Short Essay Writing Guide

What is a Short Essay?

A short essay is a precise form of writing, typically consisting of only 300 to 500 words, focused on a specific topic. Utilizing an essay writing service can help ensure your short essay remains concise while effectively conveying the necessary information and insights. These services have experience in condensing ideas and arguments effectively, helping you craft a well-structured and impactful short essay within the required word limit.

How to Write a Short Essay?

how to write a short essay?

Here are some standard steps of writing a short essay

  • Decide a Topic to Write an Introduction Paragraph

  • Design a Thesis Statement

  • Find a few Valid Sources

  • Create a Short Essay Outline

  • Write the Introduction Hook

  • Write the Body Paragraphs

  • Write a Conclusion

  • Add Citations and Bibliography

  • Proofread and Edit

Decide a Topic

First of all a topic is needed the most in order to write my essay. It is better to come up with a topic that suits you the most. You can choose one as per your own preferences or according to the trend going on. You can also take assistance from your teacher regarding the topic because they will suggest you the best in this term. In short, come up with a topic first and then decide anything else.

Design a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is as important for an essay as the other elements. You may deisgn a thesis statement that should be strong and tough to be rejected without solid arguments. A thesis statement is always supposed to be a good one so never miss a chance to write the perfect one.

Find a Few Valid Sources

As you are supposed to add citations and references in your work, you need to find valid research sources for this purpose. You may read the old research papers, watch interviews of relevant videos and so on. Just collect 2 or 3 sources because they are enough for writing a short essay.

Create a Short Essay Outline

How can you forget an essay outline even if you are writing a short essay? An essay outline is really necessary for staying on a particular track and finishing the task without any interruptions. Therefore, do not forget to create an essay outline even though it’s a short one.

Write the Introduction Hook

An introduction hook is the most important thing when you are just starting your essay. You have to write an essay that people want to read and it will be only possible when you write something interesting in the very first 2 lines of your essay. So with start your essay, write an intro hook that will engage your readers to read the entire essay till the end. A few examples of an introduction hooks are

  • A question

  • A famous quotation

  • A situation

  • A fictional made-up story

  • A myth

Write the Body Paragraphs

You van now write the body paragraphs using all the information you collected in the research. This section is simple, you just have to write some important details and write creatively.

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Write a Conclusion

It is the final part of the essay and undoubtedly it has to have the same spark. Conclude your final statement and provide a complete answer to the readers. In this way you will be able to sum up your argument and close it in the correct manner.

Add Citations and Bibliography

The sources you have used in your essay deserve to get a credit in your work. It is always ethucal to mention those sources using the intext citations and bibliography. Select a particular referencing style and then create those citations and bibliography to paste in your essay.

Proofread and Edit

This is the last step performed only to improve the quality of the essay All you can do it read your essay once or twice and highlight the writing or whatever mistakes you find. Then you can correct them in the editing session and make your essay look even better.

Writing a short essay doesn’t signify lack of a proper structure and format. The long form essays involve a number of sections, headings, subheadings, and a lot more stuff to fulfill the purpose of such writing. The smaller essays on the other hand tend to be simpler and precise. They provide the exact concept within a few hundred words.

There is a complete range of dos and don’ts from Perfect Essay Writing that every student should follow to write an essay like a pro. Now heading over to all the do’s and don’ts as follows:


Limited Word Count

  • Writing this type of essay means small essay, not a long essay with 1000 plus words

  • The purpose of the above stated essay is to deliver your argument, claim and ideas within a specific word count. You are not supposed to cross a word limit of 500 words while Writing a Perfect Essay

  • A long form essay already has its own specific guidelines and format that doesn’t fit in smaller essay criteria. That’s why the teachers strictly advise the students to not cross a specific word limit.

  • It is for the good cause as conveying your ideas in a limited word count is also a skill.

  • A college application essay can also sometimes be a shorter essay but can be a longer essay at times as well.

Precise Answer

As the first point is limited word count, it obviously signifies the to-the-point answer to the thesis question. The teachers assign short essays to the students so they could get the accurate answer to whatever they have asked. That’s why it is important to provide only useful and precise information rather than writing rubbish in your essay.

Original Content

  • The provided essay writing guide is easy to read and even easy to detect any sort of mistakes or plagiarism.

  • Yes, your teachers are not fools who will neglect major blunders in the form of copied work. You must write original content for your essay rather than copying it directly or indirectly from any online source, book or your classmate’s essay.

  • Plagiarism is unacceptable at any cost whether it is in long or shorter essays. Do avoid copying and write everything original that comes straight out of your brain.

Be Formal

  • We said short essay writing, not creative journal writing. There’s a huge difference among both of these types of writing, but unfortunately students forget to stay formal in smaller wording essays.

  • This essay type is still as important to make an essay longer with words. There is a little variation in the formats of both of these but it should never lead to considering this essay just a formality.

  • Sticking to the formal pattern for crafting a well-researched essay is a compulsion and leading requirement of this particular type of writing.


Avoid Tons of Quotations

  • The essay you write is supposed to provide explicit knowledge about the respective topic.

  • It shouldn’t have a lot of quotations to cover up half of the content. Your essay should provide an answer to the asked question and it requires facts and other useful information.

  • You are not required to add a lot of quotations just to fulfill the word limit requirement. The use of extra quotations leaves behind the actual purpose of writing the limited word count essay and many important points that it should possess.

  • It’ll ruin the quality of your essay leaving the essay for no use.

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No Structure, No Paragraphs

  • A limited word count essay never means to be 500 words long in one paragraph. It is not correct this way.

  • Writing an essay hook in this way isn’t correct, you should stop right away. It could be the reason your teacher is always rejecting your essay

  • No paragraphs in this essay type often leads to many teachers just avoiding the text and deducting the marks.

Paragraphs give a complete pattern to an essay and even if it is a short one, it has to be well structured. Your essay must have paragraphs that describe different parts such as introductory paragraph, main body paragraph, conclusion and some subheadings if required. A fine structure pleases the reader plus such a good presentation of your essay will get you better grades. Similarly, it would have thesis statements and topic sentences as well.

Zero References

  • The first wrong thing to do while writing your essay is zero referencing.

  • No matter if the essay is long or short, it requires equal hard work and of course research.

  • If your essay lacks the references and citations, it will have no authenticity at all.

  • Most of the students never think about adding enough references to their dwarf essays because it will exceed the word count. This approach is incorrect, to cover all the aspects within a word limit it doesn’t make sense to remove references out of it.

Your essay can remain in the word limit and still have enough references to support your arguments. There is always a right strategy to do any task, let alone adding references to these essays. The additions of references will make your essay even more reliable and genuine. So, the students who avoid using references for the sake of not exceeding the word count, just try limiting the facts and add a suitable number of references.

  • This type of essay is often not taken seriously among students (whether college students or high-school) and that’s why they have a hard time writing one.

  • But these essays carry maximum marks that you shouldn’t miss.

  • All the above-mentioned dos and don’ts are written while keeping in view the mistakes the majority of the students make.

  • We want you to write an incredible essay that stands out. In this blog we have given a detailed idea of what your teachers are actually looking for when they assign you such an essay.

Follow these dos and don’ts, and impress your teacher with the expert quality of the above-stated essay. If you want a Perfect Essay Writing experience? Order your short essay now and get assignment writing help from our expert team on time to meet the deadlines.


Yes, a short essay can be of one paragraph but it should not lack the structure. If it is of one paragraph, it should have proper introduction, body and conclusion summed up in that one whole paragraph.

A short essay is usually of three paragraphs, composing introductory paragraph, a body paragraph and a conclusion. However, in perfect essay writing, a body may have three paragraphs at times but the word count is limited.

A short essay is of 500 words maximum. However, if you want perfect essay writing, you have to sum it up in the required limit. It shouldn’t be too shorter than 500 words neither longer than 500 words.

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