Secrets of College Graduates With Good Writing Skills

Why are writing skills important? According to a recent survey, 73% of employers are seeking candidates with good writing skills. This reveals how important it is for college graduates to strengthen their writing before entering the corporate world.

Who Needs To Have Good Writing Skills?

  1. Students writing their assignments and projects.
  2. College graduates with good writing skills who are ready to enter the market force.
  3. People who want to have a career in writing.
  4. Teachers at the school and colleges.
  5. Linguistic students who want to have a good command of writing.
  6. People who seek working opportunities and positions in the corporate market.

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What Makes a College Student to Have Good Writing Skills?

One of the most common questions is why it is important to have good writing skills. Several studies over the decade have shown how good writing skills are required to succeed not only in professional life but also in day-to-day communications and conversations. 81% of business professionals stated that poorly written content is a waste of time and is most likely to be rejected.

Good writing skills are essential because:

  1. It helps you word your creative thoughts and ideas on paper perfectly.
  2. It improves career prospects.
  3. It helps you practice writing conventions and processes.
  4. It enables you to have better communication skills.
  5. It represents your skills and abilities to the fullest.
  6. It is a fun activity that helps you notice your potential.

The author of this guide shared, “I struggled a lot with communication and displaying my true potential because my writing skills weren’t great. I realized in college that I need to do something about it because college students are most likely to be entering the professional life and it’s recommended to improve their writing skills.”

Career Options For Graduates With Good Writing Skills 

You might wonder where good writing skills can lead you in the future. Below, we have gathered some of the top 10 earning careers in writing where you can utilize your good writing skills.

CareerNational Average Annual Earnings
News Producer$43,423
Personal Assistant$46,517
Freelance writer$49,419
Copy Editor$50,595
English Teacher $52,684
Web Content Specialist $53,809

What Challenges Need To Be Kept in Mind While Improving Writing Skills?

Following are some of the significant challenges writers may encounter.

Lack of writer’s voice: Sometimes, this problem occurs when writers are good at writing, but their words need more voice and impact. Every writer has their voice and way of communication; students struggle to discover that.

Time Management: Writing is all about managing time while writing. Writers panic when they can’t write within the given deadlines, which ruins the creative process.

Weak Vocabulary: This is a common problem with new writers. They don’t have enough words to put down on paper, which affects their ability to present the idea in their minds.

Picking a Genre: New writers struggle most with choosing a particular genre and style that aligns with their personality. Most of the time they end up writing something that doesn’t resonate with them.

Writer’s Block: One of the most common challenges for every writer is writer’s block, or the state of mind in which everything you write doesn’t feel right and your mind is blank. It impacts the writer’s confidence and performance.

Overcoming Challenges: How Can a College Student Improve his/her Writing Skills?

There are many ways a college student can improve their writing skills, such as:

  • Read a lot: Before you start writing, you need to read a lot to understand sentence structure, writing process, and word placement and strengthen your vocabulary.

  • Choose what you love: Pick a passionate topic and start writing from your heart. It will help you get creative and excited about writing. This is the best answer to the question of what makes a college student have good writing skills.

  • Keep Sentences Short: One of the best skills of college graduates with good writing skills is to write impactful in shorter sentences. It will make your writing concise and understandable.

  • Be focused: Always try to concentrate on the topic you are writing about; don’t waste time writing irrelevant information.

  • Practice: The best way to improve your writing is to just keep writing. The more you practice, the better your skills will develop.

  • Get Some Feedback: Get your work reviewed by your friends, parents, or teachers to improve your skills and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Example of Bad Writing and Good Writing Skills

What is the difference between good writing and bad writing? Let’s compare example of bad writing and good writing skills to witness what difference they make. It will help you understand how graduates with good writing skills write.


This piece of writing seems hasty, incomplete, incomprehensible, and blank. The sentences are long, and there is no use of punctuation, which makes the content confusing and seems running.

Now, let’s take a look at a good piece of writing on the same topic.


The writing is clear, and the sentences are connected perfectly. The use of punctuation, impactful words, and emotional appeal make the content powerful and understandable. Developing such writing skills should be one of your academic goals and checklist. 

Graduates With Good Writing Skills

What makes a college student to have good writing skills? Let’s examine the best examples of good writing skills by some of the best writers on Quora.


The writer’s style is unique with the use of appropriate humor to make a point clear. It makes the writing engaging and interesting. Reading his writing would help to understand how can a college student improve his/her writing skills creatively.


Samved Iyer is an incredible writer whose vast vocabulary and skill in creating perfect sentence structures come in handy when he writes. This is one of the best qualities found in graduates with good writing skills. Such skills are common in college essay writing service providers as well.


Shefali’s writing style is different. It combines the art of storytelling and comprehensively makes her point without any confusion.


Jim’s writing style is sarcastic and humorous, which makes it interesting, engaging, and great overall. This is also one of the most engaging ways most college graduates with good writing skills adopt.

Resources That Will Help You Improve Your Writing

Some of the best resources will help you improve your writing.




Fiction, nonfiction, biographies, and travelogs would help you develop your writing. This is the most popular resource used by college graduates with good writing skills.


Columns, articles, and headlines help you write convincingly, engagingly, and appropriately.


Read the answers from the great writers and practice your skills by answering questions and interacting with the community.

Journal Writing

Try writing a journal and writing down your thoughts and ideas. Practice your writing by writing daily accounts.


An Online writing platform that will help you write clearly, precisely, and impactfully.


A platform that improves your writing practice by mentioning grammar mistakes, tips for having an impact, and writing in a positive tone.

Important Take-Away 

Here is what you need to keep in mind while writing:

  1. Even though there are millions of writers worldwide, there is only one of you, so be confident and don’t compare yourself to others. Discover what you write the best. 
  2. Always be ready to face what challenges need to be kept in mind while improving writing skills.
  3. Be confident in your speech. 
  4. Write with proper research. 
  5. Read the genre you want to write in. 
  6. Practice writing every day if you want to see serious development.

Graduates Take Our Help to Polish Writing Skills

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End Note

Always remember that college graduates with good writing skills have practiced for years to be great at writing. Practice is the top secret to improving your writing. Learn new dimensions of writing something creatively and how great writers put words on a page. Improving your writing skills will help you make various career choices that earn really well.

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