Descriptive Essay Examples

What is a Descriptive Essay? 

A descriptive essay is a type of literary work written for describing emotions and sensitive details about a person, place, feelings, an event, etc. It’s a cool way to paint a picture in your reader’s mind via sensory details and descriptive language but it can be tricky to master. To help you get better at it, we’ve put together a few excellent descriptive essay examples to draw from and use as motivation for your own writing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a professional writer, or just someone who wants to up their writing game – these descriptive writing examples are sure to keep your creativity flowing. 

Descriptive Essay Example About An Event

Suppose your professor has asked you to write a descriptive essay on a significant event that has changed your life. Let’s suppose for you that event was the September 11, terrorist attack of 2001. This is how the best descriptive essay on the same will look like.


“September 11, 2001, was the day that changed many things for me. It was the worst day in American and human history. Almost 3000 people were killed in those terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, and more than 6000 were injured due to debris falling on them and panic running. That’s why I dedicate my descriptive essay example about an event to the victims and fallen heroes of the New York City Fire Department (NYFD).

Body Paragraphs

On Tuesday, it was a bright sunny day; I celebrated my promotion with my fellow team members at New York City’s Andrews Coffee Shop Diner. Although getting the reservation in the morning is like asking to be invited to the White House to meet the president, using our company’s CEO contacts makes that easier for me.

The promotion had given me a chance to earn a six figures salary; therefore, its celebration was a must. I went to Andrew’s many times for our corporate events such as charity lunch and breakfasts but celebrating something very special such as getting the post of corporate manager was like a dream coming true.

After almost 18 months of tireless work, getting a promotion was as much a surprise for me as for my colleagues. We all gathered early in the morning at our office and then headed to 7th Avenue to enjoy breakfast.

Morning time in New York City streets is like a Yankees game in the world series. Getting to even a 1-mile distance takes more than 15 minutes. Somehow after 15 minutes of traffic congestion, we were finally at Andrew’s Coffee Shop and Diner.

A small but majestic place with loads of breakfast options to offer visitors. Also, for foreigners, it is a must-do if they are on a visit to New York City. We ordered steak and eggs, Philly cheese steak omelet and bacon, pancakes, and french toast with maple syrup.

Meanwhile, we indulged in lengthy debates with freshly baked croissants. As soon as we started the first round, an enormous bang like an explosion was heard nearby. We were all shocked and terrified by hearing such a loud noise. We all hid under the table, thinking it might be some attack by Russia.

All the coffee cups were broken on the floor of the restaurant. The shards of broken glass and liquid splash presented a massacre scene. After a few minutes, when we felt safe, and sirens of fire department trucks were easily heard in the nearby areas, we walked out from under the tables.

As soon as we went outside the restaurant, we could see the flames and smoke coming out of the World Trade Center. Due to the blast and height of the destroyed floor, we thought it might be a meteor hitting the building or a gas cylinder explosion.

My colleagues and I had decided to head out there so we could see what the cause was. As soon we reached 285 Fulton Street Manhattan, the firefighters cordoned off the entire area.

Rescue workers were heading to the north tower’s upper floors to save the occupants of the building, and all of a sudden, we saw the second plane hit the south tower. Seeing this horrific scene was as horrible as watching the world’s destruction. Even writing this descriptive essay example makes me tremble with fear. I can’t imagine such a day like this can be seen in my eyes. To every American, September 11, 2001, was the day when terrorists hit us right in the heart.

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Within an hour, the north and south towers collapsed due to uncontrollable fire, and I saw the entire rubble falling off the sky like sand. My colleagues and I were all watching this from a block away. It was like hell had opened its doors to Manhattan.

As soon as the towers collapsed, we all rushed to take cover for safety. In the cloud of dust, we could only see a shop nearby, so we went there, but the door was smashed in a panic. I had a big cut on my arm and fingers, but I didn’t notice as I just wanted to save myself from the danger of falling debris.

After some 30 minutes of staying in the shop under the cash counter and hearing screams of running people and sirens of fire trucks, I finally gathered some courage to go out. As I stepped outside, I was unable to see anything. There was a large cloud of dust, from people to cars, and streets were filled with sand and cement clouds ripping through the lungs and creating suffocation.

I could see the firefighters lying on the ground breathless and people running away in opposite directions. I was perplexed and couldn’t hear or respond to my environment. After a few minutes of confusion, I started regaining consciousness and felt alone with some other strangers but not my colleagues.

I called their names, but no one responded; an emergency medical technician (EMT) ambulance arrived immediately, and they helped me and took me to the hospital. After a few hours with the medical team and doctors, I was discharged.

The entire skyline of Manhattan was protected by fighter jets, and their engine sounds were heard several miles away. After returning to my apartment, I turned on the tv and was sad to see the towers falling to the ground. The once icon and pride of the American dream was nothing more than mountains of rubble.

To this day the September 11 terrorist attack on American soil haunts me and gives me nightmares. I was lucky to survive and sadly saw the horror two decades ago. The world has forgotten about us, the few survivors of this nightmare but we cannot forget this tragedy.


Descriptive essay examples for university of an event can be composed like the event mentioned above. Choosing the right topic and elaborating with concise words that show the genuine intentions and command of the author is always essential.

Descriptive Essay Example About Life

Life is full of wonder, and having a positive mind can result in many solutions. Here’s an extract that you can regard as descriptive essay writing examples for college students.


Life is a gift of god; having it is like sitting on a gold mine. One of the best quotes by Maya Angelou perfectly describes life: “You may face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated”. Thus, life demands hard work, and getting to the top is impossible without hustle.

Life is a mixture of failures and victories; each person has to endure them regardless of race, demography, family background, etc. For many people life is a full of joyful memories of past and present, similarly for many it might be an essay on sadness.

Finding ease always comes after pain and struggles. In writing a descriptive essay example about life, you should remember to add your own life experience as much as possible to make it as genuine as possible.

Life is a continuous work in progress, and applying what you learn helps modify your thoughts and targets. If you have an ambition and a particular milestone that motivates you, then your chances of success are way higher than a person without any aim or goals of achievement.

Life is what you make of it. If you put more work and challenges into it, the higher chances that you are way ahead of others. There are examples of many people who took it seriously and put their stamp of triumph. Just look at Conor Mcgregor, who was homeless and worked as a plumber before rising to stardom as a UFC fighter.

Conor was living on the streets, and his current girlfriend found him and took him home, where he was fed properly and given a temporary shelter. After that, he joined a boxing club, fought many times, and became the most successful fighter, worth 200$ million.

Working hard is of utmost importance to become an inspiration like Conor Mcgregor. He rose to fame from living in poverty to becoming a multimillionaire. Life throws everything at you but remaining solid and vigilant is the only way forward.

Usually, the lack and will to move on becomes so strong that life becomes stagnant, and suffocation results in the decline of motivation. Hence we blame luck which has nothing to do with an individual’s lack of commitment to a successful life.

Conor could either tap out and accept his defeat of facing difficulties or face the challenges. He chose the second option and overcame the fears, thus racing to victory. Life is a gift for those who accept reality and a curse for those who hide and get frightened.

Conor has fought, made a name out of it, and won many matches with two championships. He is considered the best UFC has ever produced in a short time.

Another example of such success is Ed Sheeran, a famous British singer who has turned his life’s troubles into words and reached the height of success. He used to sleep in a subway station and has nothing to his name. But the continuous effort has rewarded him.

Thus life is not the same for everyone, but the start of almost everyone is the same, except for a few “born with the silver spoon”. Life’s hardships make you more robust and enhance your psychological resilience. They are making one more tough and defiant against the strong winds that challenge your ambitions.

In Buddhism, life is a continuous struggle and reaching the balance between desires and everyday life creates long-term peace. Satisfaction and being content is how life should be lived rather than opting for higher rewards and wealth.

Many religions worldwide see the meaning of life as temporary and believe that life is just like a dream, requiring you to be patient and have an ordinary existence.

Many books and the scientific community ask one question for literary evaluation of one’s mind. And that question is “If you could live forever, would you want to?”.

Immortality is only possible in imaginations and books, because no matter how long a life can be, one needs to accept the ultimate reality of death.

Islam is the religion that presents the fact that ordinary life is the only way to success and worldly things such as money and fame are temporary. Being materialistic and diverting one’s mind from this material world is key to eternal happiness.

Many religions have different representations of life. For example, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism all have one thing in common: the rejection of materialistic gains. This Abrahamic religion gave more importance to life after death and more spotlight. Thus different religions have somewhat similar and opposite beliefs but put life at the center stage of everything.

Life has many meanings for many people, just like different religions. Some people take life on a serious note and take advantage of the opportunity life presents them. On the other hand, few people think of life as a burden and blame everything on luck and many associated factors.

The second category of people is always lamenting their current misery and presenting themselves as innocent but unlucky in life. These are the ones that give life little to no importance, and their lack and will to succeed is visible in their body language.

A descriptive example of life can include both types of mindsets. Such as daring and hustlers who know what to expect and how to get what they require to be successful. On the other hand, people who are terrified of making change and lack daring attributes fail in life.

So life is what you make of it. It doesn’t come in packs and sizes at the grocery store. To make life better, you have to work for it. Proving yourself better at what you do and never giving up is the only option.

Life is full of possibilities, and each prospect has different outcomes. When looking at one’s existence, it’s essential to see the brighter side of the situation. Sadness is an integral part of life, even if you are immensely rich or a celebrity living and enjoying everything.


Thus the crux of life is taking the beautiful moments to celebrate and negate the negativity. You will face challenges, anger, and politics along the way, but maintaining the balance and moving forward is the best solution.

Descriptive Essay Example About a Place (Short Descriptive Essay)

This is one of the best comprehensive college descriptive essay examples to help you write one like a pro. Let’s go through it quickly.


Every person has a favorite place that provides him a sense of serenity and calmness. I have traveled to many places and stayed at hotels in different cities, but my ultimate getaway is Bangsar in Malaysia.

Body Paragraphs

If I ever have to write a descriptive essay about a place that deserves to be written about, it is this special place for me. I was pretty excited when I first visited Malaysia on a business tour.

After meeting some corporate executives, I was invited to dinner at a local restaurant in Bangsar. Its distance was hardly a few kilometers from my hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I took a taxi and went straight to the address.

After some left and right turns, I reached the restaurant called “Nirvana Maju”. It’s an Indian one serving famous boiled rice with twelve different kinds of curries. I sat with my colleagues and waited for the dinner to be served.

The waiter came and spread a giant banana leaf on the table, and I was surprised that he was putting them as napkins. But when he started placing rice on them and pouring many kinds of spicy curry, I knew this would be fun.

After enjoying the rice with lentil curry and cucumber onion salads, I enjoyed the local tiger beer, which was too much for my taste. The place was crowded but full of colors. I decided to venture out alone to see this place’s beauty.

Bangsar is similar to Los Angeles, with steep roads between the hills. As I started walking, I noticed that people were all so calm and relaxed, unlike in big cities with the hustle and bustle. I found the peace and tranquility that was missing in my hometown and life.

Living in Bangsar is like having a home in a forest. Every road is covered with large trees, and walking there under them makes you a nature lover.

So after walking for about an hour, going uphill and downhill, I stopped near a ledge where I could see the natural beauty of the city of Kuala Lumpur. The majestic building of silver Petronas Towers was right in front of me. The glittering lights of the skyline stole my heart. That was the moment I knew this love affair would not be over so soon.

I returned to my hotel room in the city and developed a terrible fascination that forced me to move here. After careful evaluation and a long conversation with my wife, we decided to go ahead within the next few months to complete the process.

Being close to nature was always my weakness; thus, living and working in a place where I would enjoy a natural beauty-filled environment is a dream come true.

I talked with many real estate agents and agreed on a big luxury apartment in Bangsar South. If any apartment building would have to be an example, this is it. If the lavish and posh living had a name, it would be named Bangsar South apartments.

As my work involves traveling to Southeast Asian countries for business purposes, thus taking the promotion to live permanently in Malaysia was the best decision I could make.

Every evening I went for a daily walk and enjoyed the beautiful scenery more often than I should. I have fallen in love with this beautiful place from the first day until my last day on earth.

My love story was going more smoothly than a Mercedes on a rough road, then all of a sudden, the Covid-19 pandemic happened. The world was shut down, offices were closed, and hospitals were overwhelmed with sick patients.

Malaysia has seen the worst situation of affected patients, similar to Europe’s black death plague of the early 15th century. All the activities in the world, as well as in Malaysia, were on hold.

I spent a few months at home doing work from home and some conference calls. But later, in the fall of 2020, I was laid off from the company. I could not go outside, enjoy my walk, or get inspiration from the beautiful trees of Bangsar.

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Thus I was forced to sell whatever I got and left my beloved place on earth. In January 2021, I left Bangsar to go back to the USA. 

After returning to America, I landed a new job, but I couldn’t get the satisfaction I had when I was in Malaysia. After spending more than a year in America, I got myself back on my feet; hence I could make a decision again.

I asked my wife and considered her decision meant everything to me for a possible move back to Bangsar for a new start. She was hesitant initially and only agreed to my visit to evaluate the current situation and financial implications.

As soon as I landed there, I went directly from the airport to Bangsar. After spending a few days there, I thought of investing in a new business or start-up. I immediately gathered the resources and opened a coffee shop and restaurant in the most famous place. 

Bangsar village is a famous shopping mall located in the posh area near Kuala Lumpur. I have no idea if and when this business would be successful or just an excuse to stay more in the place.

But after a few weeks of hiccups, the business was booming daily. I have to hire some local help to cater to the overwhelming response from the customers. The commercial objectives were all met more than expectations. I repurchased the apartment in Bangsar and relocated there permanently.


Hence the dream I always had come true by moving to a different place, and I fell in love with this piece of heaven on earth. Many countries are developing their cities into eco-friendly and transforming their looks artificially. But Bangsar is a gold mine of natural beauty. I am in love with this new concept of place and continue to see the prosperity of this location.

Descriptive Essay Example About A School

School is the best institution in any country and serves as the backbone of a new generation of scholars, teachers, doctors, engineers, etc. Without a school, a prosperous nation is hard to be born. Hence it is evident that school plays an essential role in a country’s success by producing new talents and educating its population.

A descriptive article example about a school will solve many students’ academic tasks. It’s suitable for all ages and classes. The following specimen is perfect for all purposes, including college assignment writing.


The moment of pride and honor is whenever someone asks my school name. Because my school has taught me everything and made me what I am today. Trinity school in the New York City upper west side is the best school not just in the state of New York but also in the entire north American continent.

Body Paragraphs

It’s the busiest and most diverse city known as “New York City.” Thus Trinity School is surrounded by many prominent landmark buildings such as “Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.” Other facilities include “The New York Historical Society” and “The American Museum of Natural History.”

Trinity school is a gold standard for many aspiring parents and children who want to make a name. After many psychological and written tests, I was eventually selected.

The building school is an old gothic structure built in the early 18th century. It’s a substantial grandiose red structure resembling an English academic university. As soon as you enter the building, a significant golden emblem of the school on the glass windows welcomes you.

Furthermore, the entrance doors are so vast that they can let an elephant easily walk through them. One of the most exciting things is the sleek and infinite hallway length with wooden benches for sitting and studying any book. I used to research and sometimes have coffee along with the newspaper.

Although it’s been a decade since I was last seen there, I miss the vibes of trinity school. Most of the students are reading anything whenever you enter the premises. The standards of the school are high as the empire state building. So everyone must need to pass the exam or otherwise face reprimand.

I remember I was the naughtiest one of the students; thus, I was reprimanded more than others. I was even close to being expelled when I experimented in the lab. Although it was a good learning experience, it was also a dangerous one.

After these few troubles, I learned my lessons and focused entirely on my education. Trinity school of New York City has always been at the forefront of giving its pupils the utmost respect and value. Due to these core principles, this school is the best in America and might also be in the world.

The Alumni list of the Trinity School has many celebrities, singers, and politicians. These school students have made a name for themselves, but it was only possible through their high education standards.

The library of Trinity school is so immense and has an infinite number of books. I remember I read for two to three hours daily; therefore, it was like my second home. The wooden arches of the walls and racks were all filled with many categories of books. These include many classics of William Shakespeare’s plays such as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and many more.

Also, the coffee shop inside the school serves the best Cappucino and Americano coffee. Students like to have it with french styled croissants and molten chocolate cake. Just like the elegance in the studies and curriculum of the school, this cafe serves the highest quality coffee, desserts, and bread.

On hot summer days, most students like to sit under the trees on the outside road of the school for a literary and informal discussion. It’s one of the best steps I took in getting to know the different opinions and interactions between opposing minds.

Trinity School is famed for having a student discussion forum where everyone can express their opinions. We all gathered at the middle section of the school, known for its mosaic floor and fountain. This place in the school was such a perfect venue for such discussions.

All the class students gathered for conversations, depicting a scene from the famous elite teenage drama The Gossip Girl. One of the best things about Trinity is having the same privilege and importance for minority students.

If you enter the hallway and turn left, you reach this place, and before the class starts, everyone sits at the fountain walls. From all the backgrounds people have, they give their opinions in a wide array of topic discussions.

The garden of Trinity school is a sight of blessing for every student. Different floral scents welcome you from 50 feet away as soon as you reach. In the school, almost all kinds of flowers are planted here from roses of different varieties such as red, white, yellow, pink, and even black, a delicacy in the family of roses.

At the annual functions of the school, these flowers are presented to each student. Also, the prom night of trinity school is in a league of its own. All the schools in America try to copy what trinity schools offer.

On social media, the events of this elite school are given special attention. The attendees like to brag after attending such an exotic and exclusive event. I knew when I participated in the prom night event. I was asked by my friends to record all the details so they can also experience the fascination via video recordings.

Everyone is fascinated by the enrollment opportunities at the Trinity School. But only 2-5% of people get enough resources and are suitable for financial aid programs run by different organizations for intelligent and talented students. Many students have read college application tips so they can create a mesmerizing resume but it is just a waste of time.

Hence entering such an exclusive school like Trinity is as tricky as summiting the mountain of Everest without an oxygen tank. So many students submit their credentials but only up to 5% get through the process and selection criteria.

I have been lucky enough to be selected as an alumnus of The Trinity School, finished my studies in high grades, and reached the top of the mountain through its outstanding teachers. However, many people consider this school the most expensive one, and rightfully so because the quality of education they provide deserves to be praised and paid for by any means possible.


This example of descriptive essay about school provides deep insights to all the students who want to write a comprehensive description essay about university as well. This written essay will guide and give them a solid structure to start their work and complete the assignment in easy steps.

Descriptive Essay Example About A Person (My Best Friend)

For many students a college essay writing about my best friend seems complicated, but it’s no such thing. If you have such a person in your life, you can quickly note down the critical aspect of this relationship.

This descriptive essay example about my best friend will guide you on how to make an outline and compose words in a precise manner.

Introduction to This Short Descriptive Example

Mia has been my best friend since childhood, she is my neighbor, and we love each other. She has hazel brown eyes that are big and the most beautiful than any other girl. Mia is a brunette with a good physique and personality. She is very sharp and active-minded. However, she is pretty shy with strangers and cannot talk much in the presence of strangers.

Body paragraphs

Mia and I both go to the same school and come back together. She is unlike any of my male friends. She understands my feelings, the highs, and lows of my emotions, etc.

I was just a 7-year-old boy when my mom moved us to this neighborhood of Brooklyn, where we have stayed ever since. Due to being an introvert, I rarely went outside and stayed home playing games on my PlayStation.

Once I was playing with my labrador retriever dog Milo and accidentally threw the ball across the fence. I was young and small. Therefore I was unable to retrieve the tennis ball.

Milo was anxious to play again with the ball, so I tried to climb the fence by using a beach chair as extra support. After I climbed the wooden separation fence, I was surprised to see the beautiful face playing with Milo’s tennis ball.

When Mia saw me looking at her, she ran away inside her home. I was leaving for school the next day when I saw her again, waiting for the school bus. We sat on the bus, and I asked her for Milo’s ball. She gave it to me saying she liked the ball.

On the way back, we both talked the whole time. I asked her if she wanted to see my dog Milo, and she said she loved dogs. So I took her inside the house and as soon my dog saw her he came to her with a moving tail. She tapped his head, and he started licking her hands.

Thus a long and fantastic story of friendship and love started. She came daily to our home to play with Milo and me. She also wrote a descriptive essay about my pet dog in her class assignment. She let me borrow her notes for calculus as I was a bit dull in mathematics.

One day, Mia got lost in the woods when she bought candies from the shop. I remember I cried a lot for her as she was missing. The entire town gathered and searched for her, but after 3 hours, she was found safe and sound. When she recovered, she told me that she had fallen into a hole 7 feet in depth.

I spent the whole night with her in bed. We both talked about Cinderella and the prince who rescued her. Mia loves to read stories and draw pictures. She made a picture of me by drawing on paper with a pencil. She gifted me the painting on my birthday.

Mia has a fair white complexion; when she gets angry, her face turns red like an apple. Whenever she comes, and I have no wish to play with her, she turns away, and her face turns into a hot red color.

On my 10th birthday, she didn’t come to my birthday party as she was sick in the hospital. I refused to cut the cake, and then my mom called her mother, and we celebrated the birthday via Facetime call. When she returned from the hospital, I went to her home and bought some chocolates.

We both spent the entire day in her room. Talking and telling each other stories. After a few years, my classmate Alex asked Mia to be his date for prom night. She accepted his offer, and I got so angry when this information reached me.

I didn’t share my emotions with Mia, and I stayed the whole night awake in my room. When Mia went to prom and could not find me, she came back and knocked at our door. When my mom opened the door and let her come to my room, she saw me crying and immediately kissed my lips.

We both liked each other but had no courage to show our affection, so our love was hidden. After this, she became my girlfriend, and we loved each other like Romeo and Juliet. She was my girlfriend, and I was her boyfriend.

Later her dad got a job in San Francisco, and she moved from Brooklyn, New York. I remember she was forced to leave because she wanted to stay by my side. We both talk over the phone and miss each other’s presence in our life.

After a few months away, I finally decided to get her by all means. I went to San Francisco and straight to her college. I bought the flowers and a ring for her. As she came out of the building, I got down on my knees and proposed to her. She was shocked to see me there, so she accepted my ring, and we both got engaged.

We decided to get married in the next one month. We both loved each other, and it was the only conclusion to our future life. We tied the knot, and I came back with her to Brooklyn. I rented an apartment near my mom’s house.

Mia and I lived happily, but a few times, we do fight occasionally. One day when we returned from attending dinner at my friend’s home, we got into an accident. We both were unconscious and luckily escaped without significant injuries. At the time of discharge from the hospital, we were told the good news Mia was pregnant by four weeks.

Mia started crying, and I hugged him. She gave me three kids. We have two daughters and one son. My son’s name is Shane, the elder one is Eileen, and the last one is Julia. When we both go to work, our kids stay with their parental grandmother. My mom is quite fond of my kids and takes care of them even more than I did when I was a child.

Julia is the youngest of my three kids, and she’s my mom’s apple of the eye. Julia loves to hang out with my mom and listens to her old stories about me and her struggles raising me as a single mother. Thus my kids love their grandmother, and she reciprocates the same feelings toward them.

In short, Mia is not only my best friend but also the love of my life and wife. She is pretty strict, though, and likes me to be home right after leaving the office. Mia is an example of a soulmate and perfect match for me and a blessing in my life.

Conclusion of Descriptive Essay About a Person

college application essay about my best friend can be about anyone special to you. It can be your mother, brother, sister, or your dad and pet. Anything that is dear to you and has equally important lovely feelings for you can be your best friend. By looking at the example mentioned earlier, students can write better and worthy of reading material in quick and easy steps.

A Sample Descriptive Essay Example About Family

Family is the most important group of people in one’s life that are irreplaceable. Our achievements and success in a job, business, or whatever we do becomes meaningless if the family is omitted. Our family gives us an identity in life; thus, we cannot ignore family values and their essential importance in this modern world.

This descriptive essay example about family will give you a holistic view of the family’s core values. By reading this content, you can easily compose your opinion essay writing or tasks that should be based on descriptive writing about family.


Family is the first institution that teaches us about society and its values in our life. It’s the most important aspect of our lives and plays an important part in developing our minds and thinking. A child’s mental development is based on two vital pillars one is family, and the other is school.


School plays a role later in life when a child is more than seven years of age. But before that, when the child opens their eyes, family is the only thing that teaches them about good or bad. Thus a good household and its values reflect a good society.

Before you start writing your task, always focus on your traditional values and teachings for writing descriptive essay examples about family. These values present the following dimensions in one’s life.

Family Values Shapes Character

The family and its values impact an individual’s mind and its characteristics in shaping and reshaping. Good background and teachings from parents make you good and help society become optimistic.

Family or ancestral moral principles not only shape or change one person or a few people that are part of the family but also reflect the same aura on the public. Thus, before the school takes charge, the family tribe integrates good properties in the child’s life and makes them adopt them.

There is an old saying: “A person is as good as the family traditional values carried with him or her.” So it is proven that family plays an integral and unbroken part of your mentality in performing good deeds.

No one should undermine family’s importance as it is still as important as it has been since the dawn of time and civilizations. In the past, the family name was such an important aspect of any individual that the person who didn’t carry it was considered a degenerate.

Sense of Emotional Attachment

A family and its members for example your father, mother, siblings, or reading any book or descriptive essay about grandfather gives you a sense of belonging. This connection gives you emotional attachment to your group or tribe members. This feeling is so important that without the attachment, a person feels loneliness more often.

Family is the only real place where you feel a sense of belonging. Feeling accepted prevents the absolute anarchy of the mind.

Many psychological studies of criminal behaviors by the FBI and law enforcement agencies have highlighted some astonishing results. These analyses have determined that most law-breaking individuals suffer from society’s rejection of their presence.

Thus being rejected and not accepted forces many people to perform actions that put others and them in danger as well. But a good family prevents the mental deterioration of such individuals.

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Family Provides Unconditional Love and Security

Family is where you are given love and care regardless of how far you lived or moved from your parent’s home. A famous quote by the legendary philosopher Aristotle is, “Humans are social animals.” These words perfectly describe and sum up humankind’s weakness for love and family.

Family provides limitless love and security that is hardly available outside the group members. Our minds are by default set for affection and a safe haven that helps us going forward. These feelings provide and work collectively to form a safety net that catches us in case we fall.

A family’s safe haven is a lifetime feeling that our family will be standing by our side if anything happens. The presence of these emotions helps us in fulfilling our potential and gives our life’s a sense of purpose to achieve.

The family adores and celebrates your achievement with wholeheartedness without malice and hatred. So it’s easy to understand why all humans feel safe in the family. Love in the purest form without any condition is probably the most prominent reason for mentally leaning towards the family.

Making it all alone is never possible in life. Renowned bodybuilder, actor former governor of State of California Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a quote that “no one in the world is self-made; we all either help someone or take help from someone to make it in this world.”

Similarly, the family helps us in our time of need and survival against the harsh outside world of reality. We utilize its comfort and security and thrive with the family on our back, protecting us and standing by our side.

Variation Between Different Cultures and Similarities

Although many cultures exist in this world with many distinct and different values and principles, family and its importance is one thing that is found to be common among hundreds of old and new cultures. Hence we can confidently say that it is one point of consensus between many cultures.

Suppose we look at eastern cultures that strongly emphasize family worth and the elder’s role in maintaining it. For example, Japanese culture considers the family as a basic unit of society. It puts all the responsibility of good social norms on the head of each family for the betterment of the community.

Thus every family member and its elders have to play their part in making a good and civilized society. It is impossible to adhere to old ones and introduce new values into a community without the support of its people.

According to ancient greek civilization, family is the building block of life and reproduction. Without family, life and society do not exist. The fraternity of people let the progress of socio-economic factors to prosper continuously.

After hundreds or thousands of years, family is still the only factor that has existed against the test of time. Family and community values were deeply rooted in old civilizations and the early colonial era. Time has extensively tested the resilience of familyhood and its standing still with full prosperity and daily flourishing.

Importance of Family for Higher Life Expectancy

Many studies have shown that the average life of a person living with family and without it has a bigger difference in expectancy. Elderly patients living with their family or frequently visited by their son, daughter, granddaughter, and grandson have a higher life expectancy even if they face serious illnesses.

A study conducted at the University of California in early 2019 stated that older adults living who were visited regularly by their grandchildren have a longevity of life. On the other hand, much elderly living alone has life expectancy decreased at the same level as smoking 15 cigarettes daily.

This study is a landmark one and demonstrates the power of family and its subsequent effects on life. Family is the life force behind many ancient civil values and socio-economic success. Reading the descriptive essay example about family gives you a perfect understanding of its basic function and importance in life.


Thus after understanding the values of family life, writing a descriptive guest essays example about family will be much easier. Above mentioned example about life sets you on the right path for making sure you complete your assignment promptly. Read the content clearly and understand the context and its impact on your life to compose a good one.

Narrative Descriptive Essay Example

A narrative descriptive essay is the highest and effective guide to writing process for students that combines two different composing methods. Writers add the details of the topics and further elaborate with the narration technique to capture the audience’s attention. Take a look at the following sample to understand the structure and writing style of the narrative descriptive essay example.


I was always a fan of the speed and roaring sound of engines, but the thrill of racing cars running above the speed of 340 kilometers an hour is so different that it is not comparable to anything in the world.


It was 2005 when the first race of the Australian Grand Prix was held in Albert Park of Melbourne. It’s a suburb of the business district located in Melbourne. The entire area is filled with lush green grass and trees with large roads and a jogging track as a sidewalk.

Furthermore, it’s a street circuit, and the racing drivers can go as fast as 330 kilometers per hour on the long straights. The minimum corner speed is 140 kilometers which is usually the maximum speed we have on normal roads, but it’s considered the lowest in formula one. Thus formula one is the next big thing in my life.

My passion for high-speed adrenaline rush racing evolved to the formula one category, the pinnacle of motorsport racing. Thus I came to Australia to watch it live through my own eyes. This was a step to curb my excitement, but I was completely wrong because it raised my addiction to this sport to another level.

Anyway, the race day is split into a three-day course. Friday is for practice, testing the car setup, and ensuring drivers know each detail exactly. Saturday is reserved for qualifying sessions that simply reserve the starting grid or slots for race position.

And finally, Sunday is for racing, where all drivers try to improve and use their best skills to dominate the track and overtake as many cars as possible. Thus we get to see the excitement and high speeds of competition.

The Friday practice session one was topped by Vitantonio Liuzzi of Redbull racing using Cosworth engines. The second practice session has the opposite result, like Pedro de la Rosa of Mclaren Mercedes taking the spot from Redbull’s driver. The second position also went to Mclaren’s new driver Kimi Raikkonen.

Two Ferrari drivers dominated the third practice session. Michael Schumacher was the reigning world champion defending his championship after consecutively winning five driver championships from 2000 to 2004. His teammate Rubens Barrichello was second.

The event’s fourth and final practice session was total destruction for both Ferrari and Mclaren Mercedes and Renault drivers. Ferrari was more than three seconds off the pace in the last practising phase.

Then came the qualifying session, and watching it was like survival of the fittest. Each team pushes its technology in car design, aerodynamics and engine performance to the maximum. All the teams are allowed to use as much fuel as possible, also called “Fuel Burn”.

This phase is critical and requires zero mistakes because the engine runs at 16000 revolutions per minute (RPM). Making the engine and its exhaust gases as hot as 4700 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s less than 50% of the sun’s temperature, so that you can imagine the power and noise of the engines running in such hot and melting temperatures.

As soon as the clock hit 12, the pitlane light went green and allowed cars to go to the track to make runs. In this one-hour session, multiple cars go on track and try to run as fast and quickly cover the distance from the start to the track to return to the finish line in the minimum time possible.

Hence, the formula one car with the strongest engine and more downforce gets the minimum time and takes the first spot to race on Sunday. In the 2005 Australian Grand Prix, Renault’s driver Giancarlo Fisichella went on to claim P1 on the grid for Sunday’s race.

Ferrari, which was winning races, drivers and constructors titles from the last five years, was so behind that it felt like they were not interested in racing and might get bored. Anyway, Renault was in good shape, which was unseen in many previous years.

It was the ultimate fight for supremacy and domination on the tarmac on Sunday race day. Usually, people only watch the race on Sunday, skipping the other days of preparation and qualifying, but I had never done this.

I bought two big bottles of beer that had always shown effectiveness in such tense races. Although I was excited that Ferrari would show its true potential, seeing the poor performance, I was not so confident.

Anyway, on Sunday, I reached way too early on 6th March 2005 to watch the race from the grandstand opposite the pitlane. So I had access to watch all the cars going in and out of the pitlane for refuelling and tyre change strategy.

As the race warm-up lap began, I was holding the bottle in my right hand, and fans were cheering Michael Schumacher’s name so loud that it felt noisier than the 3-litres V-10 engine of a formula one car.

I did get acute tinnitus due to those cheers and small pocket horns that fans used in the events like these. So after the cars aligned on the starting grid spots, Kimi’s car abruptly halted; thus, one more lap to warm up the tyres and clear the track started.

Kimi was now due to start the race from the pitlane exit after all the cars crossed the finish line. So as soon as the racing lights went green, all the cars jumped and started moving as fast as they could. The initial few gears are so intense that you can even hear the clicking sound of the gearbox of formula one cars.

Renault’s driver Giancarlo Fisichella made a good start by using launch control in a zero delay manner and retained his lead. As soon as the cars reached turn one, he was already in front of everyone. Jarno Trulli had tried to overcome the 10-meter distance on the start to overtake Fisichella but failed to do so.

Three drivers get the most out of the start by moving a few places above the original position they had qualified on. These were David Coulthard, Fernando Alonso and Ferrari’s Rubens Barrichello. Ferrari moving so high in the first lap was a dream come true for me.

So I drank the first bottle of Heineken beer as early as the end of the first lap. The big 150-inch screen showed the action beyond the start-finish straight in other parts of the Albert park track.

Every driver was pushing hard as he could, and in this trying, some drivers were going off the road into the grass or barriers. This 2005 Australian Grand Prix is the best narrative descriptive essay example as it uniquely captures all emotions.

After 57 laps of intense battle, Renault’s driver Fisichella won the race by a big margin over his fellow racers. Ferrari’s Barrichello came third, and Alonso came in the final and last podium position of 3rd. The race was full of fun and excitement and provided entertainment, proving why this thrilling sport is the most popular worldwide.

I returned from the race and enjoyed every second of this adrenaline rush. Many people have watched it from home and live broadcast, and till now, it is one of the best moments I spent in Australia.


Narrative descriptive essay samples can be any moment of your life or experience you can target for composing words. Making sure what you write has in-depth details and gives a virtual experience to your audience is a vital step that should not be ignored and undermined for the best outcome.

3 Paragraph Descriptive Essay Example

3 paragraph essays are given to most of the students to accomplish their initial literary creative goals. Because 3 paragraphs are usually not lengthy and contain few parts such as “introduction”, “Body”, “conclusion”.

Understanding the parts of 3 paragraph descriptive essay example is of utmost importance for composing as well. Let us share with you all the details so you can compose trouble-free and in less time. The following composed essay will provide you with guidelines for each step necessary to take to complete your assignment writing.

3 Paragraph Examples of Descriptive Essay Fear of Snakes (Ophidiophobia)

The following descriptive essay example about fear will give you a writer’s perspective in simple and plain language. Look at the example for complete steps of writing a descriptive essay.

Ever since I was a child, I have had a terrible fear of snakes; their sight and skin make me tremble with fear. This fear has haunted me since childhood, making me have nightmares about snakes. This fear is so intense that whenever I’m going through this, it feels more potent than a panic attack and more similar to death. Although I fear death less, seeing a snake brings a thought to my mind, showing that snakes are synonymous with death. Thus, I will die in a few minutes if I ever see or encounter a snake.

Meanwhile, I went for a medical and psychological check-up to diagnose my mental health, but nothing came out even after a CT scan and MRI. I have sought help from many psychologists, who all tried their best, but I am so stubborn that I have resisted all the interventions. One psychologist brought a pet snake in front of me so I could feel safe, but little did he know that I got fainted due to extreme fear. He called an ambulance, and I was admitted to the hospital, discharged a few hours later, and given a few tablets to overcome my fear of snakes. But all the tablets were wasted and ineffective.

Yesterday became the biggest test of my fears and life when I fell from my bike while riding it through think trees on the nearest mountain trail. As I fell, I was a bit subconscious, and lying on the ground, I felt something on my chest and moving from my body. When I gained consciousness, I saw a brown snake a few feets from me; the same snake had been sitting on my body a few minutes ago. Somehow I was not as afraid as I should have; the snake came near me and sat on my lap. I felt powerful and knew these creatures were not as evil as I thought. So I overcame my fear in just one random accident.

Descriptive Essay Example About Vacation

Having a vacation after working all year long is the best way to eliminate tiredness and anxiety. Millions of people worldwide take breaks when organizations offer them as a reward for their continuous hard work. Even when vacations are not given annually still best to take some time off to enjoy nature and visit different places.

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I was awarded a seven-day trip to Turkey in December of 2021; it was the best thing of my life. I packed my clothes with all the cardigans, round necks and cashmere sweaters in my travel bag. Luckily my transit and luggage bags were large enough to carry all the winter clothes and scarfs.


I had experienced that travel is a blessing for everyone and specifically workaholic like me. I have read in a magazine that there are five reasons why travel is good for your mental health.

These five reasons include stress release, reinventing your inner creativity, gaining happiness and satisfaction, mental stability, and getting creativity from nature.

On the other hand my flight was after midnight and long enough to take half a day to reach the travel destination. Thus taking a neck pillow with me was the most important after all.

I reached a few hours ahead of check-in time and boarding. After forty minutes, I got the boarding pass successfully for Turkish Airlines. Turkey’s official airline serves non-stop flights from the United States to Turkey’s capital, Ankara and Istanbul.

Anyway, having the boarding pass provides relief that you wouldn’t miss your flight since you are at the airport either napping or in the washroom at the last minute. I had only decided to sleep after I boarded the plane, so my resting was undisturbed.

The flight time was more than 10 hours, excluding the time required for luggage taken from the baggage carousel. Hence an extra 30 minutes need for such activities, including clearing immigration counters.

As soon as the jet started, I put the pillow under my neck and shoulder joint and slept for the next two hours. I was forced to wake up after hostesses began serving meals on the plane. Having the roasted chicken and two small bottles of red wine were enough to tranquillize me into a deep sleep.

After many hours of sleep, I woke up and enjoyed some fresh coffee, the green color of the mediterranean sea showed the mesmerizing scene. Splashing waves woke me up more than triple-shot americano. I got on the plane.

After some challenging time clearing the immigration counter and baggage claims, I was finally out of the airport. I have decided to take the public bus to Istanbul city centre because it’s the cheapest way to reach the city without paying too much cash to taxi drivers or uber ride-sharing service.

I have already taken an apartment via Airbnb, and it only cost me 50$ a day near Taksim square, which is located on the European side of the city; thus, getting to the most famous tourist destinations was only a few kilometers away.

This long journey took me about an hour to reach my apartment due to a dozen stops along the way on this cheap but crowded bus service. The condo was nice and clean, with ample space for a couple to enjoy their stay here.

Immediately after taking a shower, I went outside to have some food. Many mobile kiosk food sellers in Taksim Square offer excellent and cheap food. I had taken some hazelnuts in a few Turkish liras and also enjoyed them. After an hour, I came back to the room to have some rest and get rid of jet lag.

After sleeping for 8 hours or more, I was awakened by the bright and shining sun of Istanbul city. I took my transit bag, passport and wallet and headed out for Turkish breakfast. I was offered cheese with half-fried egg with lamb meat in a pan. It is known as Menemen and is widely eaten for breakfast as well as for lunch also.

Turkish tea is also an exclusive delicacy that is not easily found in other countries of the world. For me having tea was not the first time but a Turkish one was indeed a new experience.

Secondly, the weather was so romantic that I drank three cups easily. I heard a lot about Galata Tower so I went there and getting there took me almost one hour as I was walking the entire way. The ticket for such an amazing place is 130 Turkish Lira but it was so crowded and at one time 30-40 tourists can go on top of the tower.

Thirdly when they come back, you got to wait for another ten minutes for your turn, thus it’s a long wait-and-see game. Anyway, when I reached on top, I can see the entire city easily and the sea of Marmara and Bosphorus. A sight worth the entire wait and travel. This tower was once the tallest in the entire region and Europe.

On my return, I went to a local restaurant near my apartment. Turkish bread with Kebabs is an absolute marvel among foods. The freshly grilled lamb mince meat with garlic and tomato sauce and cilantro was more than I would ask for. Filling my stomach with these tasty kebabs I went on to enjoy some Turkish coffee as well.

The next day I went to Princess Island which is located about 15 kilometers from Istanbul. I took the ferry and in the cold rainy weather reached there after more than an hour of travel time. On Princess Island, they serve you amazing salads and pickles that I best for diet conscience people. After getting tired from riding a bike and seeing the entire island I came back.

The next day I decided to go to Cappadocia for the balloon ride. I booked my ticket for the bus travel in 280 Turkish Lira and went in the early morning at 5 am to reach the station. It took me almost 10 hours to reach there and it totally worth it.

Cappadocia is such an amazing place worth seeing and spending time with. It is full of cone-shaped rocks that provide relief to tired eyes and boring life. I bought a 200$ USD for 40 minutes balloon ride. These rides continued throughout the day but a good utilization of time and the beautiful romantic way is booking it for before sunset and sunrise.

Additionally, Cappadocia offers amazing hotels built inside the rocks that are marvels also. After the sunset balloon ride, I became so tired that I considered booking a room in a nearby hotel. I immediately ordered some Turkish veggies and Kofte with Pita bread as I was feeling famished. After fulfilling my appetite I slept like a baby without even changing sides or turning over.

The next day I took the bus again and reached back Istanbul late in the evening. As soon as I came back, went straight to a local dance club where I witnessed some of the best moves and beautiful Turkish belly dancers. Having a few shots of Jack Daniels bourbon whiskey I was drunk enough that going back to the room seems like the best option.

On the last day of the visit, I went to Istanbul’s eastern side, where I was surprised to see a giant meat piece being grilled on coals. Upon my inquiry, I was told that it’s “Kokorec”. Its made by wrapping lamb meat in its intestines and cooking slowly for hours until its crust becomes crispy.

The chef gave me a small piece of “Kokorec” for taste, and it was non-spicy and seasoned only with a small amount of salt. After enjoying the meat with Simit, a loaf of well-known Turkish breakfast bread and coffee, I went to see the Hagia Sophia.

In addition to a superb breakfast meal, the mosque “Hagia Sophia” and its magnificent light pink structure also capture the attention. It is enormous and can be compared to a small town or a village. 

A thousand years ago, this was a church of the Byzantine or eastern Roman empires. After the separation of the eastern orthodox church from the roman catholic church, “Constantinople,” modern Istanbul was the capital.

After seeing Jesus Christ and Mary the virgin, and murals on the ceilings and pillars, I was amazed to see the creativity and artistic approach of architects of old times. I was suggested by a local tour guide to visit the Topkapi palace museum to witness the ottoman empire relics and buildings.

So I went there afterwards; the museum was as good as other buildings were. I saw some knights templar captured swords there and some old Islamic relics kept in pristine condition.

After this tour of old Turkish relics and historic buildings, I went to Grand Bazaar, which is the world’s oldest and biggest market. The market is covered and has more than 3000 shops operating still on the premises. The main business there focuses on metal utensils, Turkish delights, herbal products, tea shops, and embroideries shops.

I bought a few things I liked and hunted for the food, which luckily I found easily in the nearby street where I ate clam shells raw with lemon juice and salt sprinkled on them. I considered this tour a mind-opening and must-have for all workaholics.


In short, I was living in a box where there was a set routine. I never tried anything else, but when I went to Turkey and saw the outside world and experienced it firsthand, I became aware of the world’s beauty. Traveling is a must for every person to get rid of routine life and stagnancy and boredom. My tour to Turkey is definately my favorite place. It has given me the opportunity and opened my mind and eyes.

Descriptive Essay Example About Flowers

Flowers are the beauty of the earth and can be described as the simplest form of pleasure and charm. Flowers are the only versatile organic product of nature that is available in an abundance of different colors. From red, pink, green, turquoise, orange, white, beige, lavender, and blue to many mixed colors you can find in a flower.

As soon as autumn ends, the flowers start blooming and leaves appear on the empty branches. This scene gives new hope to everyone who lost hope in life or in circumstances.

Every flower and its use in all cultures of the world has many different meanings. Therefore the use of these flowers is also different from the basic joyous events including and not limited to celebrations, birthdays, funerals, love, sacred rituals, etc.

But due to changes and variations in social acceptance, flower use is limited to just celebrations now. Let’s have a look at the current scenario of the latest trends of floral uses on many occasions and as medicine in eastern cultures.

King & Queen of Flowers “Rose”

The Rose flower is undoubtedly the king of all flower types. It is one of the oldest and most widely used in the entire world. From the start of cultivation and this technology-run era, this type of flower has ruled the hearts and minds of humankind.

According to the University of Illinois and many research paper writing, the fossils of roses are as old as 35 million old thus it’s the oldest flower type in the world. Roses are used in versatility and variation suitable to the occasion of celebration or sadness.

The most famous ones are red which are used for specifically expressing love, passion, and commitment. Red roses are widely used around the world with a single purpose only, although there is some secondary utilization as well.

Secondly, red roses are extensively used for harvesting fragrant oil used in many floral perfumes. These perfumes that contain pure fragrance are highly expensive and can be bought in weight, not volume metric.

The third use of red roses is for the preparation of herbal medicines. In old Chinese and ayurvedic practices, red roses are used for skin rejuvenation and sourcing beneficial leaves for adding to different aspects of skin and body care.

Additionally, red roses are used in cooking food and making herbal tea for stomach ulcer healing. In herbal medicines, this flower is thought as promoting Gastrointestinal Prokinetic activities although its unproven but is still used widely.

In addition to cooking, leaves of red roses are also used in making herbal tea for alleviating stomach aches due to diarrhea. This simple home remedy is widely accepted in south Asian and middle eastern countries.

Finally, its use as expressing love and affection to loved ones is a most famous one. Whether it’s your girlfriend or wife, giving them red roses shows extreme love and care from your side. This use has some conflicted starting history such as most people think it started in ancient Venice.

On the other hand, few believe that the Persian empire thousands of years ago started this tradition. Greek mythology describes that its created by an aphrodite and her lover’s blood.

Thus usage of the rose has been different in many regions according to their cultural and mythical beliefs in a wider perspective.

The Natural Healer Jasmine

Jasmine is the most beneficial natural herbal cure for many diseases. This flower is white and small and has small petals that are mildly fragrant and provides a good aroma where ever they are planted. These are not big so not easy to give as a gift but have many uses and are known in botany as the “Natural Healer”.

Additionally in medical science, it is used extensively for healing damaged skin and wounds. Jasmine has amazing regenerative properties and is also used in herbal practice for Liver Cirrhosis, stress reliever, and anti-inflammatory medication.

Jasmine has been used in south Asian cultures for hundreds of years. The herbal benefits of jasmine are mostly undocumented but proven by many generations. This flower is used as a diuretic in abdominal water retention in patients suffering from liver failure.

Along with the use in liver disease, it is also utilized in patients suffering from Anxiety induce panic attacks. tension headaches as well. In recent times Jasmine flower extracts are in moderate use in giving fragrance and taste to jellies and candies manufacturing.

Where ever jasmine is planted, the whole place has the fragrance. This flower is used routinely in Aromatherapy for providing relief from stress, insomnia, metabolism, and constipation issues. New findings support the evidence of benefits in people suffering from anorexia. Thus the benefits are countless given the appropriate usage.

Multiple Benefits in Acute Ailments

Flowers and floral beauty have shown their effectiveness in many forms such as emotional aspects, psychological, environmental, and natural beauty enhancements, etc. Though we can say there are two types of people in this regard.

The first categories that are highly influenced by flowers and their contributing effects are environmentalists and herbalists. Both of these two types of people have the same mindset and love for the flora and passion for preservation.

On the other hand, we have medical scientists and physicians who have not yet adopted the herbal benefits statement. But this does not mean that there are no benefits whatsoever.

Flowers have shown their capabilities on their potent health advantages in many cultures and traditional herbal medications.

Flowers offer loads of benefits for many people suffering from acute or chronic diseases. For example “Shoeblack plant” is highly beneficial for hypertension and its complication. This plant is also used for pain relief in Piles and arthritis etc.

Likewise, patients suffering from vitamin deficiency and anemia can be treated by Rose and its different types. Roses are enriched in Vitamin A, B, C, and many other anti-oxidants that are necessary for various disease preventions. Also, they provide a complete dose of important minerals as well.

Plumeria is also a flower that is highly sought after for many health benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties and reducing vertigo. This flower is in use in many countries of Africa, and South America for centuries and reached as far as the North American herbal medicine industry.

The Golden Shower tree is one of these examples as well that is famous for being beneficial in reducing the episodes of epilepsy. This flowering tree grows on Himalayan plains and offers many advantages that are hard to find in pharmaceutical products. The potent herbal benefits of this flowering tree are hard to ignore. It can easily be used by having either dried petals, dry branches, or tree bark for maximum results.

Lotus flowers are one of a kind in providing many benefits for herbal product users. Lotus is in use for over 7000 years. Lotus flower petals are used in dried and paste form and also its roots and stem are used in cooking. Most importantly this flower petal is used in cancer prevention and also in cancer treatment. There are some contradictions among many medical practitioners and herbalists. But in general, it’s safe to use.

Chrysanthemum is a renowned flower for having an ample amount of potassium that is an absolute gift for people suffering from high blood pressure and stroke. Regularly using this results in a normal range of Blood pressure and fewer chances of Heart Attack and Stroke.

In short flowers present medical benefits in more abundance than being used as ornaments. Before the invention and utilization of the latest pharmaceuticals applications for wider use, flowers were used extensively utilized in many medical conditions treatment such as high blood pressure, diabetes, infectious diseases like bacterial and fungal infection and skin wound healing, etc.

After the start of the new Millenium, the pharmaceutical industry had shown a strong declining trend, which lead to the rise of herbal and floral extracts uses in all aspects of life. Now flowers are part of everyone’s life from decoration, fragrant scents, and alleviating many illnesses and serious health conditions prevention.

Descriptive Essay Example About Love

Love is an important thing in everyone’s life and it gives us a feeling that is irreplaceable and unable to be duplicated. The most interesting quality of love is that it is free of authority and will. No one can fall in love with their will or wishes whenever they like to. Love does not accept the dominion of any person no matter what designation or power one holds. Thus love has its own free will and acts accordingly.

Love is the biggest contributor to sadness and happiness in the world. In one second it can make you love everything and hate as well.

I was a well-grown man when I got the first jolt of love. Serena came to do her residency in Mater hospital just like I was. She has more interest in Cario-thoracic surgery and I on the other hand more interested in Internal Medicine.

The first encounter was like an atom bomb dropped on me, her blonde curly hair and blue scrubs took my breath away. It was her first day like mine, other doctors were also waiting in the lounge with us. She nervously looked here and there and when she noticed me looking at her, she smiled and waved at me.

That was the smile that took my heart away and I was forever bound to her. She asked me “is this your first residency acceptance here”. I was utterly silent by her killing beauty and could not move my lips. After gathering some courage I said yes it is but I might live here forever because this place is so much beautiful.

She at once notices my flirting and said “I will be looking forward to your eternal stay at Mater Hospital”. Her gorgeous smile makes sure in my heart that I will love to be trapped here with her for eternity.

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After the orientation, we all picked up our bags and went to our rooms for proper induction and to meet up with the professor of the medical unit of Mater Hospital.

I got my first-day job by filling up patient data on the medical ward computers and manually at the patient’s notes register. After getting free at 10 pm I went outside for some fresh air and some good old Guinness beer.

The cold breeze of late October in Dublin’s city centre was more like winter in some countries. I have taken a cab from the road and went straight to Temple Bar. There was a light sprinkle of rain that heightened my appetite for food and beer.

I was getting tired each minute and as soon as I reached the busiest street in Dublin One district, I entered the Bar and ordered a big pint of beer. I was about to sip the beer when I was greeted from behind by Serena. She said, “are you not gonna offer me a drink?”.

I was so surprised by the sudden arrival of this angel-like beauty that I dropped the glass in confusion. She started laughing and told me that I do not need to fear her. She is just a human like me. All I was thinking then was how to tell her that I had fallen in love head over heels.

Her confidence and outfit of tight green jeans with a light tan brown leather jacket were making me crazier and in more ways than I can imagine. I was getting frustrated with fantasies in my mind about her.

I ordered two big one-pints of Guinness for her and me. We both enjoyed it with cashews and peanuts. She told me all about her and how she came to Dublin from Wicklow county.

She suffered tragedy at the age of 7 years when her father died of a heart attack. After this incident, she decided to become a cardiologist. She was granted a full scholarship by the Wicklow county council to Dublin’s Trinity College School of Medicine.

After getting her degree as a medical doctor top of her class, she was given a residency scholarship by the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland (RCSI).

Her life was full of struggles with society and a parent-less upbringing. She was adopted by her parental grandmother after her father’s passing. Although she was given care and love, but life was never the same as it was when her father was alive.

The death of her father prompted her to look to no one for help and believe in herself only. She left her grandmother’s home and started working as a personal assistant in a doctor’s private clinic. There she learned many difficult medical terminologies and developed a love for medical science.

She was mentored by her boss and got on-hand experience. The doctor’s clinical expertise helped her to get top grades in school and biology in particular. Her dreams came true after many years of studying continuously and working simultaneously as well.

By the time we finished our conversations, we had drunk almost 6 glasses of beer. We both decided its time to leave the bar before we sleep here. I offered her a walk back to her apartment which she accepted.

She became quite fond of our conversation. She asked how my interest developed in becoming a doctor and I told her exactly how and when I realised of becoming a doctor. So we continued our conversation the entire way until we reached her apartment building.

I absolutely loved her presence in the bar, and she reciprocated the same gesture by providing me with her cell phone number. After we both exchanged our contacts, I said good night to her and left for my home. I spent the entire night awake because we both started texting each other.

The next morning I was like a zombie and could not focus on many tasks. During the break, I went to her department for having lunch together. I bought her favorite Caesar’s Salad and white sauce pasta and an iced Cappuccino.

We both ate lunch together, and that’s how our love story started developing. We both try to meet each other either between lunch breaks or when we both leave the hospital. Slowly and steadily we reached a stage where we both cannot live without each other. We must meet each day in the hospital in the morning for a doctors’ panel discussion.

On my birthday she gave me the best gift of my life. I was bombarded with the surprise birthday party at her apartment. She called me and told me to come quickly as her room’s door lock is broken and she is suspecting an attempt of burglary.

As soon as I heard it I felt like I was having a heart attack, Suddenly I was running like crazy towards her apartment. As soon as I reached there I was greeted by a big happy birthday. I couldn’t forget the look on her face when she saw me this worried. She hugged me and told me that it was the only way to bring me there quickly.

After cutting the cake she was feeling more nervous and shaking badly. I asked her what is the matter and upon my inquiry, she told me that she is pregnant with our child. It immediately felt like I have been given a second chance while I was losing my breath.

I forgot the birthday celebration and felt so peaceful after hearing those words. The next day we both went together to the hospital holding our hands. After the ultrasound by the Gynecologist, we were told we will be blessed with twins.

The news of twins poured a new life into both of us. We loved each other to an extent of limitless, but this was so bigger than we cannot imagine. We started decorating the rooms with cribs and colors such as half blue and half pink.

The biggest fight we had was over choosing names. Finally, Serena and I agreed on one name of my choice and one of hers. I chose the name for my daughter, while Serena selected the boy’s name for our son.

We both were blessed after months of wait and the pain she endured in labor. I can never forget the things we went through for our children. Love was there to keep us motivated when we were on our lows and we never lose hope. I was not looking for love but it was looking for me. If I was not a doctor I might never have met Serena and our love story would have never happened.

Luckily this modern love had chosen both of us for each other and our stars collided and the story got into a twist. Now we are both married for the last 12 years and our both children are going to school. We still have the same passion and charm for each other when we both were just dating.

We have seen how love has changed our life and thinking. While I was a believer but Serena was not, my love and care changed her heart and make her more compassionate than I.

Love is an eternal circle of passion and care that must be protected when you are experiencing it. Love was created by god and is immortal. As long as humanity lives on, love will never die.


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