100 Debate Topics to Showcase Your Persuasive Skills to Impress Your Class

Good debate topics for high school students allow them to show their persuasive skills. If you need more valuable information to procure topics for debate, this blog is for you. We will discuss and present a huge list of 100 topics that will change your perspective. If you need professional help, you may hire an essay service and use their expertise. Without further ado, Let’s look into the debate topics high school students should use for a healthy discussion.

25 High School Debate Topics

There are many debate topics for high schoolers and students of all ages. It’s important to understand these subjects and make appropriate arguments on them. Secondly, students must plan and make outlines for good debate topics for high school. 

Broad spectrum topics high school students should be aware of are mentioned below.

  1. Bullying in School and its Psychological Impact on Students.

  2. Excessive use of carbonated drinks and caffeine in the school cafeteria. 

  3. Using AI tools for assignment writing.

  4. Online gaming is promoting intolerance in students.

  5. Gender diversity promotion for healthy debate among students.

  6. Banning religious practices in educational institutions.

  7. Root causes of suicides in teens.

  8. Role teachers should be playing in school to offer help to young teenagers.

  9. Are career counselors doing a good job helping students choose a good profession?

  10. Schools shouldn’t encourage armed forces to hold a workshop on their premises.

  11. Are we using smartphones to become more socially isolated?

  12. Technology is making us dull and inactive.

  13. Can we create a homogenous environment by introducing uniforms in schools?

  14. Should Esports be added to school sports format?

  15. Presidential candidates should visit schools to encourage voting and political awareness.

  16. Why are students not listening to their teachers? 

  17. The gap between education and skill should be minimized.

  18. Why are schools unable to stop body shaming and taking severe actions against perpetrators? 

  19. Declining inclusion culture in American Schools.

  20. Healthy eating should be added as a subject in the school curriculum. 

  21. Every student deserves a good free-of-cost lunch.

  22. Teaching students about morality should be the first priority of a teacher.

  23.  Failing cultural values in American students and its negative effects.

  24.  Why is the US government not offering Ph.D.-level education free of cost?

  25.  Rising student loan crisis and federal government reluctance to provide relief.

In this section, we’ve provided you with the best topics to debate. You may choose any one of your choices that suits your requirements. These are all amazing topics for high school students and will help you start a good debate. 

25 Controversial Debate Topics to Raise Awareness

Students need to raise awareness and start a dialogue by choosing controversial topics. These disputed subjects offer the best opportunity for open discussion and inform your audience. Students may introduce new information or evidence that contradicts existing beliefs. 

Controversial subjects are best suited for debates where audience members are keen on learning new findings. This way, students may select topics to argue about and create a consensus. The following list contains exciting and controversial topics for debate.

  1. Should the United Nations (UN) pass a global resolution to allow same-sex marriage?

  2. Women have no right to terminate unborn fetuses or abortion.

  3. White supremacy and racism is a crime.

  4. Killers and rapists should be given the death penalty.

  5. All religions promote misogyny and suppression of women’s voices.

  6. High school mass shootings are caused by online gaming addiction.

  7. Depressive patients should be exempt from felony charges, including rape.

  8. Catholic church purge campaign against eastern orthodox church members.

  9. God doesn’t create all humans equal.

  10. There shouldn’t be an age limit for alcohol consumption.

  11. Organ donation should be mandatory and enforced by the state.

  12. Is it possible to ban the rising population in Asia?

  13. Why don’t we have 50/50 employee hiring ratios between males and females?

  14. Why is talking about sex still considered taboo?

  15. Should children be given sex education from an early age?

  16. Recreational drugs should be legalized, and the government should tax them.

  17. Why are the rich getting richer day by day?

  18. Consensual sex between a minor and an adult should not be penalized.

  19. Artificial intelligence is a sign of the end of the world.

  20. Gun violence only happens when the state fails to provide adequate justice.

  21. Why does social media have censorship over sharing indecent content?

  22. Government should allow the victim’s family to kill the perpetrator.

  23. Is cannibalism legal? Should we consume human flesh?

  24. The dark world of sadomasochism unveiled by 50 Shades of Grey.

  25. The fall of Pompeii. Did excessive sex drive and indifference between binary sex cause them to wipe from the face of the Earth?

These interesting debate topics are controversial and offer a thorough analysis from all directions. Choosing controversial moments or subjects helps writers investigate and prove their expertise. The list we provided here is sufficient to help you carry out a positive discussion with your classmates.

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25 Political Debate Topics

Choosing easy debate topics about politics is crucial for encouraging your audience to hear your perspective. There are many debate topics for students when they choose political narrative. Some of the prominent topics to debate are mentioned below.

  1. Rise of Democrats after Obama won.

  2. Is the American two-political-party system the best in the world?

  3. Divide in the American Senate over Abortion bill.

  4. Why is poverty a political issue rather than a social one?

  5. Right-wing politicians vs left-wing politicians.

  6. Why does the political doctrine of a country define its financial success?

  7. Failing economic stability encourages political chaos.

  8. Why was the Iraq war a political decision rather than a financial one? 

  9. Why does the LGBTQ+ community have no political representation in American Congress?

  10. Why should political parties be held accountable for bad decisions?

  11. Can Donald Trump be elected again as President of the United States?

  12.  Politicians and their secret affairs.

  13. Is political indemnity encouraging politicians to do corruption?

  14. Why does dictatorship provide better stability in a country than democracy?

  15. Authoritarian governments and suppression of freedom of speech.

  16. Political dynasty and its far-reaching effects on grass root politics.

  17. Corruption and political connection go hand in hand.

  18. Rise of corruption in the Chinese Communist Party.

  19. Panama papers and corruption in political elites.

  20. Wikileaks and the failure of American political decision-making in the Iraq war.

  21. Rise of religious politics in Indian parliamentary elections.

  22. Muslim internment camps in China and the role of the Communist Party in curbing religious freedom.

  23. Kim Jong Un’s worst form of dictatorship and reckless actions put the Korean peninsula at risk of war.

  24. Shinzo Abe’s assassination and its effects on global politics.

  25. Finland, Sweden and Denmark joined NATO and expansion of American interests in Scandinavia.

We have provided many unique debate topics for political science students and other similar subjects. You may choose one subject and start a round table discussion with your classmates and professor.

25 Middle School Debate Topics

Middle school students always find themselves at the sharp end regarding debate topics. Don’t worry. We’ve got some special subjects that will allow constructive discussion. Here are these topics to debate between middle school students.

  1. Why is homeschooling better for students than on-campus learning?

  2. Autistic children’s difficulties in learning and understanding preschool requirements.

  3. Should books contain images or just text for better learning?

  4. Do middle school students understand better from the teacher’s high pitch voice?

  5. Why shouldn’t students be reprimanded for their lack of discipline?

  6. Religious books should be removed from middle school libraries.

  7. Is there a need to change the middle school syllabus due to changing dynamics in online learning?

  8. is computer science necessary from first grade for a better grip on the subject?

  9. Students who bring their lunch are more self-confident than those buying from the school cafeteria.

  10. How excessive energy drink use at night destroys young students’ sleep cycle?

  11. Rise of smartphone usage in children and declining interest in studying.

  12. Should middle schoolers be allowed to play action games such as PUBG and Free Fire?

  13. Can students learn better from teachers than by watching videos and tutorials on YouTube?

  14. Is ChatGPT helping students or making them more dull and prone to cheating?

  15. Why should students participate in political debates in their schools?

  16. What should the child’s parents discuss when they attend a parent-teaching meeting?

  17. Why is Atheism rising in the world? Is it possible to have a world without religion?

  18. Why does a rape victim need to report the act as soon as possible?

  19. Why is it important to understand that social media does more harm than good?

  20. Why should we prefer face-to-face meetups to online dating and chatting applications?

  21. Free internet should be given to all students on the school premises.

  22. Separate schools and classes for non-binary children.

  23. How to achieve world peace, and which countries can play a big role in it?

  24. There should be no homework or additional assignment for students.

  25. Social media applications TikTok, Instagram is helping students to become more creative.

These middle school debate topics help students to have a good discussion. They can create groups and debate on them in roundtables. These subjects broaden students’ minds to accept different and opposing perspectives.


We covered all the 100 debate topics in this blog that will help you start a healthy discussion. Students can choose any topic that suits their needs and expertise and discuss them with their peers. If you need help choosing one and are perplexed, hire a cheap assignment writing service. You will get plenty of useful features by using a reputable such as;

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