Shockingly Appealing Starter Sentences For Essays

According to world statistics, 123 million people are writers with great writing skills. The secret of good writing is effectively and accurately conveying the primary message of the essay, research paper, or book using words.

Starter sentences for essays can be challenging, and students need exclusive knowledge to add them to their work.

What Are The Essay Sentence Starters?

Starter sentences for essays are phrases that help in connecting the paragraphs in an essay and organizing all the information. They are a set of words that are used at the start of the sentence in order to introduce what the rest of the sentence and paragraph are going to be about.

They are usually used by students of all education levels, especially those with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Researchers, copywriters, authors, and essay writers are also popular users of such sentences.

What Do Authors Say About Using Sentence Starters?

Skilled writers always recommend using sentence starters for clarity and content organization. The writer of this guide also shared, “Using sentence starters made my writing more readable and concise. It really brings out the beauty of my thoughts that I wanted to convey.”

The key to successful essays is the flow of the essay writing, and the key to the flow of the essay is the effectiveness of sentence starters in every paragraph of the essay. Let’s look at some good starter sentences for essays and how to use them within the context effectively.

Essay Sentence Starters

There are different types of starter sentences for essays that help organize an essay. Even the essay service providers also use sentence starters for commercial purposes. In the below section, we have shared some of the best examples of sentence starters according to the kind of sentence that accompanies them.

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5 Good Sentence Starters For Essays Introduction

The introduction of an essay is very important in order to grab the reader’s attention and hook them to read the essay till the end. The starter sentences for essays in the introduction describe what the essay is about and what it aims for. Let’s take a look at some of the good first sentences for essays.

  1. “This essay discusses…”
  2. “This study aims to…”
  3. “The previous research in the area was interpreted…”
  4. “The primary purpose of this essay is…”
  5. “The main subject of our research is….”



7 Essay Topic Sentence Starters

Starter sentences for essays would help if you introduced the topic to the audience at the start of your essay. It would help to reveal what your essay is about and what the readers can take away from it.

Suppose your essay topic is what is a descriptive paragraph, you need to introduce it by describing what the essay aims to deliver. Topic sentence starters declare the essay’s purpose and what the readers can expect from it. Following are some good sentence starters for topics.

  1. “This essay discusses…”
  2. “In this paper…”
  3. “Below, you will find…”
  4. “This essay details…”
  5. “This paper aims to…”
  6. “This discussion is about…”
  7. “The primary purpose of this essay…”



10 Body Paragraph Starter Sentences For Essays

Body paragraphs are present in the essay’s body, which explains the evidence and the factual information. It’s essential for all the body paragraphs to be interconnected and relevant to each other because they need to resonate with the central thesis statement of the essay.

You can look into some topic sentences for body paragraph examples to get ideas as well. The transition from one paragraph to another gives a flow to the essay. Let’s take a look at some sentence starters for body paragraphs.

  1. “Firstly…”
  2. “Moreover…”
  3. “Therefore…”
  4. “However…”
  5. “Additionally…”
  6. “In this case…”
  7. “Secondly…”
  8. “Furthermore…”
  9. “Moving on…”
  10. “Eventually…”



7 Good Starter Sentences For Comparison

In an essay, the writer analyzes, interprets, and evaluates the evidence they collect in order to make their main claim. That’s why it’s essential to cater to the evidence, transition towards the counterclaims, and then make a judgment based on it. Without proper organization, the essay will be just a cluster of data that hasn’t been transformed into information properly.

That’s why it’s essential to use starter sentences for essays in every argument you are going to discuss in order to show its relation with the rest of the content. Following are some sentence starters for showing comparison and contrast between two paragraphs or two concepts.

  1. “In contrast…”
  2. “In comparison…”
  3. “Unlike the previous point…”
  4. “To compare…”
  5. “This statement contrasts…”
  6. “Likewise…”
  7. “In the same way…”

Example 1:


Example 2:


10 Starter Sentences For Essays For Sequences and Lists

An essay also has several series and sequences that help show the classification of different elements. There are different types of sentences that require different starters to ensure accuracy. These sequences might organize other points of the same concept or multiple discussion points. It helps write instructions and gives a flow to the series of events and how they impacted the main thesis statement or argument.

  1. “First of all…”
  2. “Firstly…”
  3. “Secondly…”
  4. “Thirdly…”
  5. “In the end…”
  6. “Next…”
  7. “Afterwards…”
  8. “Eventually…”
  9. “Later…”
  10.  “Once again…”



10 Sentence Starters For Adding New Points

In the midst of writing an essay and interpreting evidence, if you feel the need to introduce a new point of discussion, you need to do it with the proper starter sentences for essays. You can’t just throw new discussion points in the essay because it will make your context look disorganized and confusing. The following sentence starters are going to help you transition to new points.

  1. “On the other hand…”
  2. “However…”
  3. “Furthermore…”
  4. “Additionally…”
  5. “Even more important…”
  6. “Also…”
  7. “In addition…”
  8. “Otherwise…”
  9. “Unlike this…”
  10. “Further on this issue…”



8 Starter Sentence For References

There are plenty of instances where you will have to quote information from other sources in your essay. They help elaborate sentence starters that explain a point by supporting it with other studies.

To reference an outside source to support your claim, you must properly take the reader to that point. Refrain from mentioning the references without writing them differently from the rest of the text. Use the following starter sentences for essays to quote the references.

  1. “According to….”
  2. “Based on the findings of…”
  3. “As previous research described…”
  4. “As explained by…”
  5. “With Regards to…”
  6. “As explored by…”
  7. “As seen in…”
  8. “With regards to…”



15 Sentence Starters To Present Uncertainties

At some point in your essay, there might be some points that will bring doubt to your statement. You will have to make sure that it won’t weaken your thesis and affect your research.

Starter sentences for essays also help in making the thesis and essay longer with words that are necessary only, and help you stay away from redundancy. You need to cater to those points of discussion in a positive light and provide a better context in which those points of conversation can be correct.

  1. “Although the results suggest…”
  2. “It Is plausible that…”
  3. “This statement might be true, but…”
  4. “It remains unclear whether…”
  5. “It’s hard to say that…”
  6. “Although not proven…”
  7. “It’s possible that…”
  8. “Perhaps…”
  9. “Then again…”
  10. “It may be that…”
  11. “While debatable…”
  12. “Conversely…”
  13. “Notwithstanding…”
  14. “Despite that…”
  15. “Instead…”



10 Sentence Starters For Conclusions

The concluding sentence starters are a mandatory part of an essay because they summarize all the information, points, and aspects discussed in the essay context.

The sentence starters for conclusions are an essential part of starter sentences for essays. They play a vital role in gathering all the potential points to show the key results the essay has found and how it achieved the set goal.

  1. “In summary…”
  2. “To summarize…”
  3. “In conclusion…”
  4. “To conclude…”
  5. “At last…”
  6. “In review…”
  7. “To sum up…”
  8. “To review…”
  9. “Over All…”
  10. “On the whole…”



10 Sentence Starters For Examples

Examples are the best points to elaborate sentence starters. It would help if you used sentence starters for essays before adding an example in your essay as well. 

You have to make sure that the readers understand if you are speaking hypothetically or giving some examples to make your point across. Following are some clear evidence sentence starters that you can use before stating an example to prove your point.

  1. “For example…”
  2. “We can see this in…”
  3. “Consider the following case of…”
  4. “This is evidenced by…”
  5. “To illustrate…”
  6. “For instance…”
  7. “Specifically…”
  8. “Let’s understand with an example…”
  9. “Considering this…”
  10. “Take the example of…”



12 Sentence Starters To Present Cause And Effect

Proper starter sentences are needed for essays to present the causes and effects of some problems and social issues in society and to get your point across to the reader; you also need to use the right words and transitions.

They are the evidence sentence starters because they help discover new aspects of the study. Following are the starter sentences for essays that will help you transition from explaining causes or effects.

  1. “As a result…”
  2. “Accordingly…”
  3. “Consequently…”
  4. “Because of…”
  5. “Due to…”
  6. “For this reason…”
  7. “Thus…”
  8. “Hence…”
  9. “Therefore…”
  10. “This means that…”
  11. “That is why…”
  12. “It clarifies that…”



10 Sentence Starters for Showing Emphasis

There are some sets of starter sentences for essays that help represent the emphasis on specific concepts or phrases. Sometimes, they are used in the conclusion of an essay writing to show the importance of the critical results. Following are some sentence starters that you can use in the context to display emphasis on specific points. 

  1. “Above all…”
  2. “Above mentioned…”
  3. “Indeed….”
  4. “Undoubtedly…”
  5. “Unarguably…”
  6. “Namely…”
  7. “Generally speaking…”
  8. “Most importantly…”
  9. “Obviously…”



11 Sentence Starters for Traditional Accepted Concepts

You might have to use some traditionally accepted terms and concepts in your essay in order to show relevance to the social norms. These sentence starters for essays help readers understand the position of that particular concept and where it stands from the viewpoints of the research. Let’s take a look at sentence starters in this category.

  1. “Initially…”
  2. “Conventionally…”
  3. “In the past…”
  4. “Historically…”
  5. “Commercially…”
  6. “Until now…”
  7. “Customarily…”
  8. “Culturally…”
  9. “Ethically…”
  10. “Recently…”
  11. “Previously…”



Why Sentence Starters for Essays are Important?

Starters sentences for essays are a highly recommended set of words that uplifts an essay to perfection. Instructors and professors across the globe always suggest and recommend sentence starters and writing conventions in order to write an impactful essay. We conclude sentence starters by saying that they are the foundations of good writing.

Sentence starters help grab the reader’s attention and make them focus on the position of the following sentence in the essay. These sentences also help readers understand the level and purpose of writing. They will make it easy for the reader to follow the essay flow comprehendingly.

Starter sentences for essays are going to provide a roadmap to your essay and estimate which direction your research and findings are going. It will tell the reader what the topic previously has done, what are the present implications, and what future opportunities it has. It will resonate with the importance of your research topic and thesis statement.

Starter sentences for essays provide a smooth transition from one point to another. Jumping to a new point of discussion might be confusing, so sentences help create context and make sense of most of the content. They are also very helpful for students who skim through an essay or use essay writing tools to improve their writing.

How Does Sentence Start Impact The Writing?

Let’s see the comparison between sentences without starters and with them. You can observe the difference clearly.

Below Average Sentence StartWith Perfect Sentence Starter
At the end of everything, we were exhausted.At last, we were exhausted.
Before anything else we ordered food and then looked for a house.Firstly, we ordered food, and next, we looked for a house.
After all the interrogation, it was found that the culprit was the family’s elder son.In the end, the family’s elder son was found to be the culprit.
To help you understand the concept better, the following examples are given.To elaborate, the following examples are given.
At the very start, it was dinosaurs who inhabited the planet earth.Initially, the earth was inhabited by dinosaurs.
There is no doubt left about the significance of forests for the planet’s ecosystem.Undoubtedly, forests are significant for the planet’s ecosystem.

Sentence Starter Practice Quiz

Fill in the blanks with suitable starter sentences. (Answers are hidden within content, you only need to find)

1- _______ Catherine was tired, she still went shopping.

  • Although
  • Because of
  • Despite
  • However

2- _______ monarchy was one of the popular governing systems.

  • Hence
  • Historically
  • Initially
  • Due to

3- _______ the grandmother has arrived.

  • Therefore
  • Because
  • Eventually
  • However

4- ________ with his previous study record, he performed excellently.

  • In comparison
  • Despite
  • Due to
  • As a result

5- _________ We need to find some shelter.

  • Because of
  • However
  • First of all
  • Despite

6- ________ the casualties remained unharmed.

  • Eventually
  • However
  • At the end
  • Since

7-________ to the previous research, new benefits of physical theory are introduced.

  • Initially
  • After all
  • In addition to
  • In spite of

8- ________ his opinion, the death penalty should be banned.

  • However
  • According to
  • Instead of 
  • In the end

9- _________ big ice glaciers melted away.

  • Consequently
  • Although
  • Initially
  • In the end

10- _________ writers are also needed for web content.

  • Eventually
  • Commercially
  • However
  • At last

Get Help In Starter Sentences From Experts

Starter sentences really help make your essay perfect, but they might need help being used in the proper place. If you are having problems using them, you hire an essay writer to get your work done with absolute accuracy.

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Wrapping Up

You’ve made it to the end of this ultimate guide to use starter sentences for essays. Sentence starters in essays are very important because they help in conveying the actual message of the writer.

They are very essential in showing relevancy, reference, and transition from one thought, concept, idea, or topic to another. These sets of words are for every possible scenario, whether the introduction, body paragraphs, or conclusion.

You can also use them to show sequences, timing, expression, uncertainties, new points, cause and effect, emphasis, and comparison.

Quiz Answers: How Many Have You Got Right?

  1. Although
  2. Historically
  3. Eventually
  4. In comparison
  5. First of all
  6. However
  7. In addition to
  8. According to
  9. Consequently
  10. Commercially
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