Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph Examples

Have you tried every way possible to get help with “argumentative essay body paragraph examples”? Still can’t get help that proves to be useful for you? You want to know about it? What elements make it a good one? Yes? Okay, then you have to read this out right now.

Argumentative essays are fun to write due to the fact that we present the arguments and counter arguments by stating our own stance. Personally, being a college and university student, it always fascinated me to write this essay because there is freedom to write whatever you like.

To give you the guidelines and examples of what you are searching for, let’s dive in to it:

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

  • A type of essay in which we state our own arguments by taking a stance.
  • We argue and persuade our readers in this type of essay to either agree or disagree with our point of view
  • The argumentative essay topic should support whole body paragraphs present in the content.
  • This requires us to state as much evidences and facts as possible to back up our argument

To write an appealing essay of this sort:

  • Introduce the topic and to be appealing, engage the readers
  • Ensure honesty in the essay by broadening the vision
  • Must insert a counter argument
  • Push the audience to agree with the viewpoint of yours through facts and figures.

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

For writing a good essay of this sort, look after the following things:

  • Strong thesis statement in the intro paragraph
  • Ensuring rationality by logically giving facts, figures and reasoning etc.
  • Reasons reflecting back to thesis statement

How To Write Body Paragraph For Argumentative Essay:

A body paragraph of an argumentative essay is the central part of it because most of the evidence, reasoning, facts and figures etc. are presented in this paragraph. generally, this body is 3 paragraph long but this is not a hard and fast rule.

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What Can A Body Paragraph Have?

  • The length of the body paragraph varies from a standard three paragraphs to as long as 3 4 pages such as that for a research paper
  • The final part of the body contains some argumentative essay outline, examples, pieces of evidence, and so on.
  • The flow of the body paragraph should be from general to specific
  • Avoid useless statements and evidence. Add only those which support the point of the author
  • The arguments within the body should support each other and should not contradict within them
  • This is what makes a good body paragraph

Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph Format

To make sure that the essay you write is a good one and up to the standard, it should contain the following elements:

Topic Sentence

  • It is usually the first sentence of the body paragraph
  • It should be placed such that it represents the rest of the paragraph
  • It shows how your paragraph is organized
  • It works just like a thesis statement supporting everything following it.
  • Hence, it is advisable to use topic sentence, such that it is attractive enough to catch the attention of the audience


  • The second part of the body is the actual discussion part where one explains the points that refers back to the topic sentence and also support the thesis statement of the entire essay.
  • Present relevant facts and evidences as much as possible to back up your argument here
  • One can add quotations as well if it relates to the discussion, however, a better method would be to use the quotation while writing a topic sentence.
  • Similarly, the ending sentence of each body paragraph should represent an idea of the next body paragraph
  • The information that a discussion part contain should be as follows:
    • Facts and figures to support the idea
    • Logical reasoning to support argument
    • Insertion of counter argument
    • Evidences to reply to counter argument


  • The final part of the body contains some examples, pieces of evidence, and so on.
  • Because examples are always fascinating to both readers and writer, it also adds to the rigor of the essay
  • The examples can contain events, locations, information regarding the topic specifically, dates, names etc.

Best College-Argumentative Essay Topics

Following are some examples for topics:

  • Arrange marriages
  • Money can’t buy happiness
  • Mobile phones
  • Unequal employment opportunities
  • All that glitter may not be gold
  • Test matches Vs World cup
  • Big Bang Theory

How To Write An Argumentative Essay

To write such type of essay, there are sequential steps to follow or we can simply call it an outline, which is as follows:

Components Of An Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph

There are 5 components of a body paragraph for this essay, these are as follows:

  • Arguments:The claim of the writer. what the writer wants to argue or stand upon? It is actually the point of view of the writer.
  • ReasoningTo support a claim or argument, we provide reasons which would then be supported by facts and evidence. Move rationally when giving reasons.
  • Facts:Facts and evidences are stated to support the argument and the reasons given for that argument.
  • Counter-argumentOpposition to the argument to make the paragraph starter even stronger because critics are always there. In short, it is the other side of the story.
  • RebuttalIt is a reply to counter-argument in which we disapprove or refute it by supporting details and evidence. In short, it addresses the criticism of the argument.
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Reducing Ozone Depletion-Argumentative Essay

For example, we are writing on the subject ozone depletion due to use of CFC then the body then the example would be:

Argument: The use of CFC should be banned.

Reasons: CFC is the contributory factor in developing an ozone hole.

Evidences: the chlorine atom in ozone separate the O3 bonding leaving O2 and a free oxygen molecule. Also, the chlorine molecule is regenerated which can destroy tons of ozone gas resulting in depletion of ozone layer.

Counter-argument: However, many of the businesses run due to CFC gas because it serves as building blocks for refrigerators, Air Conditions, solvents etc.

Rebuttal: There are a number of substitutes for CFC such as the class of Hydrofluorocarbon that can be used instead of CFC that are also environmentally friendly.

Writing Tips For Body Paragraph

Following are some tips for writing a good body paragraph for your essay:

  • Refer back to the thesis when writing the body paragraph because that will always keep you on track.
  • Consult the outline made before writing the essay because that will help you write even better and if stuck somewhere, it can keep you going.
  • The body paragraph should not contradict with your thesis statement, it should always be supported.
  • Give supporting details with examples to make it specific and stronger.
  • If examples are not available for any discussion point, its not something to panic. One can add more details and evidences leaving out examples.
  • You can always skip examples when word choice is a limit.
  • Also, do not panic over a limited data because rationality is what will make it stronger.
  • One can always add good conclusions and transitions however, if not possible, it can be skipped.
  • Good transition words can have good impact, add transition words but don’t make it a fluff
  • Try to make a strong claim in an argumentative essay and use confident words to make the point even more apparent.
  • Keep a flow in the paragraphs. One paragraph should flow swiftly to the other without jerks and bounces.


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How do you start an argumentative body paragraph? What is the body of an argumentative essay? How do you end a body paragraph in an argumentative essay? What are the 5 parts of a body paragraph in an argumentative paper?
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