5 Most Realistic Facts About Living in College Hostel

Moving out seems all fun and games until you actually move out of your house. College hostels are considered a great milestone because they are the first occasion when students move out of their comfort zones and shift to the hostels for their higher studies. Students have to live on their own in hostels and that comes with quite a lot of challenges.

This blog details 5 shocking facts about living in college hostels that every student should know while moving in. These facts aim to make you understand the basics of hostel life and how you can get the most out of it and make it one of the best times of your life. 

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5 Realistically Surprising Facts about Living in a Hostel

When a student thinks about hostel life, what comes first in their mind? It’s undoubtedly independence and freedom. Yes, life in a hostel gives you an opportunity to live on your own and take the wheel of your own life. There won’t be your parents who will prepare your breakfast and wake you up for school, and no more privilege of living in one’s private room. But there is more for hostelites, and you need to be prepared for that. In this blog, we are going to tell you five surprising hostel life facts that you need to keep in your mind while moving in.

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Don’t Mistake Hostel As a Hotel

What many students don’t understand is that a hostel is not a place that facilitates your needs like a hotel. Hostels don’t come with the facilities of private rooms, appliances, room service, and toiletries. You will need to do everything on your own, from washing your clothes, ironing them, waking up for meals, and getting your own toiletries and basic utensils for dining. You will be sharing a room with people you don’t know and have no interaction with previously. You will not be given the luxury of room services; you need to get up at the dining times to get your food and buy your towels for the bathroom.

However, some hostels do provide such services with additional costs but same you have to keep a check on everything throughout the year. You’ll be giving laundry, relying on their menu and taste. Timing of food will be fixed, so no more moody things. For extra cravings, you are solely arranging by yourself and so on.

Thus, hostels are not private, and your routine will be shared with your roommates, leaving very little space for privacy. Less privacy is one of the biggest challenges in college dorms. You can no longer tell other people to turn the volume down of their stereo or turn off the lights because you’re sleeping. The biggest challenge students face in hostels is that they can’t mingle well with other people, and that leaves them lonely and frustrated.

 Are Hostels Even Safe?

Well, safety concerns do arise while moving into the hostels for both men and women. The fact that you are sharing a room with other people you don’t know well, and they are in your personal space and can easily attack you, is a potential fear. There were many cases of bullying by roommates and stealing of money and other stuff from closets. The chances of getting attacked by a roommate are low but never zero.


Even though you are sharing a room with trustworthy people, you can’t trust anyone completely. There is always this risk factor with hostel life. What if you woke up with a stranger in your room you do not know about because you are not in your house anymore and you can’t really control who will come into your room? You have no privacy, and your roommate knows where you keep important stuff like documents and even cash. The threat of them stealing your stuff is always strong. Scary to even imagine, right? Indeed.

The most shocking fact of life in a hostel is that your safety is in your own hands, and you have to be careful while living with strangers, even if they are your friends from the same college or university. Lock away your laptop, or iPad in your closet before leaving your room. Always keep your padlocks with you to lock away your valuable stuff. You can tell your friends in the hostel to keep checking on your stuff in your absence. Create a strong relationship with roommates to create an understanding with them.

You are the Captain of your Ship Now

Hostel life teaches us incredible lessons to make us responsible adults. Hostel life is not all about having parties and fun all night with your roommates; it’s the time to learn how to put your life together. You no longer have your parents to nag you about studying and completing your assignments. You have control of your studies and your life and only you will be deciding what you will become after the end of your college. You need to manage your time and make a timetable to discipline yourself.

Wake up on time to attend college, and manage your time between showering, getting ready, and going for breakfast. Don’t skip your meals; eat healthy and on time without delays. Study in the library if you feel like your roommates will distract you. Ask for guidance from other seniors in your hostels about your assignments, and college dorm essentials you need for the convenient hostel life. Take care of your hygiene and health with regular showers and self-care. You must manage your expenses and spend your money wisely on necessary things. Value little things in your life and learn to be more efficient and quick in your routine.

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Learn How To Compromise

You are finally getting a taste of real life, and you will need to compromise on many things. You can’t be the spoiled brat that you were at your house where you had the privilege of a pirate room, pirate bathroom, comfy bed, and quality meals. You need to share your space with other people who are struggling with the same things as you. You will have to step down on some things, speak up over some issues, compromise over shortages, and listen to the problems of others.

You will need to share the bathroom with other people, wait for your turn to take a shower, stand in waiting for your meals, share your stuff with others, and borrow some in return. If you see it in a positive light, that is such a great opportunity for you to gain new experiences. It’s quite exciting how people from different backgrounds, knowledge levels, and different interests come together under one roof and develop an impressive bonding.

It is all Worth it (Parties to Group Studies)

This blog may have given you a vibe that hostel life is terrifying. Well, that’s not the whole case here. You may have to put in a lot more effort than usual and face many challenges in hostel life, but it will be worth it in the end. Aside from challenges, this life for a hostelite is filled with new adventures and fun rides that will make the whole hostel journey memorable for you. You might be tearing up in frustration in hostel life, but once it ends, you will be left with valuable memories and experiences that will make you tear up with emotions every time you look back on that point of life.

Wouldn’t it be so exciting that you will be meeting people who have a different background, experiences, languages, mindsets, and life stories to tell? You will get to bond with them and have a great time with them. Group studies and slumber parties in hostel rooms are always memorable. You can laugh for hours, play games, and talk over random stuff with your roommates; all these moments will soon become memories you will wish to have again. Hostel life is exciting and challenging and only those who will learn to compromise and adjust will be able to experience it to the fullest.


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End Note

Hostel life is a new experience; it’s not easy, but it’s definitely not dry and boring. You will only learn how to live in an environment that is testing your limits. We have shared the top 5 surprising facts about living in a college hostel that will give you an insight into how hostel life is going to affect your life and how you can overcome it.

What is the struggle in hostel life? What is the moral of hostel life? Why are hostels better than home?
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