Learn How To Write A Persuasive Speech Following 8 Easy Steps in 2023

So, students, the day has come when you are assigned a speech. We know it’s fun, but it takes time and lots of work to form the outline. Wait, do you know how to write a persuasive speech? We bet you don’t have a clue about this. But who cares when you can hire an essay writer to solve your academic queries? We will prepare the best and most compelling perfect persuasive speech in one go. Let’s start the work then.

8 Steps To Write A Persuasive Speech For Influencing Your Audience

Finally, we are here, students. We will let you have access to our professional writers; they will show you how to write a persuasive speech without much fuss and effort.

So let’s move to the central part of this blog. Yes, guys, we will unfold the secret today with all of you. Here are the 8 steps you must follow when you don’t know how to write a persuasive speech.

Select The Topic For a Persuasive Speech

It would be best if you had a topic in your mind for writing a persuasive speech. Usually, students are assigned persuasive topics by their professors. Some colleges transfer the job of selecting a topic to the participating student. Either way, a topic already chosen or selected by students should invoke persuasiveness in your audience. The selection of the subject helps you to know how to write a persuasive speech.

It’s also vital that your topic should be debatable and introduce your audience to new findings. Topic resonance with its audience makes it worthy of the time they will spend listening to your persuasive speech. So make every second count.

Research Appropriately

The second step is to go through appropriate research. Since your persuasive speech is about persuasion, you can only achieve it with valid arguments and analysis. There are two steps to doing such work. You can read plenty of books or use a research paper writing service to ease your way of getting credible information.

Research ensures the credibility of your speech. It also keeps your audience on their feet and eyes hooked to your presentation. Gather both-sided arguments, against and in favor ones. This way, you can research your persuasive topic unbiasedly and on neutral grounds.

Make Sure To Add Goals To Satisfy the Audience’s Curiosity

Do you know how to write a persuasive speech with specified goals? Here is the third step of defining the goals of your persuasive speech. Goals help you determine the parameters of your thesis statement. You can set and distribute your goals accordingly for the different sections of your persuasive presentation. 

For example, you can determine how to use an introduction to entertain the audience, such as with jokes or motivational quotes. These goals will help you achieve your mission of persuading your audience to take any specific action. 

Let’s say you want to convince your audience about endangered species and their protection; then you can use strong emotional quotes from any good writer that promotes love and a sense of care. 

Students’ goals can also help you establish the success of your presentation and its content. Many speakers use surveys or sign-up after delivering a persuasive speech. This is the best way to determine whether your presentation met the expected results.

Use Pathos, Ethos, and Logos To Make Appealing Speech

Students, a successful persuasive speech has three essential parts. These parts build an emotional connection with your audience. Pathos, ethos, and logos are the primary motivators for your supporting points.

Ethos caters to your arguments as being ethical or based on honesty and taps into the audience’s ethics. Pathos induces emotional appeal, and logos presents logic or solid reasons for the main points.

Writing a persuasive speech is only effective when all these essential qualities are added to your final speech. These three emotional appeals are necessary for your speech to be persuasive.

Define Who Are Your Audience Members

The last step in writing a persuasive speech is defining or categorizing your audience members. If you’re presenting your personal story in a persuasive speech in your college, your audience must be students and teachers. Therefore your speech should encompass their expectations.

We know public speaking is difficult, but having exact information about your audience helps you segment your speech. This way, you can write the best persuasive speech effortlessly and successfully.

Start With The Best Introduction

We know you guys are eager to start your persuasive speech, so always start with a good introduction. In public speaking, an opening is the most substantial part of persuading the audience. It serves as a hook that captures your audience’s attention and intrigues them throughout the speech.

Furthermore, the intro has three parts, a hook sentence, thesis statement, and background information. Together all these parts form a solid introduction that builds an emotional connection.

Example on How To Write A Persuasive Speech Introduction

“Swiss watches are expensive and cost a fortune to own one. Swiss brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, and Richard Mille are as costly as a brand-new car or a Beverly Hills Mansion. Why are these watches so expensive? Because of the expertise required to make one, these companies acquired over a hundred years of perfection. 

Each part is tailor-made for customers with perfect details to satisfy their needs. A low-cost swiss watch costs as much as $ 20,000, while premium ones cost as much as $ 5 million. Owning a swiss watch is not just buying a luxury watch but owning centuries of expertise in a time-piece.”

Add Your Arguments in the Body Paragraph of Your Speech

By now, you can quickly write an introduction to your college speech. The second step is to write the body paragraph of your speech. Since you already entice your audience’s attention with a stellar intro, adding real life examples enhances the credibility of the speech.

After the strong opening, divert your arguments to the speech’s main points. Your counterargument from the opposing narrative should also be added to support this step. 

Your research or evidence can be used as a first-person narrative like “I” or “We” to find the following evidence supporting this speech. If you see this as difficult to understand, read the blog “can you use I in a persuasive essay.” Using a first-person narrative helps you offer your findings with more confidence.

Example of Persuasive Speech Body Paragraph Part

“Crude oil had played a pivotal role in global warming since 1859 when it was discovered. Almost two third of global CO2 emissions are generated by incomplete combustion from gasoline and diesel engines. Oil spills caused 90% of marine biology damages and resulted in countless extinctions of sea species.”

An example like the above can connect with your audience’s emotions and help you get their buy-in quickly.

Conclude Your Speech With Mutual Agreement on the Findings

The last part of the speech concludes your speech with supporting evidence and counterargument. At this point, your speech serves as a closing stage for the entire discussion.

Conclude the subject of your persuasive speech on high notes. Consider this an eye-opening step for your public speaking skills and induce emotional appeals from the conclusion. Your arguments should be valid and based on facts that will be a game changer for the audience.

Example of Persuasive Speech Conclusion

“So, according to the discussion we have today on crude oil and its devastating effects on human lives and nature, we can safely conclude we need to immediately stop its use. 

Furthermore, we already have substitutes such as electric cars, bikes, etc. Governments and the United Nations can push for subsidizing the pricing and pushing for more eco-friendly options.”


Students, we finally uncover the 8 steps on how to write a persuasive speech quickly and in less time. We hope you find the entire discussion mind-blowing and valuable details. We know by now writing a persuasive speech is a piece of cake for you. So take notes and start your presentation to snatch your A grades from your teacher.

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