Delivering a Memorable Commemorative Speech: Tips for Academic Success

Writing a speech is challenging, especially when asked to write a commemorative speech. It’s a speech crafted especially to celebrate and honor the life of your loved one or an important person. Since this speech is emotional and requires wits, humor and sharing fascinating stories, it must be written with perfectness and long-lasting effects. Don’t worry if you lack these qualities you can hire a speech composer or professional essay writers online to help you create a masterpiece quickly.

What is a Commemorative Speech?

Before we jump to the steps toward starting a commemorative speech, it’s important to understand this style of speech. A commemorative speech is a tribute you present to someone close to you at a funeral or award-taking ceremony. It might be your parents, sister or brother, mentor, teacher, etc.

A memorial speech offers a glimpse of achievements and honors the personality addressed in the speech. Whether you give it at a funeral, an award ceremony or a celebration event, it ignites the audience’s emotional response. You present the person and their life’s journey with mesmerizing details that help the audience better understand the character.

How To Write a Commemorative Speech: Tips and Techniques

To start a tribute speech, you must take calculated steps to write the best and most memorable speech. This will make your work among the greatest speeches and help you make a difference. Here are some important steps and techniques for starting a commemorative speech. Let’s get to know these tips and steps first so you can make a memorable speech.

Share an Engaging Tale or Recount a Personal Experience.

The first step you should remember to take for writing a memorial speech is to engage your audience. You may achieve that by sharing a personal story or experience you shared with that person. This might be a hunting, fishing trip or travel from the east coast to the west coast or entire North America. This personal story will engage your listeners from the beginning of the speech until the end.

You may also start your commemorative speaking with the time that beloved person spent with you. If that personality was your football or basketball coach, then share what advice they’ve given you that helped you and proven beneficial. Sharing your personal experience with them connects your audience with the speech more. It also helps them comprehend the idea of the entire speech by igniting their emotions.

Incorporate a Powerful Quotation or a Figurative Expression.

The second trick to writing a commemorative speech is generously using quotations and metaphors in your content. This will provoke certain emotional responses from your audience throughout the narration of the speech. Also, you can encapsulate an entire idea into a few words when you use quotations and write a persuasive speech for a loved one.

Additionally, adding quotations in your speech connects you with your audience more deeply. This effectively communicates between the presenter and their audience and helps share experiences through motivational stories. Although quotations and figurative language help you deliver your speech, it’s also important to use relevant quotations.

Quotations should be relevant to your speech, its context, and the characteristics of the person it is about. This helps present your message more thoroughly and without hindrance.

Present Humor Through Satire

The next tip is to write your speech in humor with a satirical tone that keeps your listeners happy till the end. Since you are presenting a memorial speech, it should encompass humor and satire to entertain people. A speech with absolute praise sometimes becomes boring and repellent for the audience’s interest. Humor keeps the audience fresh and happy. With jokes and sarcasm in your speech, the audience remembers the main points.

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Secondly, humor and jokes readily keep your audience attentive and invested in your speech. Whether it’s a two-minute speech or a half-hour, they’ll enjoy each minute and give importance to your tribute speech.

Furthermore, there are some key points that you should remember when you want to present your speech with fun and sarcasm.

  • Only tell jokes when you think the audience will love them, and use an audience-centric approach.

  • Jokes and funny statements should be polite, not vulgar, rude or include racism.

  • Humor in your speech should be indirect and shouldn’t target anyone from the audience.

  • Lastly, your jokes should make sense and relate to your speech and the person you’re paying tribute to. Random and stupid jokes should be avoided.

Share an Interesting Fact the Audience Doesn’t Know.

One technique you should use in presenting a memorial speech to entertain your audience is to present them with a fact they don’t know. Your audience might not know the person you loved or held dear up close and personal. Presenting them with interesting facts will enlighten their minds with a different picture. Your audience will see the person that inspired you from your perspective. This action helps them digest the information you will provide in your speech.

It would be best to take some time before presenting that interesting fact or story because it’s a one-shot, and you must make it flawless. Typically the audience only has a slight idea about a person, even a celebrity. Your information might be new or from a closer perspective that the audience never considered. Thus you get the opportunity to introduce your beloved one or your topic’s personality to the audience with intriguing details.

How to Choose a Commemorative Speech Topic?

Choosing a good topic for your commemorative speech is very important. It’s a speech presented at a funeral, a celebration of a special event or a memorial service of someone special to you. There are many steps to choosing commemorative speech topics, and you may choose what suits your audience the best. Some of the best commemorative speech ideas for topic selection are mentioned below.

Choose a Topic with Deeper Characteristics

To choose a topic for a ceremonial speech, you must choose one with deeper characteristics. You’re supposed to present it to honor someone special in your life and respect their presence and work; therefore, the deeper it is, the more intriguing its meaning will be.

Topic selection becomes easy when the topic resonates with the personality you are giving tribute to. The topic is the first thing your speech will be based on; it must have all characteristics of the person you are presenting. Some important characteristics your speech topic should possess are engagement, inspiration, positivity and relevancy. A topic based on these qualities will captivate your audience from the start.

Understand Your Audience’s Needs

The second important step to take is to understand your audience. The more you understand their needs, values and interests, the more audience-centric your speech will be. A topic should be enticing for the audience that cares for their needs and captivate them throughout the session.

Understanding your audience while selecting a topic helps you better anticipate their expectations and cater to their needs. A topic that connects to your target audience at a deeper level makes your speech more engaging and impactful. This step results in a perfectly curated topic with an organized speech for the audience.

Choose a Topic That Suits The Occasion

Choosing a topic that is a tailor-made solution for the occasion is the most important step in presenting and writing a commemorative speech. You have to remember different occasions require different topics. For example, if you’re presenting a ceremonial speech at a funeral, its topic will be different than an anniversary or birthday celebration.

If you are a student tasked with writing a commemorative speech on “Pearl Harbor” and its victims, your topic should be sad. Presenting a speech irrelevant to the occasion makes your audience lose interest and casts doubts on your capabilities.

Topic Should Highlight Qualities

A topic should have enough depth to highlight a person’s qualities better than people who know them. This step is usually overlooked, and the presenter often highlights a person’s character flaws that go against the principles.

Additionally, it would be best if you remembered to choose a topic that relates to the positive character traits of a person. This way, you can inform the audience about their strengths and positive work. Your audience also learns about their exemplary work that positively changed your life and those around them. This way, your topic can elaborate positivity in the speech and motivate them.

Top Ten Commemorative Speech Topics

A commemorative speech is the toughest assignment in the college, hence requires an appropriate topic to define its scope. Here we provide the top ten topics that will make your memorial speech a work of a true artist.

  1. Paying tribute to Mother Teresa

  2. Musk the Best Example for Today’s Generation

  3. Paying Tribute to George Bush Senior

  4. Paying Tribute to Heath Ledger

  5. Lewis Hamilton, the greatest Driver of All Time

  6. Paying Tribute to Abraham Lincoln

  7. Steven Speilberg and His Contribution to Hollywood

  8. Roger Federer and Unbeatable Record of 8 Wimbledon Titles

  9. Valentino Rossi, the King of Two Wheelers

  10. Paying Tribute to Shakespeare

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A commemorative speech is a tribute or memorial speech you present to an audience. This speech describes a person’s character up close and personal and provides a different point of view to people who know them.

Common topics for commemorative speech are the following;

Kindness, selflessness, heroism, righteousness, generosity and morality.

A commemorative speech is usually short, between three to 10 minutes. If you know the person closely, like a blood relative or next of kin, speech can last more than twenty minutes.

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