Argumentative Essay Outline

It is never easier to write an essay, we agree. Some essays need thorough research that’s why you have to write down each point in advance to not skip them later. Here’s a thing essay experts usually suggest to everyone, “Creating the Essay Outlines” because it makes your essay writing task 10x easier and fun.

Creating an outline of your essay makes the process faster and interesting. We are sure you’re missing out on a lot of things if you don’t know how to create an argumentative essay outline. In this blog, you will learn more about it by seeing various essay outline templates. 

What is an Argumentative Essay?

It involves creating a thesis statement for argumentative essay topics which is supported by claim and evidence in an essay. The main objective of this is to take one statement and collect evidence to prove it.

20 Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some example topics for this kind of essay. Mentioning these topics can give you an idea about the nature of this essay. 

  1. Is the internet really useful for us?
  2. Why has technology done so much damage along with development?
  3. Is it better to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist? 
  4. Why is mental health being neglected so much in this advanced age?
  5. Why is living in a virtual world becoming a trend?
  6. The online education system is worse while the regular classroom system is best. 
  7. Life in a big city has ruined the real essence of living. 
  8. Terrorism can never be wiped out from the world. 
  9. Eating junk can cause mental health problems. 
  10. How good food is a key to long life?
  11. People follow astrology since it is authentic! 
  12. Nothing can compensate for the lack of moral values in a person.
  13. Is the earth round or flat?
  14. Why has fashion become quite backward today?
  15. Alcoholic consumption should be legalized for people below 18. 
  16. The culture of assigning homeworks should be cancelled. 
  17. Working with studies should be made a compulsion. 
  18. Bullying must be considered a crime. 
  19. Certain sound waves and lights can make a person peaceful. 
  20. Depression is not a joke. 
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Essay Outline Templates

Here are some essay outline templates for you to check out and choose one that suits your college essay. These can help you create an outline within no time. 

1. Structure of an Argumentative Essay Outline

The structure of the essay outline is simple, yet it requires some kind of research and observation. The below given sample can help you a lot. 

2. Argumentative Essay Outline Worksheet

This worksheet will help thestudents in learning how to design an essay outline within a few easy steps.

3. Paragraph Argumentative Essay Outline

If you are restricted to write argumentative essays only in the form of paragraphs that only provide the specific details, then this outline can prove to be useful for you. You can have a look at how exactly each segment makes a better paragraph starter without stretching the limit. The topic chosen could be any of your choice, you just need to learn how to do selection for word choice. Following the below given pattern can help you easily create an outline of whatever your topic is.

4. MLA Format Argumentative Essay Outline

At colleges and universities, there are several referencing and formatting styles used in writing essays and thesis research. This outline will provide a claim for an argumentative essay by using MLA formatting style of the paper.

5. Social Media Argumentative Essay Outline

This topic is probably assigned to every college or school student once or more times. Creating an outline for a social media essay is quite simple. We have to add reasons, claims and arguments to provide valuable information to the readers. Here is a simple outline sample for a social media essay. 

6. Abortion Argumentative Essay Outline

It is quite a sensitive topic hence the information used must be strictly authentic. The outline of this essay will be similar to the others. We’ll be starting off with the title, introduction, claim, then further arguments and examples. 

7. Gun Control Argumentative Essay Outline

It’s another type of essay assigned to the students of college and university level. The simple method of writing an outline would be used here to describe the major points. 

8. APA Argumentative Essay Outline

The APA-style essays have a specific pattern that makes them different from the other essay writing formats. Here is a complete outline of writing an essay in APA format from the best essay writing website.

9. 6 Paragraphs Argumentative Essay Outline

Some teachers often give a strict condition of writing an essay not more than 6 paragraphs. It is done for the students to fulfill the criteria and get grades accordingly. Whoever follows the guidelines gets the better grade so it is necessary to learn how to prepare a 6 paragraphs essay outline. 

10. Common Core Argumentative Essay Outline

Common core essays are a bit different from others and that’s why their outline will be a little unlikely. These kinds of essays are to the point and do not require explanatory backgrounds. 

11. Argumentative Essay Outline for English Composition

In the English composition essay outline, things are quite similar yet they have a slightly different goal. The purpose is to compare and contrast two things in the essay. Either it could be just giving simple arguments regarding a thesis statement. 

That’s all for the outline samples of the essay since everything has been explained in an easier way. 


Therefore, the outlining of each essay is a must to consider before you start writing a strong conclusion. The outline templates given in this blog will help you create one for your own essay.

If you have something on your mind or need argumentative essay help, do express it in the given comment section.

How do you write an outline for an argumentative essay? What is the outline of an argumentative essay? What are the five parts of an argumentative essay? What are the five steps of an argumentative essay?
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