How to write a cause and effect essay outline?

Suppose you are way too busy and all of a sudden your teacher or professor gives you an assignment. It’s not just any ordinary assignment but a rather special one. This assignment starts with a cause and effect essay.

No matter what you have done before but believe me if you don’t know how to write a cause and effect essay you are in big trouble.

If you’re still having a panic attack, reading this blog will calm you down with ton of secrets to make you write like a pro. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a cause and effect essay?

As it is apparent that cause and effect are both discussed in this essay type therefore we can evaluate any event, idea, or an action that brought a visible effect.

Cause and effect essay presents a new way of understanding how an event has happened and what effect it displays.

When writing such essays, you may consider using an essay writing service for assistance. It gives us a retrospective view of either one or many actions that result in one effect or a single action that results in many effects.

Cause and effect essays are not as simple as normal ones, however writing one requires a similar structure to any essay writing technique.

It can also be describe as “Argumentative essay” due to its nature of presenting arguments.

How to Write a Cause and Effect Outline?

How to Write a Cause and Effect Outline

We will tell you all the vital steps on composing a cause and effect essay outline. As it’s an analytical topic that requires you to take all aspects into account accordingly.

Cause and effect essay composition requires the following undertaking for a successful execution of outlining the topics.

Introduction of the essay

Intro starts the topic and presents the reader with cause or causes that contributes to a specific outcome or effect. This phase brings the topic to life by giving short information on selected points of debate.

Intro can be short but concise enough to describe it briefly on both cause and effects.

Constitute a Thesis

In addition to a critically thinking mind, one should also form a thesis on the basis of his/her research. A concise thesis statement is necessary to establish your arguments on a certain event.

Your thesis should have sound reasons on why this particular event took place and resulted or caused a specific change.

Additionally do remember that it’s possible that there are some collaborating factors that give rise to the cause and subsequent effects.

Arrange the findings into points

Arrange the key findings so that it answers the reader’s curiosity in a logical step. On the other hand your thesis should convince readers that these findings are true.

Besides, having a correct alignment, arrangement also shows professionalism of the author and keep the essay authentic.

Body of the essay

Cause and effect essay outline is perfectly created in the body section that contains cause or causes with its noted or proven evidence.

We can add the main causes step by step in alphabetical or chronological order for better understanding of the corresponding event. Information should be in detail and precise according to the topic.

Secondly the effect from these causes should be written as a complete outcome with credible observations and references.

Body can be divided into multiple paragraphs but depends on the chosen cause or causes to which many outcomes or effects occur.

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Cause or Causes Listing

Causes can be classified or categorised by number or numbers, for example cause number one, two and so on. Similarly effects can be followed by the same pattern to exhibit the prominent effects taken place.

Effects or Consequences listing

Likewise effects are similar or attached to the causes that aggravate the likelihood of an effect taking place at some certain time or place.

Effects can be in consequential form or cycle of events leading to one specific and high value event. On the other hand, keeping it in a step by step form is better for understanding leading to a complete picture of the event.

Final Declaration

This section of outline expresses the final and cumulative statement. Its for the reader’s understanding of what happened and why it resulted in a specific outcome.

Try to describe it as logical and without irrelevant points and in brief summary.

Conclusion of the Essay

To conclude the essay summarise the thesis and explain your arguments authenticity. On the other hand don’t add any new information that is not added in the body.

Similar to the number of causes and effects given in the body add the same number of points in the conclusion. If 2 causes and 2 effects are mentioned your conclusion should have 2 points.

After writing the conclusion of the cause and effect essay, ensure that your arguments have enough weight to seem convincing to the readers. Edit and proofread the document for grammatical mistakes.

Cause and Effect Essay Outline In MLA Format

Cause and Effect Essay Outline In MLA Format

Cause and Effects Essay Outline Global Warming

Cause and Effects Essay Outline Global Warming

Cause and Effect Essay Outline on Obesity

Cause and Effect Essay Outline on Obesity

Cause and Effect Essay outline on Divorce

Cause and Effect Essay outline on Divorce


Finally, we have opened all the secrets for writing an effective and comprehensive essay writing technique. If you want to write a cause and effect essay in MLA format, we have got all the guidelines for you. Whether it is about structuring the essay, creating an outline or writing a cause and effect thesis statement, you need to do it properly.

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