Step By Step Guide To Write a Personal Narrative Essay for High School

Are you searching for a killer formula on how to write a personal narrative essay for high school? Haven’t got any help even though the deadline is approaching? Then you gotta check this out!

When it comes to writing an essay, it is a must task for students to do. Personal narrative essay is something which is a very enjoyable task to the students. Because it is something that students love to do, it never confines you to specific boundaries. It is something that a student writes about themselves.

Stated here are the steps to guide into personal narrative essay writing for high school, so let’s begin:

What is a personal narrative essay?

  • A narrative essay is a form of story in which we state about:
    • Ourselves
    • Our experiences
    • Our thought processes
    • Personality types etc.
  • The story that a writer wants to tell the audience depends on him as to tell what sort of story
  • It is usually written in first person “I” form
  • It helps to provide a dive into the student’s life
  • It has maximum creativity of the students because of their own stories

How to Write a personal narrative essay?

Like every other essay a personal narrative essay does require some certain steps in writing. Before one even starts writing, they have to focus on a few other things that are extremely necessary. Keep reading and get to know what steps are involved in writing a personal essay.

Start with Deciding a Suitable Topic

Many students avoid the significance of deciding a topic. Writing a good essay is highly dependent upon the type of topic you have chosen. If you select one you are absolutely sure about, chances of getting a refined and well-written essay automatically increase.

In a personal narrative essay you can decide what aspect you want to discuss in your essay. There are so many kinds of things associated with us that can be described, so it’s up to you which one you choose.

Do Your Complete Research to Write Well

It’s impossible to write a good essay unless you have completed the research work. Authentic facts are always a must have element in an essay and if your piece of writing lacks true facts then it’s surely going to be a poor one. What you can do after selecting a topic is take your time and do thorough research before you move to the next stage.

In a narrative essay you can see what areas you need to study for proper research. The sources could be taken from anywhere, just the research process has to be performed.

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Create an Essay Outline to Stay Focused

Many students think it’s not necessary but it actually is. Not creating an outline will cost you a lot of time and provide you endless confusion. It is always better to know what you are writing in advance, so you never have to stop midway and think about your next heading. Having this road map results in a perfect essay that absolutely stands out.

Start Introduction with an Interesting Question 

A narrative essay can be started with an interesting question. As per the topic you can set a particular question that you think can attract the attention of the readers in the very first line.

Make Use of Heart Touching Quotes to Trigger Readers’ Emotions

Did you know that quotes are a great hook for essay and can quickly grab a lot of attention? Readers love to read something inspirational, emotional, or relatable. Using quotes will make your essay even more interesting, which is why it is suggested to write a beautiful, heart-touching quote in the beginning, to provide your readers with some background to the actual story.

Tell a Story to Engage Readers

It is never too old to tell a story and make a lot of fans in an instant. You can start your narrative essay with a creative story that relates with your personal experience you’re about to share in your essay. It will help readers make up their mind and be ready to read something fun.

Personal narrative essay topics

Following are some of the best personal narrative essay topics:

  • Why do I always stay quiet?
  • My biggest inspiration
  • The toughest decision of my life
  • How did I overcome my fears?
  • A library in my room
  • My favorite activities during vacations
  • How did I survive the crash?
  • How do I keep my work life balance?
  • The rules of my life
  • Personal advices on some current issues
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Outline for Personal Narrative Essay

We have talked about the writing process of the essay, but the most important thing for writing that process is the outline. Here is the outline for a personal narrative essay:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

The Introduction

  • It is the most important part of the essay which leaves an everlasting impression on the reader
  • Insert an attention-grabbing thesis and a hood statement to attract the audience
  • A thesis can help implement the whole idea of the essay, that is the reason why you have to write a strong
  • Logically, transit from one sentence to the other for better understanding

The Body

  • Your entire discussion of personal narrative essay lies in the body of the essay
  • Explain the topic from all the sides, in whatever possible perspective.
  • Make sure to add topic sentence in each paragraph you write because that is what makes rest of the paragraph representable
  • It is advisable to use chronological order for presenting your details

The Conclusion

  • Wrap up the whole discussion of the essay into the conclusion part
  • Provide a summarize form of essay in the conclusion and do not add a new discussion into this part
  • It should be at least a paragraph long

Personal Narrative Essay Example for High School

Writing tips for personal narrative essay

There are certain significant tips that will help write an essay in an effective manner. These tips are as follows:

  1. State your personal experience and not an imaginary story so as to write
  2. Have pre-planning while going for a write up.
  3. Remember to add hook statements because that will leave an everlasting impact on the readers
  4. Describe and make an image that represents the originality of your story and the readers. imagine that he/she is watching the story happen.
  5. Use good descriptive language.
  6. Use good vocabulary and build a good structure of the sentences.


Writing a personal narrative essay might not be easy, but we have the solution. We hope that our guidelines have provided a decent explanation of what you required in the first place. However, if you still need help, professional essay writers are always here to provide you best assignment writing service.

How to write a good personal narrative essay? How to write a personal narrative essay for high school? How to write a personal essay for high school?
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