Cause And Effect Essay Topics: Technology, Sports, Psychology, Mental Health, and More

Hmm! So, the main thing in writing any form of essay is to choose the best topic for it. Are you stuck in choosing those topics? Are you looking for the best essay writing service to choose a topic? Are you the one searching for the best cause and effect essay topics?

Choosing a good topic for this type of essay is vital to write solid content that influences the reader. If you are looking for cause and effect essay ideas that interest you and your audience, you’re on the right blog.

Cause and Effect Essay Topic on Healthcare


  1. What’s the cause of deteriorating healthcare in poor countries?

  2. Effects of low government budget spending on basic health care?

  3. Why is healthcare not a priority in poor countries?

  4. Why are low income families suffering from healthcare issues?

  5. Why is having more doctors in a country good for health care?

  6. What’s the reason for people not giving importance to their health?

  7. Why can poor hygiene lead to serious health issues?

  8. What is the reason for high mortality in developed countries?

  9. What are the main causes of diabetes and its effects on the human body?

  10. Why do so many people around the world die due to cancer?

  11. What are the reasons for developing insomnia and its effects on your mind?

  12. What causes mental health problems and its effects on one’s health?

Cause and Effect Essay Topic on Obesity.

Cause-and-effect-essay -on-obesity

  1. Why is obesity a growing problem America faces today?

  2. How is the new Social Media trend called “mukbang” causing Obesity in people? 

  3. What are the major causes and effects of Obesity?

  4. The impact of urbanization on obesity rates: causes and effects

  5. What are the causes and consequences of fat shaming?

  6. Cardiovascular Diseases: a cause and Effect of Obesity 

  7. How are the growing number of fast-food chains both a cause and Effect of Obesity?

  8. Can Obesity lead to pregnancy complications?

  9. Can Obesity lead to disability?

  10. The influence of parental behaviors on childhood obesity: causes and effects

  11. The effects of medication on weight gain: causes and effects

  12. Can a sedentary lifestyle cause or affect Obesity?

  13. The impact of genetics on obesity rates: causes and effects

  14. Reasons and Effects of Cultural norm regarding Obesity 

  15.  Is there a cause-and-effect relationship between lack of sleep and Obesity

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Cause and Effect Essay Topic on Social Media

  1. Why is our society unable to stop social media growth in teenagers?

  2. What are the effects of social media in childrens?

  3. What’s the cause of social media excessive use?

  4. Can social media affect our mind negatively?

  5. Why does social media cause poor mental health?

  6. Why are governments misusing social media data?

  7. What are the causes of spreading racism via social media?

  8. What are the reasons for the consistent rise of social media use?

  9. What are the causes of social media companies getting rich?

  10. What are the reasons for social media addiction?

  11. Is social media affecting us badly? What are its causes?

  12. What are the causes for social media induced depression?

Cause and Effect Essay Topic on Pollution

  1. What are the causes of consistent pollution levels rising?

  2. Effects of poor air quality on general health?

  3. Effects of pollution around the world?

  4. Why is industrialization is causing more devastation than giving financial benefits?

  5. Causes of burning rubbish? Does it affect us?

  6. Causes of deforestation and its effects on population?

  7. Why is pollution causing a rise in lung cancer cases around the world?

  8. Causes of bird migration and its effects on natural habitats of the animal ecosystem?

  9. Causes of declining use of combustion engines?

  10. What are the causes of the rise of electrical engines in 2023?

  11. How is nuclear energy causing more damage to our environment?

  12. Does using nuclear energy affect us in developing cancers?

Cause and Effect Essay Topic on Loud Music

  1. Does loud music cause deafness?

  2. What causes tinnitus? What are the effects of tinnitus?

  3. Has loud music played a role in hearing loss?

  4. What are the causes of hearing loss?

  5. Causes of hearing loss in adults?

  6. How does the high pitch sound affect us?

  7. Can music affect depression?

  8. How does loud music affect us in daily life?

  9. What causes you to hear loud music?

  10. What are the spiritual effects of music?

  11. Effects of loud music on children?

  12. What effects we can experience after hearing loud music?

Cause And Effect Essay Topics About Technology

  1. The effect of technology in laboratory on the performance of students

  2. Causes and effects of internet

  3. The effects of High technology industries and their performance

  4. The effect of excessive video games technology on the child

  5. What are the causes of data protection?

  6. The effects brought by wireless technology

  7. The effect on technology on family lives

  8. The effect of technology in online shopping

  9. Effect of technology on the health of a person using it

  10. How technology has effected the business activities?

  11. Effect of technology on modes of communication

  12. Effect of technology on young child education

  13. How is education effected by development in technology

Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics for High-School Students

  1. The effects of gymnastics on flexibility of body

  2. The effect of cycling on physical health

  3. Effect of excessive sports on the focus

  4. Effect of team playing on social skills

  5. Effect of sports on metabolism

  6. The effect of sports in character development

  7. What are the causes of lack of interest in sports?

  8. How have international sports effected the world

  9. Causes of violence in sports

  10. How does team players causes good personality development of an individual

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Cause And Effect Essay Topics About Psychology

  1. Effect of drugs on the behavior of a person

  2. The effects of Freud theory on overall psychology

  3. How are the functions of a person affected by unlike activities

  4. The causes of learning disabilities and its effects

  5. Effect of temperament on child development

  6. The effect of culture on child’s personality

  7. Effects of child abuse on the psychological functions

  8. Cause of a good IQ

  9. Effect of eating habits on mental health of a child

  10. Effect of bullying on the psychology of a person

  11. How parenting styles affect personality development of a child.

Cause And Effect Essay Topics About Relationships

  1. Effect of work from home on marital relations

  2. Effect of covid-19 on families

  3. Effect of long distance on relationships

  4. The effect of bad company on other relations

  5. What are the Toxic relationship effects on mental health?

  6. Effects of child care in early life

  7. The effects of grandparents on raising a child

  8. Effect of a dear ones relation on marital relations

  9. Effect of single-parenthood on the child brought up

  10. The bonding between twins-cause and effects

  11. The causes of family closure

  12. The effects of family time on the bonding of family

  13. Dad-daughter relation and their effect on marital relation of a girl

  14. The effect of pre-marital relationship on the marriage life

Cause And Effect Essay Topics On Current Events

  1. What causes inflation?

  2. The effect of inflation on poverty increment

  3. What are the effects of covid-19 on the current businesses?

  4. Effect of cash flow on price increments

  5. The effect of politics on the country’s economy

Cause And Effect Essay Topics Mental Health


For the ease of understanding, we have compiled the health essay topics into different lists. Let’s get through them all.

  1. The effects of narcotics on mental health

  2. The effect of exercise on mental health

  3. Meditation effects on mental health fitness

  4. The causes of mental disorders

  5. The effects of mental health disorders

  6. The effect of pressurization on mental health

  7. How the alterations in physical activities effects the mental health?

  8. What are the effects of strong lightening on the mental stress?

  9. How the mental performance is effected by low pressure in the air for pilots?

  10. The effect of aeronautical decision making on pilot’s ability to think

  11. The effect of depressurization on mind

  12. The effect of decrease blood flow to brain

  13. How attitude and behavior causes mental health problems?

  14. Effect of noise pollution on mental health

  15. The effect of anxiety in young age

  16. Social pressure and its effect on a person

  17. Excessive work related activities-causes and effects on mental health

  18. Mental stress and its effects on sleeping pattern of a person

  19. How can emotional problems effect the immune system?

  20. Effect of unemployment on thought processes

Cause And Effect Essay Topics For Elementary Students

  1. The effect of play in early child language development

  2. Effect of communication with child in early development

  3. Effects of terrorism on education

  4. Causes and effects of not getting up early in the morning

  5. The effects of excessive use of technology in early life

  6. The effect of good speaking on child communication skills

  7. Causes of early child personality disorders and its effects

  8. The effects of keeping a hairy pet at home.

  9. How personality development in early childhood effect future leadership qualities

  10. The effect of loving a child on mental wellbeing.

Cause And Effect Essay Topics About Environment


  1. Global warming and its consequences in long-term

  2. Effect of changes in weather on the overall surrounding

  3. How is the ozone hole going to effect the life on earth?

  4. What are the causes of tremendous weather changes in present world?

  5. The effect of noise pollution on environment

  6. The effect of aviation industry on the wellness of the environment

  7. The side effects of human activities on the environment

  8. The effect of regeneration on renewable resources on human lives

  9. The effect of biodegradable elements on the environment

  10. The causes of volcanic eruptions and its effects on environment

  11. How deforestation effect the environment

  12. The root causes of global warming

  13. The rise in sea level and its effect in future

  14. The effect of moon on the tides

  15. Effects of conservation of water

  16. Effects of animal hunting on the ecosystem

  17. Natural disasters-its causes and effects.

Cause And Effect Essay Topics On Divorce

  1. How child marriages causes divorce in later stages

  2. The effect of divorce on the brought up of a child

  3. The effect of divorce on other relations

  4. What are the causes of divorce?

  5. What effects does divorce bring to the society?

  6. Is divorce a cause of evil in the society?

  7. What mental health problems are caused by divorce?

  8. Patriarchal society as one of the root causes of divorce

  9. Does difference of opinions cause divorce?

  10. Does premarital relations effect the marriages leading to divorce?

Good Cause and Effect Topics on Diabetes

  1. Causes and effects of a steady increase in the number of diabetic patients

  2. Is there a causal and impact relationship between kidney issues and diabetes

  3. The influence of genetics on diabetes: causes and effects

  4. Cause and effect relationship of Stress and Diabetes

  5. The impact of food marketing on diabetes: causes and effects

  6. What are the causes and consequences of insulin usage in diabetic patients

  7. Autoimmune disorders and diabetes: a cause and impact relationship

  8. Smoking and diabetes: a cause and effect essay

  9. How can physical inactivity impact diabetes

  10. The influence of cultural norms on diabetes: causes and effects

  11. The effects of insulin resistance on diabetes: causes and effects

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Essay Topics for Cause and Effect Regarding Food Allergies

  1. Can food allergies cause eating disorders?

  2. How is social media helping in awareness about food allergy, and what are its impacts?

  3. Does age affect the intensity of food allergies?

  4. What are the causes and effects of the constant rise in cases of good allergies

  5. How can genetics cause and affect your food allergy?

  6. Is there any relationship between a child’s early diet and food allergies that develop later on?

  7. Processed food and food allergies: a cause and effect essay

  8. Is there any relation between agriculture practices and food allergy: a cause and impact essay

Reason and Result Essays on Stress

  1. This list has the most common mental health essay topics.

  2. Can stress affect self-image?

  3. Causes and Effects of academic competition on Chronic Stress in Students

  4. What are the major causes and effects of stress among college students?

  5. The Causal and effect relationship between social media and stress

  6. Is bullying one of the reasons and results of stress in high schoolers

  7. How can work-related stress impact your physical well-being

  8. Causes and effects of environmental factors on stress levels

  9. Is financial pressure one of the significant causes and results of stress?

  10. How is the fear of missing out (FOMO) causing stress in young teens

  11. Why is hustle culture becoming one reason behind stress in young adults?

Cause and Effect Essay Topic Regarding Eating Disorders

Here’s another list of medical essay topics for you:

  1. The impact of genes and family history on eating disorders

  2. Do cultural standards of beauty lead to eating disorders in young people

  3. Is social media actively inducing eating disorders in teens and young adults

  4. Causes and Effects of anorexia nervosa in young women/Men

  5. Can mental trauma cause people to develop eating disorders?

  6. Is socioeconomic status related to eating disorder: reasons and result essay

  7. Are eating disorders one of the adverse effects of diet culture on youngsters

  8. Do sports athletes develop eating disorders often?

  9. The Causal and Effective Relationship between substance abuse and eating disorders

  10. Can other medical conditions contribute to people developing eating disorders?

What Is A Cause And Effect Essay?

This is a type of essay in which we first state the cause of a certain events, objects, or anything, and then the effect it has on something directly. It is one form of an argumentative essay which studies the relationship between two objects, ideas, things or events etc.

The purpose of a cause-and-effect essay is to show connectivity between two or more things. For this purpose, you need to focus on main topic sentences that are also called thesis sentences. The best help you can find in this regard is of thesis statement generator which would come up with killer topic sentences to back your causes and effects. As it is an important part of every academic writing and improves writing.

How To Choose A Cause And Effect Essay Topic?

Choosing a topic is the most essential step and sometimes hard to reach. When writing a cause and effect essay it might even be more daunting because of some special requirements of it. A successful paper will be the one having a good and current topic. You should also choose to speak your entire mind and heart out to make it even more successful.

To have an impactful essay, keep reading this out and explore more by yourself. So let’s not waste a single minute and move forward.

  1. Brainstorming

  2. Funneling

  3. Research

  4. Personal interest

  5. Future contribution

  6. Final title to be chosen

Let’s dig into the details of it:


Brainstorming is one of a helping step to get the required theme of the essay that the writer wants. It might gather many ideas to help you choose from them easily and timely. So, have a good brainstorming session through your imaginative process, and for further assistance, consider utilizing an AI essay writer to refine and develop your ideas.


By funneling, we mean that narrowing down a specific set of ideas into a topic capable of writing an essay on. So, narrow down a broader idea into a specific topic. Otherwise writing on a broad topic is not among the best practices.


Have a good research to collect ideas on good and current topics for such essay and then collect good data for stating cause and their effects to write an impactful essay.

Personal Interest

It is always advisable to go for a topic that interests you or at least, a topic on which you will work enthusiastically. This will help you attain focus on your writing and never get distracted.

Future Contribution

Also think of the future contribution the topic and the essay will have. It can be in the negative sense as well as the positive one, hence, totally dependent on the topic.

Final Title To Be Chosen

After all of the above steps, now is the time to finalize your topic and narrow it down further to a researchable topic. Go for it!

Done with the writing part? Now is the time to go practical. But make sure to have the best knowledge of a cause and effect essay outline to write a perfect essay.

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Choosing a good topic might not be easy, but college essay writers for hire help you in such a situation. Following the process and guidelines mentioned will help to choose a better topic and write a perfect essay. Hence, we ensure you have enough of these topics on hand to choose the best one. However, if you are still in the middle of nowhere and want to make your essay top-notch, our college essay writing service is always here to help.


 3 good topics for an essay are:

  1. The causes of learning disabilities and its effects

  2. What are the Toxic relationship effects on mental health?

  3. Effect of unemployment on thought processes

To choose a cause-and-effect essay topic:

  1. Brainstorming ideas

  2. Funnel the broader ideas

  3. Research for the topics

  4. Ensure personal interest in the topic

  5. Consider future contribution of the topic

  6. Choose the final title

Here are example of some cause and effect paragraphs:

  • Obesity being a serious condition can cause other diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, kidney problems, and ultimately death. Being overweight doesn’t only represent medical problems, but also some social problems such as low self-esteem, criticism, lack of enthusiasm etc.

  • Peer pressure is one of a causes to suicide attempts and effects of these are related to behavioral changes, trauma, stress, fatigue, personality disorders etc.

The best essay topics are:

  • What are the causes of data protection?

  • The effects brought by wireless technology 

  • The effect on technology on family lives 

  • The effect of technology in online shopping 

  • Effect of excessive sports on the focus 

  • Effect of team playing on social skills 

  • Effect of sports on metabolism 

  • The causes of mental disorders 

  • The effects of mental health disorders 

  • The effect of pressurization on mental health 

  • How the alterations in physical activities effects the mental health? 

  • What are the effects of strong lightening

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