7 Astonishing Persuasive Essay Examples To Impress Your Class & Professor

Writing an assignment is the most daunting task for college students. Many students get into a panic as soon as they receive essay prompts. Today all these troubles will come to a halt and be solved quickly by these persuasive essay examples. Let’s win some appreciation and top grades from peers and the professor.

What is Persuasive Writing?

The purpose of persuasive writing on a specific topic or subject is to allow the writer to persuade their audience. It also encourages the spectators to take a specific action like taking part in voting, survey or opinion polls, etc. There are tons of persuasive writing examples around such as TV commercials, novels, copywriting, and college essay writing.

A perfect persuasive argument impacts its audience on three levels of appeal. This is often known as the trinity of persuasion.

  • Logical -logos

  • Ethical -ethos

  • Emotional. -pathos

The process of perfect essay writing begins with searching for a good topic on the web and  selecting a trendy and debatable topic. Solid research helps in structuring the overall essay.

  • Structure of Persuasive Writing

A persuasive essay format must have the following elements in the basic structure.

  • Pertinent background information

  • Good hook sentence

  • Powerful thesis statement

  • An impressive title

  • Powerful main arguments backed with strong evidence

  • A strong conclusion

Trendy Persuasive Essay Examples to Ace the Assignment

Whatever topic you are going to choose for your assignment, it’s recommended to check out the ultimate guide of persuasive essay to get started. Here are some persuasive essay examples from the most debated and hot topics. But for students who have their hearts set on a specific topic and can’t find it here, reach out for a custom college essay writing service.

Persuasive Essay on Gun Control

Imagine walking down to your local Walmart to grab some cereal and milk. You’re not paying any particular attention to your surroundings. You feel safe within the familiar setting. So, you’re making a list of things you should get along with the milk; some cigarettes, eggs, maybe? Or better yet, imagine you’re dropping your kids off at school, thinking you’ll see them at dinner. But never once did the thought of a sick person committing mass murder in these settings cross your mind. 

Well, that’s what happened to the victims of the 2022 Chesapeake Shooting. When a store manager opened fire at a local Walmart, killing six and injuring four people. Or at Virginia Tech Shooting where a student committed mass murder-suicide killing 32 people. This is why gun control is necessary to ensure public safety.

Argument 1: The havoc

Gun Violence is a deeply rooted political issue that seems to have America torn into two groups. In recent times there’s been a steady rise in gun violence cases. In the past three years, there have been over 600 mass shootings in the US alone. Besides, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US, reports that more than half of gun-related deaths are suicides. At the same time, half of the homicide cases in America go cold due to a lack of appropriate evidence.

Insider tip. Students can add; statistics, graphs, or pie charts in these persuasive essay examples for that animation. 

Argument 2: Screened ownership

The USA stands highest among the top 10 civilian gun-owning countries (FBI). According to recent findings, the number of people who own guns has grown over the past few years. Experts claim that 11 million US citizens have firearms in their homes, of which 5 million children have easy access to these arms.

Hence, appropriate documents and pertinent background information about the buyers should be mandatory. A yearly notification by the owner can also help authorities trace stolen arms.

Argument 3: fewer the guns, the safer you are (anti-second amendment)

It seems logical that there would be less crime if fewer guns were around. It can prove helpful against nonsensical mass murders, suicides & crimes like petty robberies. With concise data, it would be easier for the authorities to track down the perpetrator.


It is okay to have different viewpoints about things. Still, when it comes to public safety, preventive measures are important, even if it means giving up certain liberty. With the growing anxieties of social life and failing economies, many people are willing to take dramatic stances for a better future. This is where public safety necessitates introducing gun control.

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Why Should Students not have Homework: a Persuasive Essay

If being busy was the key to intellectual success, some creepers or animals would have been the most intelligent. Henry Thoreau says, “It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is, “What are you busy about?”.

Many students complain about the homework they’re assigned almost daily. But why?. We need to take a step back and analyze whether these assigned tasks contribute to their learning or intellectual growth.

It’s not that students avoid hard work outside school. Studies show that even students who like academic work prefer not having extra home assignments.

The psychological effects

A Stanford University research from 2013 found that pupils who spend too much time on homework develop clinical stress, physical health issues, and social alienation. 

As per the survey results, around 44% of students deem academic pressure to get good grades as the primary source of stress. Yet, 56% of pupils view homework as a key factor behind their anxieties.

Not all students have folks at home to help them with their homework. This leads to students comparing their success with their peers. Which in turn creates a breeding ground for social isolation and lower self-esteem. Schools/ colleges, in general, take a lot of your energy. 

On top of that, many students work part-time shifts to manage their expenses. Adding academic assignments to this equation can annoy anyone. Psychologists believe that a healthy social life and support can add to learning and increase intelligence.

Physiological effects of extra homework

High school students can benefit more from hobbies, socializing, and extracurricular activities. Especially the ones including physical activity. Long hours of sitting in the same spot without intervals can have harmful physical effects. Many high schoolers develop stomach issues, postural issues, migraines, and eating disorders. 

Students are under immense pressure to meet deadlines and want to compete for better grades. On top of such pressures, they are not encouraged to ask for help. Students can expand their knowledge of a subject with the help of their classmates or friends. This step not only helps them but encourages sharing of different ideas.


Many students are guilt-tripped into thinking they cheated when they’re only working smart. Home assignments are helpful if assigned considering a student’s mental and physical well-being. Many professors must realize that assigning homework in bulk has the opposite effect of their goal. 

Persuasive Essay Examples: Abortion Essay 

Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before the fetus can have an independent life. The history of abortion is complex and dates back to ancient times. With evidence of induced birth termination in civilizations such as ancient Greece and Rome. The legality and availability of abortion have varied throughout history, cultures and societies. Today several methods of abortion exist, including medical and surgical.

The modern debate over the legality and morality of early termination began in the 19th century. As part of a larger conversation about women’s rights and reproductive health. In the United States, the landmark case of Roe v. Wade in 1973 established a constitutional right to abortion. Yet, the issue has remained highly controversial and politically divisive. It is important to note that access to safe and legal abortion is critical to reproductive health and rights. It continues to be an ongoing debate and concern in many countries worldwide.

There are loads and loads of persuasive essay examples on abortion. But we are providing the argument from both sides of the coin. Read below and learn whichever resonates with your ideas. With tons of medical literature available, all of you can do a thorough background study to back your argument properly. 


The “pro-life” approach to abortion is a political and moral stance. The idea is that human life begins at conception and that every human has inherent value and dignity. (Regardless of age, ability, or circumstances.) Pro-life advocates believe abortion is morally wrong and should be illegal, except in cases where the mother’s life is in danger.

Pro-life supporters argue that every abortion terminates a human life. And that the procedure is equivalent to taking an innocent person’s life. They believe that the right to life is a fundamental human right. And that the government has a responsibility to protect the lives of its citizens. (including the lives of unborn children)

Pro-life believers want to restrict access to abortion through legislation and advocacy. They also aim to provide support and resources to women facing unintended pregnancies. Not only that, they also promote alternatives such as adoption or parenting.

It is important to note that the pro-life approach to abortion is a highly divisive and controversial issue. There are many valid and passionately held opposing views on this topic. The debate over the legality and morality of abortion is ongoing and will likely continue for many years. 


The “pro-choice” stance on abortion states that a woman has the right to make decisions about her own body. These include the right to access safe and legal abortion services. Pro-choice advocates, access to abortion is a fundamental aspect of reproductive freedom. And that the government shouldn’t restrict or interfere with a woman’s right to make decisions about her health and well-being. The pro-choice movement seeks to protect and expand access to abortion services. And to ensure all women have access to reproductive health care, and family planning services.

Throughout history, women have been treated as the second sex. (Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex. 49). Scarce was when women felt in control of their bodies. Decisions were usually made for them. After 200 years of protestations and gaining some control over their bodies, women are losing that control again. 

Many people are debating whether women rob newborns of their lives or are just trying to survive with dignity. Imagine telling a rape victim that she is not allowed to go through an abortion just because a bunch of men took this decision for her. A woman should have the right to her own body. And have access to all necessary medical care to feel safe in their skin. 

Many women today pose questions for “pro-life” activists which go unanswered. Why don’t these people ask men to take precautionary measures? Why are adoption or parenting the alternatives for abortion? Why not male birth control or vasectomies? Pro-choicers voice other valid concerns too. Like the possibility that the “saved” life might get wasted in the system. 

UNICEF estimates that there are over 100 million orphans around the globe as of now. Adding further to this number is different from a crime. If the pro-lifers win this war there would be more lives neglected at adoption agencies. Which adds to the possibility of producing more criminals each day. 


Pro-life is only a campaign against women’s economic opportunities. It is important to note that the pro-choice stance on abortion is a highly divisive and controversial issue. And that there are many valid and passionately held opposing views on this topic. The debate over the legality and morality of abortion is ongoing and will likely continue for many years. However, it is our duty to not just protect life but to make sure it stays protected.

Persuasive Essay Examples: Why You Should Get Vaccinated

Vaccines are often known as the first medical marvel. Can you imagine living in a time when an average human lived only up to 35-40 years? That’s three years short of the average age of a man reaching emotional maturity. Vaccines have become integral to modern medicine as they’ve saved us from major diseases. Recently, there has been a new stigma against vaccines and what they represent.

In 1796, an English physician Dr. Edward Jenner invented the first vaccine to fight the smallpox outbreak among children. The treatment stimulates the individual’s immune system enough to develop immunity against viruses. (Vaccination, 2017, 1). Nowadays, vaccines are crucial for a child to have a normal life. These vaccines are vital for protection against deadly diseases. 

Before vaccines, there were low chances of surviving even the slightest viruses like the common cold and flu. However, after vaccination, the survival rate increased drastically. Today, average life expectancy has almost doubled thanks to these vaccines. 

There are many evident benefits of vaccines. For one, vaccination decreases the number of disease cases. Secondly, they lessen the intensity of the disease so that lesser patients end up in hospitals. We can observe this in the most recent outbreaks of COVID-19. Among the ages of 65 and above, the vaccination reduced about 54-62% of cases. Non-ICU hospitalization declined by 63.5%, ICU hospitalization by 65.6%, and the death toll decreased by 69.3%.

Vaccines have been doing this for so many other diseases throughout the years. However, many people need clarification about why these vaccines have become so important. Why are governments forcing them to get vaccinated? Is it some scam? The answer to that is No! It’s not a scam; the vaccines are here to protect us from ailments, disabilities, and, worse, untimely deaths. 

So, why are governments still forcing them upon us? Well, it’s because vaccines are a cheaper treatment. Besides, they are safe and usually covered by the individual’s insurance companies. 


Vaccination is important to enjoy optimal health and active life. With new outbreaks and pandemics, ensure you stay at the smarter end of things. 

Insider Tip. Students! To increase the credibility of your persuasive essay, add authentic research information from papers like The impact of vaccination on COVID-19 outbreaks in the United States

Persuasive Essay Examples: Social Media

Speaking of persuasive writing skills, have you wondered why social media is often compared to a drug? Well, much of it has to do with our idea of achievement and reality. Man is a social being and enjoys being among people who value him. (Peterson, 12 rules for life). Yet, it has become hard for people to connect with others in real life. 

Much of the socialization has been shifted to virtual platforms. People are more worried about their image online than in real life. Among other persuasive essay examples, this is the most talked about among young folks. So let’s explore it!

In recent times, the term “Social Media” has had a constant negative connotation to it. Here is how there’s a growing stigma against social media.

Social Media has made us very anti-social. It’s ironic how the platforms that were supposed to connect us, create a rift between everyday human relationships. A few years prior, people might have stopped by someone they know in the street to inquire after them. But this is not the case anymore. People are sucked into their cell phones, even when on the go. We constantly choose our socials over the possibility of a potential real-life connection. 

According to a study, most people are skipping real-life experiences to gain more virtual experiences. This can include the constant need for approval from their online followers. Or the fear of missing out on different trends. Usually, the phenomenon of “Missing Out” causes anxiety and depression in many people. 

People get hooked on the idea of “reach” and followers. For most people, social media becomes synonymous with the number of likes they get on their posts. Such goals and ideals affect their Self-esteem, and most people usually face a decline in it. 

Due to the spread of shorter videos, like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram Reels, people need help focusing for longer periods. This may or may not lead to serious psychological issues like ADHD. 

There has been a lot of research on social media use on psychological well-being. One of the most problematic outcomes of the spread of social media is the constant increase in mental health issues. Information overload, cyberbullying, and stalking are increasing causes of mental health issues. 


Though social media has many benefits and has changed how we communicate. It is important to be aware of its potential negative effects on mental health and use these platforms mindfully and in moderation. This can involve setting limits on the amount of time spent on social media, seeking out positive and supportive online communities, and seeking help if you experience any symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems.

Death Penalty: Persuasive Essay Examples

The death penalty, or capital punishment, is a state-authorized practice of putting people to death for their crimes. The use of the death penalty as a form of punishment has a long history. Civilizations like Babylon, Egypt, and Greek saw capital punishment fit for crimes like murder or conspiracy. Historians believe the Code of Hammurabi, an ancient Babylonian law code, is the origin of judicial execution. With time, this punishment found its way into other societies to serve justice. 

In modern times, the use of capital punishment varies among different countries. Yet, recently, state execution has been debated and scrutinized. So much so that some states have completely abolished the death penalty. But, some states continue to practice this punishment for major felonies. These may include murder, espionage, and treason. 

Capital punishment in America predates the colonial era. Now though, it’s been a subject of legal and political debate for years, with many of the states completely abolishing it and some maintaining it. The Supreme Court has also issued several rulings, shaping its use in the country.

Pro-Death Penalty

Many people today would prefer their abusers to get life in prison over death row. People who are against the death penalty argue that the same law must apply to the state. It should not have the power that civilians don’t have. If killing another person is murder for civilians, it should be so for the state. 

However, this argument lacks logical reasoning because they are arguing against prison too. If the same laws applied to the state, it would be impossible for the state to hold anyone hostage in a cell, no matter their crime. 

As a proponent of the death penalty, I believe that whoever commits major offenses like rape, child molestation, or murder must get capital punishment. Their death ensures public safety, and there are no chances of the offender ever getting parole or breaking prison. Capital punishment has a deterrent effect. Many “would-be” criminals can realize what’s in store for them; therefore, they’ll be hesitant to commit a crime. 

Many advocates for capital punishment would agree that the state should not waste resources on sex offenders or child molesters. Many people think a state execution can provide closure to the victims. 

3 Examples Should The Death Penalty Be Abolished In All States

Against Death-Penalty 

Please think of how children do exactly what you tell them not to do. They know the result might be a punishment. But it doesn’t stop them from doing the wrong thing. The death penalty doesn’t necessarily stop anyone from committing crimes. If humans were such rational beings, a crime of passion wouldn’t exist.

As an opponent of the death penalty, I have two issues with judicial murder. Firstly, ending a life under any circumstance is not the solution. Serving time in prison might give the offender enough time to reflect on their actions. And it just might help them become better human beings.

My second and far greater concern about the death penalty is that most of our legal system operates on the bias. Racially speaking, there is a vast disproportion. In the US alone, around 34% of capital punishment servers were Black Americans. However, African Americans comprise only 13% of the US population. Opponents also debate that death penalty sentences cost far more than any other sentence.

There is no clear explanation for why more black people are executed than any other race. The only plausible answer is that more innocent people are dying on death row than we’d like to know. Studies suggest that after Jimmy Carter’s presidency, the current count of innocent people on capital punishment is almost over one hundred.

Lastly, judicial murder being a source of closure is baseless because another life taken can never bring a loved one back.


Whether you are a proponent or an opponent of death row, dying at the hand of the state is for sure not the best way to go. In the end, all states need to finalize a consensus on this issue to tackle both sides of the narrative.

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Persuasive Essay Examples: Passion is the True Villain of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

“Oh, to die for someone!” The amount of passion this one line reflects is immaculate and grand. The idea of classical romance where dying for each other is one true statement of undying loyalty started from the classic play Romeo and Juliet.

Many persuasive essay examples are written on Romeo and Juliet, scrutinizing all the major and minor characters. However, in this essay, we will discuss how “passion” is the real villain of the play.

Many people argue that there is not a single character that can be considered the villain of the play. Instead, the tragic end of the naive lovers is a result of a combination of actions and emotions of different characters. One emotion in particular that shapes the entire play is “Passion.”

The play not only deals with passionate love but also with passionate hatred. And it is around this intensity of emotions the entire drama revolves. The generational feud between the Capulet and Montague families and the naive and impulsive behavior of both Romeo and Juliet unfold chaotically.

The play opens with an already unstable environment. The atmosphere is packed with prejudice, hatred, and violence. Both families are after each other’s blood, and stepping into each other’s territory is suicidal. Shakespeare tries to balance the intense situation with the passionate love of Romeo and Juliet. However, the writer deliberately creates an ebb and flow of strong, passionate love and hatred rather than just creating balance.

This passion can be seen throughout the story, as when Romeo and Juliet meet, they are aw-struck by each other’s presence. Unaware of the fact that both of them belong to rival families, they confess their “passionate” emotions to each other. After this revelation, their hasty decisions taint the play with such nativity and idiocracy that you can’t but adore it.

The young couple gets married secretly and promises not to be swayed by the generation of hatred among their families. However, this soon ends as Romeo’s arrogant decision to kill Tybalt causes him to lose everything he holds dear. In Act III, scene I. Tybalt calls Romeo a “villain,” which is significant to the story. It is almost an example of double irony. Though Romeo is the story’s hero, his intense emotions make him the hero, and the same passion makes him the story’s villain. Not only does Romeo get banished, but due to his naive emotions, he gets killed, taking Juliet with him.


All the characters but especially the younger lovers are naive. They not only make hasty and immature decisions but are practically brain fogged by their passion. Love is a feeling that’s unmatched and can force anyone to make mistakes.


These are the most trendy persuasive essay examples that we could get our hands on for you. If you like these, make sure you reach out to us to compose your custom essays. Leave your deadlines to us and enjoy your student life a little. Order your persuasive essay for that A+ now. You can get more ideas for your assignment in this detailed blog of persuasive essay topics that lists a wide range of topics popular in various fields of study.


There are different forms of persuasive writings that have stood the test of time.

  • Nike: Just Do It

  • McDonalds: I’m lovin’ it.

  • I Have a Dream - Martin Luther King

  • We shall Fight on the Beaches- Winston Churchill

  • Women’s Rights are Human Rights- Hillary Clinton

The top persuasive topics for 2023 include:

  • How is fast fashion bad consumerism?

  • Are libraries getting obsolete with the rise of e-readers?

  • Why is feminism getting morphed with trans-rights?

  • Is IA going to replace human intelligence?

  • How is Elon Musk failing twitter

  • Are SAT and ACT the right way to measure intelligence?

  • Why is unbiasedness essential in school admissions?

  • Explain whether new parents must have paid leaves

  • Minimum wage should be raised according to inflation

  • Why is it necessary to upgrade overall precautionary measures to avoid future disease outbreaks.

  • Should all nations give up being a nuclear power?

A good writing process starts with solid research. As you begin writing the basic structure your persuasive essay format must have the following elements.

  • Pertinent background information

  • Good hook sentence

  • Powerful thesis statement

  • An impressive title

  • Powerful main arguments backed with strong evidence

  • A strong conclusion

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