on the strength of an introduction. You are required to introduce your topic to the audience effectively.

It would help if you start with the additional background information to explain the significance of your topic. To establish trust and credibility, you can provide your personal information, academic background that represents your expertise. A strong introduction will compel readers to read your whole essay.

Well Developed Argument

Presenting your main argument is the primary purpose of your essay. You are required to follow a proper outline and pattern to put down all the potential points in an efficient way. Get your research complete in order to develop strong arguments that have enough evidence and supporting data available.

Well developed arguments also help you come up with the defensive counter argument when encountered with opposing points of view. For long run essays, you need to be updated with the new discovered research results. Gather information from credible and reputed sources.

Organize Your Essay

You need to organize your ideas and maintain the flow of your essay so that readers won’t feel like you are too fast or too slow. Don’t go on explaining the previous studies directly without providing the proper context. Your essay should follow the professional pattern, so the reader knows where to fetch the particular information from your essay.

Follow a proper outline that will pour light on all the important aspects of your essay without missing out on anything. Organize your paragraphs and arguments and ensure that they are relevant and interconnected with each other. An organized essay looks professional, credible, and strong.

Strong Connection

Don’t throw all the information available on the topic that you’ve selected. Everything you are discussing should be connected to the context of the essay. You need to make sure that everything that you are adding in your essay has a meaning and does belong to where you are putting it.

The introduction should reflect the body paragraphs, all the paragraphs in the essay body should be connected to each other, and the conclusion should summarize the essay effectively. That’s why make an outline to know where to add a certain information and in which order the evidence should be presented.

Strong conclusion

Summarize your arguments, main statement, and other additional information in the conclusion. Concluding paragraph is one of the most important parts of an essay because it states the main purpose of writing that essay and what the final result essay has achieved. You are required to state your opinion about the topic and what you concluded based on the evidence and arguments you’ve provided in the context.

Aristotle’s Elements of Persuasion

While writing a persuasive essay, ensure that your writing is according to three main approaches given by Aristotle, a Greek philosopher. He came up with the fundamental elements that are the key secrets of influencing the reader’s thoughts and ideas. Make sure your essay meets this criteria of persuasion.


Ethos is a Greek word for ‘character’. It refers to the character and credibility of the writer. Aristotle mentioned that to persuade others, the writer has to be credible enough. Ethos approach deals with the writer’s character and the way of representing their personal ideas, thoughts, attitudes, and aspirations.

Readers are more likely to be convinced of your ideas if you are professional enough to be speaking about it. You need to establish credibility as a writer through mentioning your academic background and your occupation.


Logos is a Greek word that translates as rationality or logic. Aristotle mentioned that to win any persuasive writing, you need to provide enough evidence and supporting information to counter objections. Whatever you are trying to convey through your essay, it should have proper statistics and factual information. It will help you eliminate all kinds of irrelevant and ambiguity points that might cause your essay to become confusing.


Pathos is the last and least approach of persuasion. Pathos refers to adding an emotional appeal to your essay. You need to convince your audience of your ideas by adding emotional sentiments to your essay. We as humans are always engaged and attracted towards things that touch our emotions and let us feel certain kinds of feelings.

Whatever tropic you are trying to convey, make sure that you are connecting the logic with the emotions. Try to grab the audience’s attention from something that means more to the emotions. For example if you are writing about disadvantages of smoking, you can add emotional sentiment by adding how many children and bystanders got affected by the dangerous smoke and how people lost their loved ones to this habit.

Opportunities and Challenges of Persuasive Essay

Persuasive writing has a lot of scope since it comes with plenty of opportunities and challenges. Let’s look into what persuasive writing have for the writers:


  • It allows the writer to understand the positives and negatives of their points of view.

  • Help test the research and analytical skills of a writer.

  • There is an excellent chance that writers and readers have a change of perspective after a detailed argument over a specific topic.

  • Persuasive writing helps enhance communication and argument-building skills.

  • It allows writers to look at a topic or subject from a critical point of view.

  • Businesses can increase their revenues through persuasive campaigns and advertising.

  • A person with persuasive writing skills has more chances to win an audience through strong argument building. The key to perfect essay writing is to pick a topic that resonates with your interests.

  • Persuasive writing makes your words compelling and engaging.


  • It’s hard to pick a topic that sparks an interest in readers. This condition in most writers is known as topic block.

  • There is no right and wrong on a broader scale. It’s hard to determine whether the point you are standing in is correct. There will be arguments in favor of your essay, and there will be sources that approve of your idea. Picking a more significant and evident side is a big challenge.

  • Writers will encounter plenty of sources while researching. It’s difficult to filter out biased and opinionated content from all those sources. Writers must use sources that effectively discuss the topic without being offensive or discriminatory.

  • The inclusion of opposing points of view is a valid point. Students tend to use the sources in their favor and ignore the opposing arguments. This is going to make your essay doubtful.

Make sure to check out persuasive essay examples, to get a clear idea of where to start and how to structure your perfect persuasive essay.

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Persuasive Speech Topics

Speeches are always influential, but they get exciting when paired up with tactics of persuasiveness. It will level up any speech and impress a grand audience. But the actual trick to impress an audience, is to come up with a unique topic that has plenty to speak about. Cliche topics are more likely to bore an audience. You need to pick a topic that’s captivating and gives you a chance to explore something new in it.

It might be harder to find a new topic that hasn’t been discovered by researchers and speakers before you. That’s why it’s recommended to introduce the audience with a different insight or completely new perspective of already existing topics.

You need to estimate what the audience wants to hear and easily relate with. Avoid topics that have high risk of offending the audience and starting a controversy. People won’t heed your words unless you give them something to be interested in. That’s why having a compelling topic is highly important.

If you are planning to give a persuasive speech and need help figuring out where to start, you must check out the detailed blog on persuasive speech topic to get a trendy topic to speak about.

Persuasive Speech Outline

What do we do if we are assigned the task to prepare a persuasive speech? First, we will brainstorm in order to find a topic of discussion. Many students face a block regarding the preparation of a speech because they know the topic but are not skilled enough to put their points together.

The best way to prepare a perfect persuasive speech is to make an outline. An outline will help you put down all the necessary information and potential points in your speech. There is a high risk of missing some crucial points if you aren’t following the proper outline. The flow of your writing and timing of presenting an idea or evidence should be perfect and an outline can help you structure your writing in the best way possible.

If you are stuck in structuring and writing your persuasive speech, don’t worry; help is on the way. Following are the three primary steps of making a persuasive speech outline that will work the best.

  • Compelling Introduction: The audience will first interact with the introduction of the essay, and it should be clear enough to hook them. In this section, add your background, the essay’s thesis statement, and the topic’s introduction.

  • Body Paragraphs: You must concisely add all the supporting evidence, facts, and figures in the body paragraphs.

  • Firm Conclusion: Conclude all the information and state your opinion on the topic in the light of the evidence you provided.

Can I use ‘I’ in a Persuasive Essay?

Most of the time, using the pronoun ‘I’ in research papers is not recommended because it doesn’t sound professional. Using ‘I’ in an essay where you are talking about subjective opinions or topics will make you look entitled and forced. The readers don’t find much credibility where the writer uses personal pronouns because it gives an impression that the writer wanted them to adopt your ideas.

To be very honest, readers don’t want to know what you personally feel about a certain topic, they only care about statements that are proven scientifically or evidently. Using third person pronouns will enhance the credibility of your essay by adding authenticity and a touch of professionalism.

Where can I use ‘I’ in a persuasive essay? Sometimes, you can use personal pronouns, like when you want to emphasize subjective opinion, connect with your readers, add personal experience, add an authoritative tone, and encourage better understanding.

Persuasive Essay Transition Words

The primary goal of a writer is to make the writing comprehensive for the readers to understand the topic and main points. That’s why aside from presenting the ideas and supporting evidence, you are required to make your writing readable. Transition words help in connecting the ideas of content with each other in a way that makes sense.

Transition words are a set of words that are used to connect two paragraphs or even two concepts. Using these words will keep your writing structured. They are mainly used at the beginning of a sentence to combine it with the previous paragraph or statement.

It keeps the reader engaged and concentrated. Every persuasive essay writer must know persuasive essay transition words and how to use them in the essays.

Persuasive Essay Outline

Essays in Persuasive writing held a lot of importance and significance in almost every field. These essays need to have a strong argument, thesis statement, and all the efficient evidence to support the main idea. Besides that, they need to have a proper structure and flow of presenting ideas so the reader won’t feel that concepts are thrown at their face without context.

The key to delivering the best structured persuasive essay is to make a potential outline to discuss all the essential points without missing out on anything.you need to estimate when to add a certain point and how to add it. The flow of content should be smooth, not too fast or not too slow.

Following are the persuasive essay outline steps to get started.

  • Choose a Topic

  • Define The Audience

  • Create a Thesis Statement

  • Organize your ideas

  • Write a compelling Introduction

  • Structure the body paragraphs

  • Write the Conclusion

  • Revision and Editing

Persuasive Essay Topics

If your instructor still needs to assign you a topic, you can choose a topic of discussion yourself. Selecting an issue you can personally like and relate to is advised. Let’s take a look into the trendy essay topics of persuasive writing:

  • Will the basic salary of employees solve poverty issues?

  • Why should schools ban junk food and promote healthy food?

  • What is the effectiveness of music in treating mental illness?

  • Why are Zombie TV shows better than Vampire shows?

  • Problems that social media is blamed for but isn’t responsible

Check out a detailed blog on persuasive essay topics to get more ideas for essays.

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This impressive guide is here to help you with your persuasive essay assignment. You must follow the proper structure and format of the essay, ensuring that your topic has enough evidence and supporting data. You need to follow the proper outline to cover all the important points of your essay. Don’t forget to follow Aristotle’s three fundamental rules to make your essay perfect. This blog is here to help with everything you need to know in order to structure an impressive essay.


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