Can You Use “I” in a Persuasive Essay? When is it appropriate to do so?

Could you use the personal pronoun ‘I’ in your persuasive essay? Surely you can use it, but it’s only sometimes necessary. If you write an argument that is purely personal or subjective, it might be inappropriate to say “I” at all. Undoubtedly, the use of ‘I’ can help you persuade readers of a belief that you want them to adopt.

Still in sixes and sevens about using ‘I’ in a persuasive essay? Keep on reading, as all your doubts will disappear when you get to the end of this blog post. Very important to know before you type write my essay request in the Google Search Bar. Certainly you won’t search, can you use I in a persuasive essay again!

Can You Use I in a Persuasive Essay? Getting Deep Into our Discussion

Suppose you are writing a persuasive essay regarding “Why children should not be allowed to play on the streets alone.” Below is the guideline of how to use the personal pronoun ‘I’ in that context.

“I believe that children should not be allowed to play on the streets alone. Simply because they can’t defend themselves in the worst situations like criminal activities and more. Therefore, parents should either supervise or not allow children to play on the streets alone.”

circumstances in persuasive essay

When is it Necessary to Use ‘I’ in a Persuasive or Argumentative Essay?

The “I” does not negate the objectivity of your persuasive essay. Your goal should always be to present a factual, logical case for why your position is correct; if you can do that in the third person, incredible! But if you need to use first-person pronouns (like I) or other types of pronouns (such as we), go for it! Just make sure that you remain objective throughout your writing process. This way, your readers can see how you have concluded. So, can you use “I” in a persuasive essay or persuasive writing? Sure!

The primary purpose of a persuasive essay is to present a point of view with supporting information and concrete evidence. Professionally using ‘I’ is not recommended because it will make your essay look biased and self imposed. But while writing about personal experience or describing an event that happened to you, you can use ‘I’ to hook the reader’s attention. 

The Power of Using “I”

The “I” is an excellent tool for helping you stand out. It’s an easy way to connect with your readers. It makes them feel like they’re right there with you on whatever topic or issue interests them the most. The “I” also helps readers know that your argument isn’t coming from someone else. Hence you can use it for good in your argumentative essay, persuasive essay or other such essay writing projects. Don’t forget that a persuasive essay or argumentative essay writing is a good mix of own point and third person point.

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Hence you must be mindful of them when crafting a great persuasive essay.

Using “I” is Fine; overusing it is Not

You are allowed to use “I” in the subject of a persuasive essay, but it’s more important that you don’t overuse it. In some cases, personal experience may strengthen a particular point you are trying to make in your argumentative essay or persuasive writing. First-person pronouns are used to create distance between yourself and your reader, making it easier for them to understand what you’re trying to say. In this case, the first person would refer back specifically toward yourself. However, some essay writers use “me” as a substitute to avoid the excessive repetition of “I.” How about using it in the thesis statement? Just keep on reading as more interesting information is coming your way.

It Depends on the Type of Paper You are Working

It depends on what type of paper you’re writing and the topic you’re working on. It also depends on whether or not your intended audience is interested to hear you out from an authorial voice. Furthermore, you can use it in a thesis statement to use the first person approach of writing your persuasive or argumentative essay. 

For example, you are writing a persuasive speech outline, the content of the speech and the material you are using to prove your statements will be presented according to who will be listening to your speech.

You can use “I” if your teacher wants something short, simple, engaging, and personal. On the other hand, if you are working on a long conversation between two people talking about their lives together, you should not use “I” or “we.” Using a first person approach also varies with different persuasive essay topics. 

Use “I” When You Want to Include Your Personal Experience 

In some cases, personal experience may strengthen a particular point you are trying to make. Not to mention that it also lifts the writing voice positively. You must remember that your personal experience will not be as practical if there are other persuasive elements in the essay. Hence first person approach in a persuasive essay isn’t a bad idea at all! 

Personal experiences can also help make your essay more memorable and relatable. If someone has gone through something similar to what you’re writing about (such as being bullied), they may engage better. Hence to do that, you can make use of the personal pronoun “I” in the essay.

When Presenting Yourself as an Expert on Something

You’re trying to introduce yourself as an expert on something! You can easily explain how things work or what it feels when doing something new for the first time. Here, personal pronoun use in argumentative essay writing or persuasive essay can make points more memorable as people tend to remember things better.

When you are Writing About Yourself

You can use “I” or “me” as the subject of your sentence in a persuasive essay and argumentative essay. This is because it makes it clear who is being talked about in the sentence; if someone else were speaking instead of yourself, they would use “you” or “your” instead of these pronouns (unless they were making fun of themselves).


It’s important to remember that you don’t have to be afraid of using first-person pronouns in persuasive essays. In fact, it is sometimes the best option to improve the readability of your write-up. The best thing about writing an academic paper or college essay is finding the words that express your thoughts in the most eloquent way possible.

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We hope this blog post has helped you determine when to use “I” in your persuasive essay or other academic writing tasks. Furthermore, feel free to use the comment box below if we have missed something. In the perfect essay writing process, what matters is the efficient delivery of the main message and if using personal pronouns can do the task, you can gladly use it. 


Business papers should also use first-person pronouns because they want their readership to relate more strongly with them. It can help them better understand what you're talking about when you talk about yourself as an individual rather than as a statistic or number representing something larger than yourself.

Academic papers should be written in the third person because they are considered objective. Therefore, you need to focus on the subject matter of your research or study.

A persuasive essay or persuasive writing aims to convince a reader of the writer's point of view. For that purpose, a writer would include credible evidence to support his thesis.

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