200+ Captivating Argumentative Essay Topics From Over 8 Fields

Looking for engaging argumentative essay topics for your next paper? Explore our comprehensive list of 200+ topics from 8 different fields. Whether you’re a student or a professional, our list is sure to pique your interest!

Picking The Perfect Argumentative Essay Topic

Defending your claim on a particular topic is the essence of an argumentative essay. Learning how to argue for your claim is important for all students. For an effective argument writing, you must pick a topic that interests you and aligns with your requirements. While we have given an extensive list, it’s crucial to determine which topic suits you best.

Here are some steps to help you select the perfect topic for your opinion essay.

Step 1: Brainstorm

Even if you are provided with a list of argumentative essay topics, it’s crucial that you pick a topic that resonates with you. You will write better if you’re interested in your selected topic. It’s better to take a mental note of the field you want to work on and read the list given below thoroughly. Pick at least 2-3 options for the next step.

Step 2: Research

Once you have picked the topics, conduct minor research to understand them. Observe which topic has the most information available on it. This will help you determine which topic is feasible and can develop a strong essay. 

Step 3: Refine Your Topic

Though the following list of argumentative essay topics has some refined topics, you can further customize them. After picking a topic, you can decide which aspect to discuss in your essay. Once done, you can start working on your argumentative essay.

Those students with a specific topic in mind but need help knowing where to start can always reach for our experts and avail of our argumentative essay writing service.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

argumentative essay topics regarding education

  1. Should Higher Education be Free?

  2. Should Art Therapy be Introduced to Students?

  3. Does Studying in a Co-Education System Help Build Better Social Skills? 

  4. Is Online Education More Beneficial for the Students?

  5. Can Caffeine Intake Increase Health Risks In Students?

  6. Should Student Athletes Get Paid?

  7. Should Schools Abolish Homework?

  8. Should Religion be a Part of the School Curriculum? (Check out our blog on argumentative essay body paragraph examples to get more clues on this topic)

  9. Does Exercise Help Students Perform Better at Studies?

  10. Should University Campus Be Situated Far From City Noise?

  11. Can Introducing Uniforms In School Help Students Get Along?

  12. Should Students Choose Their Complementary Subjects Too?

  13. Can Better Online Educational Infrastructure Help Us Through Crisis-Like Lockdowns?

  14. Should We Encourage All-Nighters? 

  15. Effects of Tight Schedules On Student’s Health?

  16. Should Teachers Get Familiarized With New Methods of Teaching to Enhance Students’ Learning Experience?

  17. Is It Okay To Take Shortcuts to Pass Exams Easily? 

  18. Do Teachers Sometimes Fail to Understand and Empathize with Students?

  19. Are Co-Curricular Activities Effective During Exams?

  20. Do Schools Have Special Programmes for Students Who Come from Abusive Households?

  21. Should Scholarships Be More Available? 

  22. Is The Government Taking Enough Steps to Support Education?

  23. Should Students With Jobs Get More Relaxed Deadlines?

  24. Is It Important to Get a Degree to Earn? 

  25. Should Schools Focus On Building Individuals Rather Than Just Focusing On Academics?

  26. Should Schools Necessitate Learning More Than One Language? 

  27. Is Academia Focusing on Building a Student’s Character?

  28. Are Students of Arts Looked Down On In Asian Countries?

  29. Is It Important to Conduct Moral Classes In Schools and Colleges?

  30. Can Getting Help From Experts Help Students’ Writing Process

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School Students

argumentative essay topics for students

  1. Effects of Videogames on the Mental Health of Students

  2. Should Students Learn About First Aid?

  3. Can Essay Titles be Questions

  4. Should Parents Become “Best Friends” With Their Children?

  5. Do Boys and Girls Get Equal Opportunities at School? 

  6. Can Religious Conflict Affect Students in Schools and Social Settings?

  7. Are Political Discussions in Class Helpful?

  8. Is It Okay To Ban Politics In Schools?

  9. Is It Important For Students to Consume a Healthy Diet?

  10. Can You Use “I” in a Persuasive Essay?

  11. Is It Helpful to Assign Loads of Homework to High-Schoolers?

  12. Is It Important for the Teacher to Create a Lesson Plan?

  13. Can Teachers Prove to Be Great Role Models for Their Students? 

  14. Should the Government Offer Healthcare Facilities to the Students and School Staff?

  15. Should Students Choose Whatever They Want to Study?

  16. Do School Grades Matter?

  17. Is It Bad Not To Score Straight A’s In School? 

  18. Is It Helpful To Hire an Essay Writer for Academic Help?

  19. Should Schools Focus on Sports as Much as on Academics? 

  20. Is Learning a Competition?

  21. Is Building a Competition Among Students Effective? 

  22. Should We Debunk Standard Tests to Measure Intelligence?

  23. Should Efficient Kids Skip Grades in School? 

  24. Is School Counseling Effective When It Comes to High Schoolers?

  25. Can School Bullying Scar Individuals for Life?

  26. Is After-School Tuition Helpful for Students? 

  27. Is Online Learning More Effective? ( Check out our blog on argumentative essay body paragraph examples to get more clues on this topic)

  28. Is It Fair to Reject Students Based on Bad Performance in One Subject?

  29. Are High-School Lunches Good For Growing Children? 

  30. Do TV Shows Depict Schools Correctly? 

  31. Is It Necessary to Consider All of Your Student’s Proficiencies Before Planning a Lesson? 

Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

easy argumentative essay topics for college students

  1. Are Developing Interpersonal Skills at the College Level Helpful?

  2. Is College Experience Worth the Student Loans in the US?

  3. Can a College Student Benefit from Career Counseling? 

  4. Can You Skip a Conclusion For an Argumentative Essay

  5. Can a Person Survive on Skill Without a Degree?

  6. Is It Possible to Maintain a Job Solely on a Degree Without Any Skills?

  7. Are Students With Art Degrees More Successful Than Science? 

  8. Is It Helpful to Create an Argumentative Essay Outline Before Writing the Essay? ( or any other type of essay)

  9. Is It Necessary To Go to College to Learn Something?

  10. Is It Valid to Get Dropped Out of College in Case You Have a Great Skill?

  11. Should Real Life Skills be Added to College Studies?

  12. Can Bullying or Ragging Shatter a Student’s Confidence?

  13. Is Identity Crisis Common Among College Students?

  14. Can Strict Action Against Bullying Help the Situation in College? 

  15. Are Transition Words for Argumentative Essay of any Help? 

  16. Should All Students Participate in Sports Competitions?

  17. Can Any Reason Validate Stealing Homework? 

  18. College Admissions Should Be Entirely Merit-Based.

  19. Are Heavy Fines On Using Cell Phone In Class Justified? 

  20. Should There Be a Restriction On Using Social Media During Campus Hours?

  21. Can Online an Assignment Writing Service Add to a Student’s Learning Experience?

  22. Do Teachers Participate In Bullying Behavior?

  23. Should There Be Strict Rules Against Favouritism Among Class? 

  24. Is Dress Code Gender-Biased? 

  25. Teaching Should Be a High-Paying Job.

  26. Every Harassment Case on Campus Should Immediately be Reported

  27. Do College Professors Care for Lesson Planning?

  28. Do Students Feel More Pressured By Academia At College?

  29. Can Cheating Sharpen any Skill in Students? 

  30. Is Comradeship Important in College?

  31. Can a Harsh Claim in an Argumentative Essay Negatively Affect Your Grades? 

  32. College Studies Should Not Limit Healthy Extra-Curricular Activities

  33. Are Mental Illnesses More Common Among College Kids? 

Controversial Topics for Argumentative Essay

controversial topics for argumentative essay

  1. Is Mental Health as Serious as Physical Health?

  2. Is Mental Illness Still a Taboo? 

  3. Was 9/11 Planned?

  4. Is Global Warming A Myth? 

  5. Can War Be Justified?

  6. Do Video Games Make Children Violent?

  7. Are Video Games Islamophobic?

  8. Do TV shows and Movies Do Justice to Actors from Minorities?

  9. Are the Academy Awards Unbiased and Diverse?

  10. Is Physical Punishment Necessary to Discipline Children?

  11. Can People With Mental Health Manage Their Jobs?

  12. Is It Okay to Falsely Advertise to Make Sales?

  13. Is Dieting an Effective Method to Get In Shape?

  14. Can Therapy Help People With Eating Disorders?

  15. Should More People Seek Therapy?

  16. Can Violence on Television Have Negative Effects on the Audience?

  17. Is War Crime Justified?

  18. Is Social Media Still Contributing to the Increasing Number of Eating Disorder Patients?

  19. Has Social Media Led to Unhealthy Consumerism?

  20. Is It Okay to Capitalize on Your Talents?

  21. Has TikTok Spiked the Number of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder) Patients?

  22. Has TikTok Contributed to Short Attention Span In People?

  23. Do Mental Illnesses Have Physical Effects? 

  24. Can Mental Disorders Lead to Other Illnesses? 

  25. Is It Okay to Cheat In School? 

  26. Is the Use of Torture In Interrogation Acceptable?

  27. Should there be a Statute Of Limitation on Any Crime?

  28. Can Different Options In Contraceptives Influence Teen Pregnancies? 

  29. Are Teachers As Important As Athletes For a Nation?

  30. Should Religion and Politics Mingle Run a State?

Argumentative Essay Topics Regarding Teenagers

topics for argumentative essay regarding teenagers

  1. Can Alcohol Consumption Affect Teens’ Lifestyle? 

  2. Are Teenagers More Prone to Making Impulsive Decisions?

  3. Are Teenagers More Likely To Get Into Crime?

  4. Should There Be a Curfew For Teens?

  5. Can the Use of the Internet Influence Teens Negatively? 

  6. Should Teens Have a Limit on Use of Social Media?

  7. Should More Teens Indulge in Self-Defense Classes?

  8. Does Getting Bully In Teenage Affect Your Adulthood?

  9. Is Teenage More Like To Get Into Crime?

  10. Should Juvenile Punishment Stay On Anyone’s Record?

  11. Are Teens More Prone to Fall Victim to Gang-Related Crimes? 

  12. Are Teens More Prone to Falling Victim to Blackmailing?

  13. Should Teens be Encouraged to Get Jobs?

  14. Should Teens Get Hired Based On Skills Without Experience In The Field? 

  15. Can Reading More Books Help Teenagers Resolve Inner Conflicts?

  16. Can Teenagers be Encouraged to Seek Therapy?

  17. Can Online Therapy Help Teenagers? 

  18. Do More Teens Feel Exhausted and Burnt-Out Due to the Burden of Studies?

  19. Should Internet and Social Media Use be Limited at Schools and Colleges? 

  20. Can Community Service Help Discipline Teenagers?

  21. Should Parents Take Extreme Measures for Character Building in Teenagers?

  22. Are More Teens At Risk of Suicide?

  23. Can Teens Easily Fall Victim to Sexual Harassment in Schools? 

  24. Effects of Smoking Weed on Teens

  25. Which to Follow; Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Appreciation?

  26. Is the Education System Failing Teens?

  27. Every Teenager Should be Bound to Learn a Skill.

  28. Bullying can Cause a Lack of Confidence and Self-Esteem. 

  29. Should Teachers be Held Responsible For Up-Bringing of Teenagers?

  30. Can Your Test Score Make a Difference?

  31. Is It Important to Have a Goal in Life?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Social Media

argumentative essay topics about social media

  1. Is Social Media the Real Cause of Destruction in this Age?

  2. Can You Survive Without Social Media?

  3. Do Most of Us Have a Fear of Missing Out?

  4. Is Social Media as Powerful as We Think It Is?

  5. Is Social Media the Best Medium for Transferring All Kinds of News?

  6. Social Media is a Lifesaver. 

  7. Is E-Shopping Going to Take Over Soon?

  8. Are All Brands Now Focused on Their Social Media Marketing? 

  9. Is Social Media Marketing More Beneficial?

  10. Has Social Media Marketing Given the Opportunity to Small Businesses? 

  11. Can Social Media Ruin Someone’s Life?

  12. Cyberbullying Is One of the Major Causes of Suicide

  13. How Does Social Media Reward Us for Our Consumption?

  14. Is Using Social Media Similar to Using Drugs?

  15. Is it Okay to Ban Certain Applications?

  16. Is it Okay to Ban the Use of Social Media? 

  17. Should Parents Have Passwords To Children’s Accounts on Social Media Platforms?

  18. Can Social Media Spread Awareness?

  19. Can We Use Social Media to Learn New Skills?

  20. Social Media Can Lead to People Having Imposter Syndrome

  21.  Do People Fake Their Reality on Social Media? 

  22. Is Social Media Creating Distance or Connecting People?

  23. How is Facebook so Influential?

  24. Is Youtube the Biggest Virtual University?

  25. Is Social Media Making it Easier for People to Develop Interpersonal Relationships?

Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Can Pharmacists Prescribe Medicine?

  2. Drugs and Their Misuse in the World

  3. Should Medicines That can be Used as Drugs Be Banned?

  4. Should There be Any Ethical Measures for Using the Internet? 

  5. Is There a Correct Use of Social Media to Collect Charity or Funds?

  6. Is City Life Full of Threats and Anxiety?

  7. Can Public Smoking Cause Cancer in Non-Smokers 

  8. Should the Voting Age Raise to 20-25?

  9. Should More People Opt for Meditation?

  10. Can a Toxic Work Environment Disturb Family Life?

  11. Zoom Meeting Application or Google Meet; Which is Better?

  12. Has the MeToo Movement Stirred Fear in Men?

  13. Is Stalking the Most Neglected Offense?

  14. Can Electric Vehicles Decrease Emission?

  15. Are People Becoming More and More Intolerant?

  16. Can Climate Change Cause Natural Disasters Become Frequent?

  17. Should Companies Provide Paternal Leaves?

  18. Should a Salary Cap Exist for Celebrities and Athletes?

  19. Can Metoo Movement be Used Negatively?

  20. Is the Current Economic Crisis Solely Because of a Pandemic?

  21. Have Politicians and People in Power Benefitted from COVID Outbreak?

  22. Is Animal Testing Moral?

  23. Should Public Video Surveillance Violate Public Privacy? 

  24. Is the Earth Flat or Round?

  25. Is Cloning Unethical? 

Argumentative Essay Topics about Art and Music

argumentative essay topics about music

  1. Do Big Ad Companies Use Music to Influence Consumers?

  2. Can Music Soothe You?

  3. Do Different Genres of Music Hold the Same Worth?

  4. Can Listening to Music Increase Productivity?

  5. Can People’s Choice In Music Influence Their Behavior?

  6. Does the New Trend of the “Slow and Riverbed” Music Version Reflect Anything About Gen Z and Gen X?

  7. Does Language Play Any Role in Enhancing Music?

  8. How Is Classical Music Still Relevant?

  9. What Does Music Depict About Different Cultures?

  10. Why Do News Channels Use Rowdy Music? 

  11. Why is Mona Lisa so Popular? 

  12. What Makes Van Gogh’s Art Still Relevant?

  13. Does Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” Have a Hidden Meaning?

  14. How Does “The American Gothic” Depict True American Life?

  15. Is Getting a Degree in Music Worth It?

  16. Why Do People Still Paint Greek Gods?

  17. Did Ariana Grande Mock or Tribute to Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” in Her Song “God Is A Woman”?

  18. Is It Ethical To Mimic Art? 

  19. Is the Constant Use of Earbuds Damaging Your Hearing?

  20. Is There Any Objectively “Bad Art”?

  21. How Can Music Glorify a Culture?

  22. Are There More Chances of Becoming a Successful Musician Than Pilot?

  23. Can Art and Music Help with Depression?

  24. Why Do Most War Veterans Describe Music as Their Therapy?

  25. Can Music Change or Enhance Mood?

  26. Art Concerts and Art Exhibitions a Worthy Experience?

  27. Should More People Learn How to Analyze Art?

  28. Do Art and Music Shed Light on Social Voices 

  29. Do Women Enjoy Healthy Success in the Music Industry?

  30. Does Social Media Algorithm Negatively Influence Artists/ Creators/ Influencers? 

Argumentative Essay Topics Related to Sports

argumentative essay topics related to sports

  1. Video games Have Taken Over Sports?

  2. Are Sports Key to a Healthy and Long Life?

  3. Do Schools and Colleges Need Sports Compulsion?

  4. Should More Sports Competitions be Held with Communities?

  5. Should there be an Age Limit for Participants in Sports Competitions?

  6. Is Strength Training Necessary for Women in Sports?

  7. Are the Sport-Associated Stereotypes True?

  8. Is It Important for Students to Partake in Sports?

  9. Why are Sports Often Neglected in Educational Institutes? 

  10. Should the Government Invest More in Sports?

  11. Should Students be Able to Perform All Major Sports?

  12. Can Dance be Part of the Olympics?

  13. Should the Use of Steroids in Sports Have Serious Consequences?

  14. Is It Important to Involve Women In Sports?

  15. Should Women Be Allowed to Play Professional Sports on Men’s Teams?

  16. Do You Think Trans Women Should Get to Play on a Women’s Team?

  17. Is It Necessary to Establish Sports in Universities?

  18. Should American Football Be in Individual Younger Than 18?

  19. Does the Sports Gear Use In Hockey Protect the Athletes?

  20. Should Nepotism Babies Have the Privilege to Join Without many trials?

  21. Why Can’t All People Have the Same Opportunities In Sports?

  22. Should Students From School Football Teams Enjoy the Privilege that They Do?

  23. Are Boys In School Football Teams Ever Accountable for Bullying and Bad Behavior?

  24. Why Don’t Women’s Teams In any Sport Get the Same Recognition as Men?

  25. Why Are Sports Considered to Be a Time-Wasting Activity by Parents?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Technology

argumentative essay topics about technology

  1. Has Technology Made Humans Lazy?

  2. Has Technology Changed the Meaning of Convenience in Life?

  3. Is Technology Replacing People?

  4. Has AI Confined Human Creativity?

  5. Is Technology a Threat to Basic Privacy Rights?

  6. Is the Internet Helpful In Times of Crisis?

  7. Are Japan’s Self-Checkout Registers More Helpful for the Buyers?

  8. Does the Use of Technology Save Us Time for Other Activities?

  9. Is Technology A Threat to the Human Race? 

  10. Is Our Survival More Dependent on Technology nowadays? 

  11. People Who Do Not Depend on Technology for Their Everyday Tasks are More Active Than Those Who Do?

  12. Is Technology Changing People’s Attitude About Life?

  13. Is Tech on Its Way to Create an Entirely New World? 

  14. Was Life Before Technology More Peaceful?

  15. Has Technology Put Things On a Fast Track?

  16. Is Tech Helping Children Learning More Skills?

  17. Has Tech made Earned Money Easier?

  18. Is Tech Directly Related to Favorable Outcomes on Students’ Report Cards?

  19. How Can We Better the Tech Infrastructure for Better Online Education?

  20. Are E-Books Better For the Environment?

  21. Is Technology Helping the Environmental Crisis?

  22. Are Fitness Tech Companies Helpful?

  23. Should the Government Invest More in Fusing Tech and Medicine?

  24. Are Online College Paper Writing Service Platforms Helping Students Grow Academically?

  25. Has Tech Helped People in Improving Their Interpersonal Relationships?

Argumentative Essay Topics Regarding Women’s Rights

  1. Women of Minorities? 

  2. Does Society Often Pit Women Against Each Other in Terms of Success?

  3. Is the Government Making Women’s Decisions for Them? 

  4. Is the Metoo Movement Giving Voice to More Victims?

  5. Should More Women Seek Therapy for Regular Harassment? 

  6. Has the Corporate World Taken Any Drastic Measures Against Work-place Harassment of Women? 

  7. Do Women’s Rights Play Any Role Against Anti-Discrimination Activities? 

  8. Are Pro-Life Activists Helping Women? 

  9. Why do Women with Careers Shame Women Who Choose to Stay House-Wives?

  10. Do Characters Played in Famous Shows Like Euphoria and 13 Reasons Why, Do Justice to Women Dealing With Violence and Assault? 

  11. Is the Justice System Failing Harassment Victims All Over US?

  12. There are More Chances of A Woman Getting Murdered during Her Pregnancy than Dying of Health Complications. Is that Reflecting Misogyny and Man Entitlement in Women’s Lives? 

  13.  Is the Government Investing Enough Money and Efforts to Protect Women’s Rights?

  14. The Ethics of Abortion

  15. Gender Bias and Women’s Rights 

  16. Do Women Enjoy Certain Privileges In Islam? 

  17. Should More Women Learn Self-defense?

  18. Women Living Alone Should Be Able to Keep Protection Dogs Regardless of their Residence. 

  19. Do You Think African American Women Should Still Fight for Basic Human Rights? 

  20. How Is the Cosmetic Industry Pushing Women To Unhealthy Consumerism? 

  21. How is the Fashion Industry Failing Women? 

  22. Can Women Easily Fall Victim to Human Trafficking Due to Their Spouses?

  23. Are Women’s Rights Any Better Today than Those of Victorian Women? 

  24. Is it Possible to Control Violence Against Women?

  25. Should Women In Prison be Entitled to Any Rights? 

Now that you have picked some fantastic argumentative essay topics, would you like to know how to write an argumentative essay?

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The above-mentioned argumentative essay topics offer a massive variety to those looking to impress their professors with their next paper. If you need further help writing any topic, you can contact industry professionals for perfect essay writing from around the clock.


Some good argumentative essay topics related to school are as follows. 

  • Why is the internet important to study?

  • How eating good food can make you efficient in studies?

  • Why should bullying be permanently banned in schools?

  • The teachers are a role model to the students.

  • School is a place to learn, not win any competition.

  • The use of technology in the development of a country?

  • Women's rights and ensuring their safety.

  • The right approach to study for an A grade.

A good argument topic is the one in which more claims and arguments could be found to support the thesis statement or main idea such as;

  • The right to vote should be given to people above age 20.

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