Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph: 5 Compelling Examples

Are you looking for a guide that will break down argumentative writing for you? Crafting a solid essay can be daunting. Whether you need to persuade your professor or classmates, these five compelling argumentative body paragraph examples will inspire and guide you to get excellent grades.

Creating a Strong Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph

An argumentative essay is a type of writing that is used to convince the reader in favor of specific arguments. Claims made in an argumentative paper are based on reasoning and evidence. Writing strong body paragraphs is the most crucial part of an argumentative essay outline. So what makes an impactful argumentative essay body paragraph?

Characteristics of an Impactful Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph

There are five main characteristics of a strong argumentative essay body paragraph. Once you learn to tackle these elements, you can write on any of the argumentative essay topics.

Argument or Claim

Your claim is the first thing you’re going to pen down. You may even consider this your topic sentence. As this is the first statement of your body paragraph, it must have some connection to the thesis statement.

Your reader should understand your main idea through your argument. Avoid being vague or overly complex, as it might set off your audience.

Evidence and Reasoning

Remember changing people’s opinions about anything is a hard job. Thus, the claim in an argumentative essay needs proper back up with reasoning and evidence. Your evidence may include quotations, facts, and data from reputable sources and studies.

It is also essential that you connect your evidence to your main idea. You can elaborate, analyze, and even provide your perspective on the evidence.


The art of arguing includes acknowledging the other side of the story. The use of counter arguments can help in swaying your critics. Once you have written the counterargument, explain why people might stick to it.


After you have explained the counterargument, you must bring out the big guns. A rebuttal is a crucial characteristic of your argumentative essay body paragraph. You will provide a rebuttal and debunk the counterargument. This will strengthen your argument and create an influence on your reader.


Almost all types of essay writing require a proper structure and flow. A proper transition requires a strong vocabulary. You must be able to connect all the dots with clarity. To ensure smooth changes in the content, pay close attention to the model writing you are following and write accordingly.

Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph Models

Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph

There are two approaches to writing argumentative essay body paragraphs which you can use: the Toulmin and the Rogerian model.


The Toulmin method of argumentative writing follows four steps. These steps can be repeated as often in an argumentative essay as is required.

  1. Writer’s claim

  2. Evidence to back the writer’s argument

  3. Warrant. Explains how this claim is more favorable.

  4. Discuss possible limitations of your claim. You can show specific counterarguments that can fulfill the limitations of your claim.


The Rogerian method has five steps that you can utilize in argumentative essay writing.

  1. Discuss the counter-approach and why people stick to it.

  2. Limitations of opposing claims.

  3. Your Claim

  4. Evidence to back your argument.

  5. How can people benefit from adopting your approach?

Now let’s move to some examples to see how these methods can be applied in writing academic essays. 

5 Outstanding Examples to Break Down Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph

Is Animal Testing Moral?

Thesis Statement: Animal testing is an immoral practice that violates the rights of animals and fails to provide reliable data for human safety and health. Thus it should be banned globally.

Argument 1: Animal testing is unethical because it causes animals to suffer.

Evidence: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an organization that’s been working to defend animal rights since 1980. Activists from the organization claim that 100 million animals die due to harsh lab testing in the U.S. alone.

Animal testing includes toxicity tests, medical training, drug testing, medical experimentations, dissections, and food testing. PETA has also launched a new traveling exhibit, “Without Consent,” that covers over 200 horrible stories of harsh experimentation and human exploitation of animals.

Counterargument: Animal testing helps with scientific advancements.

Rebuttal: Since 1971, Americans have invested hundreds of billions of dollars into cancer research. However, the results of this investment have been disappointing. A study conducted on 4,451 experimental cancer drugs developed between 2003 and 2011 found that over 93% failed after entering the first phase of human clinical trials, despite all of them having passed animal testing successfully.

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Should Religion be Part of The School Curriculum?

Thesis statement: The inclusion of religion in the school curriculum is inappropriate and should not be allowed, as it violates the principle of separation between church and state, undermines the diversity of beliefs and backgrounds among students, and fails to prepare them for living in a pluralistic society where tolerance and respect for different beliefs are crucial.

Argument 1: By including religious teachings in schools, the government would be promoting a particular set of beliefs and violating the rights of those who do not share those beliefs

Evidence: Including religion in the school curriculum goes against the principle of separation between church and state. This principle is enshrined in the Constitution of many countries, including the United States, where the First Amendment prohibits the establishment of a state religion.

Argument 2: Incorporating religion into the school curriculum can create divisions among students based on their religious beliefs.

Evidence: British logician, historian, and philosopher Bertrand Russell suggests that religion can create differences among people. It’s born of fear of losing one’s herd or bending into different groups. Schools should be where students of all backgrounds and beliefs can come together to learn and grow. Introducing religion into the curriculum can create an environment where students feel alienated or excluded based on their beliefs, undermining schools’ inclusive and diverse nature.

Argument 3: Teaching religion in schools fails to prepare students for living in a pluralistic society where tolerance and respect for different beliefs are essential.

Evidence: In the real world, people encounter various beliefs, and it’s vital for students to learn to be respectful and tolerant of these differences. Exposing students to different views and encouraging them to think critically about them can help build these essential skills.

Counterargument: Teaching religion in school can give students insight into different religions and cultures.

Rebuttal: Simply teaching one set of beliefs can create a narrow-minded worldview that is not conducive to building tolerance and respect for diversity

Is Online Learning Effective?

Thesis Statement: With appropriate use, online learning can benefit many students. People can customize their learning style, pace, and timing accordingly. Yet, online learning depends on some factors. These include; quality of learning material, involvement of instructors, and technological infrastructure.

Argument: Online learning can be helpful for many individuals, especially if they have other commitments like sports, jobs, and families.

Evidence: Studies done at IBM show that students tend to absorb at least five times more with online learning than the standard classes. This is especially evident after the COVID pandemic. (when learning was made more accessible to everyone through online platforms).

Counterargument: Online learning cannot provide the same level of the learning experience as standard classes. Students can struggle without face-to-face interaction with teachers.

Rebuttal: Online learning allows students to have more control over their studies. It enables them to work at their own pace and convenience. It allows exploring more ways of learning than available within standard classes.

Students can have excess to multiple exports or instructors and choose whichever suits their needs. One way of learning from these experts is through online assignment writing service platforms that help students gain valuable and practical insight from professional writers.

Reducing Ozone Depletion- An Argumentative Essay

Thesis Statement: The use of CFCs should be banned.

Argument: CFC is the contributory factor in developing an ozone hole.

Evidence: The chlorine atom in ozone separates the O3 bonding leaving O2 and a free oxygen molecule. Also, the chlorine molecule is regenerated, which can destroy tons of ozone gas, resulting in the depletion of the ozone layer.

Counterargument: However, many businesses run due to CFC gas because it serves as building blocks for refrigerators, Air Conditions, solvents, etc.

Rebuttal: There are several substitutes for CFC, such as the class of Hydrofluorocarbon that can be used instead of CFC and are also environmentally friendly.

Argumentative Essay On Video Games

Thesis Statement: Despite some claims that video games promote violent behavior among youngsters, numerous studies have demonstrated no causal relationship between playing and becoming violent, indicating that video games do not make children violent.

Argument: Video Games do not make children violent. Many other factors can play a role in determining a child’s behavior, such as family environment, social interactions, and individual personality traits.

Evidence: Studies by The Royal Society and the University of York show that video games do not contribute to violent behavior in adolescents.

Counter Argument: Playing violent video games can desensitize children to violence and make them more aggressive in their interactions with others.

Rebuttal: Children exposed to violence in their real lives may be susceptible to the harmful effects of violent video games. Ultimately, it’s important to consider all the factors that can contribute to a child’s behavior rather than solely blaming video games.

Now that we have given you elaborate examples on five popular topics let’s see if you can write a few examples independently.

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Popular College Argumentative Essay Topics

More often than not, your professors assign you topics for essay writing. But if you have to write an argumentative essay and are not given a title, here are some cases to choose from.

  • Arrange marriages

  • Money can’t buy happiness

  • Mobile phones

  • Unequal employment opportunities

  • All that glitter may not be gold

  • Test matches Vs. World cup

  • Big Bang Theory

You can use these topics to practice writing your essay. However, if you still hesitate, you can hire an essay writer to learn how an expert might write on the subject. Further, we have some tips that can be beneficial for you.

Additional Tips for Writing a Strong Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph:

Following are some tips for writing a good body paragraph for your essay:

  • Refer to the thesis when writing the body paragraph to keep you on track.

  • If you get stuck somewhere, consult the outline before writing the essay because it can keep you going. 

  • Your body paragraph should be consistent with your thesis statement.

  • Give supporting details with examples to make it specific and stronger.

  • If you’re writing an argumentative essay body paragraph on a subject that doesn’t have many examples to support it, don’t panic. You can skip out on the examples and add more details and evidence. 

  • You can also skip examples when word choice is a limit.

  • An argumentative essay is based on rationality, so never fret over if a limited amount of data is available.

  • Writing sound conclusions and transitions is always essential. But these, too, can be skipped if you’re running out of time or word count.

  • Use confident words. Avoid words like “may,” “could,” etc.

  • Using transitional words enhances your writing. Try to incorporate them when connecting argumentative essay body paragraphs to have a proper flow in writing.

  • Keep a flow in the paragraphs. One paragraph should flow swiftly to the other without jerks and bounces.

  • You can always find expert help from college paper writing service platforms. So don’t hesitate and focus on your learning.


Argumentative essay body paragraphs can be challenging to write. We are sure our examples will help and inspire you to compose strong essays. But it takes a lot of work to ace this job in one go. So, if you feel stuck or need help figuring out where to start, experts at perfect essay writing are always available for assistance.


The 5 parts of a body paragraph in an argumentative essay are:

  1. Arguments/claims,

  2. Reasons,

  3. Evidences,

  4. Counter-arguments/counter-claims, and

  5. Rebuttal

To start an argumentative essay body paragraph, you need to

  • Add a topic sentence to represent the body paragraph following the thesis.

  • Then comes the detail or discussion for representing the arguments and counterarguments.

  • Lastly, a concluding sentence would represent the other body paragraph or simply a clincher sentence.

The body of an argumentative essay is where you give maximum details of your discussion and arguments. Moving rationally, we insert evidence, reasonings, facts, figures, etc., to develop a strong body paragraph.

To end the body paragraph of an argumentative essay, one should insert a sentence that summarizes the discussion of that body paragraph. If it is not the last body paragraph, then we try to represent the other paragraph following it in this sentence. Such a sentence can also be a clincher statement.

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