How to write a Descriptive Essay? With Outline & Examples

Are you a newbie to descriptive essay? Searching for expert guide on “how to write a descriptive essay”? Wants to have the best of all? Want to be safe from the pitfalls? Are you really worried about writing the best of all? Do not worry! We got this for you. Continue reading this if you want answers to all of these.

An academic career always require writing a good descriptive essay. This essay is considered good when the details provided are vivid and introduce some sensory information to “show” the readers rather than “tell” them. Still wondering what is a description essay and how to write a descriptive essay? Keep on reading as we are about to delve into this in some detail below.

What Is A Descriptive Essay?

Such an essay is described as an essay which gives details of an event, person,place, etc., using figurative language and sensory information. After reading a descriptive essay, the audience clearly understands the topic, having a bit of detail about what the writer has written, Such as Writing a descriptive essay about a place. But remember, figurative, vivid and sensory details play the most crucial role in such an essay.

Examples of descriptions

Examples of description are:

  1. Memoire

  2. Journals

  3. Magazines

  4. Books

  5. Articles

  6. Travelogues

  7. Research articles etc.

What Is The Purpose Of A Descriptive Essay?

The purpose of any descriptive essay is to describe something first of all. However, a descriptive essay tends to give a clear cut picture to the audience so that they walk away after reading the essay like watching something and feeling them through their own senses.

It helps to improve vocabulary. Such as; When a person write such an essay, he must refer to some tools and techniques for writing good description such as Grammarly, meanings, synonyms, punctuation etc. This will help him form strong basis for error free writing in other forms of writings too and not just the descriptive. Hence, it proves to be effective.

This will help him form strong basis for error free writing in other forms of writings too and not just the descriptive. Hence, it proves to be effective.

How To Write A Descriptive Essay?

how to write a descriptive essay

in the start, there are some steps that needs to be followed properly to make an essay longer with words. Such steps are as follows:

  1. Select an essay topic of your choice

  2. Organize the information

  3. Brainstorm ideas

  4. Choose a person, place or event to describe

  5. Select tone or emotion

  6. Listing sensory details to add

  7. Drafting

Let’s discuss these in a brief detail now. Here you go:

Select an essay topic of your choice

Pick a particular point at the start. It is crucial to choose the motivation behind the paper before you start illustrating or composing. For example, it could be proper to sum up your primary thought in a proposition explanation. In these papers, your focus should be less about your perspective and more about highlighting the data that should establish the prevailing connection in your reader’s brain.

Organize the information

The best papers are with detail—names, times, fundamental qualities, foundation data, and tactile data that can help embed your central matters in your scholar’s brain. Gather these subtleties, and afterward, use note cards to bunch them into explicit classes of data that you can pull up on a case-to-case basis.

Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming is the art of mind mapping ideas and information in imagination and jotting these ideas down if necessary. The experts’ advice is to jot these ideas down because when there are lots of them, they can’t be remembered all at the same time when you will be adding them into the original essay.

Choose A Person, Place Or Event To Describe

Choose one in the list. One good option is to write an introduction paragraph about a person you admire the most. It could be anyone; parents, instructor, first love, the person you hate the most, and many more including the fictional personalities in movies, books, novels, etc. But, before writing, you have to make sure that lots of information and ideas are in mind about that person so as to complete the requirements of the word count too. And not just the word count, but overall a small description would not work well

One have to be brief while writing such a long essay because it is not just about describing, it is about showing what you feel.

Likewise, second good option is to write about a place. It can be any place either you have visited or you just want to describe it because you love it or hate it. Such as Bermuda triangle, a good vocational spot, the most haunted place etc. Make sure to use enough sensory details to sound good. You can also describe an object likewise.

An event can also be described based on either personal experience or just a historical or generic event. Such as, your visit to a mall, World War II, the speech of a renowned personality, the scene at the station after a bomb blast etc.

Select Tone Or Emotion

A tone of an essay is the main thing you need to consider. This will make your essay the best or the worst. Hence, while choosing a tone for your essay, make sure you give consideration to it from every angle. A good tone is the one which is friendly, connecting and well established throughout the essay.

Likewise, the emotions you use in the essay matter a lot. This connects you with the audience or the readers. Emotions such as happiness, sadness, desire, rage etc., are used in an essay. Professional essay writers can also build the emotions to describe his own experience with the topic under discussion, Such as writing about descriptive essay about sadness, which describes the writer’s emotion on that particular topic.

Listing Sensory Details To Add

Here comes the most important part of this essay. After done with the above initial steps, now is the time to plan for sensory details to be integrated into the essay. It could take the same form as that of the brainstorming ideas. Make a list of these details about the topic.


By drafting, we mean the rough essay that resembles the same original essay you will finalize at the end of the process. Rough drafting help purify choices and the essay itself. While rough drafting, never think of an idea as silly and do not stop. Keep going and add every bit of an idea that you have brainstormed.

This draft may contain lots of errors and mistakes but it will help you write the final draft free of these thingies. Hence, draft the essay before a final write-up and do consider reviewing it twice before moving ahead with your final draft to help minimize errors and purify ideas.

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How to write a descriptive essay introduction?

Introduction for this essay is an important part of the essay. It captures reader’s attention, prepares them for the type of information they will get in the essay and also whets their appetite.

It is important that you introduce what your essay will be about in just a few sentences, this way people know whether or not they want to read it. This introduction should mention some key points in order to attract readers.

For example, if you are writing an essay about something you love or something that impacted your life, mention it in the introduction so people know it’s coming up later on in the text.

A good opening sentence may be “I love ice cream” or “The event that changed my life was when my dad died”

How to write a conclusion for a descriptive essay?

The conclusion of a descriptive paper or essay is an opportunity to summarize what you’ve written and to provide a sense of closure for the reader.

When writing a conclusion for this essay, it is important to reiterate the main points of your paper. You should also summarize what you have learned from the experience and how you have grown as a person. Finally, wrap up by stating your opinion on whether or not you would do something similar again in the future.

Descriptive Essay Outline

descriptive essay outline

The outline for descriptive essay is stated in here. It has the same basic structure of any essay i.e.

  1. Introduction

  2. Body

  3. Conclusion

However, it integrates many elements into its structure and the outline for it is as follows in the descriptive essay outline example.

Paragraph 1:


  1. Hook statement

  2. Background information with sensory details

  3. Thesis statement with integrated details


Paragraph 2:

  1. Topic sentence related to the paragraph

  2. Detail description of the object, event or person integrating sensory details

  3. Closing statement

Paragraph 3:

  1. Topic sentence and transition from the previous paragraph

  2. Detail description of the object, event or person integrating sensory details

  3. Closing statement

Paragraph 4:

  1. Topic sentence and transition from the previous paragraph

  2. Detail description of the object, event or person integrating sensory details

  3. Closing statement


Here you have to write a good descriptive essay conclusion summing all the essay. The best answer to how to end a descriptive essay is to state your opinion on whether or not you would do something similar again in the future.

Paragraph 5:

  1. Summarize the whole discussion about the event, object or place.

  2. Restate your thesis statement

  3. Close with a clincher statement or a happy ending

Your engaging composition should be coordinated. For example, gathering your primary concerns into sole body paragraphs or passages, every one of which ought to be a sub-classes of your essay’s principal theme.

This is a perfect descriptive outline example according to the topic. You can also check out more descriptive essay examples online to improve your writing.

Introduction of the essay

A decent start on a paragraph can be a guide for your whole piece. The best presentations start with a trick like a non-serious inquiry or a strong assertion. Then, after your surprise, give worldwide setting and blueprint questions that your paper will try to handle. Finally, your essay proclamation should come toward the finish of the presentation.

Each body passage should start with a topic sentence that secures the consideration of your readers and mentions to them what’s in store from the section. Be just about as explicit as conceivable without overpowering the reader’s mind with data. Exact models consistently establish a more incredible amount of a connection than speculations.

Concluding or Summarized Paragraph

  • Sum up the article in the finishing up section.

  • Your decision is the catch on the whole article.

  • Use it to repeat the primary thoughts you set up in the central section and contact back on critical subtleties from body passages.

  • Try not to utilize this passage to present groundbreaking thoughts fascinatingly.

  • On the off chance that you understand you actually have significant themes to incorporate, make another body passage.

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Features Of Descriptive Writing

A descriptive writing has the following characteristics:

  • Organizing

  • Use of colorful language

  • Integrating the senses

  • Making a clear impression

Let’s discuss these in detail now:


A good description is the one having a stream and flowy transition from one ideas to another. Organize your writing starting from a good introduction leading its way through conclusion. Write a good introduction, starting from hook statement, adding background details and at its end the thesis statement of the essay.

The body paragraphs should be such that it displays all the details and requirements of the description adding sensory details into it as well.

Also, unnecessary and irrelevant details should be avoided to make sure there is no ambiguity left. The conclusion at the end should be such that it summarize all the description of the above all essay. It should restate the thesis and end with a good clincher. Also, ensure you essay is fully organized so to be easily understood.

Use Of Colorful Language

The important thing about a description is that, the writer has to show the readers and just telling might not work. Such as when describing a day as a cloudy day, telling like “cloudy the blue sky is” might not work. You have to show the readers “the sky was surrounded by huge cotton candies like clouds in different colors with its massive structure indicating a shower of rain is to occur”.

Use good vocabulary and colorful language just like the one given in university essay examples so to give details and connect to the readers. Crystal clear eyes are a better word when describing blue eyes. Figurative language i.e. metaphors, similes, etc. make the description even colorful. Figurative language is also useful to be appealing to the audience.

Integrating The Senses

Sensory details make the entire essay of this sort. The writer has to integrate them to show the audience how something sound, taste, smell, look like etc. These details should be such that the readers develop a vivid picture in their mind and imaginations. The reader should feel it when you describe the sparkling stars, the sourness of the lemon, the spices of the soup, the loudness of the thunder etc.

Well! You might be aware now after these examples that how such details work. Let’s move ahead.

Making A Clear Impression

Make sure the reader has clearly understood what you have integrated into the essay. By clear impression, we mean that after reading your essay, the reader should know how the bell rings, how spicy the dish was, how tasty the cake was, how colorful the cotton candies were and details like these.

Remember! You have to impress the readers to an extent that they want more of it. Leave them in cravings for more. This is what makes a good description work.

You might have understood now, how the integration of senses, figurative language, organize piece of writing and good description work to make a perfect essay.

Search for approaches to breathe life into your language

Before you consider your paper total, please go through it and search for where unique tactile distinctions may upgrade a description. Search for freedoms to recount a story as opposed to present records. Expressive language and artistic instruments will keep your paper in your persuader’s psyche long after they’ve completed the process of perusing.

  • A Descriptive essay may seem to be a sort of an essay, but it has distinct qualities. Because it has a purpose, composing pattern, proper body structure, and ending.

  • Readers prefer to read, as it works as an escape from them for peace of mind. It is way too engaging.

  • It doesn’t let them get distracted, and they find their time well utilized.

  • Also, a tremendous healthy strategy from the writer’s perspective too.

Descriptive Essay Example

Now that you are familiar with all the processes of descriptive writing, let’s move now to some examples to show you how these all things work. So, let’s move from theory to application:

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This is all the required information for a good descriptive essay on our side. But in case of queries regarding this, or you are looking for something that is not discussed here, the perfect essay writing services are all yours.

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