What Is The Purpose Of A Descriptive Essay?

For most students going into the final semester seems easy but there’s a twist in the story. Your final semester is not about reading but writing. As it seems like for most of the students. A descriptive essay is given to students in their semester. But do you know what is the purpose of a descriptive essay?

Today we will discuss many things for your understanding of the real purpose of a descriptive essay and how to write a descriptive essay. If you’re in your finals and want to nail the semester this blog will make writing an essay a piece of cake for you.

The purpose of a descriptive essay assignment for students

A descriptive essay’s purpose is to give the opportunity to students to describe a person, place, emotion, or event in their own words. They can write using the five senses smell, sight, touch, taste, and hearing to illustrate their abilities.

The available or classical examples that can be used for a description are endless. For example, any person, any place, any feeling, or any experience that has a meaningful impact on a writer’s life can be chosen.

Because of the structural demands, a descriptive essay can be a hybrid one. The essay of description has an exaggerated quality as well as normal ones. A writer can for instance choose a real event and exaggerate its effects to give it a proper description.

Following are the real motives behind its selection for student assignment

Developing and understanding student’s creativity

As it’s an assignment, so, having it doesn’t mean it’s randomly given. When your teacher or professor chooses to evaluate your creative skills. They give these selective types of genres of essays.

Because there are some said rules for having to create one. Therefore it can show how well you can create a description. Just passing the semester is not important if the students are not able to do some creative work.

So the first purpose of a descriptive writing is understanding. And also developing creativity within students’ minds. A better student is one that has a good imagination.

Creativity comes with thinking and brainstorming ideas. Therefore writing descriptive essays invoke the usage of the five senses and their utilization.

When the students write academic research they try to scroll through all the available sources of data. By doing so their mind opens up to new ideas. Along with new information that gives them knowledge.

Performing these tasks by students, descriptive essays serve their main purpose.

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Evaluation of Skills

The other purpose of these essays is the evaluation what skills a student possesses. It’s evident that every student has his own set of skills and traits. These unique skills make every person different from others.

Therefore your teacher or professor must need to have a psychological analysis of your skills. The best way to do this is to give a description essay for you. If you think without completing the assignment you can pass. Then you are living in a fool’s paradise.

Able to get the required good grades you need to show your creative side. That’s only possible by showing what you have by writing the essay or hire an essay writer.

Using five sensory skills for better demonstration

One of the objectives of a descriptive essay is to be able to use your full 5 sensory skills for better demonstration. Because description-based essays have a quality. That should show either all or one of the senses to be used for narration.

Additionally using five sensory traits for example sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. These properties make the essay as real as possible. We as humans can relate to these senses.

 Use of five senses for the purpose of descriptive writing

The purpose of the five senses usage is to show the topic’s content through the human senses for example.

  • The sense of sight gives us the ability to see an object. When we see we know what we are seeing through our eyes.

  • The sense of smell lets us know about fragrances and bad odours. 

  • Similarly, the sense of hearing let us know about sounds in our surroundings.

  • The sense of touch is another way of giving a description of a thing by touching it.

  • The sense of taste gives us an idea about the taste of food and other edibles like sour, sweet, or bitter tastes.

How much a person can make his essay as real as possible is up to the individual. And that’s where the written skills are evaluated by a proper illustration of the five senses.

How much in-depth analysis does a student put into the writing?

Among many purposes of creating a descriptive essay. One is seeing how much effort a student put into his writing. For example, a well-written description of a place can be. “ Yosemite national park has hundreds of high mountains. And scenic views of the “Ribbon Fall” waterfall are amazing with dense clouds covering it from the top.

Having written details like this can really impress your teacher or professor. Because these details are so vivid and on point. It gives the reader an imaginary journey like he is there in person seeing it.

Write your essay description in such a detail that forces the reader to understand any of the five senses. Thus it serves the real purpose of giving the proper description of the essay.

Using Figurative language only

Among all the reasons for a descriptive essay, one is using only figurative language. That is a broad term. It refers to using metaphors, similes, idioms, synecdoche, and personification. Also hyperbole, onomatopoeia, oxymoron, litotes, alliteration, and allusion.

Using figurative language gives the whole idea a visual spice-up theme. That does create fun for readers but writers have to brainstorm a lot for coming up with such ideas.

Additionally, this technique gives a unique tone to the whole narration of a paragraph. Descriptive essays are considered the holy grail of learning figurative language.

Just for the aim of bringing light to this technique, description essays are assigned to students. Mostly the use of this language is underestimated in common speaking.

As a part of literary art for aspiring writers to learn. The use of figurative language is so much important. Its usage brings out the emotional weakness of the readers and forces them to think.

This style of expression tries to convey hidden messages in the words. A reader tries to think the same way as a writer. Bringing both on the same page of emotional connection. 

Purpose of creating poetic and dramatized essay

Description-based essays serve another purpose. And that’s an illustration of creating a poetic and dramatic touch to your writing because the original aim of the teacher is to enlighten their students to bring out the best in them for writing their assignments or anything related to writing. If you want help with your college paper writing servicehire the best writers available 24/7.

Realization is felt when the written essay is not up to the reader’s mark or standard. Therefore one needs to have a balance of imagination and also a strong eye for details.

Description essays serve all those purposes rather profoundly. And used extensively for the dramatization of some of the most amazing essays.

Serving the Purpose of Engagement

Engagement is one of the most important aspects of writing. No matter how small an essay is written, if it’s not engaging. The reader will leave it after a few lines.

On the other hand, if the document is lengthy but has an engagement for the readers. The reader will keep reading until the end.

A descriptive essay has to be as engaging as possible. There’s one way for keeping the content as relevant to the reader as possible. By making it a reader-centric approach.

Keeping readers stick to your writing is the most important obligation of a writer. By having the element of engagement your narrative essay will be eye-catching.

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Putting the writer’s ability to test

The most important principle of this descriptive category of essay. Is putting the writer’s ability to the test. It’s evident that every writer has a different philosophy. This has his touch in his writing.

An explanatory essay’s purpose is to test the author’s abilities to the greatest. With each step or paragraph, he has to show his imaginary powers by writing poetic words.

This not only brings out the best in them. But also sets a new benchmark for their performance to a new level. Essays were invented to test how much a writer can deliver. Not only words but quality-graded expressions.

For the sole purpose of delivering quality content. The author turns his pen and paper to his centre of attention.

College or university professors want to assess their students’ literary creativity and abilities. Use these methods, as mentioned above, to write any descriptive essay examples.


We have given you all the tips for understanding about what is the purpose of a descriptive essay. Now writing this essay will be easy peasy for everyone. As of now, you have a complete idea about what’s the main purpose behind this assignment. You just need to pick your pen and follow these rules.

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