Crafting a Compelling Argumentative Essay Outline

An argumentative essay is a piece of academic writing that uses facts and logical reasoning to reflect a specific view on any subject. The purpose of an argumentative paper is to convince the audience of the validity of the writer’s argument through well-researched evidence.

Having a clear outline to write any such essay is efficient because it organizes your thoughts coherently and cohesively. But drafting an argumentative essay outline can be a challenge in itself.

This article explains how you can effectively compose an argumentative essay outline for various argumentative essay topics to sway your audience.

So keep reading and find templates, examples, bonus tips, and topics to understand better the process of creating an outline.

Argumentative Essay Outline with Examples, Tips, and Topics

Here comes the most crucial part: we will make your work more accessible in this guide. How? Good question! We are sharing a bunch of the helping topics to use while creating outlines along with versatile templates. 

You can use those templates to create simple outline structures, proper worksheets, and outlines in different formats, i.e., MLA, etc. Additionally, we are sharing completely fledged outlines about hyped-up topics for your better understanding. Meanwhile, complete packaged argumentative essay body paragraph examples are also present for your help.

Argumentative Essay Outline Templates

Here are some essay outline templates for you to check out and choose one that suits your college essay. These can help you create an outline within no time. 

Normal/Simple Structure of an Argumentative Essay Outline

normal simple structure of an argumentative essay outline

The structure of the essay outline is simple, yet it requires some research and observation. The below-given sample can help you a lot.

Comprehensive Outline Worksheet

comprehensive outline worksheet

This worksheet will help the students learn how to design an essay outline within a few easy steps.

Paragraph Wise Outline Template

If you are restricted to writing argumentative essays only in the form of paragraphs that only provide specific details, then this outline can prove to be useful for you. You can have a look at how exactly each segment makes a better paragraph starter without stretching the limit. 

The topic chosen could be any of your choices. You just need to learn how to make a selection for word choice. Following the pattern below can help you easily create an outline of your topic.

MLA Format Argumentative Essay Outline

At colleges and universities, there are several referencing and formatting styles used in writing essays and thesis research. So we chose MLA to provide you with an outline structure to guide. You can use this if you are asked by your teachers to use MLA format to prove a claim for an argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay Outline in APA Style

argumentative essay outline in apa style

The APA-style essays have a specific pattern that differentiates them from the other essay writing formats. Here is a complete outline of writing an essay in APA format from the best essay writing website.

Example of Social Media Argumentative Essay Outline

This topic is probably assigned to every college or school student once or more. Creating an outline for a social media essay is quite simple. We must add reasons, claims, and arguments to provide valuable information to the readers. Here is a simple outline sample for a social media essay.

Gun Control Argumentative Essay Outline Example

gun control argumentative essay outline example

It’s another type of essay assigned to students at the college and university level. The simple method of writing an outline will be used here to describe the major points.

Additional Tips to Follow and Common Mistakes to Avoid While Outlining Argumentative Essays

We are about to share the ten best tips to help you achieve advanced results. Plus, you’ll be blessed with ten mistakes to avoid that students make often.

10 Tips to Follow for Standardized Outlined Work

Writers from perfect essay writing have compiled a list of bonus tips that you can use to improve your skills. These will help in outlining argumentative essays for standardized tests and ensuring your paper meets the required guidelines.

  1. Create a flexible outline structure: Develop one that can be adapted to different argumentative essay topics while meeting standardized guidelines.

  2. Rhetorical questions: Use them to generate interest and encourage readers to think critically about your argument.

  3. Use clear and concise language: Avoid jargon and complex language; instead, use simple and straightforward language to communicate your ideas effectively.

  4. Organize your thoughts logically: Break down your argument into smaller sections, focusing on one main point per paragraph.

  5. Practice time management: Allocate sufficient time to each step of the outlining process to ensure you can complete the essay within the standardized test’s time limits.

  6. Develop a consistent citation style: Familiarize yourself with the citation style required for the standardized essay and consistently apply it throughout your outline.

  7. Prioritize clarity and conciseness: Keep your outline simple and to the point, focusing on clear and concise language to meet the standardized essay word limit.

  8. Edit and revise: Always revise your outline before you begin writing to ensure it flows smoothly and logically.

  9. Practice, practice, practice: Regularly practice outlining and writing standardized argumentative essays to become more confident and efficient in crafting well-structured, persuasive arguments.

  10. Seek feedback: Share your outline with a trusted friend or mentor and ask for feedback to help you refine your argument.

10 Bonus Hints and Tips to Avoid Most Common Mistakes at Any Cost 

  1. Choosing a weak or vague thesis statement: Ensure your thesis statement is specific, clear, and concise.

  2. Relying on personal opinions: Avoid using personal opinions as evidence; instead, use well-researched facts and data to support your argument.

  3. Failing to address counterarguments: Ignoring opposing viewpoints weakens your argument, so be sure to address them effectively.

  4. Overgeneralizing: Avoid making sweeping statements or generalizations that aren’t supported by evidence.

  5. Committing logical fallacies: Be careful not to use faulty logic or reasoning in your argument as this can undermine your credibility.

  6. Plagiarism: Always cite your sources and give proper credit to avoid plagiarism.

  7. Using emotional appeals instead of evidence: Rely on facts and data to support your argument, rather than manipulating emotions.

  8. Incoherent structure: Avoid jumping from one point to another without clear transitions and logical organization.

  9. Poor grammar and punctuation: Errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation can detract from your argument and make your essay less persuasive.

  10. Failing to revise and edit: Always take the time to review your outline and make revisions as necessary to ensure your essay is well-organized and logical.

20 Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some argumentative essay topics that you can practice writing your paper on. You can also opt for an essay/assignment writing service platform to get better examples of argumentative essays.

  1. Is the internet really useful for us?

  2. Why has technology done so much damage along with development?

  3. Is it better to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist?

  4. Why is mental health being neglected so much in this advanced age?

  5. Why is living in a virtual world becoming a trend?

  6. The online education system is worse, while the regular classroom system is best.

  7. Life in a big city has ruined the real essence of living.

  8. Terrorism can never be wiped out from the world.

  9. Eating junk can cause mental health problems.

  10. How is good food a key to long life?

  11. People follow astrology since it is authentic!

  12. Nothing can compensate for the lack of moral values in a person.

  13. Is the earth round or flat?

  14. Why has fashion become quite backward today?

  15. Alcoholic consumption should be legalized for people below 18.

  16. The culture of assigning homework should be canceled.

  17. Working with studies should be made a compulsion.

  18. Bullying must be considered a crime.

  19. Certain sound waves and lights can make a person peaceful.

  20. Depression is not a joke.

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Mastering the art of outlining an argumentative essay is crucial for presenting a persuasive and well-structured argument. By following the unique topics and structural templates shared in this guide and the bonus tips for standardized argumentative essay outlines, you can develop a strong foundation for your essay.

Furthermore, this will help you effectively communicate your ideas and stand out from the competition. Remember to focus on creating a clear and concise outline, addressing counter-arguments, using a variety of evidence, and organizing your thoughts logically.

Additionally, don’t forget to practice regularly and seek feedback to refine your skills. With persistence and dedication, you’ll be well on your way to crafting compelling argumentative essays that impress both teachers and standardized test evaluators alike. Happy outlining!

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