80 Rogerian Essay Topics with Middle Ground Solutions

A famous psychologist, Carl Rogers, works on the Rogerian argument, which leads us to write a Rogerian essay on arguments.

According to Lunsford et al., “Rogers argued that people involved in disputes should only respond to each other once they [can] fully, fairly, and even sympathetically state the other person’s position.

But many people find it hard to write a great Rogerian essay. Well, the key to crafting a professional Rogerian essay lies within a good topic.

Since a thoughtful topic will guide your writing in the right direction of success, let us guide you through a way to find good Rogerian essay topics.

What is a Rogerian argumentative essay in simple words

A Rogerian argumentative essay is based on the theory of famous psychologist Carl Rogers. The main purpose of the theory is to provide arguments on sensitive and controversial topics.

The Rogerian essay is like a conversation where you try to understand and respect both sides of issues so nobody can get harmed by others’ opinions. Instead of just focusing on your point of view, you acknowledge and respect the other person’s point of view. 

Here’s how you perform this type of essay.

  1. Start by explaining other’s points of view and find common grounds.
  2. Then, you present your own opinions. (showing them where you agree with them and where you differ)
  3. Finally, move toward a compromise or solution that considers both viewpoints. (the main purpose is to find a middle ground instead of winning from others)

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How do we gather the best topics for Rogerian essay

A thorough research helped us to write down a comprehensive list of Rogerian essay topics. Below are result oriented tricks to find and craft a perfect topic. You can also follow our process to compile the best Rogerian topic on your own.

Interest and experience

Firstly, we think about students’ interests in different categories and also ask for different student-level experiences in finding a Rogerian essay topic. We consider issues that students feel when finding the best Rogerian letter topics, and fortunately, we find out these topics are the most common.

  • Social justice
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Technology and many more.

Collect data from different resources

In the next step, we pay close attention to current events and ongoing debates in today’s society. We browse and research new websites, read opinion pieces, and, most importantly, follow discussions on different social media forums like Reddit and Quora to identify new rogerian essay topics ideas.

For example, there is a lot of discussion on technology advancement on different platforms.

Find Rogerian topics with more disagreement and controversies

Additionally, we consider choosing issues that have a high level of controversy in the current era. Fortunately, these topics are more fruitful for Rogerian essays for different student levels.

Here are some topics that are more controversial and disagreed in today’s world

  • Abortion
  • Capital punishment
  • Role of government in society


The last thing that we do is brainstorm our ideas with others to get the best Rogerian essay topics. We engage ourselves in conversation with friends, families and students to collect different perspectives and insights. Surprisingly, we discover new angles on various topics that we couldn’t consider before.

By using these techniques, we identify the topics for your Rogerian essay that best suits your interests. Now, without further delay, let’s check these Rogerian topics to write about essays that offer new opportunities for constructive dialogues.

Rogerian Essay Topics Related to Person-Centered Social Justice

In simple words, social justice is defined as the fair distribution of resources and opportunities in a society. And as we all know social justice is the most controversial topic in today’s world. Below are some most demanding issues on which you can write a winning Rogerian essay.

  1. Is a government has a big hand behind unfair job distribution in society
  2. Can a poor man should pay the taxes to the government
  3. Why do students from government schools get fewer opportunities than private schooling?
  4. What are the side effects of extra benefits given to politicians by the government?
  5. Should white people dominate over black peoples
  6. Should there be equal job opportunities for both male and female
  7. The income gap generates more problems in developing a country
  8. Should uniforms be worn in college?
  9. Why humanism is important in social justice work
  10.  Child abuse in school: What’s the wrong

Rogerian essay topics related to technology

Technology is evolving in today’s world and it is the most debated and controversial topic. Every day, we see different trends in technology on social media and forums with a lot of discussions. Here are some Rogerian letter topics about technology with common ground debates.

  1. Is Chat Gpt safe to use?
  2. AI advancement is far more dangerous for humanity
  3. How excessive use of social media damage your eyesight
  4. If there were no technology, how would the world look?
  5. Is face-to-face interaction more effective than online meetings
  6. Effectiveness of technology in the medical department, especially in cancer
  7. What should be the average use of social media for teenager
  8. How technology helps in building a strong nation
  9. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies: How they effect on economy
  10. Why is technology considered the opposite of nature?

Difference: Sometimes students consider a normal argumentative essay to be the same as a Rogerian argument essay but that’s not true. Read our blog about argumentative essay body paragraph examples to know the real difference.

Healthcare Rogerian Argument Essay Topics

Carls Roger’s person-centered therapy states that a therapist must be genuine, warm, and understanding to improve the client’s health. Inspired by his theory, we have gathered a list of top Rogerian topics related to healthcare and medicine.

  1. Reasons why diabetes is spreading widely among young peoples
  2. AI advancements and cancer detection: how much useful
  3. How does a therapist help a patient with his mental sickness
  4. What were the main reasons behind the spreading of Coronavirus
  5. Should a poor person buy health insurance from a private company
  6. Why do doctors strictly behave with patients? Is it bad?
  7. Can Air pollution be the main cause of diseases in today’s world
  8. Is asthma genetically inherited
  9. How health status has changed from 2010 to 2024
  10. Exercise helps us in maintaining mental and health fitness: How?

Tip: If you want to write a competitive Rogerian essay on social issues but need help with how to start a paragraph. Worry not; read these 54 best paragraph starters for argumentative essays to start it like a pro.

Best middle ground rogerian essay topics

The middle ground is the main theme of the Rogerian argument model, which depicts that your arguments must not hurt any one opinion. Still, it gives respect and acknowledgment to other views. Below is the list of common topics for Rogerian essays which offer a middle ground.

  1. Teenagers’ use of the internet: helpful or harmful
  2. Is the Use of ChatGpt for assignments good or bad
  3. Do children benefit from homework, or do they harm them?
  4. Is it appropriate for political figures in any country to use public transportation?
  5. Role of weapons in the defensive system: positive or negative
  6. Skill or degree: which is better
  7. Are private schooling more beneficial than government schooling
  8. Playing online gaming enhances creativity and decision-making: Truth or lie
  9. Can learning advanced math help in logic making in coding or programming
  10. The Coronavirus is spread naturally, or it is the result of wrong research.

Example of Middle ground: To further understand your concept of middle ground, here is an example for you. e.g. (Daniels says fast food is good for health, And Alex states that it has bad effects on health. Later on, they convince the middle ground that it is good for health, but sometimes it may affect negatively.)

Rogerian essay topics related to education

According to Carl Roger, every person has its ability to learn, and the role of teachers is to facilitate such learning. We are here to enhance your knowledge with the best Rogerian topics to write about in education.

  1. Is technology enhancing learning in the classroom?
  2. Viewpoints on how to stop bullying in colleges and universities?
  3. Homeschooling and traditional schooling: what’s the difference and which is better
  4. Does arts education help boost the creativity of a student?
  5. Debates on the effectiveness of online learning platforms in improving education?
  6. Can counseling help in dealing with mental health in schools
  7. Is it good to prepare students for real-world financial problems?
  8. Is early childhood education effective for building a strong foundation?
  9. What should students pick in the Red Bull vs coffee contest for studying late at night?
  10. How effective is outdoor education for children? 

Rogerian essay topics on social issues

With the growing world and technological advancements, a lot of social issues arise on a daily basis. Between these issues, some common social problems are consistent with time. Below is the list of the most common topics for Rogerian essays related to social issues.

  1. How do gun control laws deal with rights and public safety?
  2. The flaws in environmental policies we should Know about
  3. What are the abortion rights we should know about?
  4. How to find a balance between punishment and rehabilitation for criminals?
  5. How effective is the drug usage policy?
  6. Is cybersecurity a big threat in the future?
  7. Things we should know about the national security measures.
  8. The ethical solutions for the treatment of animals in research.
  9. Effective ways to prevent gun violence.
  10. What is the importance of mental health in the workplace?

Bonus tip: As we all know social issues are rising day by day and there are alot of topics to write about. To help you more, we have gathered a list of more social issues topics for your argumentative essay.

Rogerian essay topics about friends & family

Students find it most interesting to write an essay about their friends and families. There are a lot of controversial debates around these topics, which helps a writer to argue upon. Let us guide you to a list of the best topics of Rogerian essays on friends and family.

  1. Which life is better after marriage: With family or individual
  2. Should we trust a friend who deceived us once
  3. How to take care of your siblings financially after getting a job
  4. Can studying in a group with friends help you get good marks
  5. Why it is important to get advice from your parents
  6. Most students start taking drugs with friends: Truth or Lie
  7. Is parental participation in education helpful for kids?
  8. Should a student above 18 years of age rely on the father’s income?
  9. Brainstorming with friends: A good idea or bad
  10. How to encourage your friends to participate in physical sports activities instead of online gaming

With our further research, we have gathered some novels and books about friends and families that will help you write essays more effectively. The names of these books are (Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, Everything I Never Told You Celeste Ng, The Unexpected Everything Morgan Matson)

Rogerian essay topics on environmental issues

Environmental issues are increasing day by day and almost every day there is a new controversy arises on social media. By doing in-depth research, we compiled a list of common Rogerian essay ideas on environmental issues that are common in today’s world.

  1. Are Agriculture and farming affected by climate change?
  2. Should the government take steps to shift industries outside of cities
  3. How badly pollution is affecting our health
  4. Is water pollution resultant of human mistakes
  5. How waste of food impacts our environment
  6. Why we shouldn’t use plastic bags
  7. What are the effects of climate change on biodiversity from 2015 to 2024
  8. Soil erosion leads to an increase in air pollution: How?
  9. Should we teach our kids about the environmental effects on human health?
  10. What is the main reason behind the overpopulation?

Whenever you write a Rogerian argument essay, never forget to read these transition words for argumentative essay to make your writing more powerful.

How to structure a Rogerian Argument essay

Once you select Rogerian essay topics from above list, it’s time to structure your essay to show it’s practical form. Below is the proper format that everybody can follow to write a rogerian argument essay.

You will start from an introductory passage, for this clear concept with a personal example and write it’s intro as well. Like you can learn how to write an introduction paragraph about yourself, and then relate the same 7 key questions from the guide to your new rogerian topic.

Moreover, upon reading the example you’ll be able to understand the whole concept.


Introduce the issue or topic with proper background information and context to establish the relevance of the topic. Tell the reader about the need for understanding and addressing the issue. Furthermore, present a neutral thesis statement that shows the validity of both sides of the argument.

Description of Opposing Views

Presenta fair summary of the opponent viewpoints and show your understanding and empathy towards his prospective to encourage his opinion. Furthermore, try to avoid criticism or judgment towards opposing viewpoints.

Your Position

Now tell the audience about your point of view and clearly state your position. Provide valid reasons and evidence to support your claim. Most importantly, maintain a respectful tone and avoid attacking the opponent’s view points.

Supporting Evidence

To make your position strong, present valid examples, evidence and expert opinions. Furthermore, use credible sources to make your argument strong.

Statement of Common Ground

Now it’s time to find the agreements or shared values between your points and opposing viewpoints. Mainly focus on the agreement points to build a positive and middle ground impact on the audience. But remember to acknowledge opposing viewpoints where necessary in your rogerian essay topics.

Search for Compromise or Solutions

Explore possible ways for common ground collusion and compromises. Try to look from multiple perspectives and find solutions for the issue or topic. And finally emphasize the importance of collaborating in addressing the issue.


Summarize the main points of the essay. Restate the importance of understanding the topic and tell about how you compromise in resolving conflict. Leave a positive note at the end of the essay to encourage the reader for further discussion and action on the issue.

This structure will help you to create a balance and middle ground argument that understands conflicting viewpoints. Follow this given format and try to write on Rogerian essay topics on your own.

Need expert help in Rogerian essay writing?

No doubt, Rogerian argument essay writing is a hard task to do, especially for students. Most students, even after choosing a topic, need to learn how to attempt it. But we have the right solution for you. Just select a desired topic from the lists mentioned above for your thesis or assignment and let our argumentative essay helper craft a winning Rogerian argument essay for you guys.

Final Thoughts

We have listed 80 thoughtful Rogerian essay topics for you to pick one that matches your interest well. Keep in mind that a good topic is like the backbone of an amazing essay since it provides a clear direction to the writers.

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Moreover, you can also go through the format mentioned above for a Rogerian essay to know how to attempt this kind of essay. Still, if you need help deciding on Rogerian argument ideas or topics, you are always welcome to count on the expertise of our professional writers.


The main focus of a Rogerian argument is to establish a middle ground between the parties and opposing viewpoints or ideas so that no one's opinions can get harmed.

The main weakness of a Rogerian essay is that you can’t argue with a person whose thinking or viewpoint is totally false. You can’t come to a middle ground with a topic that is clearly stating a good and a bad thing.

Try to avoid a dominating tone and make decisions on the middle ground. Furthermore, don't act arrogant, aggressive, or smug in your Rogerian essay writing.
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