How to Write a Narrative Descriptive Essay? Step By Step Guide

We all have a hidden essay writer inside of us but we never get to nourish one for academic purposes. Right? What if you have been given an assignment on how to write a narrative descriptive essay? Yes, we are talking about you.

We know you’re getting cold feet but today your luck is about to change. We will formulate for you trouble-free steps that will make sure you’re on top of the game. Keep reading to keep growing because this blog is a custom fit for your needs.

What is a Narrative Descriptive Essay?

A narrative descriptive essay is a hybrid genre. Where we combine narration or story telling and description in one form. In fact, these are two very opposite directional approaches to essay writing.

A narrative descriptive essay focuses on detailed and description-based essay writing techniques. Students have to share their creative side. And write about a specific exposure and reaction to an event.

How to Write a Narrative Descriptive Essay?

It’s worth noting that narrative descriptive essays require a different and unique approach. Therefore we need to take into account some points of distinction while writing one.

Without assignment writing help it’s quite difficult to start but we have few solutions for you.

Follow these steps for composing one of a kind essay.

Inspiration and Brainstorming

When writing it’s important to take some time to brainstorm. The ideas and inspiration take time. Because writing a narration based descriptive essay out of thin air is not possible.

For instance, if you remember past experiences. Or an event that has completely changed your life for good. This day might become your highlight of the topic. As you have gone through that experience. Narrating the description of the essay becomes easy.

For example, if you have suffered an accident. You can give excellent details of the account. Where it occurred, why it happened, who was responsible, and how many days or weeks you had been in hospital. Types of injury you have experienced.

This accident day will become your topic. And related details will be evidence to collaborate the event.

Associated/ Collaborated Factors

Knowledge of the other associated factors is also mandatory. Because these factors will work as an outline for subsequent occurrences. In writing a narrative essay you have to write complete information. On the other hand, writing some additional factors. That played as a contributor to the event is of utmost importance.

In the case of your accident. You might argue that riding a bike fast resulted in an accident but rain played a big role as well. Therefore when you write your experience-based essay. it should feature main as well as collaborated factors responsible for the event.

Selection of Clear words and Language

When you start writing it’s important to use words. That represents the explanation of the meaning accurately. On the other hand, language selection is equally important. Because essays should be written in a clear and desired dialect.

Avoid using words that can be easily misunderstood. Or have dual meanings that can confuse your reader. Conventional approaches are also effective. For using common words that are easily spoken and acknowledged.

Use of five Senses

Utilize the five senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste). They are used as a standard for narrative and descriptive essay composition. Writing in accordance with these senses gives a real feel to the story.

For example, strawberries are dark red and with green calyx on top. Or the pizza in New York has a thinner crust than the one they bake in Italy. Thus providing a fluffy texture to its surface.

These sentences show a sense of sight. On the other hand, pizza and its thin crust and fluffy texture relate to its taste when eaten.

We can even use a sense of smell to describe something. Like “Calvin Klien perfumes have milder fragrance than Hugo Boss perfumes”. As mentioned above. A milder fragrance gives a description that’s more useful to the audience.

Essays that are written with these senses. Present real feelings and keep the reader focused on studying more.

Sentimental Value

Narrative essays are commonly used to connect with the audience on a deeper level. Therefore they require the use of words. That can trigger emotions and can show sentimental value.

Writing these essays requires us to dig deeper. For instance “crying of a widow on the grave of a soldier” shows empathy. Similarly, if a child talking to his/her toy shows love and cuteness.

Connecting with your audience on an emotional level. It gives an incremental value to your essay. While we can argue that every person has different sentimental values. For a topic that might not be influenced by your interpretation or narrative.

On the other hand, Words filled with emotions usually tap into the mind of the reader. Regardless of their own choices and affinity to a certain incidence.

Imprint Reader’s Mind

In the same way, as you describe or mention emotions in your narration descriptive essay. You should try to utilize those emotional words to leave an imprint on your reader. Hence leaving your audience in an aw so they will want to read more.

Additionally, if the word selection is poor. And unable to satisfy audience needs. Then subsequently it won’t be able to fulfill your target. And leave your audience unsatisfied.

Also as a writer it’s of utmost importance to write something compelling. Essays are meant to be lengthy but also meaningful. Similarly, the assignment as a whole serves. It’s a reference point of your imagination for the readers.

Unless or until the audience finds your narrative acceptable and caters as relatable. It will only be a catalog of words for them. For example “Superman is powerful but kryptonite is his biggest weakness. That is mostly used by his arch-nemesis”.

Thus having such a superior and invincible power he has a weakness. Such types of dialogue leave the audience wondering and put a deep imprint on readers’ minds.

For instance, even with all the powers, he has a weakness that shows a side of the story that’s appealing. Audiences do love fictional work but description-based narrative essays show a natural side.

Another example can be “Formula one cars have the corner speed of 260km/h and a top speed of around 360km/h”. Therefore these exceptional details imprint the ideology of speed on the mind of the audience

Nevertheless, imprinting is equally as important. As the chosen crafted words that illustrate the exact meaning. Narrated descriptive essay is a thing of art in the literary world.

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Keep your content organize

Narratively description essays should be in an organized form accordingly. on the other hand if unorganized content will become your grade killer. Organized writing will give your essay more sense. And eliminate the comprehension of readers.

Academic writing gives you more room. To discover unconventional ways and modify them with sophistication. After having the framework on how to organize. Your content you can start writing and adjust accordingly.

Most of the students can write a personal narrative essay for high school. But they don’t know how to express the words needed to narrate a descriptive essay. Organized writing is the first thing a reader likes when they read.

There’s no easy way of getting around the corner without making an organized script for your topic’s essay. Organizing will give your essay an outline you want to have for the content.

Coherence in the Entire Document

The easy way of making an organized essay is to keep it coherent. The narrative essay topic flow should be logical and connect with the previous statement. While writing, most of us forget to keep up with the previous sentences.

Narration and description should be structured. In a manner that describes the entire meaning or thought is always pleasing to readers. Similarly, the audience loves the essay that shows all the dots are connected. 

Always Let the Thesis Guide You

A well-written thesis works as a guide for your essay and keeps the minimum deviation. Moreover, a thesis describes the entire topic’s research. Therefore keep your content as related. The thesis statement is necessary for a good grade evaluation.

For example” World after the cold war has changed dramatically. Because there was only one country that made it to the top and brought a new world order”. Similarly talking about the cold war. And your thesis based on it has a clear picture that will further guide you.

Furthermore, the end results of world war. didn’t just provide us with a simplified description. But a new world order that was a paradigm shift and consequence of a lengthy indirect war.

This thesis statement is providing a complete path to follow. And focus on writing in accordance and filtering irrelevant details.

Crafting a Perfect Paragraph

Besides taking guidance from your thesis, having customized paragraphs is equally as important. It’s understood that a paragraph contains the entire story in its body. Therefore having it customized is as well mandatory.

A paragraph-length should be 2-3 sentences for better readability. Additionally, a paragraph should be relevant. And match the description of the previous paragraph.

A well-customized paragraph works to support as much as it can the entire topic’s idea. It contains fewer or almost zero-like words that are going through repetition.

Also, make each paragraph individually as strong as possible. So that none of them looks weaker to others. A good writing strategy is always keeping paragraphs customized. To look different from than previous or the next one. But also as relevant to the entire document as it can be.

Interacting with Different Approaches

As we know this story is about your own personal experience and accounts. Try to show why it’s important for readers to know about this narration or description essay. Additionally, you can also share how you rate your experience. And why you choose to approach the topic in this manner.

Meanwhile, you can also write if the topic can be written with some different methods. Or explained in a nonidentical way. How the story has changed you. And what’s the difference between before and after the experience altered your thinking.

Present your Experience with Details

Factual details make your writing more interesting. And let the reader dwell in the scenario without being there. In fact the more details you can add the more it gets better.

Just make sure to not confuse your reader. With a lengthy outline of the experience that might work against you. This might work as a repelling power and show impulsiveness.

Include a little bit of a background on your experience to give the readers a crunch of your mind and what you felt. A good reader always loves to know what the writer has experienced and how he came to the thought of writing it down.

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There you have it. We have dedicated this entire topic to providing you guys. With steps that will tell you every bit of how to write a narrative descriptive essay. By reading this entire blog you will know it’s not rocket science.

We know by the time you finish reading our blog. Most of the essay will be either written in small notes by you or in your brain with all details.

We will be waiting for your views about this topic. For any suggestions write in the comment section.


In a descriptive narrative essay you have to write your own personal experience about any popular person which might be a politician, celebrity, entrepreneur or your friend, family member. It might be about a place you like to visit or have already visited. As well as an event that has happened and has changed your view or opinion.

Narrative and descriptive essay is a genre of creative writing and presents unique opportunities to students for having to write their personal opinion. Their feelings should be about real events, places, or personalities that affected their views and ideology.

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