Good topics to argue about: Fun, Easy, and Controversial Ideas

Wondering at the verge of research but couldn’t find a useful and “good topics to argue about”? want some spices in these topics but couldn’t succeed? Deadline approaching? Hard work seems to be sinking? Need not to worry. Continue reading this. 

Arguing is something related to argumentative essay but it might not be the case always. One can always argue about anything without following the standards of an argumentative essay. However, a good topic is the base of any piece of writing. It can make the writing a skyrocket or either a piece of scratch. So, opting for such good topics is very necessary. Let’s begin with what you are here for:

Good argumentative essay examples

College argumentative essay topics

Top arguable topics for college level are as follows:

  1. Is relative grading better than absolute grading?
  2. Should informal communication be allowed between student and instructor?
  3. Does religious education be introduced into schooling?
  4. Do instructors hold grudges?
  5. Does professionality matter at college level?
  6. Flip classroom or conventional; what’s better?
  7. Should career counseling be provided at the college level?
  8. Does family have an influence on child education?
  9. Why child labor should be banned?
  10. Merit scholarships or need based scholarships; which is better?
  11. Why interaction of a teacher and a student increase grades? 
  12. Should social media access be allowed on school internets?
  13. Can cell-phone be allowed at college level?
  14. Should high-achiever ceremony be banned?
  15. Should the education be virtualized completely?
  16. Do athletes perform better in curriculum courses?
  17. Can parents be allowed to do strictness on the child at college level?
  18. Why social circle changes the personality?
  19. Should separate education for both genders be a good idea?
  20. Should presentations at college level be encouraged?
  21. Why security of the institutions be strict?
  22. Should psychological therapy be provided to the child when at college level? 

Discursive essay topics

Following is the list of discursive essay topics. Check this:

  1. Are the drones invading the privacy?
  2. Is social media addiction a real problem?
  3. Is advertisement necessary to promote small businesses?
  4. Big screens or cell phone; what’s better?
  5. Are energy drinks destruction to the bones?
  6. Is the 4 am theory a good option?
  7. Should aircrafts be made quieter?
  8. Are plastics doing more destructions than it is doing good?
  9. Should hybrid cars be promoted?
  10. Is electric insulation a good option?

Argumentative essay topics 2020

Hot topics for 2020 that are arguable are as follows:

  1. Why to hate Mondays?
  2. Studying lately is better than studying earlier
  3. Romanticism is not only in humans, it’s in nature.
  4. What does a freedom really mean?
  5. What matters? Life has to end!
  6. Why do some people not do not laugh at jokes?
  7. Can you adapt to the modern trends if you are old enough?
  8. Don’t rely on books, life teaches more than that.
  9. Men or women; who is going to rule better in future?
  10. One way or the other, it will all be a memory one day
  11. Why do weekending negatively affects us?
  12. Why should you be independent?
  13. Daydreaming is a better option than becoming a fool at someone’s hand.
  14. Is it technology doing to rule the world in future?
  15. Are robots going to replace humans in future?
  16. Why decision-making power be enhanced in a pilot?
  17. In-decisive or ill-decisive? What to choose?
  18. Why not to look down upon yourself?
  19. Loneliness Vs. bad company
  20. Entrepreneurship or job? Which to choose?

Controversial argumentative essay topics

following is the list of such topics:

  1. Animal testing should be banned
  2. Selling of narcotics should be illegalized
  3. Globalization should be promoted
  4. Domestic violence should not be supported
  5. Religion is not what is causing war
  6. Child marriages should be penalized
  7. Bullying should be penalized
  8. Abusing on the name of love should be reported
  9. Only diet makes all other tracks to good health easier
  10. Physical punishment should be banned

Pros and cons argue-able topics

Pros and cons writings are the best way of arguing between two ore more things. Hence, topics for such domain play a vital role in writing a good essay. Here is the list:

  1. Pros and cons of CFCs use
  2. Pros and cons of hard exercises
  3. Pros and cons of doing job with studies
  4. Pros and cons of medical prescriptions
  5. Pros and cons of eating less
  6. Pros and cons of artificial intelligence
  7. Pros and cons of modernization 
  8. Pros and cons of capacity dumping
  9. Pros and cons of hydrogenated ghee
  10. Pros and cons of working late night
  11. Pros and cons of over-sleeping 
  12. Pros and cons of virtual education
  13. Pros and cons of change in an organization 
  14. Pros and cons of wide social circle 
  15. Pros and cons of having siblings 

Historical topics for argumentation

Historical argumentation topics is a good way to choose one because there is usually much information available for it. here’s the list:

  1. Was it the role of Martin Luther King to give rights to the blacks?
  2. What should be adapted as strategies in todays world from Adolf Hitler?
  3. Was it the Wright brothers to made the first flight?
  4. Was the formation of East and West Pakistan, the result of British rule?
  5. What was the result of takeover on Yangon?
  6. Former religious scholars were better than today’s scholars
  7. Was the result of American Civil War positive?

Argumentative topics on health

Here are the healthy topics:

  1. Why carbohydrates shouldn’t be taken at night?
  2. Why is breakfast more important than any other meal?
  3. Overwork will kill you.
  4. Are sports good way to maintain weight?
  5. Does sound health depends on eating healthy?
  6. Green veggies do bad with you more than it does good?
  7. How certain diseases be controlled through healthy diet?
  8. Diabetes is more in genes than through diet
  9. Do sleep affect the health? Both mental and physical?
  10. Affect of meditation on health? 
  11. What is preferable? Physical exercises or mental?
  12. Can humans live without sufficient food?
  13. Blame of malnutrition goes to the government
  14. Can alcohol and smoking be stopped during maternity?
  15. Does the behavior of parents affect the mental health of a child?
  16. Which diet is more nutrients rich for a growing child?
  17. Best sources of vitamins.
  18. Effect of sun of vitamin D level
  19. Why doctors recommend sitting in sunlight when deficiency of vitamin D occurs? 

The next step!

After having done with choosing the best topic as stated above, the real challenge is the writing process. Want to know how to write a good on the argue-able topics? Check this out:

  1. Start with nicely made outline to organize the ideas
  2. Rough draft the writing 
  3. Add what is required more

Not just this, after doing the above steps, use the technique of reverse outlining now. But what’s the point of doing that? Here is why:

  1. It can help in ensuring
    • Ideas follow the thesis statement
  1. The arguments stated have enough evidences to support it 
  2. The paper is aligned with the requirement as instructed. 

After done with the above steps, finalize the piece of writing. Wait! You are still not done. 

The next step is revising, proofreading and editing. Do these for the purpose of ensuring error-free work. The entire essay can be spoiled if this last triangle is missed. So be careful at the end. You can contact our professional essay writers if you need any argumentative essay writing help.


Perfect essay writers have left the platform to you after clearing out the queries and confusions so to make your piece of writing a top-notch. We hope we have made it easier for you more than what you desired out of us. However, still in the middle of nowhere? Perfect essay writing services are always here to help. 

What are some good argumentative topics? What are things to argue about? What are good argumentative topics 2020? What are good argumentative school topics?
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