The Purpose Of Descriptive Writing

Are you the person searching to find out “what is the main purpose of descriptive writing?”. Have you tried every way possible to get the answer to it but couldn’t get any help? Want an expert guide?  so let’s not elongate the discussion further and dive into finding an answer to what is the purpose of a descriptive essay. 

Descriptive writing is one a fun thing to write. The reason is that, it might not require such hard work as other form of writing does such as that of narrative writing, expository etc. so let’s not elongate the discussion further and dive into the guide. Here you go!

What is Descriptive Writing?

  • Such type of writing is defined as a type of writing in which one gives a description of something in a clear and concise manner

  • The description can be of anything. A place, a person, an object, an event and so on.

  • The element that needs to be kept in mind is that the writer must provoke the sensations of the audience and he should make a clear picture of it in their minds.

  • It should be strong to an extent that the reader should imagine him in the description or feels that his thoughts are responding to the situation.

  • Description suggest that it should be a detailed writing with execution of 5 senses into it i.e. the senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing and vision, only then the reader is going to feel that he’s in the environment of what the cheap writer is describing through these sensory details.

  • This form of writing is used in writing:

    • Journal

    • Biographies

    • Poetry

    • Essay writing

    • Traveling logs etc.

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What Is The Main Purpose Of Descriptive Writing?

Wondering what should descriptive writing aim to do?. Here are some quick points that explain the purpose of a descriptive essay.

  • Everyone of us wonder the purpose of anything that we are searching for. So, one might be wondering what is the purpose of descriptive writing? Here is why.

  • Writing is incomplete without description and in literature, it is the central pillar on which the writing stand.

  • Hence, the purpose is to describe using 5 senses. Such description needs to be appealing to the audience using these 5 senses.

  • The description should function as real and not imaginary or fake like a fantasy. It must be realistic.

  • It helps to write descriptive essay’s which is the need of time and help students form strong basis for writing any sort of essay.

  • It helps to improve vocabulary. Wondering how? When a person write description, he must refer to some tools and techniques for writing good description such as Grammarly, meanings, synonyms, punctuation etc. This will help him to form strong basis for error free writing in other forms of writings too and not just the descriptive. Hence, it proves to be effective.

What Should Descriptive Writing Have?

Such writing must have the following elements integrated into it:


  • The structure of a descriptive writing follows the same standard structure as that of the other writings i.e. the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

  • Although it doesn’t have a definite structure but of course a well-organized and well-structured description produce better results than an irregular one.

  • Thus, ensuring a well-structured description is necessary requirement for such a writing.


  • Description is all about senses. The writer must be appealing to the senses of the audience while describing the event, object or a person etc.

  • He should give the detail of the smell, taste, touch, sound etc. to attract the attention of the audience.

  • The sense of visualization should be stronger because it is central part in description. The reader should be able to visualize the situation the writer is describing.

Use Of Vivid Language

  • The use of such language will add spices into the writing. Hence, it is always advisable to use such language when writing a description.

  • A vivid language is the one when one uses a strong and appealing vocabulary to make the description more interesting without making the writing complex.

  • Such as, the writer can use oxymorons, metaphors, adjectives, etc.

  • For example, it is better to use “city of fragrances” instead of “Paris”.

Feelings And Emotions

  • The differentiating element between other writings and a descriptive one are the feelings and emotions integrated into the description.

  • To add such emotions and feelings, we add literary devices such as exclamations, puns, hyperbole, quotations etc.

  • Such emotions should not be used such that they destroy the real meaning of what the writer wants to convey, rather they should be clear enough to transmit the central message.

5 Features Of Descriptive Writing

A descriptive writing style has the following 5 characteristics. Often varies with the types of descriptive writing the descriptive writers have to deal with. 

  • Prewriting

  • Organizing

  • Use of colorful language

  • Integrating the senses

  • Making a clear impression

Let’s discuss these in detail:


  • Prewriting is an essential step in writing description.

  • It helps give physical appearance to the thoughts of the writer.

  • Hence it is advisable to have a brainstorming session and jot down all the details, requirements, important points, qualities etc. into a piece of paper which may resemble the original description.

  • For example, if one is writing about “a tree”, he should integrate the elements of physical appearance, qualities, function, fruits etc.

  • Such details are going to add rigor into the writing through a pre-planning session.


  • A good piece of writing is the one having a flowy transition from one idea to another or from one point to another.

  • Organize the writing starting from a good introduction leading its way through conclusion.

  • Introduction should be good enough containing a hook, then a background details and at the end a strong thesis statement.

  • The body paragraphs should be such that it displays all the details and requirements of the description.

  • Such as when writing about an accident, the body paragraph should detail the elements of how, what, why, where etc. details.

  • It is also to be noted that unnecessary details should be avoided to make sure unambiguous writing.

  • The conclusion should be such that it summarizes all the details that have been described in the body paragraph.

  • Ensure the writing is in an organized manner to be easily understood.

Use Of Colorful Language

  • The important thing about a description is that, the writer has to show the readers rather than “tell” them the story.

  • Such as when describing a day as a sunny day, when it is said “the day was too hot” the writer is just telling. “loads of sweat dripped from my body like a river water and I could feel the sun penetrating its sharp rays into my body”, this is how you show.

  • Use good vocabulary and colorful language to identify the specific details and build connection of the audience with the situation.

  • Aquamarine eyes are a better word when describing blue eyes.

  • Such kind of figurative language i.e. metaphors, similes, transitions etc. make the description even more in-depth.

  • Such language is also useful to be appealing to the audience.

Integrating The Senses

  • Sensory details are the building blocks of such description. The writer has to tell the reader how something tastes, smell, sound, appear etc.

  • The readers should develop a vivid picture in their mind.

  • They reader should know how the bell rings, how the spongy cake tastes, how spicy the soup was, how the rough board felt etc.

  • After reading this you might well know how such sensory information function in a piece of description.

Making A Clear Impression

  • Making a clear impression on the reader is significant in description because at the end of the day, he should be craving for the piece of cake that the writer has described or want to get a sip of the spicy hot soup described.

  • Impress your reader to an extent that he wants more of it.

  • This is how we clearly make the readers impress through integration of sensory information, colorful language, structure and an organized writing.

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The main purpose of the description is:

  • To describe a place, a person, an object or event etc.

  • Improve the vocabulary due to involving of extensive research.

  • Integration of 5 senses to serve the audience.

The aim of all good descriptive writing is:

  • To describe a place, a person, an object or event etc.

  • Improve the vocabulary due to involving of extensive research.

  • Integration of 5 senses to serve the audience.

  • Implement a clear impression on the audience.

  • Be realistic and be organized.

Descriptive writing is important for narrative because it describe the story in more depth and give it the credibility to allow the readers imagine physically what the writer was going through during the occurrence. Such depth is due to the use of good and colorful language.

The key features of a descriptive writing are:

  • Sensory details

  • Colorful language

  • Structured writing

  • Organized writing

  • Clearly impressing the readers.

In narrative essay, we tell a story about something that we have gone through or some interconnected elements or events to narrate the story while in the descriptive writing, we describe a person, a place, an object, an event etc.

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