200 Persuasive Essay Topics to Unlock Your Writing Potential

Writing a persuasive essay is a common assignment for students of all educational levels. It’s a great way to share your opinion on a certain subject and try to get your readers to see it your way. But picking a topic to write about can be tricky, particularly when your goal is to impress your professor with the final piece. Don’t worry; we’ve got 200 persuasive essay topics that’ll wow you readers. So, ensure to go through the list before you hunt a professional to entertain your ”write an essay” request.

Unique Persuasive Essay Topics to Captivate Your Readers

The strength of an essay is the outline, and strength of a persuasive essay outline is based on the relevancy and compelling power of a topic. Choosing a unique and thought-provoking topic can make all the difference in capturing your reader’s attention and making your persuasive essay stand out. Here you go with our first list:

  • The impact of social media on mental health: Is it a blessing or a curse?

  • Should schools ban junk food?

  • The benefits and drawbacks of the gig economy: Is it sustainable?

  • Should the voting age be lowered to 16 years old?

  • The ethics of animal testing: Is it necessary for scientific progress?

  • The effectiveness of online education vs. traditional classroom education

  • Should individuals have the right to own and use guns for self-defense?

  • The impact of climate change on the economy: Is it worth the cost to prevent it?

  • The pros and cons of universal basic income: Will it solve poverty?

  • Should genetic engineering be used to create “designer babies”?

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  • The impact of artificial intelligence on the future of work: Will robots take our jobs?

  • The ethics of using performance-enhancing drugs in sports: Should they be allowed?

  • The role of the government in regulating the pharmaceutical industry: Is it necessary?

  • Should hate speech be protected under the First Amendment?

  • The impact of fast fashion on the environment: Should we stop buying it?

  • The benefits and drawbacks of using cryptocurrency as a mainstream form of payment

  • Should college athletes be paid for their sports performance?

  • The impact of social media on political discourse: Does it promote polarization?

  • Should the government impose a tax on meat consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

  • The pros and cons of using nuclear energy as a source of electricity

  • Comment on whether or not students should be required to learn using musical instruments in school.

  • Explain how you think the end of Game of Thrones could have been better.

  • How is music effective for treating mental illness?

  • Are libraries getting obsolete with the rise of e-readers?

  • Do you think Harry Potter books are overrated?

  • Explain why offensive music should have a warning label.

  • How can museums get more visitations?

  • Explain why students must be allowed to substitute PE class with an art class.

Persuasive Essay Topics Concerning Economics

persuasive essay topics concerning economics

The purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince the audience of the different points of view and give them new insight. Economics is an important field that deals with all the working tactics of a country’s economy. That’s why persuasive essays on economics are mostly assigned to the students in order to to evaluate their understanding and knowledge over the important economic matters. These carefully-picked essay topics can help you understand the intricacies of Economics and develop a deeper understanding of the world around you.

  • Why must people in higher income brackets pay higher taxes?

  • Why must students take a class on financial literacy?

  • Is the American dream only a myth?

  • Should the internship be paid or unpaid?

  • Why must the United States impose more tariffs?

  • Explain why to forgive the undergraduates’ student loans.

  • Discuss why restaurant staff wages should be increased.

Persuasive Essay Topics Related to Education

Education is the cornerstone of progress and development. It is a powerful tool for social transformation. The practices of perfect essay writing are highly regarded in the education and academic sector because they help judge student’s research and analytical abilities. Education is indeed the most important sector for every country Persuasive essay topics concerning education should address the issues of inequality, diversity, and more. Here’s your list:

  • Why must students learn cursive writing?

  • Explain why PE class is more important than music class.

  • How are short breaks necessary in schools?

  • Should schools look to abolish class ranks?

  • Discuss why students must attend public universities for free.

  • Explain ways of changing school bullies’ behavior.

  • Are SAT and ACT the right way to measure intelligence?

  • Which is better for students, sign language or foreign language?

  • Explain the advantages of Greek life at colleges.

  • Explain how homework aids the student’s learning process.

  • Discuss why a school should ban some books.

  • How can cheating be reduced in schools?

  • Explain why unbiasedness is essential in school admissions.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Ethics

Ethics is a fundamental aspect of human behavior and decision-making. These persuasive essay topics allow you to explore ethical issues that impact our society, culture, and personal lives.

  • Explain if there should be limits on free speech.

  • Why should students perform community service to graduate high students?

  • Should convicted felons have a right to vote after their sentence is completed?

  • Explain if there’s a need to regulate gun ownership tightly.

  • Why should recycling be made mandatory?

  • Explain whether new parents must have paid leaves.

  • Discuss the various circumstances you think torture should be allowed.

  • Should children be allowed to have plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons?

  • Explain your opinion about supremacy groups in public areas.

  • Discuss how making abortion illegal is safer for women.

  • How is foreign aid helping developing countries?

  • When must a person’s freedom of speech be curtailed?

  • Why must people over a certain age not be allowed to adopt children?

Persuasive Essay Topics Addressing Politics

Political Research Paper Topics

Politics plays a central role in shaping the direction of societies and the lives of individuals. These topics provide a means to engage with the pressing political issues of recent times. Here’s your list: 

Explain why the government should raise the minimum wage.

  • What do you think is the perfect age for voting?

  • Why do you think that Puerto Rico has a right to be statehood?

  • Explain if the United States must build a wall with Mexico.

  • Who should be the next face of American banknotes?

  • Why must the United States military budget be reduced?

  • Explain the impact of China’s one-child policy.

  • Discuss what is more important, national security or individual privacy.

  • Government responsibility regarding homeless people.

  • Explain why the electoral college is of no use.

  • Why should the US decrease the number of refugees it allows per year?

  • Why must we discourage privately-run prisons?

  • The least effective US president.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Health

Health is a fundamental aspect of human well-being. This list of topics related to health can offer an opportunity to explore critical issues impacting our physical, mental, and social health. Here you go with the list:

  • Some ways to restrict the spread of Ebola.

  • What do you think is the most effective way of losing weight?

  • Why must the FDA strictly regulate supplements and vitamins?

  • Is it safe to consume genetically modified food?

  • How can we make health insurance more affordable?

  • Ways to control the rising rate of teen pregnancy.

  • Explain whether recreational marijuana is legal or not.

  • Is a prescription necessary for buying birth control pills?

  • Ways to restrict married women from buying alcohol.

  • Explain the rise of anxiety in adolescents.

  • Discuss low-fat diets’ effectiveness for weight loss.

Persuasive Essay Writing Topics Related to History

persuasive essay writing topics related to history

History provides a window into the past and a lens through which we can understand the present. If you love writing about History, here are some topics that allow you to explore the complexities and nuances of human experiences.

  • The downfall of USS Maine.

  • King Arthur – A Mythical Legend

  • How was the US justified in dropping atomic bombs on Japanese Cities during World War 2?

  • The primary reason for the Rwandan Genocide.

  • Main reasons that have led to the US civil war.

  • The truth about the Bermuda Triangle is that several disappearances.

Persuasive Essay Topics Around Science and Inventions

Science and tech have changed our world, and these persuasive essay topics about science and inventions are a great opportunity to look into the social, ethical, and environmental effects of these advancements.

  • Why must nuclear power be banned?

  • Why must we stop performing scientific tests on animals?

  • Do zoos harm or help animals?

  • Explain why scientists must not clone humans.

  • Why must we discourage the use of animals in the circus?

  • Explain how fracking can be legalized.

  • Discuss whether or not exotic animals should be kept as pets.

  • How can poaching in Africa be curtailed?

  • The best ways of reducing global warming.

  • Why must the United States invest more in space exploration?

  • Discuss the renewable forms of energy a government must spend in.

  • How do you think solar energy is worth the investment?

  • Discuss if stem cells are used in medicine or not.

  • Discuss the impact of the Paris Climate Agreement on the US.

Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

funny persuasive essay topics

Sometimes, humor can be a powerful tool to engage an audience and make a persuasive argument. Funny persuasive essay topics offer a way to inject some levity into the often-serious business of persuasion.

  • Discuss the scenario when a unicorn takes over the world.

  • What movie should you avoid watching?

  • Discuss the worst social network site.

  • How good can video game skills get you a job?

  • Is it true that girls gossip more than boys?

Persuasive Essay Topics Regarding Sports

Sports have a big impact on our lives, so it’s no surprise that writing persuasive essays on sports-related topics can be interesting and even lead to some thought-provoking debates. Here’s the list:

  • Is a lifetime ban justified on athletes who fail a drug test?

  • Why must college athletes receive a salary?

  • What should the NFL do to prevent concussions during the game?

  • Explain the importance of PE classes for students.

  • Reasons to ban horse racing.

  • Why must we consider cheerleading as a game?

  • Explain why children below 18 should not be allowed to play tackle football.

  • Is spending on the Olympic games worth it?

  • The best athlete on the planet.

  • Fascinating hobby to learn.

  • Top Sports to watch.

  • Explain if girls should be allowed to play in the boys’ sports team.

  • Individual Sports vs. Team Sports

  • What is good, watching or playing sports?

  • Is winter a better season for sports than summer?

  • Does playing sports affect students’ grades?

  • Do you think that professional athletes are being paid much?

  • What sports can you play on a rainy day?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Entertainment

From music to movies, video games to sports, there are plenty of persuasive essay topics to explore within the realm of entertainment. Here you go:

  • What genre of music works the best when you are sad?

  • Explain why movies and music should be free.

  • The exciting part of the ‘Great Guys or Bad Guys’ movie.

  • Name and discuss the funniest movie ever made.

  • Reality Shows vs. Other Shows.

  • The fun part of scary movies.

  • Explain why comedies are better than action movies.

  • The best superpower you can have.

  • Explain how audience members can film live concerts.

  • Movie in the theater vs. streaming one at home.

Persuasive Topics about Technology

persuasive topics about technology

Technology is an essential part of our daily existence, from talking to shopping and learning to having a good time. As technology advances at an impressive speed, there are plenty of persuasive essay ideas to consider, from the positives and negatives of social media to the morality of AI. Here’s your list: 

  • Ways to make online schools as effective as traditional ones.

  • How do violent video games affect players?

  • Is facial recognition technology making any difference?

  • Explain how excessive social media use affects health.

  • Translation technology and the future of language learning.

  • How would you define Steve Jobs – Visionary or excellent marketer?

  • Is age restriction on the use of social media a need of the hour?

  • Modern inventions and their impact on society.

  • How are ride-sharing companies good or bad for society?

  • How can Facebook improve users’ privacy?

  • Technology and inequality in society.

Unique Persuasive Essay Topics

If you’re celebrating an accomplishment or dealing with a tough part of life, passive essays are a great way to express your feelings and thoughts in a meaningful and powerful way. Here are some unique ideas to consider when writing your essay.

  • To what extent does the public know about a celebrity’s personal life?

  • Which war has a good reason behind it?

  • Comment on dogs as service animals.

  • Work in silence vs. work in the background music.

  • A remarkable career one can have.

  • Explain how zoos are exploiting animals.

  • Is cloning oneself a good idea?

  • The worst TV serial you should avoid.

  • A morning person vs. a night person.

  • Discuss the modern economy’s essential crop.

  • New friends vs. old friends

  • Can one befriend aliens when they visit the Earth?

  • The importance of print news in a technological world.

  • Rich friends vs. poor friends.

  • Explain why parents should teach their kids old-fashioned manners

  • Explain how it is possible to overcome fears

  • How must a student evaluate a teacher?

  • Should a student with good grades be given innovative incentives?

  • Impact of cell phones on student academics.

  • Explain the death penalty’s social value in the US.

  • Discuss why a student must write a persuasive essay.

  • What drives a teenager’s behavior?

  • Celebrities influencing teen girls’ behavior.

  • Should there be a warning label for genetically modified foods?

  • Is kindness beautiful?

  • Summer classes pros and cons.

  • Should school computers have internet filters?

  • Why must a student participate in school sports?

  • Explain the US policy on illegal immigrants.

  • Who is the real culprit of global warming, we or the future generation?

  • The effects of violent video games on the student’s mind.

  • Is the internet invented to take control of our lives?

  • Explain how torture is a monstrous crime.

  • Will the world be a better place with only one religion?

  • Discuss the serious problem of online plagiarism.

  • Is surveillance in high schools ethical?

  • The dark side of school bullying – why should it be stopped?

  • Explain what circumstances make drug prescribing ethical.

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Whether you’re a student, a pro writer, or someone who loves to make a convincing argument, this big list of persuasive essay topics is sure to give you plenty of ideas. You’ll find topics for all kinds of people, from the serious to the lighthearted, the complex to the simple. More than anything, this list is a reminder of how writing can change how we think about the world. So, take the time to explore these topics and pick one that sparks your interest. If you ever get stuck during your assignment, do not hesitate to check out the ultimate guide of persuasive essay to get instant help. 

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