How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay? Beginner’s Guide 2023

Wondering how to write a cause-and-effect essay? Writing a cause-and-effect essay might not be an easy task for most of us so you do not need to worry. However, is your deadline approaching and you are still in the middle of nowhere? Check this out!

Throughout your high school or middle school experience, you may encounter various academic writing assignments, including those where you might need the assistance of an essay writing service. These assignments often task you with crafting a well-structured cause and effect essay introduction. The causes and effects under consideration can pertain to a wide range of subjects, including specific situations, societal conditions, religious beliefs, or significant events.

Going through different cause and effect essay examples is one way of learning this academic art. But that’s not always a good option. Don’t fret as you get to the end of this exciting blog post, you’ll surely be able to begin writing a perfect essay.

Students sometimes are unable to create a comparison between a simple essay and the essay that requires specific causes and effects. For a better understanding of the students, here you have a quick guide on how to write such an

What is a cause and effect essay?

This essay type is also termed as result essay as in this you have to provide the cause and then the effect of a situation or event for a good essay title. Discussing cause and its effects is a common way of defining any event. You can also check out an AI essay writer for cause and effect essay by adding the instructions in the search bar to get an idea of what this academic activity is all about.

The effect stated by the writer either be positive or negative effects. While writing such an essay, you must have the following questions answered, which relate to the provided topic.

  • What are the causes of the event, situation, or scenario?

  • What are its effects?

  • Are there single or multiple causes?

  • Are there single or multiple effects of a single cause?

  • What is the major effect that should be emphasized?

  • Is there any chain reason that is triggering more effects out of the same cause?

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How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay?

Follow these steps to write a perfect cause and effect essay.


In this step you need to focus a lot and collect the ideas regarding your topic. Thinking enough and deducing unique ideas is far better than copying anything from the web that stops making sense when used multiple times in every other research/essay.

Planning for thesis

You always need a thesis sentence for your research, you cannot continue doing your research without a topic sentence so the next step is planning to create one good thesis that adds value to the research. You may be in sixes and sevens about how to write a thesis for a cause and effect essay. But all you need is to get the standard pattern by using the thesis statement generator when writing an essay. Speaking of which, a thesis at the end of the introduction para is a must.

Planning for body of the essay

The body of the essay is the central part that contains all the major details and ideas. It has to be well-written, and for that, a complete planning process is also mandatory. So, do plan for writing the body of your essay, and see the clear results showing better execution of information.

Rough drafting

A rough draft is better than a final draft that contains countless errors. Create a rough draft first and then make the necessary changes later to make it the final one. It will be much better than struggling to create a final draft in the first go.


Keeping reviewing and seeing how you can improve your work. Read line by line and then analyze if your work is 100% perfect to be submitted. It is important and can save you from embarrassment of submitting a poor quality essay.

Final drafting

It’s time to create the final draft by repeating the steps mentioned above.


The proofreading is must too so you cannot miss this step in order to get a refined final copy of your research essay.

Let’s discuss these in detail:


By brainstorming, we mean planning for ideas to be included in your essay. This is usually a process in which the writer imagines certain things in his/her mind and might jot it down for a record purpose so that it can help him in later stages of writing. Such ideas include planning for the cases and their effects to be included in the paragraphs, the introduction planning, and at the end how to conclude such an essay. It might, however, vary. Here is one of a sample to show you how brainstorming works:

Planning For Thesis

Thesis is the main consideration in your entire essay. However, each essay type has a distinct thesis statement that is different from the other essay type. In such an essay type, the thesis defines some cause-and-effect relations that will be discovered in the essay later on.

So, begin planning for your thesis just after brainstorming because this would ultimately lead you to a good essay as it provides a direction to writing and generates lots of broad topics to be included. Hence, have good planning for this immediately.

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Planning For Body Of The Essay

As the body of the essay is the main part where major discussion is being done, a good planning for such an area is must. According to a standard format, it consists of 1-5 paragraphs depending on the word count of the essay. For a short one, it might be only a paragraph while for a longer one, it might be as long as 5 paragraphs. Body paragraphs explore a specific area of the causal relationship and at this point in time, you (as a writer) have to develop and write the central ideas for the paragraphs.

It is also mandatory here that you plan for topic sentences to be included in these paragraphs that will help to make an essay longer

Rough Drafting

After all of the above steps i.e., brainstorming, planning for thesis, and planning for a body, you are at a stage to write a good draft but as a rough document to be on the safer side. Do not overthink at this stage whether your draft is going to be good or not, just go with the flow and write whatever is relevant to it, you will later on do the necessary steps to purify them.

In this draft, add transitions wherever necessary to ensure a flowy transmission from one idea to another, add good topic sentences, and link all paragraphs to the thesis. However, do keep in mind the importance and purpose of your essay. 


Review your rough draft that you have made in the above steps so that you can purify further, your ideas and thoughts that might be raw at this point in time. Make sure that the points you have made are clear, concise, relevant, to the point, and highlight the relation of a cause and the effect. This is going to be of a greater importance as you will be making a final draft shortly after doing this step.

Final Drafting

This is the main step of all for which we do all of the above processes. After having a careful review of your rough draft, write a final essay now at this stage. Also write the parts in the final draft which you don’t have yet planned for, such as the conclusion. You will ultimately arrive at a good conclusion when you are done writing a good body and introduction (the thesis part).


Now, done with the final document? Let’s move to the last but not the least part of your writing part which is of prime importance in the whole demonstration. Proofread your final draft at the end so to ensure that it is free of any error, spelling mistakes, vocabulary etc. Because we humans unintentionally make silly mistakes which can be avoided easily, proofreading has an importance in such a condition.

You can also ask a friend, a family member, or an instructor to help you in such a process. They are going to point out things which you might not be able to. So, the good practice is to ask them to read your essay and tell you the areas for further improvement. Believe me, this is going to work great.

Now let’s move to the further guide to help out in starting your cause and effect essay.

How To Arrange A Cause And Effect Essay?

By arranging such an essay, we mean that:

  1. Choosing a good topic for whatever area you want.

  2. The topic should be majorly based on your interest

  3. Make sure to follow the proper structure as stated in here.

  4. Must state a cause and its effect or effects

  5. You can also state an effect and then its cause or causes.

  6. Make sure you are on the right track

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How to write a cause and effect essay introduction?

Like every essay, it also has a cause and effect essay introduction section. This section provides relevant information regarding the environment or the surrounding in which the topic situation arises. Discuss here the “cause” of a certain situation and its major “effect” on the surrounding.

In this section, you either decide whether you go with a cause statement or comfortable arguing on its effects. Choose the one and go along with it, formulating the thesis statement in the ending paragraphs of the intro.

Cause and effect essay introduction example

Example 1: Cause and Effect Essay Introduction on Health

It is said that “health is wealth” and there’s nothing that we can doubt about it. Every year more than 90% people in the world face different sorts of diseases, most of them get recovered, while many live those diseases for the rest of the life. The problem is not keeping health as priority, which is why only 5% people in the world are completely healthy. The world is in a dire need to make healthy lifestyle a priority as soon as possible.

Example 2: Cause and Effect Essay Introduction on Obesity

According to a research, about 650 million adults in the world are a victim of obesity. The reason is simple, an unhealthy lifestyle and careless eating order. It is extremely important to prioritize a clean and healthy diet if one wants to lose weight and get into shape. Otherwise more people will get affected by unhealthy eating habits.

Cause And Effect Essay Outline

Here’s a bit of a detailed version of a cause and effect outline. This is also termed as cause and effect essay structure. Here you go:


Cause and effect essay transition words

The use of structure or transition words is crucial in such an essay. The use of such words helps the reader to clearly identify the relationship between a cause and an effect. Let’s improve our understanding of this with some cause and effect examples essay.

Cause examples

  • The worsening traffic condition in the city yesterday was due to heavy rain.

  • Air pollution is increasing day by day because of more use of CFCs.

  • As a result of a flood in some areas of the country, villagers face a pathetic lifestyle.

  • The effect of increased poverty, the crime level is raised in the city.

  • As obesity rates increase, people develop health issues.

  • With increased use of social media, academic excellence decreases.

Effect examples

  • Heavy rain in the city served as a consequence of traffic jams on the roads.

  • More use of CFCs effects inhabitant’s lives and also increases air pollution.

  • Flood is one of the causes why villagers are living pathetic lives these days.

  • Hence it is proved that increased poverty led to a rise in crime levels.

  • It proves that obesity is the cause of health issues.

  • Thus, social media is the cause of deviation from academic activities.

Cause And Effect Essay topics

cause and effect essay topics

Following can be good essay topic ideas:

  • Effects of Pollution.

  • The Changes in the Ocean.

  • The Civil Rights Movement and the Effects.

  • Causes and Effects of the Popularity of Fast-Food Restaurants.

  • Internet Influence on kids.

  • Popularity of Sports in the US.

  • Effects of professional sport on children.

  • Alcohol and nervous system.

  • Growing up in poverty

  • Stress impact on health.

  • What was your cause for choosing your major/your college?

  • Why is the education system for present students boring?

  • What is the effect of technology on learning?

  • How are extra-curricular activities going to affect students?

  • The effects of exposure on the learning behavior of a student

  • Robotics and its applications to change the world

  • The effect of a gap year on students’ learning

  • Positive and negative effects of uniforms

  • The effect of new state of art technology on aviation industry

  • Effects of excessive non-work-related activities

  • How communication affects the overall performance in an organization?

  • Global warming and its side effects

However, these are just a few of them. Check out our effort on cause and effect essay topics for more information. Plus you can get unique topic ideas from a good sample cause and effect essay.

Example of cause and effect essay

As you know every college student has to write cause and effect essays at least once in each course, here are some cause and effect essay examples that students can use for their reference.

Obesity Cause And Effect Essay

on obesity

Cause Effect Essay On Health

on health


  1. The purpose of such an essay is to determine an element of “how”. Such as how various elements are inter-related or simply put, related?

  2. Thesis statements in such essays state the writers’ vision about the causes, effects, and various causes and its effects of a condition or an event.

  3. The organization can be in both ways, i.e.:

  4. Begin with a cause and then state its effects

  5. Begin with an effect and then state the cause of it.

  6. Facts, evidence, statistical data, and strong figures are very important to be stated in such an essay because of the complexity in determining the connection between certain phenomena for a strong essay format.

  7. Transition words and phrases must be used that are very helpful in connecting various elements in the essay and ensuring a flowy transition from one sentence to another, one paragraph to another, and one idea to another etc.

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It is clearly evident here that a good essay of such sort requires proper procedures and steps that need to be followed in the first place to make your essay top-notch. The causes should be clearly stated with the possible reasons and then the impact of them. From introduction to writing a conclusion, your essay should be properly aligned and organized.

To develop a solution to the problem of a certain thing, proper understanding of its causes and effects must be considered, understood, and analyzed. Your writing should be true when it comes to practicality; just as stated in the essay we have presented above.

Perfect essay writer hope you are now familiar with the Essay writing styles and tips. Take your steps towards writing compelling essays and soar your grades by choosing perfect essay topics.

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A cause-and-effect essay will generally have look as follows:


  • Hook statement; strong and compelling to attract the attention of audience

  • Background knowledge and defining some relation between 2 or more things

  • Thesis statement-needs to be good, precise and defining the relation between things.


1st body paragraph:

  • Cause 1

  • Cause 2

  • Effect 1

  • Effect 2

2nd body paragraph:

  • 1st cause

  • 1st effect

  • 2nd cause

  • 2nd effect

3rd body paragraph:

  • Cause and effect 1

  • Cause and effect 2

  • Cause and effect 3


  • Starter sentence-rephrase the thesis

  • 2-3 lines summary of the main points

  • Ending sentence, concluding sentence, closure statement or a clincher.

A cause-and-effect essay consist of three main parts:

  1. An introduction

  2. Body

  3. Conclusion

However, it consists of certain causes and then the effects of that causes.

This essay type is also termed as a result essay which does provide the cause and then the effect of a situation or event provided to you. Discussing cause and its effects is a common way of defining any event. The effect stated by the writer either be positive or negative effects.

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