200 Music Essay Topics, Ideas, Titles, and Prompts

Music addition in the education system came with the music essay writing assignment that students were not much prepared for. If you are a student enrolled in a music appreciation class or learning fine arts, you must be assigned to write a music essay.

Don’t sit in front of your laptop, staring at the blank Word document in search of some music essay topic idea that lands in your head. Check out this blog brought to you by a professional essay service, where we have provided you with some of the most interesting music essay topics for top-grade assignments.


What is Music Essay?

Music is considered the essence of life because it affects human beings in so many different ways. Music essays explore diverse music genres and styles in order to interpret their Impact, theory, and instrumental accuracy.

Music essays are usually assigned to students pursuing a degree in music studies and music education. Music enthusiasts and researchers also use music essays to convey their theories, reviews, and ideas. Music essays can be written for academic as well as for personal writing.

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Best Music Topics For Essays

Selecting the best topic for an essay is very important because it will determine the success and interest of the reader. Always try to choose a topic you are truly passionate about so that you can defend it and elaborate it in the best way possible.

We have divided the music essay topics into different categories to make it easy for you to pick a topic according to different types of assignment writing in music education. 

Music Argumentative Essay Topics

As the name suggests, the topics in this category have a main argument that is backed with logical evidence and proper reasoning. 

  • Does TikTok ruin music or boost it?

  • Do movies really need songs?

  • Why is music compulsory in theater?

  • Music Influence on Society essay

  • Does music affect lifestyle?

  • How does music impact education?

  • Is studying music necessary?

  • Is freedom of expression through music actually acceptable?

  • Why music is important essay

  • Is rap music?

  • Why HipHop shouldn’t be considered music?

  • Is music really beneficial?

  • If music is subjective, how do competitions judge musicians?

  • Why did Autotune get the bad name

  • Does music really express an artist’s feelings?

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Music Analysis Essay Example Topics

The music essay topics in this section focused on researching and analyzing a topic prior to making a closing statement or final judgment.

  • How does music aid in therapy and mood management?

  • Impact of music on individual’s productivity

  • Is using Music in Marketing campaigns ethical?

  • How Music Unites Countries?

  • Music as the universal language

  • How do different types of music influence listeners?

  • Flaws in the Music Industry 

  • Benefits of music essay

  • Are artists being exploited in the entertainment industry?

  • How are artists and art different from each other?

  • Music Integration in Meditation

  • How does music change perspective?

  • Analysis of Two Popular Music Theories

  • Understanding Mozart’s Music Theories

  • Violin Vs. Piano: The Emotional Instrument

In this meanwhile, cross check some ethical essay topics too!

Controversial Topics In Music Industry

The essay topics in this category are focused on the controversies faced by music or the artists in their music or personal careers.

  • Michael Jackson’s Legal Battles

  • Looking back at Chris Brown’s assault on Rihanna

  • Eminem and Mariah Carey Controversy

  • The dark side of the music industry

  • Britney Spears Trail and Controversy

  • What does music mean to you essay

  • Classical vs. pop Music 

  • How does music influence mental health?

  • Is music involvement necessary in schools

  • Beatles Vs Queen

  • Michael Jackson and Prince Controversy. 

  • Biggest Controversies of Pop Music 

  • Is Music Really Subjective

  • Songs that Spark Controversy in The US

  • Banned Music

You can also pick some satire essay topics as well to satisfy controversial topics.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Music

  • Effect of Music on Education

  • Music influencing productivity

  • How can Jazz music improve your medication?

  • Why Music is therapeutical?

  • The Role of music in society essay

  • Why is impressionism important in music and arts?

  • Understanding the Impact of Kpop on Western Music

  • Role of Social media in popularizing music

  • How do different Musical Instruments influence the human brain differently?

  • Impact of music on literature

  • Why should music education be compulsory?

It is evident that we are using topics in the form of questions too. However one may think that can essay titles be questions? For that you can further read out to clarify the concern.

Music Description Essay Ideas

  • What is popular music?

  • How can music influence someone’s mood essay

  • Music’s impact on Human behavior

  • The rules of the music industry

  • Exploring the world of Kpop

  • Music Therapy

  • Essay about music in my life

  • What does music mean to you essay

  • Music combined with literature

  • Women in the music industry 

  • The blend of Dance and Music

  • Music as Independent Art

  • Understanding the Dynamics of Pop Music

There are a variety of essay writing topics that we are presenting now for people like you. Feel free to pick what suits you the most. 

Classical Music Essay

  • What makes Classical music so unique?

  • Fundamentals of classical music

  • Why classical music is so difficult

  • Classical music legends

  • Instruments used in classical music

  • Classical Music and Its Theories

  • How classical music founded other genres

  • Why is classical music great?

  • Mozart: The biggest influence on Jazz music

  • Baroque Music interpretation

  • Best Classical symphonies

Pop Music Essay

  • How Taylor Swift Boosted Pop Music

  • Greatest pop stars of all times

  • The Pop Music theory

  • The influence of pop music on other genres

  • Justin Beiber’s influence on pop music

  • Why is Lady Gaga such an Icon?

  • Beyonce’s Impact on Pop Music Performances

  • Pop artists who made history

  • Why Michael Jackson Is known as King of Pop

  • Lyricist Role in Pop Music

  • Why pop music is most popular

  • Fundamentals of pop music 

Believe us, by picking the music debate topics of your choice, you can perform and beat the competition like no other.

Music Appreciation Essay

The music essay topics in the following section are focused on appreciating the music, theories, and musicians.

  • Why is pop music the best?

  • Importance of music in daily life

  • Involvement of psychology in music

  • Role of music in uniting countries

  • Music as the universal language

  • The beauty of Lyricism in music

  • Music’s healing power

  • Importance of appreciating the artists 

  • Do awards equalize an artist’s potential?

  • The moral law of music 

  • The rhythms of nature around us

  • Artists in the world need to appreciate more

  • Hall of fame

  • The importance of Award ceremonies

  • Remembering the most awarded artists 

Classification Essay About Music

Classification essays help in categorizing and breaking down different big topics into smaller parts to make the music essay topics more understandable for the reader. Following are some of the best classification essays about music.

  • Genres in Music 

  • Songs to write an essay about

  • Types of musical instruments

  • Classification music

  • Stages of Making Music

  • Types of Love Songs

  • Biggest inspirations of singers

  • Music Theories 

  • Most impactful artists

  • Best jazz performers

  • Folk Music around the world 

  • Dance dimensions with music types

  • Music types according to different countries 

  • Underrated Music Genres

  • Types of Music Sheets

  • Different ways to read a Music Sheet

Well, that was all from our classification and division essay topics particularly about music. However, you can inquire more as per your task requirements.

Music History Topics

Just like every other writing form, history also plays an important part in music development and discovery. The following topics are focused on musical history.

  • History of Music

  • Pioneers in the history of pop music

  • Oldest musical instruments

  • The best era of Jazz music

  • The ideal years of the music industry

  • How 90s music influences the Artists later on

  • The golden era of music 

  • Historical events that made it to the songs

  • History of Dance in Music. 

  • How history remembered the pioneers

  • Music throughout the history

  • Remembering Oldest Musicians 

  • Historical significance of music and forms of dance

  • Artists who were born in the wrong generation

Interesting Music Topics To Write About

In the below section we’ve listed some of the most interesting music essay topics you can choose for your academic papers and college assignments.

Music Presentation Topics

  • Significance of Music in Our Lives

  • What is opera music 

  • Musicals and Theraticals

  • The Impact of music on war

  • Musical Instruments that need more recognition

  • Greatest composers of all times

  • Mozart and his music theory

  • Copyrights of music

  • Impact of TikTok on music

  • Is modern music actually declining

  • Does music give freedom of expression

  • Free of expression in music VS the Music censorship

  • Development in Music theories throughout history

  • How does Music connect People?

  • Most influential songs of all times

  • How to read Music Sheets

  • Outdated music Theories

  • How different Instruments trigger different emotions

  • Playlist that can boost your work speed

  • Does music help in studying?

  • Breakup songs we all heard

  • Music tells Untold stories

  • Greatest music pieces that are capable of making you cry

  • How does music bring nostalgia?

  • Old songs that had our memories stored

  • Evaluating National Anthems of Countries based on Music

  • Why is music censorship an extortion of musicians’ rights?

  • Artists that we have forgot

  • Beethoven: The greatest composer of Western classical music

  • How do musicians come up with music?

  • How much role do lyrics play in music success?

  • The artist we all need to apologize to

  • What would happen if music suddenly disappeared from the world? 

Music Thesis Topics

Music thesis statement examples need to be specific and stronger enough to draw the attention of the reader and keep them hooked. Check out the following music essay topics for your thesis.

  • How does music marketing work

  • Characteristic of good music 

  • The Victorian Music Genre

  • History of the Popularization of Music

  • Understanding Beethoven’s Music Theory 

  • Involvement of music in education

  • Best music genre 

  • Careers in the Music Industry

  • How music influences every aspect of life

  • Relationship of Nature And Music

  • Best Melodies to ever reach Human Ears

  • Hardest Genres to write music in

  • Modern Vs. Classical Music

  • Globalization’s Impact on Music 

  • How does music impact the stress levels

  • Types of western classical music

  • Cultural Impact on the music 

  • What if folk music 

  • Role of sports on music

  • Traditional Theory of Music

  • Importance of Music Education

  • Leonard Bernstein and his musical Theories

  • The invention of the First instrument 

  • The importance of Vocalization in music creation

  • Difference between singing and Vocalization

  • Are musicians paid well? 

  • How to make the music industry much better

  • The biggest issues a musician faces in the industry

  • The beauty of music aligned with life

  • Combining music with love

Prompt:Research Question About Music

Research Question:

“If music is subjective, how do competitions judge musicians?”

This research question will discuss how hypocrisy is prevailing in the music industry. We always heard from music experts and musicians that music is subjective and everyone has their unique perspective and preference of music. If that’s the case, then how come reality shows, talent shows, and musical competitions judge a musician? Someone can like somebody’s worst song. It goes with the words, “Somebody’s trash is another one’s treasure.”

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Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve made it to the end of this blog, you are equipped with some of the most interesting music essay topics and prompts. Music essays explore and evaluate artists, art, and music under different circumstances. You can pick any topic from the categories above according to the assignment assigned by your instructor.

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