Best Ethics Essay Topics, Prompts, and Ideas

Ethics essays topics are all about digging into what’s right and wrong, good manners, and how we should act in society. Writing on ethical topics can be contentious and lead to disagreement. This may result in a split in opinions among those reading.

The results of the U.S. National Assessment of Educational Progress for Writing show that a significant portion of students, up to 75%, lack basic writing skills. Mostly, these students struggle to begin with a good topic.

What are Ethical Essay Topics?

In an academic setting, ethics essay topics are assigned to the students in order to evaluate their knowledge and understanding of social norms and morals. These essays usually revolve around the moral dilemmas in society that people and organizations encounter.

The theme of ethics paper topics is to use a philosophical approach to evaluate any action or practice as right or wrong. These essays help readers to understand the moral boundaries in society and enable them to behave accordingly.

Essay topics on ethics dig deep into the effects and impact of some unethical actions and inform the readers about the obligations and acceptable behavior for living in a society.

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The Challenges and Solutions of Picking up A Good Topic

ChallengesPossible Solutions
Broad subject matterNarrow down research focus
Lack of unique ideasFocus on current issues
Balancing objectivityChoose balanced viewpoints
Complexity of conceptsSimplify core arguments
Potential biasEvaluate multiple sources
Relevance to audienceConsider the reader’s interest
Personal opinionsSupport with evidence

I remember having a few issues while writing my first ethics essay. The teacher asked us to choose a topic on our own which was an even bigger challenge for newbies like myself. As I began researching, I figured out that most of the ethics essay topics are controversial and debatable so I thought to stick with that too.

After spending hours in shortlisting some topics, I discussed the list with my class teacher and colleagues. Took their suggestions and picked one interesting topic to write my essay on. I suggest you follow the same pattern for a good topic selection which is also a secret of college graduates with good writing skills these days.

Useful Resources that Can Help You Research A Good Ethical Essay Topic

  • You can check out guidance on writing an ethics essay to get a good understanding.
  • You can also go through the video for tips and tricks on researching for crafting ethical essay topics and writing ethical essays.

Discovering the Best Ethical Topics To Write About

In this section, we are going to explore ethical topics for essays and discover what could be ethical issues to write about. There are several categories from which students can choose ethics topics for discussion. Let’s dig into some of the essay topics on ethics without further delay.

Topics For Essays On Work Ethics

Following are some of the best ethics essay topics that detail the code of ethics at the organizational level and workplaces.

  1. Biggest Issues at a Workplace
  2. Mistakes that every employee makes once
  3. Fundamentals of professionalism
  4. Importance of code of ethics in the workplace
  5. How Ethics create power divisions in a business
  6. How Emotional Strength is important in the workplace
  7. Problems at the Workplace for Women
  8. Is employee health insurance necessary?
  9. Facilities at workplaces that need to be implemented
  10. Ethical difference between management and employees.

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Philosophy Ethics Essay Topics

Philosophies and philosophers are one of the most important pillars of ethical essays. When human civilization first came into being, the very first people who talked about morals and ethics were the philosophers. In this category of ethics essay, the philosophies and philosopher’s points of view are discussed to evaluate the right and wrongs in society. Here we go with the ethical topics to write about:

  1. What is the meaning of life?
  2. Understanding the Nature of Consciousness
  3. Is Striving for happiness the ultimate goal?
  4. What is the mind and body relationship?
  5. Establishing the right and wrongs
  6. Comparing Aristotle and Socrates
  7. Ethical Implications of Plato’s Philosophies
  8. What is Diogenes of Sinope
  9. Why is Aristotle’s code of ethics so important?
  10. Thales: The First Philosopher

Business Ethics Topics For Research Paper and Short Essay

Business organizations are the bane of commercial and economic success, that’s why ethics are very important to follow in a professional setting. Let’s take a look into the ethical topics for essays of this category:

  1. Ethics of Stem Cell Research Firms
  2. Code of Ethics for Employees
  3. Understanding Universal Income
  4. Improving Consumer Service
  5. Initiatives for Social Media Marketing
  6. Ethical Codes for Trading
  7. Ethical Business Management
  8. Is the Production of Marijuana Ethical For Businesses?
  9. Beauty Industry And Use of Plastic
  10. Unethical Animal Testing Abolishment

Medical Ethics Essay Topics

The medical and healthcare sector is devoted to the well-being of humanity, and that’s why codes of ethics are very important to follow within the field. Let’s take a look at the ethical essay topics of this category.

  1. Are vaccine mandates ethical?
  2. Ethical Code for Medical Personals
  3. Ethicality of Stem Cell Embryo Usage in Research
  4. Is Genetic Engineering Ethical for Producing Designer Babies
  5. Is ending a life in terminal illness ethically correct?
  6. Common Ethical Issues that Physicians Face
  7. Evaluation of Medal Personals ethical codes
  8. Judging the medical staff’s ethical behavior
  9. Is the legalization of Abortion ethical?
  10. Most Ethical Response to Patients with Vegetative State

Morality Debate Topics

Ethics are the moral values in a society that is acceptable to every citizen. There are plenty of moral controversial topics that revolve around morality and general moral values in society.

These ethical debate topics are focused on the general public and evaluate whether their practices and behaviors are acceptable or not. Remember good topics together with a decent structure are all you will get with going through a guide to write an essay well.

  1. Abortion? Ethical or Not?
  2. Should alcohol be banned?
  3. Is Revenge Worth it?
  4. Are Constitutions worthy for everyone?
  5. Is Sex Education Necessary for Teenagers?
  6. Is dating before marriage ethical?
  7. Suicide: The morality
  8. The Moral Side of Murder
  9. Is the Death Penalty ethical?
  10. Why does the Pink Tax need to be abolished?

Philosophical Argumentative Essay Topics

This category includes essays that discuss certain philosophical ideologies, compare them, and evaluate them based on supportive evidence. Let’s take a look into the ethics essay topics of the philosophical argumentative essay category.

  1. Objectivity and Subjectivity of Morality
  2. A debate: Is love real?
  3. Is searching for love an illusion?
  4. What is the reality of the world?
  5. Understanding Consciousness and Subconsciousness
  6. Do we really have Free will?
  7. Existence of God: Reality or Just Philosophy
  8. Ultimate discussion: Absolutism Vs Democracy
  9. Philosophies that are Just Twisted
  10. Pain and Suffering and it’s inevitability

Ethical Dilemma Essay Example

Ethical Dilemma refers to a situation in which difficult choices have to be made between two moral principle actions or events. Such essays entail the situation where humans generally face difficulty in choosing one ethical option. Let’s explore these ethical debate topics

  1. The Ethical Dilemma of Life and Death
  2. The subjective nature of Right and Wrong for Different people
  3. The Virtue Ethics Approach
  4. Ethical Dilemma Analysis of Deontology
  5. What is the Ethical Dilemma of Information Technology
  6. Why Abortion is an Ethical Dilemma?
  7. What Exactly is an Ethical Dilemma
  8. Ethical Dilemma of life and death: Is life worth living?
  9. Why is hospital reimbursement an Ethical Dilemma?
  10. Digital Morality: The myth or reality

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50 Ethics Essay Topics For Presentation

Ethical Topics are also very interesting for presentations in class or other formal occasions. These topics help convey important messages and moral awareness to the audience. Let’s take a look at a list of topics that you can use for your presentations.

  1. Ethical side of punishments in school
  2. Ethical code at the workplace that everyone ignores
  3. Is the torture of prisoners justified
  4. Why Teachers need to follow ethical code.
  5. Ethics and Discrimination
  6. Ethical challenges at Academic institutions
  7. Criminal Defense: Ethical Side of Criminal Justice
  8. Why Businesses ignore ethical boundaries
  9. Should the Media be ethically bound?
  10. Celebrities’ Ethical Right to Privacy
  11. Is legal hacking Ethical?
  12. Social media and lack of ethics
  13. Ethical Side of Communication Problems
  14. Biggest Flaws in Ethical Code in Society
  15. Is AI art ethical?
  16. Ethical Framework of AI Development
  17. Ethical side of digital data privacy
  18. Ethical code of data collection for social media
  19. What is Ethical Consumerism
  20. Ethical Implementation of Eco-Friendly packaging and waste reduction
  21. Why do businesses need to stop animal testing?
  22. Ethical Challenges in Water Scarcity
  23. Ethical Side of Wars
  24. Urban Planning and Ethical Failures
  25. Ethical Imperative for a Greener Future
  26. Ethical Changes For History
  27. What are the ethical Codes for Organ Transplant
  28. The Ethical Implication of Healthcare Accessibility
  29. Evaluating the Ethical Codes Pharmaceutical companies
  30. Why Business Doesn’t follow Moral Ethics

Hopefully, you have a good idea of how to make unique ethical conversational topics so far. Here are more ethics essay topics for you:

  1. Racial and Gender Equality for Ethical Society
  2. Ethical Challenges to Social Justice Advocacy
  3. Ethical Boundaries of Online Education
  4. Gender Pay Gap and Moral Imperative
  5. Ethical Implication of Cultural Appropriation
  6. Plagiarism: A Death of Ethical Code of Academic
  7. Ethical Side of Online Education
  8. Ethical Right of Equal Education Right
  9. Ethical Opportunities in the Education Innovation
  10. Special Education Ethics
  11. Fake News Proliferation
  12. Unethicality of clickbait and headline writing
  13. Journalism ethics
  14. Are social media influencers Ethical?
  15. Ethics of Political Campaign Strategies
  16. Ethical Considerations in Diplomacy
  17. Are Celebrity Endorsements Ethical?
  18. Ethics of Historical Preservation and Restoration
  19. Art Censorship VS Freedom of Speech
  20. Ethics of Filmmaking

Types of Ethical Theories

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Ethics Essay Topics have different categories based on what field they are being written for. The main purpose of Ethical Essays is to explain both sides of an ethical dilemma and conclude the most suitable and ethical solution. You can pick any of the ethical conversational topics from the lists mentioned above to score the best grades.


The personal code of ethics is the principles and rules that govern an individual's behavior and decisions while encountering ethical dilemmas. These are the ethical boundaries that everyone should follow while speaking over sensitive issues regarding ethical challenges and opportunities.

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