My Favorite Place Descriptive Essay

Humans are superiors and enjoy the perks of living, loving anything they feel is exceptional. We all like something that gives a different vibe or feeling, either by seeing, smelling, touching, tasting or hearing. Writing about anything you like is easy, like writing different descriptive essay examples. But What if you have to attempt one specific task about this? This will be about submitting the 900 words “My favourite place descriptive essay”.

You must be thinking it’s just child’s play. Right? In fact, it’s much more than describing any place you have visited and now writing about it. But don’t worry we are here and will provide you with all the guidance that you will be needing. Read the blog to find out more.

My Favorite Place Descriptive Essay

You can go through different ‘my favorite place essay examples’ shared by different writers or bloggers online. Also sometimes termed as favorite places examples. I have traveled to many places as a blogger, but Istanbul is my favorite place. This city has such a rich history that is unfathomable. One of the most intriguing aspects of Istanbul is the old mosques and Byzantine-era colossal buildings. Let me share with you all the details of 

my journey last month. This will let you understand every step of my favorite place descriptive essay background.

 After many months of planning, I finally bought the ticket and reached my beloved place. I have already made the reservations at Elite World Europe Hotel. Soon after reaching I dropped my bags and went for a tour around the city.

 It took me more than thirty minutes to get to the Bosporus Cruise tours. Although I was alone but enjoyed my tour so much. There are many big white cruise ships that can carry up to hundred people each.

 As I was on board the cruise ship in hot July weather. The sea breeze became so pleasant on the cruise ship after sunset. Everywhere the lights on the Bosporus bridge can be seen easily. The reflection of these lights presented me with the ultimate romantic scenery.

 There are many houses built in the mountains on both sides of the Bosporus. Also, many wedding halls of prestigious hotels have big balconies that opened up to the waterside.

 I have witnessed a few weddings on that day. It’s also a strange thing that sunsets quite late in Bosporus. After seeing the sun going down after 9 pm. All the tourists were served later with dinner.

 Due to my eating habits changes, I had already decided not to eat my dinner. But after the most amazing aroma on the cruise ship’s dinner lounge. I couldn’t resist the tasty “Kokorec”.

Kokorec is a traditional dish in which lamb meat is served. Whole meat is packed with lamb intestines. After the cooking on coal intestines became crispy and served with local rice and bread.

 I have never eaten anything that was filled with such juicy lamb meat. If I talk about food and turkey, then it’s my favorite food of the entire Turkish cuisine and tour.

 It has such a powerful punch to fulfill your stomach. It has ended the tiredness from jetlag and sleepless nights I encounter before packing up my luggage. I was star-struck by the mesmerizing view of the Bosporus.

 This beautiful view introduced me to my creative side again and I started writing my favorite place descriptive essay.

 On my way back I had a pretty good time at Taksim Square. The ice cream serving person plays such thrilling jiggling games with you. I tried many times but always end up with an empty cone without ice cream.

 The next day I had gone to a local cuisine breakfast in the Asian side of Istanbul. As this city is divided into Asian and European sides. Both have different roots in the local foods to enlighten the tourist about the rich heritage of Islamic and Christian society.

 I enjoyed the local Turkish breakfast “Menemen”. This breakfast was so tasty and made with eggs served with cheese and minced lamb meat. This has opened up my taste buds to a new dimension of taste. Composing a perfect essay writing seems like such an easy task after this magical breakfast.

 Along with “Menemen”, I enjoyed the “Tamarind and tangerine” drink from the restaurant. Having my stomach full I carry on my journey towards “Grand Bazaar”. It’s the oldest shopping market in the world. 

 It’s also known to hold over 4000 shops on the premises. It has many shops offering traditional spices, herbs, clothes and souvenirs. I bought many things for myself and some friends. One of the best in the world “Turkish Delights” and “Baklava” are also available there. I bought more than four kilograms of these sweets.

 The next day I decided to tick one thing off my bucket list and that was visiting “Princes Island”. It is the formation of nine islands collectively called this name. The ferry starts early from 6 am till sunset. After about 80-90 minutes I finally reached there.

 Prince’s island is quite small compared to Istanbul. You can rent a bicycle and can easily see many places in one go. I did rent this service and along the way, I found a traditional Turkish tea stall. Due to harsh cold weather that was freezing my hands like a dead person, the tea gives me a warm life.The small island residences remind me of a beach house descriptive essay that i wrote previously 

 Spending a few hours there I get to taste the typical local breakfast of cottage cheese, olives, fresh roll bread, and Turkish coffee. Having my final breakfast here was so depressing.

I didn’t want to leave this beautiful city filled with beautiful places and people as well. But it was time for saying goodbye. My flight was due in a few hours and I have to reach the airport quickly.

 The ferry has taken me back and I get the taxi to the airport. On my way to the airport which was only a few kilometers away. I was happy and sad both at the same time. I spent such a wonderful time there and it was matchless with any place previously I had visited.

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