How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay Introduction?

Introductions are essential part of every essay writing depicting the entire essay. However, many of us find it very difficult to start with a good introduction. Are you the one considering it a daunting task as “how to write a cause and effect essay introduction?” Afraid of doing it? Wants to have the best services of all? Well! You have to continue reading this for the perfect guide. 

An essay introduction is where the main focus of an essay is situated. It has many vital elements for implementing to make your cause and effect outline. Such elements need special considerations and processes, presented in this perfect guide. So, let’s begin:

What Is A Cause And Effect Essay?

This essay examine the reasons and results of an event, situation, or happenings etc. specifically, the situations that make something to happen. The writers identify and explain some aspects and then its influences. The ideas at the start of the essay are valuable and thought provoking. 

Purpose Of Cause And Effect Essay

The main purpose of such an essay is to explore the “how” and “why” of a situation, event, or happenings. It is basically to know the causes of something and then its effects. 

Cause And Effect Essay Introduction

A proper introduction includes a strong cause and effect thesis statement, and a hook sentence has to be written to make the essay top-notch and meet the required standards. Similarly, appropriate background information has to be added to the introductory paragraph according to the required outline. The introduction is the entire focus of your essay, so what the writer ensures in it is the focus that is necessary for the audience to be attached to your essay.

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Structure Of Cause And Effect Essay Introduction

The standard structure of an introduction in such an essay is as follows:

  1. Hook statement 
  2. Background information 
  3. Thesis statement 

Let’s discuss these in detail now:

Hook Statement

This statement is usually the first sentence of an introduction and hence, the entire essay. The purpose of this sentence is to grab the attention of the audience and keep it till the end. A hook statement can be:

  1. A question 
  2. A quotation
  3. Statistic 
  4. An anecdote 
  5. Fact; and 
  6. A famous sayings etc. 

The hook has to be related to the essay type. Such as, if you are writing about “drug abuse”, your hook sentence, if a quotation, should be related to this topic. 

Examples of some hook statement:

  • Do you know that most of the drug addiction is the result of bad influences as proven scientifically?
  • It’s not the drugs that make a drug addict, it’s the need to escape reality.
  • The leading causes of death among most of the teenagers in the modern world id “suicide”. 
  • His parents always thought he was a perfect and motivated boy, until they guessed he was planning to kill himself. They could have prevented this tragedy if they had been aware of his depression. 

The length of a hook statement depends on the type of hook statement and the length of the essay you are writing. 

Background Information

Background information related to the topic is very important just after the hook statement of this essay. This is because it gives the audience a rough idea of what the essay is going to talk about. It can be three to four sentences long for a 1000 words essay, however, the length can vary depending on the available information and data on the type of essay and the length of your essay. 

Thesis Statement

A thesis is the central claim of your essay. It reveals the writer’s stance and lists the interconnectedness between two objects, events, or places, plus the essay’s primary focus. Your thesis statement explores your paper’s idea and the essay writer position on the topic.

Let’s look into some examples of introduction to help you write a good one. So let’s begin:

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Examples Of Introduction For Cause And Effect Essay

  • It’s not the drugs that make a drug addict, it’s the need to escape reality. People having low self-esteem use substances that are psychoactive to them to create pleasure in their lives, escape the reality, and decrease the constant pain they have been living under. Drugs have different effects due to the pharmacology of it. A small amount of drug always acts as a stimulant. Greater amount will act as sedative. However, a large amount of drugs will act as poison and destroy a person. Each drugs have different amount of the substances which effect a person to a larger degree. 
  • Health is wealth. You might have come across this phrase lots of times but do you know why the health is a major concern for the humans? Being overweight doesn’t only represent medical problems, but also some social problems such as low self-esteem, criticism, lack of enthusiasm etc. There are billions of obese people around the globe presently and is growing at a very faster rate (CNN). The most important countries in which the rate of obesity is higher, have certain causes leading to obesity ultimately that needs to be discovered. 
  • Many of people around the globe are fighting for the truth; global warming or global cooling? What I believe is, the global warming. Global warming refers to the rise in the temperature of the earth which is a very gradual process taking place over several decades. The early sign of global warming were showed majorly in the 19th century leading to changes in weather, gradual melting of glaciers, and many other unusual happenings. Such an unusual phenomena is the result of activities that has to be explored properly and the effect they have and hold for certain other phenomena’s. 


Introductions are always essential parts that must write according to the strategy stated here. They are usually unlikely to be found over the internet to seek help from and write the best to make the essay a killer one. That is why perfect essay writers have brought to you for assignment writing guide to seek help from in minutes.

If writing introduction still seems to be a daunting task to you, then, never be afraid of reaching perfect essay writing to get the perfect services that you have always dreamt of. Go ahead now!

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