200 High-scoring Racism Essay Topics

Did the teacher let you pick a topic for the racism essay? But now you’re all like, “What would be a dope topic for this kind of essay, huh?” We mean, there are tons of choices when it comes to writing about racism. But you got to go for the absolute best one, right?

Don’t worry as this interesting blog post is packed with amazing essay topics on racism you are searching for. Even some students would hire a custom essay service to come up with a list as such for them. So without further ado, let’s get started.

200 Unique Racism Essay Topics

A few students are too concerned about this type of essay so they prefer to hire an essay writer to tackle such. That’s one option. The second option is that you check out these lists packed with easy and interesting racism essay ideas. Let’s get to reading our first list.

50 Racism Essay Topics Related to History

If you want your racism essay to reflect on historical events or circumstances, here’s the list of racism questions for an essay that you can count on.

  1. How did the Transatlantic Slave Trade originate?
  2. What role does scientific racism play in colonialism?
  3. A comprehensive comparison of racism in the ancient time.
  4. How does racism look in the Spanish Inquisition?
  5. How does racism impact people’s thinking?
  6. Understanding the basis of segregation in the United States.
  7. The mental picture of racism in Africa.
  8. How is the Chinese Exclusion Act connected with Anti-Asian Racism?
  9. Things we should know about racism and the holocaust.
  10. The Hidden Truth of the Rwandan Genocide.
  11. Things we should know about the Apartheid in South Africa.
  12. What were the important civil rights movements in the United States?
  13. The instances of racism in Canadian schools.
  14. How racism is playing a role in the Indian Caste System.
  15. How is racism possible in medical research?
  16. How did the Japanese Internment Camps look in World War II?
  17. Things we should know about colonialism and racism in America.
  18. What is the common artistic resistance to racism?
  19. The connection of racism with slavery in ancient Greece.
  20. How racism has turned into violence in the United States?
  21. How can immigration policies influence racism?
  22. Things we should know about racism in the British Empire.
  23. The Colonial Racism and Indigenous Resistance.
  24. Things we should know about the Chinese Exclusion Act.
  25. How has racism impacted the showbiz industry so far?
  26. How is racism playing a role in the Trail of Tears?
  27. What should we know about The Armenian Genocide?
  28. The Hidden Truth of Nuremberg Laws.
  29. How is racial segregation impacting education?
  30. How did racism and xenophobia impact people in the Middle Ages?
  31. How does racism bring in healthcare disparities?
  32. Racism in the youth culture of the United States.
  33. How was racism dominant in the British Raj?
  34. Things we should know about the Congo Free State.
  35. What exactly does the term Black Panther Party imply?
  36. The effect of racism on the criminal justice system.
  37. How racism has played a role in the Rwandan Civil War?
  38. Can we consider education a reason why student suicide rate is peaking these days?
  39. How racism is impacting environmental justice?
  40. What are the instances of racism in the American Eugenics Movement
  41. Racism in schools and colleges these days.
  42. Why is racism common in the Australian stolen generations?
  43. Things we should know about racism and mass Incarceration in the US.
  44. The instances of racism in classical music.
  45. Things we should know about housing discrimination in America.
  46. How racism is common in the Belgian Congo?
  47. Can racism impact our mental health?
  48. The Legacy of Racial Profiling.
  49. How is racism common in the Japanese Internment Camps?
  50. How does racism influence economic inequality?
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50 Sports Racism Essay Topics

If you would like to address racism in sports, here are some essay titles about racism in sports.

  1. How is racism impacting professional football?
  2. How is racial discrimination dominant in the major baseball league?
  3. Instances of racism in European Soccer.
  4. How does racism play a role in the Olympic games?
  5. The connection between racism and indigenous athletes.
  6. Hidden instances of black athlete’s experiences.
  7. How racism and gender is impacting tennis games these days?
  8. How colonialism is helping racism?
  9. Things we should know about the Stereotyping of Black Athletes.
  10. How dominant is racism in college athletics?
  11. Ways to deal with racial bias in sports commentating.
  12. How can we exclude Indigenous people from sports?
  13. How does racism impact an athlete’s performance?
  14. The relationship between sports mascots and racism.
  15. How is discrimination dominant in sports sponsorship?
  16. The Intersection of Racism and Homophobia in Sports Culture
  17. Racism and triumph at the Berlin Olympics.
  18. Racism and nationalism in International sporting events.

Hopefully, you are having a good time reading the titles so far. Hold on a few more racism essay topics are coming your way.

  1. The role of sports in challenging racial Stereotypes.
  2. The effectiveness of anti-racism policies in sports.
  3. Things we should know about Black Lives Matter.
  4. How is racism dominant in youth sports
  5. The Impact of Racism on Access to Sports Facilities.
  6. The History of Segregation in Sports
  7. Racism in Sports Administration.
  8. Preservation and resistance against racism in sports.
  9. How is colonialism impacting sports and games?
  10. Ways to address racism in sports effectively.
  11. Is the commercialization of black athletes ethically justified?
  12. How sports media is perpetuating racial stereotypes?
  13. Racism in Sports Fan Culture.
  14. The Economics of sports racism.
  15. The Representation of Race in Sports Biographies.
  16. How racism is dominant in sports medicine and healthcare.
  17. How did Muhammad Ali manage to fight racism in the ring?
  18. The Impact of Racism on Youth Sports Participation.
  19. The myth of athletic superiority and racial stereotypes.
  20. How damaging is racism in sports academics?
  21. Colonialism and the Appropriation of Indigenous Sports.
  22. The Role of Race in Sports Fan Identity.
  23. Racism in Sports Apparel and Merchandise.
  24. The Impact of Racism on Sportsmanship.
  25. How important are awareness and education in combating sports racism?
  26. Racism in Sports Betting and Gambling.
  27. The Portrayal of Race in Sports Films and Documentaries
  28. The Impact of Racism on Athlete Recruitment and Retention Policies
  29. Discrimination Against Muslim Athletes.
  30. The Role of Race in Sports Marketing and Branding Strategies
  31. Racism and Colonial Legacies in Indigenous Sports Reclamation Movements
  32. The Future of Anti-Racism Activism in Sports.

50 Racism Essay Topics Related to Education

If you can recall some instances of racism you have seen in your academic career, you can get help with these interesting racism essay ideas or racism topics for essay.

  1. The history of racism in education.
  2. How is racism a hindrance to quality education for all?
  3. How does systematic racism impact students’ achievements?
  4. What are the implicit biases in education?
  5. How is school funding playing a role in perpetuating inequality?
  6. Things you should know about the racial segregation in schools.
  7. Is failure to negate racism one of the flaws in education system today?
  8. How racism is impacting teachers’ expectations?
  9. Is there a possibility of an anti-racist curriculum in schools?
  10. Are schools a pipeline to prison due to racial disparities?
  11. How is racism impacting higher education?
  12. Ways to promote diversity and discourage stereotypes in schools.
  13. How racism is influencing indigenous education?
  14. Effective ways to decolonize the curriculum.
  15. What is the role of implicit bias in standardized testing?
  16. The racial challenges of the board of education these days.
  17. Why does racism damage the mental health of students? 
  18. How can we empower minority students in schools and colleges?
  19. Things we should know about the intersectionality in education.
  20. How is restorative justice effective in minimizing racism?
  21. How racism is influencing teacher recruitment and retention?
  22. How are ethnic studies programs countering racism in education?
  23. How parental involvement can discourage racism in schools?
  24. How racism in affecting on the students’ well-being.
  25. How effective is the implicit bias training for demotivating racism?
  26. How does racism play a role in special education?
  27. Can student activism combat racism in schools?
  28. The negative impact of segregated neighborhoods.
  29. How can we empower black students with cultural affirmation?
  30. Ways to restore indigenous languages in education.
  31. How racism plays a role in the gifted programs.
  32. What are the known instances of gender disparities in STEM Education?
  33. The connection of teacher training and anti-racist pedagogy.
  34. How do microaggressions impact minority students?
  35. Is it possible to address racism via Critical Race Theory in Education?
  36. Things we should know about the white privilege in education.
  37. How can we form policies that will eradicate racism in schools?
  38. The overall impact of racism on the education system.
  39. Is bilingual education a way to cut racism in high schools?
  40. Race and Racism in Schools.
  41. How can media literacy prevent racism in schools?
  42. How is racism impacting refugee students?
  43. Ways to craft Afrocentric curriculum development
  44. How does residential segregation impact school funding?
  45. Ways to promote racial equity in early childhood education
  46. How does implicit bias play a role in school admissions?
  47. Ways to build anti-racist school cultures.
  48. what are the instances of linguistic racism in education?
  49. Ways to advocate equity and justice in education.
  50. How can parents play a role in negating racism in schools?

Final Thoughts

Writing an impressive racism essay gets very easy when you start it well with a good subject. Yes, a thoughtful topic will direct your essay in the way to success. Believing that we have tried to pick and present the best racism essay topics in this blog post that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Hopefully, you have now shortlisted some essay titles about racism. If you still need help with racism topics for essay or racism questions for essay, let our experts know.

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