Cause And Effect Essay Examples

Writing an essay is always an unpleasant task to students because they don’t know, sometimes, the requirements, purpose, and approach of the essay. Are you one of those students searching for the best guide on “cause and effect essay examples”? finding it challenging to write the best of it? Do not worry! We got this for you. Continue reading this.

Good examples of an essay help every student of any level to write well. However, these essays have some special considerations that must be followed from the start until the conclusion of cause and effect essay to ensure quality. So, here are examples of such an essay that will always help you write better. Let’s dive in:

Cause And Effect Essay Examples For College

On obesity:

  1. “Poverty is the big form of violence”. Despite this famous saying, obesity continues to rise. Western societies are facing around a 20% increase in the rate of obesity in children. Discovering the causes of obesity is the most important element in studying the consequences faced by it.
  2. Poor nutrition contributes to imbalance in the body. As the number of restaurants and new entrants in the market of junk food rises, the chances of people consuming it becomes even higher, especially among children who most of the time crave for it. However, many home-made foods can also increase the chances of being overweight.
  3. The causes of obesity are evident clearly, affecting the young children more as clearly shown by the statistics. Contributory factors to obesity are many, however, a proper check and balance on these factors should be considered too. Can you guess the consequences of it in the near future?

Cause And Effect Essay Examples For Smoking

  1. The average lifetime of a smoker is much less than the non-smoker. Knowing this fact, our society is still diving into this evil. Smoking is the cause of many deaths, higher than car accidents and this is validly proved by research. It is the cause of lung cancer, gums problems, social problems etc.
  2. Despite the causes of smoke, its effects are also evident in passive smokers. The smoke from the burning end is more hazardous than the filtered one. Hence, a passive smoker will always have ten times more sufferings than that of an active smoker.
  3. A smoker has no life. This is because our society considers a person evil to be involved in such substances considered as addictive. But it might be the broader topic of how to treat a smoker so that he might get inspiration from it and try to become a better person. However, quitting smoking cannot be an easy task that has to be done.

Cause And Effect Essay Examples About Social Media

  1. Despite the fact that social media has promoted many businesses and is very advantageous especially in the modern world, the disadvantages are also evident. Recent studies indicate that young generations are more toward social media than their curricular activities, causing them an addiction to it.
  2. Social media is a new world in modern society. It has brought revolutionary changes to the world through its reach. People sitting thousands of miles away can now see each other, do shopping, take virtual classes, or take tours into the world. These were the positive effects of social media in the modern world.

Cause And Effect Essay Examples Elementary

On excessive non-work-related activities:

  1. Distraction is the biggest harm of modern-day children. Nothing has affected them more than excessive non-work-related activities. Children in today’s world are more inclined toward adventure and glamor of things than being involved in their curricular activities. The advantages and disadvantages of non-work-related activities are seen in the consequences of it on the students.
  2. Distraction is not just to draw one’s attention away, but also to confuse by unclear instructions and excessive non-work-related activities. Not just the causes, but the effects are manyfold too. Ranging from demotivation, less mental growth, to disqualification, ill-mannerism and many others. However, improving distractions has many steps that might be followed to get some good food on your plate.

Cause And Effect Essay Examples For 6th Grade

An electronic giant; the changes brought by television:

  1. Television has revolutionized our lives in a tremendous way since its introduction into the world. It was introduced in 1954, but the hype became more when the color TV was introduced in 1962. It has changed the entire world in a way that is not so similar to the world existing before. TV has helped us stay inside of our houses, enjoy with families, changed our mode of operations, decreased physical activities, and minimized our interaction, among many other effects.

Cause And Effect Essay Examples On Stress

  1. Stress being an internal phenomenon of a person, can be hazardous to the entire existence of a human. Stress can be either a negative or a positive force. It especially has negative impacts causing a person to feel burned out or tensed. Stress is a non-specific reaction of body and mind to any demand made upon it. Stressors can cause just about anything from fleeting momentary reactions or a startle response to a cardiac arrest.
  2. When your exhaustion comes from stress, it is different. It is usually a mental exhaustion caused by worrying and difficulty in coping with a situation in one’s life. It is specially the result of thoughts and feelings rather than just physical exertion. The effects of it can never be ignored causing tremendous deaths.
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Cause And Effect Essay About Good Health

  1. Health is wealth. You might have come across this phrase many of the time but you might not know the importance of it. Good health is the key to living a happy and soothing life and it is not just a blessing but the biggest gift a person has ever got. To ensure good health, it is always necessary to know the effects it has on our lives.
  2. Can health be our priority? Of course. Health must be given the priority over anything in the world. It doesn’t really mean you will improve your health only through exercise, yoga, diet, and so on, but health also comes from good relations. You cannot imagine how keeping good relations ensure health and longer life than just keeping it to physical activities.

Cause And Effect Analysis Essay Examples

  1. The research shows that optimistic people are always healthier than pessimistic ones. But why is it so that the difference exists? This is because optimistic behavior always let people get up after every failure and never lets someone be disappointed. The rosy attitude of optimistic people allows them to look at the problems with the positivism of solving them. However, pessimistic people are always better involved in dealing with their stress.

Example Of Cause-And-Effect Essay About Air Pollution

  1. Earth is the best planet to live on. Despite the fact that we have no other planet, we still keep on contaminating our dearest planet earth. Air pollution, among the major pollutants, is not just affecting us humans but also our environment in a very negative way. From changes in weather, to smog, black dusty clouds, hazy environments, hole in ozone, all these and many others are the effects of it. Not just this, but the causes of it have to be found out too, to understand the phenomenon clearly and stop it to an extent.

Example Of Cause-And-Effect Essay About Bullying

  1. The definition of bullying cannot do justice to the real-life threats faced by it. it is an unwanted, aggressive, and hateful conduct in the school-aged children involving a real or perceived threat, injury, or power imbalance. Bullying can lead to suicide, mental disorders, demotivation, inferiority complex, and retardation of many normal processes in human body. The causes of bullying are manyfold and have to be clearly defined.


Examples of cause-and-effect essays are significant and always helpful both academically and for other purposes. However, they require a thorough understanding of requirements and steps to be followed to ensure success in such examples. Hence, a perfect essay writer ensures that they have given you a lot to digest, helps you out in every way possible, and provides the best college essay writing service.

How do you write a good cause and effect essay? How do you write an introduction paragraph for a cause-and-effect essay? What are some examples of cause and effect?
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