How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

We have a hypothesis that out of all types of essays, argumentative essays are the trickiest ones to write. There are a number of reasons in the box that lead us to assume this; the high school and college students might find it relatable to much extent. So why is writing an argumentative essay so hard and how to write an argumentative essay? This blog is going to answer this one particular question by providing a complete guide to writing such an essay.

There are several stages that an author follows when writing an essay like this. You can include a well-written introduction, thesis, body paragraph, arguments and evidence along with a final conclusion. You can check out many argumentative essay body paragraphs and examples related to them since this section requires most of the work.

This blog mainly focuses on the idea of writing a persuasive essay in a standard way, along with highlighting other major aspects of professional essay writing. So let’s go through this guide together and see what’s new to learn from it.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

This type of essay consists of a regular essay structure along with the arguments and the evidence to back them up regarding a particular topic. A raised issue leads to the generation of a thesis statement that is built so that a basis could be provided for the entire piece of writing. Afterwards the evidence is collected for the relevant evidence and a stance is put forward.

High school and college students are often given assignments of writing this type of essays to pass their class. There is a proper writing structure set for such essays that you as a student can follow to craft a valuable and meaningful persuasive essay.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

It has been a big concern among students how to write an argumentative essay since there are so many writing patterns to follow. It becomes confusing to find out which one is authentic, that’s why we are here presenting you with an easier and simple method to write an essay.

Think of a Good Topic

It is extremely important to select a topic that can actually add value to your research essay. You cannot just take any topic and try to put it into use, because it can be a disastrous recipe to write an essay. It is always better to decide a topic after doing the sufficient amount of research as there is nothing you can be sure about without doing some homework. Therefore, choose a good topic and then think about the next steps.

Do the Research About the Topic

This step had to be at #2 since many people don’t know about it. Actually you must research well about your topic so you can easily create a thesis. You can search for the past research papers, interviews, documentaries and other sources that can assist you properly. With this research you can finally move on to write your thesis.

Form a Strong Thesis Statement

Now it’s the time you start building all the thoughts and come up with one strong thesis. This statement will be used as a base for your essay upon which you are going to put arguments and their evidence. All you have to do is make sure the statement carries significant meaning and sounds believable for the readers, otherwise this statement won’t have any impact throughout the entire essay.

Create an Essay Outline

The next stage is creating the essay outline since it’ll help you save time, get a curated roadmap to write flawlessly, and complete your essay without any interruptions. Having an essay outline assists in having a smooth writing process that guarantees good quality work. 

Start Writing as per the Outline

By this step you should start writing your essay since you have all the required material. This phase will seem much easier to you and your essay will be ready way before the expected time. It is all because of following the tips mentioned above that ease the entire writing process.

Mention the References by Citing them

You should never forget quoting the references you have used in your essay. Not giving credits to the authors of original work marks as plagiarism, and as a student you should avoid this situation at any cost. Use a relevant referencing style and add all the citations and references in your essay to fulfill this purpose.

Read the Entire Essay Before Submission

There are so many chances that many mistakes are left behind in a freshly written essay. A student cannot afford to submit a flawed piece of writing although they have done so much hard work to bring authentic research facts and evidence. It will all go into vain if your essay has multiple writing mistakes. In order to avoid all such silly mistakes, read the essay for once and do exactly what’s written in step number 8!

Edit your Essay and Submit it

It’s the last stage of writing an essay in which you just edit the entire document and click on the submit button. This last step will save you from so much embarrassment and soon you’ll be known as the best essay writer among all students in your class (We Promise!).

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Introduction?

argumentative essay introduction example

It is said that an introduction is the hook of any writing piece, and it is undoubtedly true. If your essay’s introduction is good and creative then a reader will 100% like to read more.

The paragraph starters for argumentative essays given below are interesting and helpful for every student.

Discuss your Topic a Little Bit

What could be better than providing your readers with a quick snippet of your essay title? Why have you chosen a particular topic raises so many questions, and your quick explanation in the introduction part can help readers clear their minds. So it’s always a good idea to introduce your essay topic to the readers to some extent.

Ask a Thoughtful Question

A question can be an argument, you just have to make sense in whatever you are quoting. You can start your introduction with a thoughtful question that urges readers to find the answer by reading your essay. It is a great method to add an interesting beginning to your essay and this trick works wonders. You should try it out and let us know in the comment section.

Start Introducing your Thesis

A thesis is known as the basis of any essay, and it also needs an introduction. A thesis statement is usually discussed right after the introduction section of the essay, but you can share a bit of it first to provide an idea to the readers.

Create a Relevant Situation to Build Reader’s Interest

You might have observed that we all weirdly keep reading stuff that creates a sense of suspense or any situation that sounds interesting. Following this technique to write your essay’s introduction could be a great win for your grades. People like reading interesting things, therefore make-up a creative situation to raise the curiosity of the readers.

Argumentative Essay Outline

argumentative essay outline

We have mentioned this multiple times before how significant the role essay outlines plays in writing essays. One cannot deny the fact that an essay outline always eases the writing process and keeps the author on a track. It is necessary to know what an essay outline looks like.

Let’s check out this fine method of creating an argumentative essay outline that works.

Finalize all the Headings of your Essay

Your essay is going to have a number of headings and subheadings. All of these must be present in the essay outline too so you do not have to face any issues while writing. It is the first and simple requirement to finalize what headings you will be adding in your essay.

When you decide it at first priority you get an idea of the elements to be added in the essay outline. For this purpose you must complete your research or consult your teacher so they may suggest a valid pattern.

Mention the Headings

In this step you can mention the main headings of your essay. These headings will be the primary ones that stand as the pillars to the upcoming subheadings.

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Mention the Subheadings

This step involves writing the subheadings. A main heading can have multiple branches related to it that must be discussed in an essay. That is why every student should do enough research and decide what subheadings they want to add in all of the headings. It can be determined by analyzing what information is to be added in each heading.

Double Check your Outline

Though creating an essay outline is not a tricky job, yet it has to be double checked. This step will help you recall everything you want to add in your essay outline. Take out some time and think if you’ve been missing something that should be a part of your essay outline. If everything’s perfect, do not hesitate to move on towards the writing phase.

Argumentative Essay Transition Words

Do you know that adding transition words in an essay can improve the readability and enhance the quality? Due to this fact students are always encouraged to add transition words in all kinds of essays they write. It makes their essay 10x better to read, plus the final draft looks excellent.

The word choice in an argumentative essay should be pertinent and meaningful. Here are some categories and the transition words in it that you can use to make your essay better.

argumentative essay transition words

These are some argumentative essay transition words whose addition adds more meaning to the text. Using these in your essay will definitely get you the grades you deserve.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics

We have shared a lot about persuasive essays like how you can write them, how to create their outline and other stuff. What we haven’t told you yet is the argumentative essay topics and how to choose a good one.

In order to choose an essay topic you must

  • Research Well

  • Understand the Scope

  • See What’s Trending

  • Find Out What’s the Most Effective Topic Academically

After checking on these 4 facts you can find a good topic for writing your essay. It isn’t that hard because all of these tips will help you understand the criteria.

Now let’s find out what could be the best essay topics you can choose for crafting your next essay.


  1. Is online education the new normal teaching formula?

  2. Is education necessary to earn money and become financially stable?

  3. Are students nowadays really motivated towards achieving their academic goals?

  4. Is it cool for the students and teachers to socialize after school?

  5. Should there be a no smoking policy at schools or canceling it will be effective?

  6. Is the student career counseling worth it or it doesn’t help students at all?

  7. Is a competition among students for better grades a silly race?

  8. Should schools allow students to wear uniforms or not?

  9. Are digital eBooks better than hard copies?

  10. Is studying science a better idea than studying arts?

Moral Values

  1. Is it fine to legalize alcohol for the people aged below 18?

  2. Is it okay to check on the children’s social media usage activities?

  3. How fair is it to see talentless rich people get all the fame on Instagram?

  4. Is it ethical to demand divorce from your spouse if they get a serious disease?

  5. Should rich people help the poor?

  6. Is it normal to pay wages as low as equivalent to peanuts to the laborers?

  7. Is killing a criminal against morality?

  8. Is it fair to get abortion if you cannot afford having a baby?

  9. Is it unethical to share someone’s secrets without approval?

  10. Are paparazzis really violating the privacy of celebrities?


  1. Is technology a big reason behind emerging wars?

  2. How easy life has become because of technology?

  3. Can today’s generation really live without technology?

  4. Smartphone Vs Letter: Which one is the best way to write to your loved ones?

  5. Why has the internet caught people ‘s minds so much?

  6. Is the world getting advanced with the help of technology?

  7. Is technology really that effective?

  8. How has the world become a digital village?

  9. How metaverse is just a lie?

  10. Why can technology be harmful?

Social Media

  1. Is technology playing a good role in educating society on different factors?

  2. Is too much use of social media making people addicted?

  3. How important is it to fix screen time for children?

  4. Is it a crime to send messages to a stranger repeatedly?

  5. Is it fair to cause an inferiority complex among the audience by portraying extravagant lifestyles?

  6. Is social media a good source to learn about right and wrong?

  1. Is social media safe enough for the users?

  2. How do women face harassment for being on social media?

  3. What if social media dies one day?

  4. Is it okay to stalk someone on social media?

How to Write a Thesis Statement for Argumentative Essay?

This type of statement is something that can make or break your entire research. If your essay does not contain a powerful thesis then there is no purpose of writing that essay in the first place. So you see there is a great emphasis on the thesis and why it is important.

Just like we discussed the argument and what is a claim in an argumentative essay, in the same way we are going to highlight the steps you can follow to write an impactful thesis for your essay.

Decide One Topic for your Essay

There is no chance you can write anything without selecting a topic. You just cannot pick up a pen and start writing absurd things on one sheet of paper. There always has to be a topic, an issue, a point that could lead to the detailed discussion and arguments.

That is why students must decide a topic first so they can easily create a thesis statement following it. Once the topic is decided, you won’t need a long time to come up with a good thesis.

Focus on the Central Idea of the Essay

The central idea of your essay is the one that has initiated your thought of writing on your chosen topic. You must pay attention to that idea and try to separate a statement that can be used as a strong argument for your essay. Remember that statement has to be powerful and meaningful so nobody can easily reject it by putting forward a better thesis.

Think, Observe and Repeat!

Thinking and observing are two things that can solve problems, generate new ideas and build new theories. Once you have thought a lot and decided one topic for your essay, the next step is to observe carefully. Now you will be thinking “observe what?” The observation is required within the topic and main points associated with it.

Once you start observing it properly, you will see new folds opening that definitely provide so much to know. It is a not so difficult method that can help you write the best thesis statement without panicking because students are kind of scared of writing a thesis due to it’s tough procedure.

How to Write a Conclusion in an Argumentative Essay?

The conclusion is the final part of an essay but still it has great significance. It sums up the final verdict deduced after putting forward the arguments and evidence, so it’s a fair question that how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay. Here are some of the simplest tips to write a nice conclusion

Read the Entire Research Work/Essay

If you want to write a good conclusion, it is compulsory to read the entire paper for once. It will help you get the idea of what’s written over there and what exactly it signifies. Reading your essay will help you collect the points that precisely summarize your work.

Note Down Conclusive Points

The final points you found from reading are the important ones, write them down immediately to avoid any issues later. Writing those points down at one spot will help you craft a good conclusion in the end.

Write a Conclusion

You can jot down those points to write a final conclusion for your essay. Just keep those points side by side and try to merge them all perfectly in the form of a paragraph. You can keep your own opinion inside too so all the points may make sense to the readers.

Check if you’ve Missed Something

In this step you need to do a final review and see if everything is included in the conclusion. If not, then repeat the above 3 steps and make your conclusion the best last lines of your essay.

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Writing an essay could become your favorite thing to do once you master all the tricks given above. These mini-guides for writing anything associated with argumentative essays can help you reach your writing goals effectively.

If any of your essay writing assignments are lined up, we hope you have learned so many new things in this blog to implement. You can get help from a college paper writing service if you have any queries or feedback. Feel free to write to us in the comment section given below.

What are five parts of an argumentative essay? What is an argument in an essay? How do you start an argumentative essay? How do you structure an argument?
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