Persuasive Essay Transition Words to Craft a Perfect Piece

A persuasive essay must convince readers of a writer’s point of view. Hence, ensure to connect the whole write-up. But how can I make that possible? Of course, you must work out a good outline for that. Then, make good use of transition words, so everything is logically connected. Wait, what are transition words? Why are they essential for a persuasive essay? How can I use them the right way? Relax, as you are in the right spot to clear all your doubts about persuasive essay transition words. Of course, reading this before you type ‘write my essay‘ in the Google Search Bar is essential.

Persuasive Essay Transition Words That You Must Use 

Transition words help readers understand what is coming next in the essay. Plus, feeding their curiosity down the road. In a nutshell, you must know how to use a few of them in your persuasive essay to make it read well. Fear not if you have no idea yet, as we are about to list them all for you below. 

What are Transition Words Anyways? 

You often read words like ‘next’, ‘accordingly’, ‘therefore’, and more in an article or an essay. Most of the time, they are used at the beginning of a new sentence which tells that they are being used to connect this sentence with the previous one. Hence the reader’s concentration is not compromised. For your understanding, these are essential transition words you can use in your persuasive essay. These include “and,” “but,” and “but also,” as well as therefore, however, and more. 

Best Transition Words to Use in Persuasive Essay 

Be it persuasive essay writing or research paper writing, you can make use of these transition words:

  • To Sum up
  • In Summary
  • As Has Been Said 
  • Therefore
  • Consequently
  • Thus
  • In Conclusion
  • To Conclude 
  • For this Reason
  • Finally

Don’t worry we are elaborating on each of them below. 

Expanding Our Understanding on the Best Transition Words to Use in Your Persuasive Essay 

The point of a persuasive essay is to persuade a reader to your point of view. To do this effectively, you need to transition from one topic to another in an elegant, logical way. Transition words are those words that help move from one idea to the next. Let’s look at common transition words and how they are used in essays.

To sum up

Here’s how you can use sum up in the persuasive essay. To sum up, the conclusion is not the same as a summary. Summarizing does not mean repeating what you have already said in your essay but rather summarizing it by stating the main points and how they relate to each other to make sense of your ideas.

In summary

Summarizing the main points of your essay is a great way to end it. This can be done in several ways:

  • Use a transition at the end of each paragraph, such as “In summary…” or “Finally….”
  • Use a transition at the end of each section, such as “In conclusion…” or “And so on….”
  • Use a transition at the end of your entire essay (such as “Conclusion”)

As has been said

As has been said, the above statement is a quote from an author.

In this transition, you can use the exact words in a typical sentence: “As has been said” or “As has been written.” You can also add other things like “according to” or “in accordance with.”


The better way to understand how you can use ‘therefore’ is with an example like this. Suppose you are writing a persuasive essay on why bacteria are not the main reason for tooth decay. This is how you will use this transition word along with ‘however.’

‘Therefore, as you can see, I have no intention of advocating such a policy. But what about my response to your assertion that “bacteria cause tooth decay”? Well, I will say this: bacteria indeed cause tooth decay; however, the fact that they do so does not mean we should do anything about it.


Consequently means “as a result.” As in, “Consequently, if you don’t do this, then I’ll be angry with you.” This can be used to connect two ideas. Mostly used in a cause-and-effect relationship essay. For example:

Suppose you are trying to say that if your audience is bored during the presentation, you will walk out of there.

  • Consequently, if my audience is bored during my presentation, I will walk out of there.
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‘Thus’ is a good transition word to use if you want to introduce a conclusion. It’s also helpful if you are writing about a cause-and-effect relationship, as it can help readers focus on the main point of your essay. However, this word should never be used as part of an introduction because it can feel like an attempt at persuasion rather than simply stating what happened in your story.

In conclusion

In conclusion, you should reiterate the main idea of the essay.

Suppose you are writing a persuasive essay on education as an essential factor for economic growth. Here’s how you will use this transition word. Education helps individuals attain higher levels of knowledge and develops their talents and skills. In conclusion, it is essential for people who want careers in these fields to finish high school or college at least.

To conclude

The final sentence of a persuasive essay should be the strongest, most powerful one. It should be short but also powerful and convincing. It could be a summary statement summarizing all the information you’ve presented in your argumentative essay (or maybe just one part). Or it could be a conclusion that ties everything together: This is how you can use the transition word here. “To conclude, I think this is what we can learn from this conversation about love and friendship.”

For this reason

This transition tells what has made you act in such a way. Or what has made you decide this? For example, you can say. For this reason, the best way to move forward is through education.


It is used when the writer wants to conclude a paragraph or an essay.

This is how it is used:

Finally, I would like to conclude by stating that the main points of my essay are:

  • Persuasive writing is an art form.
  • It requires skill and creativity to be done correctly.


We hope you have a good idea of some helpful transition words to craft a masterpiece of a persuasive essay. If you still want someone to take this essay writing task off your shoulder, you can count on our writers available at your service.

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