The Ultimate Guide to Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay

The main goal of writing an argumentative essay is to persuade your reader to favor or at least consider your point of view on a subject. A well-written conclusion can help you in achieving your desired outcome. Since these are the final words your reader will read, they can leave a lasting impact reinforcing your main argument. 

Writing an impressionable conclusion can be daunting. But in this guide, we will discuss the purpose of a conclusion, strategies for writing a strong conclusion for an argumentative essay, some common mistakes students need to look out for, and some examples. 

Purpose of a Conclusion in an Argumentative Essay

You may not realize it, but conclusion paragraphs have a crucial purpose to fulfill. According to research done by the American Psychological Association, your introduction and conclusion, in any formal writing, determines the success of your overall content.

In any writing, readers revisit the last words they have read, which can leave a lasting impression on them. In the case of argumentative essays, where multiple arguments are presented, this can result in the reader recalling only the last argument they have read.

A conclusion paragraph can help you achieve the following:

  • And an overall sense of closure for the reader

  • The three R’s: Conclusion of an argumentative essay helps writers in attaining the following “R’s”

  • Remind: The concluding paragraph should remind your reader of all the main arguments you provided in your text.

  • Refresh: It must also refresh your thesis statement for your reader.

  • Reinforce: lastly, an argumentative conclusion connects all main arguments to the thesis statement and reinforces the writer’s objective in the reader’s mind.

Further we unveil some characteristics and structural strategies that will help you write an ending paragraph that achieves all the above-mentioned purposes.

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Strategy for Writing a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay 

Many students skip conclusions from their argumentative essay outline altogether. But you might not have expected that many of your readers (professors and peers alike) jump straight to conclusions to assess if your paper is worth their while.

Not writing a concluding paragraph, in many cases, means lower grades. To combat these issues, we have created a step by step guide to incorporate all the major characteristics of a conclusion.

Let’s begin by highlighting a few crucial characteristics that a conclusion of an argumentative essay must have.

  • Your ending paragraph must have a summarized version of all your major arguments.

  • Writers must restate their thesis statement in a unique way to emphasize their stance on the subject.

  • You must highlight the counter arguments and their invalidity in one line.

  • A call to action is always important to incorporate. It encourages the reader to reflect on your point of view.

  • End your paragraph with a memorable statement that leaves lasting impressions.

Moreover, following three steps will help you incorporate all these characteristics in your conclusion for an argumentative essay.

  • Starter sentence

  • Summarizing the main points

  • Concluding sentence

Let’s discuss how to write a conclusion paragraph:

  1. Starter Sentence

This sentence is the very starting sentence of a conclusion paragraph, and it can restate the thesis of the essay. As a student, if you ever wonder how to start a conclusion, try to rephrase your thesis statement and then state it as the first sentence of your concluding paragraph.

  1. Summarizing The Main Points

By summarizing the main points, we mean that in 3-4 sentences, wrap up the entire arguments that you have made throughout the essay. Not just this, but also explain the importance of it and the connection between them.

  1. Concluding Sentence

It is the final sentence of your conclusion; make sure it is a rhetorical question or a clincher sentence to leave the audience in a state of thoughts and craving. This sentence should provide closure to the essay and work as a connector of the audience to the introduction.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

There are several common mistakes students make while writing a conclusion for an argumentative essay. Correcting or avoiding the following mistakes can help you develop a stronger and lasting impression on your reader.

  • Avoid Introducing new ideas in your conclusion. This selection is supposed to tie all loose ends, summarize and connect all details.

  • Don’t repeat the exact statements from your content; rephrase all your main points/arguments and the thesis statement.

  • Avoid using intimidating vocabulary or jargon unless necessary.

  • Avoid excessive use of literary devices. Your reader must not leave your content feeling confused any further. So if you’re using devices like rhetorical questions, make sure they’re generally understandable.

  • Avoid the use of silly words and decorative language.

  • Make sure your content has a natural flow.

  • You don’t need to forcefully stuff your conclusion paragraphs with all the facts you have discussed. You can only use a few major arguments to make a statement.

  • Lack of time management is a common error students make when writing papers. Expert writers from perfect essay writing suggest students should dedicate a certain amount of time to writing their conclusion for argumentative essays.

  • Avoid getting into too much detail.

  • Don’t be hasty while writing your conclusion; this can lead to many mistakes that can ultimately cause trouble.

  • Avoid overuse of phrases and words.

  • Avoid the use of words like phrases like “In my opinion” or “I think” (these are best suited for persuasive essay transitional words). Such phrases undermine the authority and credibility of the argument and can weaken the overall impact of the essay.

  • Avoid making sweeping generalizations or unsupported claims in conclusion.

Bonus Tips on Writing a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay 

Here are some bonus tips to help you create powerful and convincing conclusions for an argumentative essay. 

  • Do add new words while rephrasing

  • Use compelling vocabulary

  • Review after writing your conclusion.

  • You can emphasize your point by adding quotations, rhetorical questions, and thought-provoking imagery.

  • Keep a confident tone.

  • Make sure to rely more on logic than using an emotional appeal. However, if you’re writing on a topic that has more sentimental value and can gauge the reader on that ground, don’t shy away from using an emotional tone.

  • Discuss the implication of your argument if you can.

Transitional/ Concluding Words 

transitional concluding words

Your choice of words can elevate or devalue your content. When composing a conclusion for an argumentative essay, appropriate transitional words can make a difference. These words help you produce cohesive and coherent paragraphs that emphasize the significance of your argument. So here are some transitional words that you can use in your next argumentative essay:

Examples of Argumentative Essay Conclusions

Here are some of the examples for your context. Read these thoroughly and try to produce some similar examples. 

Starter Sentences:

Thesis Statement: “Decision-making in aeronautics depends on millions of factors.”

Starter Sentence for Conclusion of an Argumentative Essay: “Human factor, weather, terrain and go-no-go decision being in a million factors in aeronautical decision-making are the most critical among all others.”

Thesis: “it should be the duty of pharmacists to prescribe medicines on the diagnosed condition of the patient and not the doctor for several reasons.”

First Sentence of Conclusion: “pharmacists have better know-how of the formulas in the drugs suitable for the type of diagnosed disease”.

Restating Main Points: 

“Although many internal and external factors are included in aeronautical decision-making, the major contribution is made mostly by the ones stated herein. Therefore, before making a flight, these factors must be in the considerations of the pilot”.

“However, doctors being specialists in the diagnosing of medical conditions properly can also play the role of the pharmacist, but the areas in which they are specialized are very different from what pharmacists are”.

Concluding statement:

“Think how multi-task pilots are when making thousands of decisions simultaneously.

“So, you may understand how important it is for the pharmacist to prescribe drugs rather than the doctor playing the role of a pharmacist.

Conclusions for an Argumentative Essay 

“Human factor, weather, terrain and go-no-go decision being in the million factors in aeronautical decision making are the most critical among all others. Although many internal and external factors are included in aeronautical decision-making, the major contribution is made mostly by the ones stated herein. Therefore, before making a flight, these factors must be in the considerations of the pilot. Think how multi-taskers pilots are when they are making thousands of decisions at a single point in time”.

Conclusion 1: 

“Pharmacists have better know-how of the formulas in the drugs suitable for the type of diagnosed disease. However, doctors being specialists in the diagnosing of medical conditions properly, can also play the role of the pharmacist, but the areas in which they are specialized are very different from what pharmacists are. So, now you know how important it is for the pharmacist to prescribe drugs rather than the doctor playing the role of pharmacist?”

Conclusion 2:

Water pollution has been affecting the lives of human beings since 2010. It is almost impossible to ensure better wildlife or provide safe drinking water to any living being. It is important to take this matter seriously and start working on controlling water pollution. We can do it by keeping our water resources clean and using them in a controlled portion.

Conclusion 3:

The increasing cases of child molestation are alarming and need proper attention from the police and the law. Everyone in society must understand and look out for such child predators. The government and the local public can ensure the safety of the children by working hand in hand. Remember, we are all responsible and should take action by spreading awareness and taking all the preventive measures.

Conclusion 4:

Mental health is just as important as physical health. In the above essay, we highlight why neglecting mental health is the biggest mistake we commit as a society. People who have any mental illness need proper treatment and support. We, as a society, need to create a more comforting environment regarding mental health awareness so it is easy for people to reach out for professional help. Anxiety, stress, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and depression are common issues plaguing people of all ages. Proper care and treatment can save many lives from severe loss and consequences.

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Writing a conclusion for an argumentative essay is exhausting for many. But this extensive guide on the importance of conclusion, its purpose and composition will certainly help you.

We guarantee after a thorough inspection of this guide, you will produce compelling and thought-provoking conclusion paragraphs. However, if you still require additional assistance, get experts on board from our argumentative essay writing service. Our word wizards are available 24/4 to make your job easier.

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